Friday Update on Iron Lady August 31

Friday Update on Iron Lady

August 31 Episode

Dulari pretends to respect Munna words and agrees to stay back at Sharma Niwas. She asks Munna to get medicines for Seher, who is suffering from pneumonia. When Munna is about to leave, Rishi stops him and offers to drop Munna on his bike to the chemist. Indira doubts Rishi’s intentions. Indira gets furious when Dulari taunts her for throwing Inder out of the house. Dulari challenges to throw Indira out of Sharma Niwas. She explains that Indira should stay along with her in-laws as she was married to Rishi. Indira, however, does not get scared, instead accepts the challenge. Indira is confused how Seher got wet in the rains. Sunaina too is confused about it. Dulari instigates Munna against Indira and alleges that she would never allow him to progress. She adds that Indira was jealous of him and therefore got him married to Sunaina, who belonged to a poor family. She asserts that Indira would never allow him to gain respect in the family. Dulari threatens Munna that Indira may throw him out of the house as she had transferred the house on her name. Sunaina’s mother rages at Munna for being irresponsible towards his family. He gets furious at Sunaina’s mother and asks her to leave. Sunaina feels insulted and decides to leave along with her mother. Meanwhile, Indira arrives and confronts Munna. She stops Sunaina and her mother from leaving Sharma Niwas. A furious Munna asks Indira not to interfere. He asks Sunaina and her mother to leave. Sunaina is about to leave, when Kutumb tries to convince her to change her decision but fails. Sunaina decides to take Ishaan and Seher with her but Munna does not allow her to take away Ishaan. Indira assures Sunaina that she would take care of Ishaan in her absence. She assures to get her back after she manages to find a job. After Sunaina leaves, Dulari feigns concern for Sunaina and Ishaan. She shares her concern with Rishi. Meanwhile Indira arrives and accuses Dulari of creating problems between Sunaina and Munna. Dulari, however, refutes the allegations and curses Indira. Later Rishi tries to convince Indira not to hold grudges against Dulari. Indira is confident that Dulari had plotted to throw Sunaina out of the house. Indira also holds Dulari responsible for Seher’s condition. Indira tells Rishi not to trust Dulari. Indira doubts Dulari’s intentions behind visiting Sharma Niwas. When Rishi refuses to agree with Indira, she asks him not to interfere in the matter. After Indira leaves, Rishi doubts Dulari and suspects that she may be responsible for the developments in the Sharma Niwas

Kutumb is worried about Seher’s health, due to which she suffers from an asthma attack. She asks Ishaan to give the inhaler but he is unable to find it. Meanwhile Dulari overhears their conversation. While searching for Kutumb’s inhaler, Ishaan sees Dulari and questions her where had she been on the previous night. He questions her why was she wet when she returned home. Dulari lures Ishaan with a chocolate and requests him not to inform Indira about it. Dulari fears that Indira would throw her out of the house on learning that she was responsible for Seher’s health. Kutumb’s health deteriorates as she was unable to find the inhaler. Dulari too tries to find the inhaler but fails. Kutumb finds difficult to breathe and faints. Meanwhile Inder arrives at Sharma Niwas. He asks Dulari to get another inhaler, which is kept in a cupboard. Inder sprays the medicine into Kutumb’s mouth. Indira panics when she sees Kutumb unconscious. Indira, however, gets relieved when Kutumb regains consciousness. Dulari tries to make Kutumb realize that Inder had saved her life. She asserts that Inder cares for Kutumb. When Inder feigns concern for Kutumb, Indira gets angry. She tries to drag Inder out of the house but to her surprise, Kutumb stops her. Kutumb requests Indira to allow Inder to stay with them. Rishi finds Indira furious and asks the reason. Indira does not answer him and leaves in a huff. On learning from Ishaan about Kutumb’s request, Rishi tries to pacify Indira. He tells her to allow Inder to stay at Sharma Niwas until Kutumb recovers. Indira is confused how Inder suddenly visited Sharma Niwas. It is revealed that Dulari had informed Inder about Kutumb’s deteriorating health and had asked him to rush to Sharma Niwas. Dulari had hidden Kutumb’s inhaler. Indira doubts Dulari for informing Inder about Kutumb’s health. She also holds Dulari responsible for Kutumb’s condition. Rishi, however, does not agree with her. Munna calls up Sunaina and apologizes to her. He requests Sunaina to return home. He later learns that Sunaina’s mother had received the call. Sunaina’s mother refuses to send Sunaina to Sharma Niwas. She also tells him to call up Sunaina only after he starts earning. Indira threatens to throw Inder and Dulari out of the house. When Indira accuses Dulari of trying to reunite Inder and Kutumb, Dulari refuses the claims. Dulari gets shocked when Indira holds her responsible for Seher and Kutumb’s health.

Indira holds Dulari responsible for Seher and Kutumb’s health. Dulari pretends to be concern about Seher and refuses the claims. Munna, Inder and Rishi overhear the commotion and rush to the kitchen. Munna gets furious on learning about Indira’s accusations. He confronts Indira and tells her not to interfere in the family matters as she no longer earns money. Munna trusts Dulari and warns Indira not to accuse Dulari in future. After everybody leaves, Indira warns Dulari that she would not allow her to succeed in her plan. Indira adds that she would not allow Dulari to ruin Munna’s life. Rishi fears that Sharma family would not support Indira, if she continued to accuse Dulari. Rishi therefore requests Indira not to accuse Dulari. Indira is confident that Dulari had got Seher wet in the rains due to which she was suffering from pneumonia. Indira is also confident that Dulari had hidden Kutumb’s asthma inhaler. Indira plans to foil Dulari’s plan of creating problems in the house. Following morning, Dulari gives Rs hundred to Ishaan and asks him to eat food in the school canteen during the lunch break. Meanwhile, Indira arrives and asks Ishaan to pack his lunch box. When Ishaan refuses to accept the lunch box as he wanted to eat food in the canteen, Indira does not force him. Kutumb tells Indira that she feels better if Inder is around here. Indira expresses concern for Kutumb and advises her to leave Sharma Niwas and stay along with Inder. She adds that Kutumb can stay in Sharma Niwas only if Inder leaves the house forever. Meanwhile Dulari arrives and tells Indira that she has no right to throw Inder and Kutumb out of the house. Dulari calls out to Munna and complains to him about Indira. When Munna confronts Indira, she insults him and reminds the family that she was the owner of Sharma Niwas. She assures to repay the amount, which Dulari had spent for the family. Munna gets shocked when he realizes that Indira has decided to throw the family out of Sharma Niwas. Later Indira finds a hundred rupee note on the dining table. She realizes that Ishaan had taken the lunch box, while refused to accept the money. Indira hands over the money to Dulari and mocks her. Dulari instigates Munna against Indira and tells him not to pay heed to Indira’s warnings. She advises him to earn money in order to rule the family and throw Indira out of the house. When Munna refuses to work hard, to earn the money, Dulari advises him to get remarried to a rich girl. When Munna agrees, Dulari suggests him a proposal of a rich girl. Dulari has planned to ruin Munna’s life in order to rule the family. Dulari gets angry when Munna changes his mind and refuses to get remarried to the rich girl. When Inder learns about Dulari’s plan, he warns her to beware of Indira.