Friday Update on Begusarai Zee World Tv Oct

Friday Update on Begusarai Zee World Tv

October 12 Episode

Badi Amma asks servants to prepare for function nicely, servant asks her to not worry, Badi Amma this function is for Priyom so it has to be great, Lakhan says we have done security work, Mitlaish says if by mistake Komal and Choti Amma comes here then they wont be able to go back, Badi Amma says thats what i want that they come here and dont go back, Poonam thinks that this function is not for new baby but also to trap Komal and Choti Amma, i hope everything remain under control.

Lakhan is talking on call with this goon, he sees Poonam lost and pouring water out of glass, he points it out to her, Poonam takes out three sarees, Lakhan ends call and says you are going to take bath with three sarees? what is it that is making you worry? Poonam says i am worried about this trapping idea, Lakhan says dont worry, after sadness, happiness has to comeback, Bindya kid is coming and it feels like priyom is coming back, Pooam says if anything happens to Bindya’s child then she will be shattered, Lakhan says i wont let anything happen to her child, if need then i will put my life in danger but wont let Bindya or child get hurt.

Pooja starts, Bindya is wearing yellow saree, Badi Amma asks Bindya to touch things so that they can be distributed among poor, Bindya does, Badi Amma prays to Lord to bring happiness back with this child but Komal and Choti Amma has to come in function for all peace to return.

Komal and Choti amma are in veils, they come in group which has come for food supply to Haveli in function, guard asks them to show faces before going in, Choti Amma says to Komal that this way we will get caught, Komal says just see what i do, she covers her face with veil and starts crying, guard asks why is she crying? Komal says i only make my husband see my face, i cant other man see my face, guard says you can go in Haveli without showing your face, Choti amma says her husband doubts alot, let her go in without showing face, guard says no one can go inside without showing face, be in line, Komal and Choti Amma stands in line while guard is checking everyone, Komal says i will kill this guard, Mitlaish comes there and asks guard to bring out men from Haveli, there are too much people inside and also anything can happen, Mitlaish sees two women in veil, he says to Lakhan that lets go upstairs, he leaves with Lakhan, Komal points to her men, her men starts fighting, guard tries to stop them, Komal and Choti Amma hides and goes in Haveli without guard seeing them.

Komal says to Choti Amma that security is tight here and their men-power is much more than ours, Choti Amma says when we will attack their head then no one will be able to attack us.
Pundit says to Badi Amma that pooja is done, distribute Parsad to everyone, Komal and Choti amma comes there in veil, Komal’s men starts attacking and hiding Mitlaish’s men, Badi Amma offers parsad to choti Amma and asks her to pray for Thakur family’s happiness, Choti Amma points gun at her, all are shocked, Choti Amma says not happiness but only sadness will rule in thakur family, Komal and Choti amma takes off their veils, Choti Amma says our men have surrounded your Haveli, just look around Badi thakurain, Badi Amma smirks, Lakhan and Mitlaish comes there too, Badi amma asks Choti Amma to look around carefully and see whose death has come for real, Choti Amma looks around to see her men pointing guns at her only, she is stunned and puts her gun down, guard comes there, Mitlaish says i have to applaud your guts, you came in our house and thought you will leave easily? you are trapped in our trap, we did all this to lure you both and you both came here like tamed animal, flashback shows

Mitlaish coming to Choti Amma’s goon and slapping him, fb ends, Mitlaish says to Komal that i knew it was you when i saw you outside in veil, Badi Amma says if you regret everything you did then we are ready to welcome you, forget this revenge and all, if you have lost then we have lost too, we have lost Priyom, Guddi’s child and you too, now we are getting something, Bindya is going to give birth to Priyom’s child, lets celebrate together, Choti Amma says i cant accept this, i insulted you, i made you servant in this house and you are forgiving me? Badi Amma says because i am your elder sister, Choti Amma says what thakurs did with me years back, i didnt forget it then how can you forget wounds i gave recently only? Badi Amma says love change everything, Choti Amma says i dont deserve your love, Komal says have you gone mad? this is their trap to lure you, Choti amma says you dont know them, i know she is saying truth, i was fool to take revenge from my family, she says to Badi Amma that i am sorry that i did all this, Choti Amma sits in Badi Amma’s feet and says forgive me jeeji, she is angry on her but pretends to be regretting, Badi Amma wipes her tears, Choti Amma brings out knife and points it at Badi amma’s neck, all are shocked, Mitlaish points gun at her and says i wont like to kill you so put knife down, Choti amma says dont brag, if you have guts then fire at me, Bindya says to Mitlaish that dont shoot, Choti Amma says i will end this game as i started it, i had to do drama, Komal says i applaud your guts, i got worried for a moment, Komal asks Mitlaish to give her his gun, he gives it to her, Komal looks at Lakhan and asks him to give her gun, he points it at her, she asks him to give gun to her else Badi Amma will be dead, Badi Amma says dont worry about me but these two should not leave from here, Lakhan doesnt give gun to her.

Poonam asks Lakhan to give gun, she says to Choti Amma that we will do what you say but dont do anything to Badi Amma, she gave you another chance, leave her, Choti Amma says we will leave her as easily as you thakurs will allow us to go from Haveli, Komal asks Lakhan to tell his men to put down guns, Lakhan gives gun to Komal, men put gun down, Komal says to Choti Amma that now i know your plan, she says Badi Amma’s remaining life is in your hands now, Choti Amma points gun at Badi Amma and drags her from Haveli, Komal points gun at family and stats leaving with Choti Amma, they throws Badi Amma there and leaves in jeep from there, Mitlaish says i wont let them escape so easily, Lakhan and Mitlaish sits in jeep and starts following Komal and Choti Amma. Komal says to Choti Amma that they are following us, Komal and Choti Amma fires at them but they bent down, Mitlaish points gun at Komal, Lakhan says i promised Poonam that i will kill her, you drive jeep, i will shoot, he takes gun from and shoots, it hits Komal’s jeep’s tyre, Choti Amma says take jeep in jungle, in jungle we can confuse them,

Komal takes jeep towards jungle, Mitlaish says they are thinking they will fool us but they dont know that there is dead end after here. Komal sees cliff, she says we are going near cliff and Lakhan is coming from behind, Choti Amma asks her to apply breaks, Komal sees break failed already, she says steering is jammed, she says nobody can save us now, Komal looks at Lakhan sadly coming near them, Choti Amma tries to stop jeep, they both fall off from cliff and car have bomb blast, Mitlaish and Lakhan are shocked to see this, they see car burning and looks at each other.

Mitlaish and Lakhan comes back home, Badi Amma asks about Komal and Choti Amma, they get silent, Bindya asks why you are silent? Mitlaish says we tried to follow them, he tells them everything, how Komal and Choti amma fell from cliff and died, all are stunned, Poonam says this means Choti Amma.. Lakhan agrees, Mitlaish says she fell from cliff, also car had blast so i dont think she would be saved, Badi Amma says i gave many chances to her but she didnt change, she is still my younger sister, she asks Maya to call Pundit tomorrow, we will have pooja for Choti amma’s soul to rest in peace, Maya nods. READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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