Friday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv November 23

Rishi is waiting for Indira. She comes and he’s angry at her and doesn’t let her say anything. They go inside and are happy to see Indu fine. Indu again avoids Indira. They thank Bheem’s mother, but she says it’s her husband who saved Indu. Her husband comes and Indira is shocked as he’s the one who is father of Shweta’s child. Rishi is all praising him, while Indira just stares at him. Meanwhile, someone gets in the hospital to attach on Shweta. He calls his boss, who seems to be Bheem’s father, and his boss says to kill her. Indira imagines that Bheem’s father accepted the truth and Indira shoots him in her imagination. Bheem’s father sees Indira very serious and says to Rishi, your wife still seems stressed, tell her your daughter is absolutely fine. Indira says that she was reading news about him in the newspaper how he does so much for society. read full updates daily only at Bheem’s father says being a doctor it’s his duty. Indira says this is nothing once everyone comes to know what more you did and doing, then there will be posters. Bheem’s father is quite not sure whether she is praising him or. Rishi tells Indira if she is done praising him in her unique style, then shall they leave? Indira tells him you don’t know him well. Before she says anything else, Indu interrupts and says that she knows him very well.. he is her friend’s father. Indira gets even more surprised knowing he has child as well. Bheem’s father says, Bheem is not here otherwise I would have introduced him to you all, he’s a very sweet child. His wife comes and says Indu is also very sweet child, but seems like she is angry at her mother. She puts Indu’s hand in Indira’s hand and says to solve their issues when they go home. Indu doesn’t like it and runs out. Rishi follows her. Bheem’s mother goes to get lunch ready. Bheem’s father suggests Indira that she should care about her own family more than society.

Indu asks Rishi to start the bike. Rishi says let mum come and then we will go. Indu says I bet she won’t come with us, so there is no point of waiting. Rishi explains her that you don’t say like this about your mother. They challenge each other. Indu says she won’t come with us, while Rishi says, she will. Indira comes out and gets call from hospital. Hearing about attack, she decides to go to the hospital. Rishi asks her to go with them, but Indira says she has an important work. Rishi is disappointed.

Indira comes to the hospital and finds Shweta safe. As Shweta feels unsafe, she asks Indira to promise that she will always stay with her. Indira promises. Shweta then asks her to promise that she won’t do anything to her child’s father. Indira says you don’t know how he is. Shweta says I know but for my child I can do anything. I want him to live with respect in society, and for that if I have to marry him, then I will. As hospital can be unsafe for Shweta, Indira decides to take her to their home. Shweta asks her if she is sure. Indira says you took responsibility of Indu for 8 years, this is nothing against it. Shweta asks about Indu. She asks she must be happy as her mother has returned, right? Indira has nothing to say.

Indu is sad but when Bheem comes to her house to return her stuff, she gets happy. They both are playing together. While playing, Bheem by mistake throws a rock at an elderly person.
-Indira comes to the rescue and scolds Bheem. Because of this, Indu gets mad at Indira.
-Indu tells her that Indira is not her mother and she wants Shweta mum back. She starts calling Indira with her name Indira Rishi Kumar.
-Mehar adds more anger in Indu saying it was Shweta who gave her birth.
-Indira comes to her room crying and throws stuff around. Rishi comes there and calms her down. He tells her to make sure they don’t take Shweta’s name again. He also says to some level it’s Shweta who is responsible for how Indu has became today.
-Shweta enters and Rishi fumes at her. Indira first doesn’t say anything. But when Rishi is pulling Shweta out of their house, Indira stops him.
-Indira tells him that Shweta is pregnant and it’s doctor who is responsible for this. Rishi still doesn’t want to keep Shweta in their house.
-Rishi and Munna try to send Shweta out, but Indira stops them. In that Shweta gets pushed.
-Indu comes and catches Shweta. She sees her and is very happy. She hugs her and says my real mum is back. Indira is hurt.