Friday Update on Gangaa November 23rd

Friday Update on Gangaa November 23rd

Ganga sadly sits outside. There is no one else around. she notices a guy. He is limping and his head is covered with a blanket. She is scared and runs back towards the door. Amma ji plase open the door. I am very scared. It is really dark outside. There is no one around. Give me any punishment but don’t leave me here. She calls out for Sagar too but no one replies. Her thumb starts bleeding again. She sits down near the gate itself. What should I do now?

Amma ji takes medicine as she has headache. Ganga comes to the window. Amma ji please open the door. Amma ji stays put. This is your punishment. She says I am a girl. You only say that girls should not go out of the house after evening time. Amma ji reminds her of her other advise too. I told you not to go out of the house without informing anyone yet you escaped from the balcony itself! The door will not open now. You have to stay outside. Ganga agrees to fulfil any punishment. Please let me inside. Amma ji closes the window. The door will not be opened tonight. Ganga sadly leaves.

Ganga comes back to the main gate. Amma ji is in no mood to relent. What will happen to me? I can only go inside when the door will open. She looks at the pipe. I can climb over it and get inside. I have climbed over trees lot many times then why not this. She says Jai Bajrang Bali and starts climbing over the pipe. Two drunkards come there. One of the guys notices Ganga. She gets scared.

Two drunkards come there. One of the guys notices Ganga. She gets scared. They call Ganga a thief.

Babli is concerned about Ganga. It is so late. No one is outside. What if someone takes Ganga? Mama ji and Mami ji aren’t home as well. Amma ji is not going to change her mind. Papa too is not going to give the key. I don’t know what will happen. She leaves out tensed. Sagar thinks of Babli’s words. What will happen to Ganga if someone picks her up?

The guys decide to include Ganga in their team. They are thieves. Ganga overhears them. they will make me steal? She resumes climbing over the pipe.

Sagar paces worried in his room. The door is locked. Fufa ji has kept the key with him. Poor Ganga will stay outside overnight. She must be scared. I should do something. He picks up a knife from the kitchen. Don’t worry. I will save you come what may!

The guys hold Ganga’s feet. She tries to break free but is finally pulled down by them. They cover her mouth and take her with them. Sagar comes upstairs and calls out for Ganga. There is no reply though and he cannot shout louder. He recalls how Ganga had escaped from the terrace. He too makes a rope using clothes. I too can do it if Ganga can do it. It doesn’t matter if I get hurt but I wont let her stay outside at this hour.

Ganga bites the guy’s hand and runs around asking for help. The guys chase her. Sagar is scared so prays to God to save is bones. I don’t know how she gets down this! He climbs down.

Ganga recalls playing kabaddi when the ladies of the widow ashram were chasing her. She picks up a stick. Will you play kabaddi? They fall for her words. She beats them and also apologizes to them for hurting them badly. One of the guys finally catches her. Ganga again tries to break free. She throws dust in that guy’s eyes. They run after her again.

Sagar wonders if someone really has kidnapped Ganga.

Ganga breaks a pot and picks a piece. Stay away from me of I will beat you with it. They take her lightly so she gives them demo. My shot is very right. This time you got saved. Next time I will hit you on your head. They move back scared but run after her again as she runs away.

Maharaj ji is again requesting Amma ji but Prabha is there as well. Nothing will happen to such a poor girl. Amma ji reasons that she has punished Ganga for her benefit only. She cannot run out of the house like this. She should get some sense.

Sagar has hurt himself while trying to climb down from that rope. I wonder how she gets down using this! Ganga reaches there and she helps him. She notices the knife in his hand.

Amma ji prays to God to save Ganga. Babli asks her if she would have punished her too if she was the culprit. Everyone makes mistakes. Please bring her back inside. Maharaj ji adds that it is unsafe for girls to stay outside. Prabha is not happy when Amma ji gives in. Amma ji tells Babli never to speak like this again. you are the last memento my daughter Suman.

Ganga has told Sagar everything. She too is concerned for him as he doesn’t know how to get down through this rope. He says I came here for you. I brought this knife to fight with all those who would have come to kidnap you or pick you up. She is amazed at his concern for her. The lights come on. Everyone is surprised to find Sagar there with a knife in his hand. what are you doing here? He says I came to check on Ganga. Prabha raises the doubt. Your little kid had come out with this fruit knife to fight for this girl! Omkar says you could have told me if you were so worried about Ganga. Sagar changes his mind. Why should I be worried about her? I was worried about Mumma. She would have been sad if someone had taken her. Papa too would have scolded her as well. I don’t care if someone takes her. Ganga says I don’t need anyone. I know how to take care of myself and I did that already. I can protect myself.

Ganga appreciates Sagar for learning how to climb down using the rope of sarees. It is good that you came for Bahu ji and Babu’s sake. You learnt something new. Everyone looks at the saree hanging down from the terrace. Sagar is angry. Amma ji cannot believe it that Sagar can do this. Sagar tells Ganga that next time he wont come to save her. I will not do anything for you from today onwards. He walks inside angrily. Omkar scolds Ganga for being arrogant. He came to help you. She can show eyes to you (Amma ji) also tomorrow. it is useless to pity such people. Amma ji says anyone else would have thanked them but you are being so arrogant. Prabha adds fuel to the fire. This girl is going to insult all of you in Banaras. Amma ji agrees. She warns Ganga. I am already upset with you but I am giving you one more chance. If you don’t listen to me next time then no one not even Niru will be able to save you. Prabha adds taht it is their goodness that they are letting her inside. Ganga stares angrily at her. Maharaj ji takes Ganga inside before Amma ji can say anything to Ganga.

Sagar is angry that Ganga is selfish. I took such a big risk for her. Babli comes to check on her. Are you alright? You both are alike. You both retort to each other. Don’t take it to your heart. She dint mean anything wrong. Sagar insists that Ganga is selfish. She sends him downstairs to keep the knife back in the kitchen.

Ganga has shared the night time adventures with Maharaj ji. You are so brave. You defeated all those bad guys. Eat slowly. Ganga is super hungry. He notices her thumb. She shares that she got hurt with the hammer. I was trying to finish my work faster so got hurt in the process. She tells him everything. He asks her why she dint tell anything to Sagar. She cannot make him angry anymore. He scolds me for every little thing nowadays. Damaging the laptop is such a big thing! He would have scolded me badly. Sagar has overheard their convo.

Ganga knows that she was at fault. I damaged his such an expensive thing. I only should get it rectified or he will be scolded. Maharaj ji is amazed at her good work. You hurt yourself in the process and dint even show it. Ganga knows that it was her fault only. Everyone would have got tensed if I would have told them the truth. Ganga shows him her hard earned money. I have got the full money. Sagar’s laptop will be fine now. Sagar is surprised that she did so much just to get his laptop working again. She is sad that she had to give up her Bappa’s last memento in the process. It was my mistake so I had to make up for it. I had no option. Sagar’s laptop would have remained like that if I had kept Bappa’s mady cycle. I gave it to those tourists. Sagar is taken aback. Maharaj ji supports Ganga. Your Bappa’s every word is with you. no one can take that away from you. He blesses her. Finish food fast. I have to clean the kitchen. He resumes his work. Ganga’s words echo in his ears.

Sagar knows that Ganga loved that cycle more than anything in life. She sold it for me! He recalls an incident where she was hiding something in a trunk. She says I was keeping it away safely. I wasn’t hiding it. She shows him the cycle which her Bappa had made for her. She doesn’t give it to him as it is her Bappa’s last memento. He left me but this is all I have of him. I love this dearly. I can feel him when I touch it. Flashback ends. Sagar says she never let me even touch it yet she gave it up for me. I am so bad. I always fight with him. I say anything to her when I am angry. Very bad! She did so much for me. I too should do something for her.

Next morning, Amma ji comes to wake Sagar but it is Yash sleeping in Sagar’s place. Sagar was sleeping on Pulkit’s place. Prabha brings Kesar milk for Yash. Amma ji is surprised thinking that Sagar woke up early today. She goes outside to look for him.

Sagar reaches that shop but it is locked. He asks from a newspaper seller about the timings. He gets to know that there is still time. He sits outside only.

Ganga brings the laptop to the shop. There is another guy before him. She requests him to let the shopkeeper do her work first. The shopkeeper yet again tells her to wait. I will do it.

Sagar meets the shopkeeper. He asks him about Ganga. Give me the info about the tourists who bought those cycles. I have an urgent work.

Ganga insists upon the shopkeeper to do it right away. Do you know what all I have done to get it rectified? She shows him her injured thumb. I got this money too. The other guy too tells the shopkeeper to do Ganga’s work first.

Sagar requests the shopkeeper (Bajrangi) to do something and find info about those foreigners. Shopkeeper calls the tourist guide / translator who was accompanying them. Their yesterday’s flight got cancelled. Their next flight is about to leave shortly. Bajrangi shares the hotel info with Sagar. Sagar thanks him and runs.

The shopkeeper starts working on Ganga’s laptop. She hopes that it gets fine before Babu and Bahu ji return home.

Sagar reaches the hotel on foot. He collides with the foreigners just when they are about to exit from the main gate. He asks about them at the reception. The receptionist tells them that the ladies just left. Sagar rushes out but they board the auto by then. He runs after the auto, trying to call out to them to stop. He takes a shortcut.

The laptop is in a good condition again. Ganga smiles broadly. She gives him the money. She thanks him for finishing her work on time. She thinks that it is almost time when Babu and Bahu ji will be coming back.

The tourists get stuck in traffic. Sagar is almost near their auto but the traffic clears. He still runs fast and stands before the auto. He asks for that cycle. He requests them for that particular cycle.

Niru and Madhvi are back. Ganga enters with the laptop. Niru notices her. Yash stops in his tracks as he notices the laptop in her hand. Niru too asks her about the laptop. Ganga gives the laptop to Madhvi. I had gone to get it repaired. It is fine now. Niru had no idea. Madhvi nods. I had clearly told Sagar that he wont get such an expensive thing again. Ganga confesses her mistake. Sagar is not at fault. It got damaged because of me.

Sagar tells them about the cycle that Ganga’s Bappa had made for her. He shares more about Ganga. They are her last memories of her Bappa.

Ganga tells Niru that she cannot see Sagar crying. I consider him my friend even if he thinks of me as his friend on not. She turns to Madhvi. You scolded Sagar which made him sad. He wasn’t at fault. It was my mistake. I felt very bad. That is when I made up my mind to get his laptop repaired come what may.

Sagar continues to request them. One of the ladies asks him about the money. We paid for it. Sagar reasons that if they take away that cycle then they will take away her last memory of her Bappa. She is a very strong girl. She loves her self respect. She must have promised you and she never breaks her promises. It is my last chance. Please give me that cycle.