Friday Update on Iron lady Zee World August 17

Friday Update on Iron lady Zee World

August 17 Episode

Indira gets excited when Kutumb accepts her and Rishi’s relationship. Kutumb gives Indira the bangles which her grandmother had once given her. She assures Indira that every family member would attend her and Rishi’s marriage. Jhumpa along with Lalan and his aides hide outside Sharma Niwas. She directs Lalan that he must murder Indira the subsequent day when she leaves from the house. The following day, an excited Radhe shows Rishi the garlands he had purchased for the wedding. Rishi gets mesmerized to see Indira in bridal attire. Just before the family could leave, Sunaina goes into labor. Rishi decides to call the ambulance. Indira believes that the ambulance may take time to come and decides to admit Suinana to a nearby maternity hospital. Indira asks Rishi to bring Vidit to the hospital along with him. Meanwhile, Lalan and his aides wait for Indira to leave from Sharma Niwas. Lalan directs his aides to stand in different directions of the house. Lalan holds Indira’s photograph in his hands. He is left confused and is unable to recognize Indira among a group of women who come out from Sharma Niwas. Rishi gets apprehensive when he fails to find Vidit. While searching for Vidit, Rishi notices Lalan and his aides outside the house. He recognizes Lalan as the person whom he saw with Jhumpa the other day. Rishi gets distracted when he hears Vidit’s cry. He immediately rushes inside Vidit’s room. He is left wondering when he fails to find Vidit on his wheelchair.

In the previous episode, Rishi was left wondering when he failed to find Vidit on his wheelchair. Rishi calls up Indira, however, she is unable to answer the call. After examining Sunaina, the doctor informs the family that there was still time for Sunaina’s delivery. A confused Indira asks the doctor the reason behind Sunaina’s stomach ache. The doctor points out that Sunaina must have eaten spicy food. Kutumb begins to complain and points out that Sunaina ate junk food the earlier day. Rishi notices Lalan in the hospital and recognizes him as the person who was wandering outside Sharma Niwas the other day. He believes Lalan had kidnapped Vidit. Rishi forces Lalan to tell him what he was doing in the hospital. Just then, Ishaan points out to Rishi that Lalan had stolen his shoes. Rishi begins to slap Lalan. On hearing the commotion, Indira and the others rush near the hallway. Indira stops Rishi from slapping Lalan. Rishi points out to the family that Vidit was missing. He believes that Lalan had kidnapped Vidit. Rishi gets busy explaining to the family about Vidit’s sudden absence from the house when Lalan takes the opportunity and escapes. Rishi chases Lalan but he manages to escape. Indira and the others too follow Rishi. The family is surprised when they see Vidit on a wheelchair. Rishi tells Vidit that he would never be able to forgive himself if something bad had happened with him. Vidit informs the family that the wheels of his old wheelchair were jammed and Jhumpa brought new wheelchair for him. The family is surprised to see Jhumpa walking towards them. The Sharmas do not say a word to Jhumpa and leave from the spot.

Vidit tells Indira that he has arranged a special vehicle for her and Rishi to reach the court. He tells Indira to go ahead with Rishi to the court. He assures Indira that he and the other family members would manage to reach the court on time. Jhumpa insults Lalan as he had not managed to accomplish his plan. Lalan had promised Jhumpa that he would murder Indira. An irritated Lalan complains that he failed to accomplish his mission because of Rishi’s interference. Lalan vows to seek revenge from Rishi. On their way to the court, Indira stops at a temple. She tells Rishi that she wanted to thank God as her dreams would be fulfilled. Indira and Rishi go to the temple and pray. At that moment a thief enters the temple. The thief was being chased by inspector Sumer Singh Chaudhry. The pundit gives Rishi a sindoor box. As Rishi keeps the sindoor box in his pocket, it accidentally slips from his hand. The box rolls and is about to fall. Sumer catches the box, hands it over to Rishi and continues to chase the thief. Sumer manages to nab the thief. Indira gets impressed to see Sumer’s act. Indira is about to leave from the spot. She gets amazed when she hears Sumer ordering the thief to hand over the amount. Indira begins to insult Sumer and asserts that corruption had increased because of policemen like him. She also stops the thief from handing over the money to Sumer.