Friday Update on Begusarai Sept 14

Friday Update on Begusarai

Sept 14 Episode

Mitlesh says this is my house who are you? He comes close. He says should I show you my power? He slams the belt at her but she saves herself. Mitlesh shoves her on bed. Priyom knocks at the door and says please open the door. Mitlesh says Bindya I feel so good when you scream. My soul has cried because of you. Poonam Lakhan and everyone comes there. Mitlesh says I want to kill you. Badi amma says open the door. Mitlesh says you ruined my family. Priyom and lakhan says open the door mitlesh. Mitlesh says its not a sin to kill you. Badi amma says Priyom break the door. Priyom and lakhan break the door. Mitlesh is about to slam her. Priyom grasps his collar. Rekha hugs bindya. Pooan says are you okay? Priyom says how dare you? Mitlesh says for her you’ll hit me? Priyom says to hell with the brotherhood. Today either you or me. Priyom hits him. Badi amma says leave him. Priyom says i will kill him. He hits mitlesh. Lakhan takes priyom out. Priyom says I would have killed you if i didn’t care about maya bhabhi and kids.
They all go out. Badi amma says you have done something even more shameful than Guddi. Shame on you. Priyom says sleep now I wont go anywhere. She holds his hand.

Mitlesh is out. He comes to meet dadda ji. Mitlesh says where were you?
Rekha says I am so worried. Bindya must be very upset. Priyom says she is fine. Badi amma says take care of her. Maya says Priyom I am sorry on Mitlesh’s behalf. I know its unforgivable. I should separate from him for his behavior but I am helpless for my kids. Priyom says you don’t need to apologize. It wasn’t your fault. I am proud to have a bhabhi like you. Forget what happened. Its late, go to kids and sleep with them.
Priyom tries to console Bindya. He says don’t blame yourself. I swear no one will insult you after today. He hugs her and makes her drink water. Priyom says stop crying now and sleep for sometime. He covers her with a blanket and caresses her face.

Dadda says to Mitlesh never take enemy weak. You are there, to handle it. Mitlesh says I am not scared of anyone because I know how to control them. My brother doesn’t know. He hit me today. For that bindya. Dadda says priyom didn’t do good. this is why I decided that you’ll become bahubali of Begusarai. From now on do as I ask. Okay? Mitlesh nods. He to shove all these dogs out of our palace I have to become bahubali. Dadda says the war has errupted. Listen carefully. I will stay here and you will execute and work there. Do whatever you can. Mitlesh says I promise I’ll do what is better for bgusarai.

Badi amma sees Mitlesh doing pooja in the morning. He Mitlesh admits all his sins and wants to atone. He says from same belt I hurt Bindya I will hurt myself now. Badi amma says what are you doing? He says purifying myself. I want negativity to be extracted out of me. Bindya is daughter in law of this house as well. Badi amma says don’t do this. Priyom and Bindya come. Mitlesh comes near them. Bindya hides behind Priyom.

Mitlesh says as your brother I allow you hit me. He gives him the belt. He says Bindya please pardon me. I am asking your for forgiveness. He says I hold your feet.
He takes the belt and starts slamming himself. Maya stops him and says what are you doing. He says Maya please forgive me. Miltesh says Lakahn you were right. I couldn’t respect my father how could I respect someone else. He sits in Maya’s feet and says please forgive me. Maya says please pardon him everyone. Give him a chance Badi amma. Badi amma nods. Rekha says in heart this is what I am seeing first time.

Badi says amma says to choti, time will reveal that if he pretending or has actually changed. Manjita comes out of haveli and says to badi amma I can’t come inside. Till 13th of dolt. I came to request you to let Poonam come to her brother’s 13th. Badi says this is Poonam’s right. I think you should do the pooja here. Manjita says he was my son. I can’t forget what he has done. Badi amma says he has left us. He made a mistake but he cant be punished like that. What happened was not right. and the truth is that he was like our kids.

The pooja of Dolt’s 13th starts. Guddi starts crying. Lakhan comes forward to do the ritual. Poonam says he wont do this. Badi amma stop him. If you don’t I will. Poonam stands up and says he wont do any rituals. Lakhan says he was more than a brother to me. He takes the arg and does the ritual. Poonam stops him. She says this is not your right. Lakhan does it anyway. Poonam says go from here. Lakhan says why and where? She says you are murderer of my brother. You have killed dolt. And his killer can’t do this. Manjita says whats wrong with you poonam. Poonam says I am not wrong. He has killed my brother in front of my eyes, he shoved him in front of the car. You are a murderer. Priyom says Poonam lakhan can’t do this. That must be a misunderstanding. Poonam says you can ask Guddi. Guddi nods. Lakhan says no one will interfere today. She has accused me publicly. I will answer publicly as well. I thought she is upset because her brother has died. I thought as the pain ends you will get my love for him. I could die for him. Every coin has two side adn I haven’t killed your brother. I ran to save him and he came under the car. Poonam says you are lying. why couldn’t you save him when you saw the car coming. Lakhan says I don’t know about dolt but I know what truth is. And God knows. That you talk about all the time. and I know one thing for sure that you have murdered our relationship today. He says today I vow in front of fire that all relationships between us died today. Everyone is dazed.

Baid amma and rest of the family do the pooja. Badi amma says where is everyone else? Bindya comes and says i and poonam have made the prasad. She gives it to everyone. Bindya says i don’t know about chaht pooja but I know today we will all bath with gangajal. Badi amma tells kids about it.
They all prepare for the pooja. Priyom says to Bindya we will eat together at night. She says are you fasting as well? Priyom says yes this time I am going to ask God something as well.

Lakhan comes, rekha asks him to sit. She gives him food. Poonam gives him water. Lakhan says why is everyone not eating? Rekha says everyone is fasting. Lakhan leaves the food as well.

Everyone does pooja in the evening. Bindya says let me check if priyom is back or not. she goes to room and says I think he has not come. Phone rings. Bindya sees an unknown number. She picks the call. No one says anything. Bindya hears someone whistling. A man says you recognized my breathes before. and you dont have that sharpness in your voice. Where is the bindya i knew lost. Bindya sayswho? He laughs. He says don’t you recognize my voice? Bindya says bhanu? He says yes. I was craving to hear my name from your voice. I was missing you. I don’t think you miss me. Right? I heard you have married thakur. I will shoot him. You wanted to avenge them and no one will come in between us. Bindya you wont do any such thing. He hangs up. Bindya calls again. She calls priyom and asks where are you? He says i will be late. Bindya says in heart how should i tell him. She calls bhanu but his phone is off. She turns back Priyom is standing there. Bindya hugs him. he says i was kidding. I was parking jeep when you called. Bindya says you wont go out for few days. Priyom says why? She says just swear on me, He says if you ask me i will be ready to die. BIndya says don’t say that. Think before you speak. He says why are you so serious. Now lets go eat.

Poonam serves everyone food. Lakhan comes as well. Bhushan comes as well. Rekha says in heart she has ruined my son’s life. The kids tease poonam. she is about to slip. Lakhan holds her hand. They all pick up grains from the floor. Everyone does the pooja. Bindya sees a lizard oh her pooja plate, she throws it away. Everyone is dazed. poonam says what happened? Bindya says there was a lizard. Choti amma says this is not a good sign. Badi amm says its okay bring another plate. Bindya brings another plate.
She recalls bhanu saying he will shoot Priyom.