Friday update on Happy Hearts 11th March 2022


Friday update on Happy Hearts 11th March 2022

RV thinking I can’t see you upset. He gets a call. Happy asks him to answer. Ranveer says I have got a parcel, it has the holi day pic, someone called me to Amritsar. RV says I said I will handle it, you don’t worry. She asks anything urgent. He says yes, I have to go to Delhi for a day, can I return tomorrow and talk to you. She says yes, you can share the tension with me. He says of course. He goes. He calls Ranveer and says I m coming to Mumbai, don’t react, stay there. Ranveer gets the message from Rocky. Rocky threatens him. Ranveer throws the phone. Rocky says Ranveer didn’t send any reply. Happy comes. Rocky asks how did you come back soon. She says RV lied to me, he is going to Mumbai, I just want the proof, you said you are doing this for parents, get Ranveer here, else you won’t get him ever. Babbi says we have to think of something. Rocky says just Happy can help us in stopping RV.

Ranveer says blackmailer has given me a deadline, we will pay him. RV says don’t do anything, I will come there and decide, just calm down. Anaya comes to RV’s house. She says its Rocky and Smiley’s case, you were handling the case, my dad gave the testimony that Rocky and his friends kidnapped Smiley, who were those guys, why wasn’t there any investigation against them, you should have asked Rocky and caught them, Rocky planned all this alone and he got himself traced by keeping his phone on, why didn’t he plan well, didn’t you find it strange, you said Rocky had an injury on head, is there any proof, Smiley was weak, how did she hit Rocky then.

RV asks why are you questioning me, why are you interested in this closed case, it was imp for me to win this case, Rocky was punished, the case is closed, can we move on in life. Happy comes and sees Anaya. RV asks her to come in. Happy says sorry for coming here, I m very tensed, Babbi has sent this file, its good Kulwant called me, they are applying for temporary parole, he is unwell, what will he do now, Rocky can try to harm us, I m afraid for Smiley.

RV says I know Happy, its Rocky’s plan. Happy says we need to do something today, hearing is today, if its proven that he is sick, he will come out. RV thinks Rocky can’t come out. She says I don’t know why all the problems are coming together. He says don’t worry, I will not go to Delhi, my work isn’t imp, I will just come. He goes. Anaya says you and Rocky were good friends, he tortured you and then you have forgiven him, why, maybe he convinced you that he is a changed man, he was accused of molesting Smiley, you didn’t trust him, you didn’t think of loopholes in the case. Ranveer says you are saying you won’t come, please come. RV says someone wants to trap you, they don’t want money, they have other motives. Ranveer says I will come to Amritsar, I m scared here.

Anaya asks who were the other guys, who has hit Rocky on his head, is Rocky so stupid to get caught. Happy thinks what’s the explanation of all this. Ranveer says I will come there and we will solve this. RV says no, I will reach there late night, do as I say. Anaya says this case isn’t so simple as it was proved. Happy says its a big wound for me, I don’t want to discuss it. RV says lets just go. Anaya thinks there is a big conspiracy behind this stake, something of RV is at stake, why is RV feeling guilty for Happy, I promise I will solve this case. Happy thinks Anaya is right, is Rocky really innocent. Babbi says Rocky needs medical attention. He shows the papers. Rocky gets checked by doctor. Doctor says we can treat him properly once we get the reports. RV comes with Happy and says its not right, he isn’t going anywhere, its the stay order for Rocky’s parole request.

Ranveer is worried. The man shows the clothes with color stains. Ranveer thinks its the same holi kurta. He gets a call from reporter. She says we got the news that you were also involved in Smiley’s case. He disconnects the call. Ranveer says they are the blackmailers, playing a game with me. He calls back and checks that it was a call from newspaper office. Simmi thanks her friend and says you will get this first news. Ranveer calls RV. RV doesn’t answer. Ranveer gets Rocky’s message again. Jailer says I can’t let Rocky go anywhere if there is a court order. Rocky catches RV and says you have ruined everything, I will kill you. RV says we both are here, do anything you want. He hits Rocky. RV says keep this animal caged. He asks Happy are you okay. Happy thinks the drama to delay RV was successful. Babbi says Ranveer is coming to Amritsar.

Happy seeing Madhu. Madhu sees Rocky’s pics and smiles. Madhu gets bitter towards Happy. Happy cries. Madhu says Rocky can’t come here until you are here, get away now, how will happiness come without Rocky. Happy goes to meet Rocky. She slips. He holds her. Humdum mere……plays….. He says I can’t see your wound, it hurts me. She thinks what’s happening today, the truth should get revealed soon. They hide and wait for Ranveer.

Someone comes there. Happy says its someone else. Ranveer points gun at Happy and Rocky. He says you were threatening me, did you think I will be scared, you are such a failure. Happy says it means you had molested Smiley. Ranveer says it was me, its me and it will always be me. Happy gets shocked. Ranveer says Rocky was acting as a hero, now remember this, never mess with me. Rocky gets angry. Ranveer says I m going to free you from jail forever, by killing you, don’t worry dear I will do justice with you, Happy you have to die as well.

RV asks what, Ranveer isn’t here. Servant says he left in the morning. RV says I hope he doesn’t mess up things. He gets Ranveer’s video pic and asks when did this packet come. Servant says morning. Ranveer says I started this story and I will end it. Rocky pushes him and asks Happy to run. RV calls Ranveer and wants to get back to Amritsar. Manager says its not possible to get the flight so soon. RV says I will drive to Amritsar from Delhi.

RV says why didn’t you listen to me Ranveer, I hope Ranveer doesn’t do any mistake. Happy and Rocky run away. Dil se re…..plays…. The goons follow them. Rocky calls Babbi. His phone falls down. They get inside a truck. He protects Happy and asks her not to get afraid. The goons look for them. Ranveer doesn’t see them. Ranveer says they know my truth. Happy says they will be finding us. Happy recalls Rocky’s words and cries.

She recalls the past and feels sorry. She says forgive me Rocky, you got punished because of my mistake, I made a big mistake, you used to say that I understand you well, but I couldn’t understand, I didn’t trust you. She says RV has hidden this truth, Ranveer has done wrong with Smiley, forgive me. He says your sadness can’t change the truth now, I need to clear my reputation for my mum and Biji’s sake. She nods. Kulwant worries for Happy and argues with Madhu. Simmi asks Babbi to inform her about Rocky. Rocky says I will check the place again. Happy stops him and worries if Ranveer will harm the family. He says no.