Friday Update on Iron Lady Zee World August 3

Friday Update on Iron Lady Zee World

August 3 Episode

Munna and Kutumb believe that Rishi, who was filthy rich, would purchase another necklace and hand it over to Mrs Chadda. The duo gets angry when Rishi addresses them as selfish and greedy people. At the police station, the police continue to interrogate Indira. They try to force her to confess that she robbed the necklace. While standing on the terrace, Rishi sees Jhumpa standing outside Sharma Niwas signaling someone from the house. Jhumpa was trying to call Inder out of the house. Rishi finds it weird since only Jhumpa was the one from the neighborhood who knew about the robbery. He later realizes that Inder must have robbed the jewelry and prmosed to hand it over to Jhumpa. Meanwhile, Inder gets restless at not being able to step out of the house to hand over the necklace to Jhumpa as there are too many guests in the house. Rishi notices the box of blood pressure meter in Inder’s hands and tries to take it from him. In the middle of their argument, the box falls on the ground. The necklace falls out of the box. Rishi picks up the necklace and immediately calls out to Mr and Mrs. Chadda. He hands over the necklace to Mrs Chadda and requests Mr Chadda to take back his complaint and get Indira released from police custody. Rishi and Mr Chadda go to the police station and bail out Indira. Kutumb is elated with the money that Inder has given Indira. Just then Indira barges in the room and snatches the money from Inder’s hands. She angrily asks Kutumb to leave the room. Without arguing with Inder, Indira asks her father to pack his bags and leave from the Sharma residence. Irritated at Rishi for instigating Indira, Inder raises his hands to slap him, however Indira holds his hand and stops him.

Madly in love with Indira and obsessed about her, Sameer hangs her photo frames all around the wall. Simi notices an injury on Sameer’s hands and try to stop her son. Sameer tries to attack Simi but stops. He warns Simi that he would not spare anybody who would come in between Indira and him. Indira compels Inder to leave from Sharma Niwas. She forcibly takes Inder to Jhumpa’s house. Jhumpa asks Inder how Indira came to know that he stole the necklace. The entire neighborhood gathers on the streets to witness the ugly scene between the father and daughter. An irritated Inder replies that Indira’s lover Rishi Diwan helped her in finding the necklace. Believing that Indira may cause a scene, Jhumpa takes Inder inside the house. Just before Indira could walk towards Rishi, Simi comes in her way. Simi asks Rishi to leave Indira and alleges that she had trapped both him and Sameer in her love. She asks Rishi to leave Indira as Sameer was madly in love with her. Rishi gets irritated when Simi asks Indira to spend a night with Sameer. She adds that if Indira agrees with her, she would give her whatever she wanted. Simi tries her best to compel Rishi to leave Indira. She tries to lure him by stating that if he does the needful, she would mend the differences between him and his father. She believes that Sameer would recover from his mad obsession after he spends intimate moments with Indira. Simi believes that she was putting Rishi in a dilemma by asking him to choose between Indira and her family. However to Simi’s surprise, Rishi selects Indira. He adds that Simi never treated him as his son. He emphasizes that he would never leave Indira. In anger, Simi breaks her ties with Rishi. She asserts that earlier only Rishi’s father was against him, but now she and Sameer also do not wish to consider him as a part of their family. In frustration, Simi states that Rishi must now consider that he has no family. Indira intervenes and states that Rishi belonged to her family. On hearing Indira’s statement, Simi walks away in a huff.

Indira confesses her love to Rishi and embraces him. At that moment it starts drizzling. Radhe and the entire neighborhood rush to cover themselves from getting drenched. The entire neighborhood gets excited when Rishi proposes Indira. Indira accepts Rishi’s proposal. She states that they would get married on March 9at Sharma residence. Excited about his wedding, Rishi requests Indira to smile. Just before, Indira could fulfill Rishi’s request, Kutumb arrives and scolds her for locking her in a room. Sunaina gets surprised when Indira apologizes to Munna for accusing him of robbing the jewelry. Sunaina inadvertently mentions that Indira has improved after spending few hours inside the prison. Indira calls up Vidit and informs him that she was getting married to Rishi on March 9. She adds that he had to come as she wanted him to perform her kanyadaan. Vidit expresses his happiness by placing his hands on Rishi’s forehead. Rishi, who is holding the phone in his hands, gets elated to see improvement in Vidit’s health. An excited Rishi asks the doctor if Vidit would get discharged from the hospital by March 9. The doctor assures Rishi that Vidit would soon recover. Mandira is impressed with Rishi as he was filthy rich yet was living in Sharma Niwas. She secretly desires to get married to Rishi as she wants to stay in his lavish bungalow. When Rishi enters his room, Mandira hugs him. Mandira tells Rishi that she knows about his conversation with Indira and asks him to tell her about it in detail. Rishi tells Mandira that he would not only surprise Mandira on March 9 but also bring jewelry for her. Mandira, who is in love with Rishi, decides to surprise him when he arrives home.