Friday Update on Gangaa 21 December 2018

Ganga asks Mamta where she went. Mamta shares that she went to apologize to Bal Mahant. Ganga is concerned for her. You haven’t eaten anything. I will bring something for you. Mamta tells her not to do anything like that. Amma ji loudly calls out for Ganga as she enters ashram. Everyone comes there. Amma ji asks Ganga if this is how she will punish her just because she did not take her home with her. You went to Mahant ji’s house. You told him that you live with me. You want him to be angry with me because of you, right? Did you go? Ganga looks at the ladies. Madhvi and Barkha talk about the old days. Madhvi asks her if she still does something by hiding it from others. Barkha goes all quiet. She excuses that she wants to make a call. Madhvi is curious as she has studied in Delhi all her life.
Mama ji and Mami ji are pretty orthodox. How did they send you here? Barkha fumbles. I insisted so they agreed. Niru brings samosas for kids. Madhvi talks about yesterday. Barkha excitedly takes it from Niru. Madhvi says I had to keep a fast today because of you. Niru points out that Barkha is happy. What’s the point of following such rituals because of which people cannot be happy!

Sudha tries to make AMma ji understand but Ganga tells her to let Amma ji speak. Amma ji shares that Bal Mahant ji has ordered all the pundits of Banaras not to do the shrad of my late husband. Mamta says now you understand how it feels when it comes to your own husband. She walks out. Amma ji tells Ganga that she has made a lot many mistakes but she will never be forgiven for this particular mistake all her life. She leaves from there. Ganga thinks that her Bappa’s shrad will not happen because of her.

Barkha promises Madhvi that she will not let Amma ji know that she has eaten outside food. Madhvi talks about the rules that are being followed in the house. Barkha counters that jijz wore this tshirt even when you thought you wont. She teases Niru that he is out of touch of today’s trend. Barkha offers to take him to shopping. Amma ji enters. She straight away heads to her room. Madhvi asks Maharaj ji about her. She looked angry. Maharaj ji tells them everything.

Next day, Niru takes Amma ji with him to the ghaat. You look very weak. She gets down in the middle of the road. He requests her not to travel in this condition. They both notice Ganga and go quiet. Niru asks her how she is. Amma ji says aren’t you happy. Why are you following me? Ganga replies that if you think your husband’s shrad is not happening because of me then you are wrong. I will make it happen. Amma ji says it isn’t that easy. Bring Bal Mahant for your Babu’s father’s shrad if you are so strong. Ganga accepts it. Niru too is not so convinced that Bal Mahant is as good as she thinks him to be. He got upset over what a little girl said. Ganga wont go to him. Ganga tells him not to worry about her. I will bring Bal Mahant ji for the puja. Amma ji says if you do it then I will bring you to my home myself! If you fail in doing so, then you will never come back to my home! Niru asks her mother not to be so tough to a kid. Ganga accepts Amma ji’s challenge. Make all the preps. I will bring that ponga pundit to your home anyhow. Ganga leaves. Amma ji too heads to the ghaat.

Ganga reaches Bal Mahant’s place. She rings the bell there continuously. Everyone comes out to see who it is. Ganga talks directly to Bal Mahant. I had to talk to you about something important. Don’t think later that I got you insulted by telling everyone about it. Bal Mahant looks tensed. Ganga agrees not to tell anything to anyone but he will have to do Babu’s Bappa’s shrad at Amma ji’s palce. Else I will tell everyone that he doesn’t even know the answer to a simple question! Bal Mahant says everyone will listen to me, not you! Sahyogi signals him to calm down. Everyone will give respect to Bal Mahant only as he knows everything. Sahyogi keeps a challenge between Mahant ji and Ganga. You (Ganga) think that you are smarter than Mahant ji? This challenge will prove everything. Bal Mahant looks unconvinced. Ganga agrees to give any test. Sahyogi says Mahant ji speaks limited words. He does not talk too much like you. It doesn’t mean that he is scared. He is ready for this challenge before everyone. Bal Mahant nods. Gain some knowledge. If you fail then you will have to do everything as I say. You will serve me all your life. Ganga agrees. If I win then you will have to do the shrad at Amma ji’s place. Sahyogi is confident of Bal Mahant’s win. The other disciples too are sure of Bal Mahant ji winning this challenge. Ganga tells them all not to worry. I will win this competition. She leaves. Bal Mahant and Sahyogi look at each other.

Sudha asks Ganga if she is mad to challenge Bal Mahant ji. You know nothing about scriptrures. Mamta is glad that Ganga will leave them when she will lose. She will have to serve him all her life. She was making faces the other day now she will have to take care of him only! Ganga says I will give all the answers to that ponga pundit by whatever knowledge I have gained from Bappa and school. You will see then how much knowledgeable your Mahant ji is!

Pishi Ma remarks that it isn’t as easy as she thinks. Sudha agrees. I will have to do something to make her understand but what!

A few people come to pay a visit to Bal Mahant ji. Sudha and Pishi Ma are also in the queue. Sahyogi keeps an eye on the money that people put in the box after talking to Bal Mahant ji. Sudha requests Mahant ji. That girl knows nothing. She will lose before you. How will she stand you? Please announce her defeat and send a pundit to Amma ji’s house for shrad puja. I will be always thankful to you. Bal Mahant smiles but his smile disappears after looking at the stern look on Sahyogi’s face. People talk about the challenge. They also talk about Mahant Sadanand ji renouncing his place. He dint even inform us. Sahyogi signals Mahant ji who heads inside. Mahant thinks
that it was the best chance to escape the challenge but no one lets him talk. Sahyogi scolds the people for insulting Mahant ji. He got upset and walked away. He dismisses the meeting. They apologize but Sahyogi stays put. Bal Mahant ji wont meet anyone right now. Mahant ji paces angrily in his room as he witnesses this. Sudha requests Sahyogi to make her talk to Mahant ji once but he refuses. He wont meet anyone. People started doubting him because of that girl. it was our mistake to pity people like you. We will have to rectify this mistake by teaching the right lesson to that girl. No one can save her now. Sudha gets tensed.

Amma ji sits all lost. Madhvi can notice that she is not happy even after organizing this kirtan. Amma ji replies that it is just a supplement for the shrad. It could not happen so I thought to do something for his peace. Ask everyone to take aarti. Where is Barkha? Madhvi says she has gone to University. Barkha and Niru walk in together. Amma ji is glad to hear NIru smiling. Barkha came to his office directly from University and then she took me to shopping. Madhvi talks about makeover for her Jiju. Barkha and Niru have planned to watch a movie together. She calls out for Pulkit so they can rent a DVD. Amma ji talks to Madhvi about the changes that Barkha is bringing in Niru. She will slowly change everything. Madhvi looks disturbed. She stands rooted to her place even as the Kirtan Mandli walk in. Amma ji notices her behaviour.

Barkha teases Sagar about Ganga. She takes him with her to watch then movie.

Amma ji, Niru and Madhvi do the kirtan. Niru takes the thaal when Barkha holds it from the other side. Everyone is taken aback. Amma ji stops her from doing aarti with Niru. It is Madhvi’s right. Barkha apologizes and steps back. Madhvi and NIru do the aarti together. She is disturbed because of Barkha. The Kirtan Mandli leaves for the day. Amma ji asks them to come daily. They cannot come on 22nd. There is a challenge between Bal Mahant ji and that girl Ganga that day. Everyone is surprised. Ganga and Mahant ji have a competition? Niru understands that Ganga started trying to complete her promise to you. Amma ji thinks that Ganga is trying to make a way for herself back in this house. Barkha is confused but Sagar understands it all. You have time for everyone and not me! He goes inside with Barkha. Madhvi asks Amma ji if Ganga is doing it o Mahant ji comes to our home for shrad. It will be good if it happens. Amma ji is not so sure. If she wins then not just Mahant ji but that girl will come in as well.

Sahyogi and his disciple discuss about the less amount that they have received this year as alms. He tells the same to Bal Mahant ji. Don’t you think it is because of that girl? People have stopped trusting you. Create fear in people. Show them drama, miracles. This competition will be surely held now!

Sagar is with Ganga in ashram. Are you mad to challenge Mahant ji? She says I will make him do Babu’s Bappa’s shrad. They both wonder how they do it.

Sahyogi says we will have to make it a very tough one. It should be grand scale. The higher the prize money the more interested people will be. We will also make an announcement that whoever loses in the competition will have to take Jal-Samadhi. Bal Mahant is tensed. Sahyogi assures him that he wont have to take Jal-Samadhi. I am here for you.

Sagar thinks that Mahant ji must have read great books. You would not have read any of them. He will ask questions from them only. She nods. But I am not going to back down. I haven’t read what he has and vice versa. I will ask him such questions that he wont be able to answer. He points out that she has started going to school a few days back only. She doesn’t want to lose. He agrees to help her. She smiles. She looks at her palm. Sagar promises to teach her whatever she doesn’t know. You wont lose. Sudha reasons that she needs to know scriptures to defeat Mahant ji. Ganga will not be able to defeat him.

Bal Mahant reaches ashram along with his disciples. He calls out for Ganga. All the ladies come out and so does Sagar and Ganga. Bal Mahant challenges Ganga. This story of insult started here only. Win if you are so strong and knowledgeable. I challenge you before everyone. You cannot stand before me. Everyone’s trust in me will increase. My questions will leave you with no answer. She does not want to win a challenge where the questions are easy. It should be tough. You might have knowledge but I have a strong willpower. I also have the blessings of Bappa and Babu with my. Sagar also openly supports her. She asks Mahant ji to think through. It wont be easy to defeat me.

Bal Mahant and his disciples leave from the ashram.

Amma ji is worried thinking about the competition. Madhvi brings ayurvedic medicines for her. You don’t look well. Amma ji asks her to leave them on the table. Madhvi keeps them and then sits down next to her. I know you are worried about Ganga. I too am worried for her especially since I have got to know about the competition. She thinks so much about us and loves us a lot. It wont be easy but she can get anything if she makes up her mind. Amma ji nods. Madhvi goes out. This is the only thing that is troubling Amma ji. She will come back if she wins! I cannot think of what I should do!

People offer stuff to Mahant ji. They have made him sit in a weighing scale and arrange donation items that equal his weight. They talk about Jal-Samadhi
idea. Sahyogi speaks up on Mahant’s behalf. Donate whatever you want to by heart. You will open heaven’s door for yourself. People believe him. Sudha reaches there. She asks a lady what’s happening here. She gets to know about the loser taking Jal-Samadhi. People too talk in Mahant ji’s favour. He will not lose. Sahyogi talks about Ganga. She will have to take Jal Samadhi as she is not going to win anyways. Sudha gets worried. Sahyogi whispers in the ears of Bal Mahant. Be ready to win. You have to win in any case. It will be the biggest victory of our life after defeating that girl.

Sudha angrily walks inside the ashram. She tries to set Ganga’s books on fire. She is paving a way towards her death. She tells Sagar that Ganga will not come with him to his home ever. Pishi Ma asks her what she is saying. Sudha scolds Ganga for taking up this challenge. If you lose this challenge then you will have to take Jal-Samadhi. Everyone will kill you by putting you in water. People too are sure that you will lose. Do you understand it now? You still want to prepare for the competition? I will go and tell Amma ji that you are doing it all just to get back inside the house. Ganga stops her from doing so. Don’t tell anyone if you are worried for me. Sagar too seconds Sudha Bua. You could have come home by apologizing to Dadi. She explains that she is doing all this for Babu’s Bappa’s shrad. Amma ji is sad. You guys cannot support me so it is ok. But I wont give up. I will take part in this competition.