Friday Update on Iron Lady Zee World

Friday Update on Iron Lady Zee World

Sameer refuses to help Indira as he believes her to be a prostitute. Indira gets furious and pulls out his car keys. She forces Sameer to help her. Indira and Rishi get into Sameer’s car. Sameer, however, fails to identify Rishi as he was dressed up as a pirate for the New Year fancy dress party. Munna finds Sunaina upset and apologizes to her. He pacifies her and states that he has avenged her humiliation. Sunaina, however, is unable to understand what Munna means. When Indira hospitalizes Rishi, she gets worried on learning that Rishi needs to undergo an operation. The nurse hands over consent form to Indira and states that they would not start the operation until she gets Rishi’s relative’s signature on it. Meanwhile, Sameer’s mother calls him up and enquires about Ricky. He tells her not to worry about Ricky and also promises to soon search for him, if he is in Delhi. Indira signs the consent form as Rishi’s wife and recollects the moment wherein she and Rishi where pronounced as a couple by the priest in Macau. Late at night, Mandira enquires with Kutumb about Indira. Kutumb, however, is unaware about her and states that Indira had gone out during the party. Next morning, Indira panics when she finds Rishi unconscious. She gets scared when the ward boy states that Rishi must have suffered from hemorrhage. She rushes to call the doctor. It is revealed that Rishi and the ward boy were playing a prank on Indira. When Indira returns she is furious on seeing Rishi laughing out loud along with the ward boy over their plan. Indira slaps Rishi and warns him not to play such dreadful pranks on her in future. The doctor too agrees with Indira. After examining Rishi, the doctor discharges him. The doctor also apologizes to Indira on behalf of the ward boy. Rishi is surprised on learning that Indira has signed the consent form as his wife. He is further surprised on learning that Indira has also paid the bill. Indira forgets the bill in Rishi’s room and leaves. Rishi is worried on learning that Indira had spent all her savings on his treatment.

Rishi calls up Sameer’s secretary Mr. Gupta and asks him whether anyone learnt about his presence in Delhi. He also requests Mr. Gupta to transfer some money to his account. Mr. Gupta assures to transfer money and informs Rishi that Natasha had visited Sameer. Meanwhile, Sameer arrives in the office. Mr. Gupta gets apprehensive and lies to him that he was speaking to one of their clients. Sameer asks Mr. Gupta whether it would be difficult to search for Ricky as Natasha was confident about his presence in Delhi. The Sharma family gets scared when the police arrive. They are shocked on learning that the police have come to arrest Munna for attempting to kill Rishi the previous night. Meanwhile, Indira and Rishi return home. When the police arrest Munna, Sunaina faints. Indira calls the doctor immediately. After examining Sunaina, the doctor confirms that she was pregnant. The family is left surprised. Mandira asks Indira for Rs 2000 as Kutumb had asked her to distribute sweets in the neighborhood. Indira refuses to give money as she had spent all her savings on Rishi’s treatment. Kutumb gets furious when she learns about it. Rishi calls up Mr. Gupta and requests him to transfer money as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Sameer calls up the at registrar office and enquires whether there was any registry under the name of Diwan Builders in the past few days. Sameer is shocked on learning that Mr. Gupta had registered Sharma Niwas, located in Chandani Chowk. He is puzzled on learning that the owner, however, has requested to cancel the deal. Sameer asks the officer to keep the deal on hold till he takes a decision. Sameer doubts Mr. Gupta’s intentions. Natasha calls up Sameer and enquires with him whether he visited Ricky’s house.

Indira gets furious when her colleagues come late to the office on the New Year day. Mr. Gupta hands over money to Rishi and alerts him that Sameer had started doubting him. He also warns Rishi to be more cautious of Sameer, as he fears that Sameer may learn about their plan. Rishi requests Mr. Gupta not to inform anything about him to Sameer. To check whether Ricky was in Delhi, Sameer visits his house and finds it messed up. He believes that someone had visited the house in the near past. He redials the last number on the landline. The last number is none other than Indira’s landline number. Sunaina receives the call and informs Sameer about her residential address. When Indira returns home from office, she goes to the grocery store to pay the bill. She is surprised on learning that Rishi had already paid the bill. When she leaves from the store, she sees Rishi and Ishaan arguing over which vegetables they must purchase. Meanwhile, Sameer visits Chandni Chowk. On his way, he enquires with Radhey about Sharma Niwas. When Radhey guides Sameer to the house, Sameer enquires with him about the family members. Sameer is surprised on learning that a person named Rishi stays as a tenant in the house. He believes that Rishi must be none other than Ricky. When Rishi, Ishaan and Indira return home, Rishi is shocked on seeing Sameer standing outside Sharma Niwas. He hides before Sameer could see him. Natasha calls up Sameer and informs him that Ricky had called her up and was going to meet her.