Friday Update on Begusarai Zee World

Friday Update on Begusarai Zee World

Phulan is cleaning his gun, Mitlaish comes back home, Phulan calls him, he ask are you angry on me? Mitlaish says dont say like that, it was my fault i guess, Phulan ask him to sit, Mitlaish says i am fine here, Phulan says what you think that i dont know Rekha is hurrying for this marriage only for money, Mitlaish is stunned listening this.
Badi Amma says to Priyom that Poonam is your friend from childhood, she doesnt have any friend other than you, Poonam bear all your tantrums, Priyom says i bear her tantrums too, she says thats why you both are habituated to each other, first get angry and pacify it, but you have to change this habit, maybe thats why she didnt talk to you today, Priyom says is this habit of some tabocco that she can leave it like that, this is friendship and will remain like this, Badi Amma says it will not remain like that, meeting everyday, fighting, pacifying and going to each other’s terrace, this will not happen after marriage, Priyom says yes she will go away but Lakhan’s home is not away much, i will go to her, Badi amm a says how she will come to you? she has understood this, its your time to understand, after marriage, life changes for girl, she has to be in limits, see your Maya bhabhi, how many times she meet to her friends? Priyom says so friendship will end? Badi Amma says no but you both will get away from each other, Priyom says you are not modern at all, its Priyom’s friendship and will remain like thsi forever. otehrside Poonam is tensed thinking about Bindya’s words.

Phulan says to Mitlaish that i know Rekha is hurrying for marriage of Lakhan and Poonam for greed only, Mitlaish sys you knew everything even then you sent me to say sorry just because i said truth? i can touch her feeet daily if you ask me but this is not right, Phulan says there is difference between politics and family, we should not remain silent in politics and we should sometime remain silent to run family, if one family member is hurt then whole family suffer, Mitlaish says you wanna say that i should silently see bad happening? Phulan ask do you think Lakhan and Bhshan are greedy too? Mitlaish says i am not saying it, Phulan sys so assume that you did this for your uncle Bhushan, trust Lakhan and Bhushan, they wont let anything bad happen to Poonam, otherwise we are there for her, have faith, Mitlaish is not convinced much.
Ghungroo is eating food, he ask bindya to eat too as this is last dinner in Begusarai, Bindya is looking at Mitlaish, Maya playing with her kids. Maya sees her, Bindya closes door of her room, she comes to eat dinner, water falls in er plate, she eats that food only and says this food will make me remember that i dance around people for 5000rs and doesnt spend it too as i have to arrange money for my old age, i live by eating this dirty food, i have no hope in life, my fate is to listen abuses of drunk men, when i entered Begusarai i thought i can live good life too, i can come out of dirty life too, Ghungroo says i saw one dream in Begusarai too that all thakurs are running behind us with guns, Bindya says you always talk rubbish, game is not over till we dont sit in train, maybe something happens, she prays to Maa.

Poonam comes out of room to go to college, she finds Priyom there on his bike, he says see you find me again, Poonam smiles a little, Lakhan comes there in jeep too, Priyom says to Lakhan that you come on time everyday, Lakhan says to Poonam why are you listening to Priyom, come, i will drop you to college, Priyom shows him some jackets, Lakhan says you must have got it in sale, Priyom says they are imported, just imagine how good you will look in them, Lakhan says you will take my life in return of these jackets, Priyom comes to Lakhan and says i have one request, let me drop Poonam to college today, Lakhan says did you fight with her? Priyom sys yes, Lakhan says why you tease her, Priyom says i didnt do anything, she is angry on me without any reason, Lakhan says dont do drama, Priyom ask you want jackets or not? Lakhan says not for jackets, for friendship, i am allowing you, he says to Poonam that Priyom will drop you today, Priyom says i love you Lakhan, Poonam comes down, Lakhan is in his jeep, Priyom is waiting for her on his bike, Poonam doesnt sit on his bike, instead sit in Lakhan’s jeep, Priyom is stunned, Lakhan is surprised too, Poonam looks at Priyom, Priyom this you were not listening yesterday and not seeing me today, Poonam says i will not go with anyone else, Priyom is shocked, Priyom says are you mad, you are going against Lakhan, Lakhan says she is not going against me but going with me, solve your fight later, Poonam glances at Priyom, Lakhan takes Poonam with him, Priyom still cant believe it.

Lakhan and Poonam are on way, Poonam recalls ill words of Bindya, that she flirts with 2 boys, Lakhan says to her that i dont know how to talk about love and all and i am not interested in it but i liked it when you said that you will not go to college with anyone else, some biker comes infront of his jeep, Lakhan uses slangs against him, Poonam is disgusted, Lakhan says we have to say these kind of words, Lakhan says i liked it what you said, he says i never came in your and Priyom’s friendship and will never come, if he is my life then you are too my.. she looks at him, he says i dont like it when you both keep fighting, you both dont talk, i will talk to him, if he doesnt agree then i will slap him but i dont understand what happened? what he did? Poonam says he didnt do anything, Lakhan stops car, he looks at her.
Bindya comes in Haveli, she prays to God that let her live her at any cost and she will give parsad of 11rs, i will stay hungry, but do something that i stay here. Poonam starts crying, Lakhan ask did anyone said anything to you? Poonam is crying, Lakhan shouts to tell, Poonam says that Binday doubted my and Priyom’s friendship, she tells him about bindya’s cheap remarks, Lakhan gets angry.

Lakhan gets angry on Bindya, he starts driving jeep recklessly, Poonam is stunned. Bindya is in Haveli and praying to God, she listens voice of someone and thinks Bhagwan is talking to her, it is actually Ghungroo and says Taxi is coming, go from it else have to go from Train, Bindya finds him and says you are joking with me on Bhagwan’s name, may God drags to hell, Lakhan, holds Bindya’s ear and drags her, he throws her on ground, Bindya is shocked, she ask what happened? Lakhan drags her with hands,, Binday shouts to save her, Maya sees Lakhan and calls everyone, Lakhan grabs Bindya with hairs and brings in porch, Poonam is there too, all family members comes there too, he throws her on ground and drags her, all society members are seeing it too, Poonam is not able to see it, Lakhan pushes Bindya from stairs, he then bangs her head on gate, he brings Bindya infront of Poonam, Bindya is shocked seeing her and recalls how she said ill words to her, Lakhan brings out wooden stick and start beating Bindya, she pleads to not beat me, someone stop me, Poonam is crying, all are pained seeing this, Bindya cries to not beat me, Lakhan doesnt stop and keeps beating her, she says i didnt do anything, Badi Amma ask to stop Lakhan, have you become devil, arent you ashamed of beating a women, Lakhan says she is mere dancer and how dare she question Poonam, she says knows Poonam is my would be wife, he beats her and says how dare you even take her name, he brings out gun and says i will finish you today, all are shocked, Choti Amma ask him to stop, Badi Amma says this is my order to stop, Maya and Gudi ask him to stop too, Mitlaish comes there and puts hand on Lakhan’s shoulder,

Lakhan jerks him away and says nobody will come in this matter, Mitlaish is about to fall but holds himself, Lakhan turns to find Mitlaish there, he is about to hold his gun back when Mitlaish stops him, Lakhan ask him to not stop him, Mitlaish says try your full power and take gun, Mitlaish says now touch Bindya infront of me, forget about leaving world, Bindya will not go from Begusarai too, Bindya is surprised, Lakhan gets angry and says this time you dont come in my matter, Mitlaish says you have started talking infront of me, you are not king of Begusarai, Lakhan says you are not king yet too, Mitlaish says who has given you right to misbehave with me, she slaps Lakhan infront of all, he ask Lakhan will you hit me, he slaps him again again and says you become animal when you get angry, he ask Lakhan to look down else i will bring out your eyes, Lakhan doesnt, Mitlaish ask him to be in control, Lakhan says you should have asked your courtesan to be in control whose love can be seen in your eyes, Mitlaish is stunned, Mitlaish says what rubbish you are speaking? they both approaches each other, Mitlaish holds his face, is about to punch him but Lakhan stops his hand, Badi Amma ask have you both gone mad? Priyom comes there and stops them, he says to Lakhan have you gone mad, you will raise hand on elder brother? he ask Mitlaish to not lose calm,

Lakhan says what elder brother, Priyom ask to be silent, Mitlaish says he has forgotten how to talk, Lakhan snatches gun from goon and points at Bindya, Mitlaish comes and puts hand on face of gun, he covers Bindya and comes infront of her, Maya is stunned, a bullet is fired, all turns to see its Phulan who has fired in air, he calls everyone inside.all family members gather in lounge, Phulan comes there and says to Lakhan and Mitlaish that if you wanna then you can start again, why you both are shying, fight again, you both made fun of us infront of whole begusarai, now fight infront of me too, you cant handle your egos and anger and you will handle begusarai and family after me, he says if you both want then i will bring gun, both kill each other, Mitlaish says i am sorry, Phulan says no sorry for this mistake, what dreams i had seen that my sons will never fight like other families, they will always be together and here you people are pointing gun at each other, he says kill me too, you both have injures my heart, now injures my chest too, Bhushan says you both have learnt how to fire bullet but didnt learn brotherhood from us, have you ever seen me and Phulan fighting? elder brother should think about happiness of younger brother and younger brother should respect him, he ask them to hug each other and say sorry, they look at each other in anger.

Bhushan ask Mitlaish and Lakhan to hug each other and say sorry, they stare at each other, Priyom comes and makes them hug each other, Priyom says to Phulan that they are friend again, forgive them, Rekha says thank God fight is finished, now decide about root of this fight, i mean decide about thet dancer Bindya, will she stay here as per Mitlaish or should she leave the world as per Lakhan, Phulan says she misbehaved with Poonam, i would have shot her but she is guest her and we dont kill our guests, he ask Mitlaish to throw her out of Begusarai, she should not be seen in Begusarai again, Mitlaish says Bindya will not go from Begusarai, all are shocked, Phulan angrily stares him, Badi Amma says how dare you, Mitlaish says its not about dare but my promise, like thakurs dont kill guest same way thakurs dont take back their promises, i promised her that she will go from Begusarai only after dancing in Lakhan and Poonam’s marriage, Badi Amma says there is no value of promise given to such cheap dancer, Mitlaish says my promise has value, we do business on our promise, people put their lives in danger just cause of our promise, because of cheap dancer, our trust can go down in people, one wrong move can destroy our image, even if Phulan thinks i am wrong then i will throw that ***** dancer out of Begusarai, Phulan doesnt answer and leaves. Piddi ask Guddi what decision was made? Guddi says when Thakurs gives promise then there is not decision but only promise is followed, Mitlaish comes to Lakhan and says you are younger brother, remain that, if you try to become my father then.. they both leave from there, Badi Amma is tensed.

Ghungroo is putting medicine n Bindya’s wounds, he says that devil would have killed you but Mitlaish saved you, Bindya drinks wine, Ghungroo says now you should sleep when we sit in train. Priyom’s servants come there, Bindya says we are leaving only, servant says Thakur has ordered that you will live here till marriage happens, bindya is shocked, she says if i am seeing dream, she laughs and hugs Ghungroo, she says i am happy with Mitlaish, he stopped me and i am angry on that Poonam, i got beaten up because of her, i will see her now, Ghungroo says dont do anything now, because of you two brothers fought, she says now i will have to serve parsad of 11rs, to God.
Choti Amm ask Soni and Pinto(kids of Maya and Mitlaish) why you didnt sleep? they say you are lair, you said we dont fight but why Lakhan and Papa fought today, Badi amma says you both didnt like the fight, you both fight too and become friends again, Soni says we fight for toys then share it, but they dont have toys so how will they share it and become friends again, Badi Amma says we will bring toys for them, now go, they leave, Choti Amma says we can handle small kids but how to handle big kids, Badi Amma says only king of Begusarai can handle them, once a king is selected from them then this fight will end,