Friday Update on Gangaa 11th January 2019

A few ladies are singing in Chaturvedi House. Amma ji asks them about it. They share that Madhvi is 3 months pregnant. Amma ji is pleasantly surprised. The ladies ask Amma ji if she really doesn’t know anything. Are you trying to hide it? Why did Shanta call us here then? Ganga is unable to understand the meaning of it. Shanta says I forgot to tell my sister. Madhvi told me everything when she left from the clinic. She must be coming home anytime. Mehri asks for neg from Amma ji. Amma ji happily agrees. She asks the ladies to resume the singing program. Ganga asks Amma ji what’s happening. Amma ji explains that Madhvi will soon have another baby. Ganga gets excited. Amma ji goes to her room as she hums a bhajan. She takes out a red dupatta and bangles from her trunk. Ganga keeps asking her when Sagar’s little brother will come. Amma ji is thrilled to become Dadi again. I will raise my grandson with love. You should keep distance from him. Ganga compliments her. You look very good when you smile. Amma ji smiles. They hear Niru’s voice and go out.

Yash tells his mother that she may lose papa if she does not send her friend out soon. Prabha brings tea for them. what are you talking about? Ginny keeps a hand on Ratan’s leg. I was asking him when he will shift to my house. Prabha requests her not to take game so seriously. Ginny points out that she has lost Ratan. I paid 1.5 lacs for him. Prabha tries to take Ratan to her side. We are supposed to be together for many births to come. Ratan says you should have thought of it before gambling. I am sold. I have no right to make anyone understand anything. He agrees to go with Ginny. Just tell me when I have to go with you?

Niru asks Amma ji why she got all these ladies here. Amma ji calls it shagun. I am upset with my DIL. It’s been 3 months and she dint tell me anything. She gives neg to Mehri after taking it off frm Madhvi. Mehri is really happy. Shanta looks unhappy though, as the DIL and MIL are bonding again. Amma ji blesses Madhvi. Take good care of my grandson. You made my cry a lot yesterday but today I am not at all angry with you. She cries again. Niru tries to comfort her but she calls them tears of happiness. Shanta asks Madhvi to join them. Amma ji goes to ready the thaal. Niru goes aside to attend a call.

Ginny tells Ratan that it is his house too now. Come in the evening itself. Prabha scolds her for being shameless. You already have a husband. Why are you talking like this? If you want two men then go outside and find someone else. Leave my husband for me. She rests her head on Ratan’s shoulder but he moves aside. Prabha tries to make Ginny understand. Your husband loves you a lot. Please leave my husband. Ginny agrees. My husband is very good and so is Ratan. I have no problem. I will live with both of them. Prabha stumbles. Yash tells her that she really lost everything.

Amma ji brings shagun for Madhvi. Shanta Dadi stops her. Are you in your senses? You are a widow. Did you forget all the rules? How can a widow do godh bharai of Madhvi? Niru ends the call. What are you saying Massi? I don’t believe in all this. Shanta Dadi says your mother also accepts these rules. How did Kanta forget her own rules today? A widow cannot do godh bharai of a married woman. The ladies agree. You can ask another elder of your house to do it. Shanta Dadi points out that she can do it. I am a married woman. I can do it if Kanta permits. Amma ji is completely shocked and hurt but agrees. Ganga feels bad for Amma ji. She smiled after so long but everything went wrong. Is it so bad to be a widow?

Shanta Dadi also tells Amma ji that they cannot make Madhvi wear the chunri she has brought. We will have to make her wear the right chunri of shagun only. Niru and Madhvi feel bad. Ganga interrupts her. Amma ji brought this chunri with so much love. You know nothing. Anyways, anything that the elders of the house do cannot be inauspicious, even if it is a widow. My Bappa used to tell me this. Shanta Dadi tells her to be quiet. Amma ji too signals her. Niru says people are right. Orthodox people cannot get out of their superstitions till they understand it on their own. It is useless to make them understand anything. He leaves. Shanta Dadi starts the ritual. Amma ji looks on from a distance tearfully. Shanta Dadi peeks at her. Madhvi feels bad but is helpless.

Madhvi bends down to touch Amma ji’s feet but Shanta Dadi stops her from doing so. A widow’s shadow also shall not fall on you during this time. Come to me. I will bless you. I am married woman after all. READ FRIDAY ON GANGAA ZEE