Friday Update on Deception 8 May 2020


Friday Update on Deception 8 May 2020

Naren and Pooja are in the car. Pooja tells she is driving the car while her husband is sitting beside him. Naren says he will keep hot and happening driver and asks if she will not get jealous. Lady Inspector Shivani comes there. She says this road is not your jaagir as you stopped car on the way and romancing. Pooja asks what is our crime and says I know very well that you want to trouble my husband intentionally. She says there is a solution for all problems. Shivani says I don’t want any solution for my problem and leaves. Pooja asks Naren why Shivani is having enmity with him. Naren thinks what to tell her.

Thursday Update on Deception 7 May 2020

Pooja asking Naren why Shivani is having enmity with him. Naren tells him that when she left him and went to America, he got hysterical and was taking revenge on women, he said that he got Shivani transferred in a small village. Pooja says her anger is justified. Naren says then you returned and calm down my anger. Harish says if Meghna is lucky then she will get parents for kanyadaan. Dada ji says I called you for other reason. He says meghna will get share being a daughter like Harsha. Harsha checks and says you gave Meerut factory to Meghna, and says it was Mayank’s factory and his memory. She asks him to give everything to Meghna and if wanted sell them. Dada ji says if the bride is not happy then marriage will be ruined.

Rahul tells Surbhi that daughter’s responsibility is hers now and asks her never to take his name. Harish tells Supriya that he is getting Kunal and meghna’s London tickets. Rahul asks him not to treat Meghna this way. Harish says I don’t need to take your advice and asks to call Meghna and Kunal. Meghna and Kunal comes there. Meghna asks what happened? Naren and Pooja come there. Meghna asks what did his parents say? Naren smiles and shows thumps up to them. He tells that they have refused. Rahul teases her. Meghna gets sad. Pooja says she called designer at home. Kunal says I got licence to bear you all life. Meghna thanks Naren. Naren says this is possible because of Pooja. Pooja thinks your marriage will be memorable for you, I won’t let any trouble come near you.

Mrs Goenka asks her husband why did you say yes for this marriage? Mr. Goenka says he wants that land which Naren wants to give to Meghna, and says once Naren shifts land on his name, then he will do something and make Meghna break marriage with Kunal. He says Kunal can’t convince her then. Kunal comes there and says this is my marriage card sample. Naren and Meghna try to see. He gives card to them. Pooja sees the card and gets shocked thinking if that sign pointed her towards Meghna.

Mr. Goenka tells that Pooja made him felt helpless and insulted him. He will take revenge on Naren and his wife. Naren tells that marriage will happen tomorrow. Dada ji says marriage will happen tomorrow. Pooja says not tomorrow, it is girl’s marriage and says we have to postponed the marriage for one more date. They agree. Pooja thinks if the marriage date is postponed then nothing wrong will happen. Dada ji comes to Pooja and says he is worried for Meghna. Pooja assures him that Meghna will be happy and marriage will happen without any problem.

Later in the night, someone comes to Meghna’s room and ties her hands. It is Pooja’s dream. She wakes up scared and hopes it is a bad dream. She comes to Meghna’s room and sees her hands tied. She gets shocked and thinks she saw something in temple and thinks nothing wrong will happen with Meghna. She tries to untie her hands, but the rope is tightly sealed. She goes to the kitchen and get knife. Meghna wakes up and shouts for help. Pooja cuts the rope and asks Meghna to tell who have done this. Meghna says Rahul must have tied her hand and pats on his head. Rahul says I haven’t done anything g. Surbhi says Rahul was with me in the room. Pooja says then who has done this

Meghna pulls their ears. Naren says we tied you and you couldn’t know. Rahul says now see, what we will do in marriage functions. Pooja scolds them. Meghna says my both brothers trouble me this way. Surbhi asks Pooja to decide about the punishment. Naren says we shall punishment of a child. They do sit ups. Meghna asks Pooja not to worry much. Pooja thinks 3 of 4 premonition turned to be true. Naren asks Pooja why she is worried and says it seems I have to tie your hands, and makes you sit on bed and take your class. He ties her hands. Pooja gets scared, pushes him and cries. She hugs him. Naren asks what happened? Pooja tells him about her premonitions which are coming true.

Pooja telling Naren about her premonitions regarding Meghna. Naren says it is just your dream and asks her not to worry. Pooja says her premonitions came true. Naren says you will save everyone. Dada ji welcomes Satish, Anuj and Rachel. Pooja thinks Meghna’s marriage will be happy one. Satish tells Dada ji that kanyadaan is the best where we get chance to do daughter’s daan. Dada ji says Harish is not ready to agree. Pooja looks on. Neelima and Harsha come from shopping. Pooja asks them to get ready and attend the function. Supriya also asks them. Dada ji says I want you to attend the function even if they don’t want, as he don’t want to see bride unhappy. Harsha says bride shall be happy, even if daughter and bahu are upset. They go to get ready. Pooja asks if Harish will

come. Supriya goes to Harish and asks him to come for atleast her, to hold Meghna’s chunari. Harish agrees. Rahul and Naren bring Meghna holding her hand. Anuj throws flower petals on her way. Meghna sits.
Dada ji asks about Harish. Pooja says he will come in 10 mins. Supriya says we shall get chunari rasam done by Naren and Pooja. Dada ji says ok. Naren and Pooja hold chunari on Meghna’s head. It catches fire. Naren throws chunari on floor and sets off fire. Haldi bowl falls down. Supriya says it is inauspicious. Naren says it happened before the rasam so there is nothing inauspicious about it. Pooja asks Harsha to give chunari which she brought today. Harsha is upset and goes to bring chunari. Kunal’s parents talk that marriage will not happen. Mrs. Goenka says she will teach her a lesson for trapping her son. Mr. Goenka says ladies are ladies. Kunal says he will not drive the car. Mrs. Goenka says she will drive. Harsha gives banarasi dupatta. Pooja says yesterday Meghna said that she likes it. Kunal says even I came?

Kunal comes and says he also came. Mrs. Goenka says she will apply haldi and applies with brush like sticks. Meghna feels itching and scratches her hands and legs. Naren and Rahul argue that they will apply haldi to her first. Meghna calls Supriya and tells about itching. Harsha talks to Mayank’s pic and says everyone forgot you, Meghna will never be happy for making me cry. Meghna tells that she is feeling burning sensation. Naren asks Anuj to give water. He washes her feet and hands. Pooja wipes her hands. Supriya says what happened to her. Mrs. Goenka says Meghna must be delicate and says today’s girls don’t like haldi uptan. Kunal says there is something wrong in haldi.

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