Friday Update on Begusarai July Episode

Friday Update on Begusarai July Episode

Begusarai commences with the narration of a gripping tale of two brothers Bhushan Thakur and Phulan Thakur who ruled the entire town of Begusarai by initially spreading fear into every one in their town. The powerful Thakur family who believes that violence and guns speak louder than words. The show starts with going back to 1974 where a car is shown going through deserts of Bihar, the family is in car, a lady ask her husband that they should stop somewhere to eat, the car is being stopped by a lady (Badi Daadi) and two teenagers Bhushan Thakur and Phulan Thakur with her, she points gun at a man and the man ask if she will steal from a family? Daadi fires at the man and the teenagers attack the family with dagger. In 2015, a lady is telling a story of Badi Daadi to some kids, she says that they had to snatch from others so that they could eat themselves, and the lady says that was the first robbery of their grandfathers. The kid ask if they killed the family? A flashback is show how he tried to snatch gun from Badi Daadi so Phulan comes and kills the man with dagger to save Daadi, flashback ends, the lady tell the kids that they used to rob but they didn’t use to kill anyone. In 1981, Phulan and Bhushan enters the train and rob everyone in train. In 1986, Two boys who started out as small time dacoits took over the entire city in no time and while, Phulan took over the reins of Begusarai like a king, his brother like a royal minister stood by the side of his brother as his prime shield. They have made their gang, they have become so strong in Begusarai area that everyone had to bow to them and those who didn’t bow to them got killed.

In 1989, Phulan and Bhushan are eating food, Phulan the elder son tell his younger brother Bhushan that his wife mix so much spice in food and plead with him to increase the speed of fan, a person is seen hanging upside down on fan and his wife pleads to Phulan to forgive his husband, promising to give everything to him, they will leave and go to Culcatta, adding that Begusarai is theirs and he is master of it. Phulan and Bhushan became the kings of Begusarai, they are called Thakurs. all natives would bow to them and would take them as their God. These two brothers were joined by Manjitha their loyal soldier who stood guard ready to protect them at all times. In 2015, a lady(majosi) tell the kids that Phulan and Bhushan’s strength was not weapon but their unity, they had so much love for each other, Phulan used to fire and Bhushan used to save him from every attack. Daadi comes there, she talks in wrong english and kid says that every story have one king asking if Phulan is the king or Bhushan. Daadi says every kigndom have one king but government doesnt run without prime minister, she tells the kids that her Phulan is king and Bhushan is prime minister who runs the state. The kid ask then who is the one who keep standing behind Phulan with gun? The other kid says he is Manjeeta uncle. Majosi says he is captain of army, the one who can kill and can give his life on insistence of king.

A Man is shown to be tortured by Manjeeta, the trade Bhushan tell the man that there are mistakes in finance and the man says it’s written there. Bhushan admit that it’s written there, he ask Manjeeta to stop torturing and Manjeeta stops. Bhushan shows his finance copy to his elder brother Phulan Thakur. Phulan tell him that he can rule but he can’t understand this finance and asks why he make fun of his illiteracy. Bhushan says if he want then he can enroll him in college in his old age. The king claim he is 56 years of age but not old. Manjeeta decline Thakur that he is not old. Bhushan says that time have changed. Phulan clearly says the river is same and they used to jump in it when enemies would attack them, he takes off his shirt. Bhushan says that time, the weather was hot but now the water is cold and tell him not to jump in it. Phulan refuses to listen to his younger brother and jumps in the river, Bhushan and his men follow Phulan in boat while Phulan is swimming, he comes to shore and Bhushan ask what is this madness about? Phulan says the Thakur should have little craziness and he was checking if he. should retire. Bhushan try to convince him that he can get cold and suggest him to come home. Phulan says he have solution for this cold and the tea made by his daughter, Poonam.

On the other hand, Poonam who is a simpleton and is popular amongst the Thakur brothers for her special tea is seen in kitchen awaiting her results of 12th standard but is bound by her loyalty towards the Thakurs just like her father. Her mother comes there and asks why is she tensed that her result will come. She then tells her to concentrate on the tea that if the taste of the tea is changed then she know the anger of Thakur. Her mother tastes the tea and praise her that she made it very nice, she ask Poonam to go and get ready and go to Haveli to check newspaper.

Poonam comes in Haveli, Maya her sister-in-law meets her and tell her she can’t make tea like her. Poonam ask if she can check the newspaper. Phulan’s son comes there and use abusive language for the workers. He ask his wife Maya to come and Maya goes to him. A worried Poonam says the newspaper didn’t come to the house too. Phulan’s sister Guddi comes to Poonam and asks why she don’t make bad tea once then Thakur will stop asking her to make tea. Poonam says she like making tea for him. Guddi says when she have to make tea then why did she study so much and asks about her result? Poonam says she didn’t get the newspaper. Guddi suggests her to go to the market and assure her that she will come to protect her from Begusarai boys.

Priyatam Priyom Thakur is at some girl’s house, he makes breakfast and wakes up his girlfriend, his girlfriend Jaya asks if he will change after marriage? Priyom says other 70 girls asked same question and she know she don’t like marriage. Jaya says she know and asks why he have problem with it? Priyom asks how can one spend his whole with one one person and the same face one have to seen 24 hours. Jaya smile and call him a jerk hero. Priyom proudly say he is hero and that matters most. On seeing that Jaya’s brother is coming to her room, Priyom quickly says he will leave. Jaya ask when next will he come again? He says dreams have no specific time and Jaya hides the keys of his car so he can come back to pick it up. Priyom says he will come back to collect it, he kisses her forehead and jumps from the window, he takes Jaya’s brother cycle and leaves. Jaya brother try to stop him from taking his cycle’s that the breaks are failed but he didn’t hear.

Later, Poonam along with her father’s sister, Guddi go in search for a newspaper to learn the results and comes to newspaper vendor. Guddi ask why he didn’t come to give them newspaper. The vendor explain to her that all are collected in the morning and only one is left. Guddi tell him not to lie that he must be selling in black today as it’s result day, she takes the paper from him. At the same time, two boys come there and tell the vendor to let them check their result too. Guddi says if he want paper then to flirt with her. The boys are tensed and says she is white like paper. Guddi asks if this is called flirting and angrily tell them leave from the vendor stand and they leave without hesitation. Poonam ask if she isn’t ashamed of teasing boys. Guddi proudly says she is the daughter of Phulan Thakur, she have 4 brothers and no boy dare to tease her, she also want boys attention, she want to feel like a girl and she feel like her husband would also be afraid of her. Meanwhile, Priyom who has spent the night with Jaya escapes from her brother on his cycle that lacks a brake goes straight to where his sister and Poonam are asking them to move aside and crashes onto the newspaper seller. Priyom says as compensation, he can show him dance of girls, the vendor gets shy. Priyom ask Guddi and Poonam what they are doing at the vendor? He ask Poonam if she also want to see dance, he takes the newspaper from her and Poonam politely tell him she is not in mood to joke and tell him to give it back. Priyom tell her to smile first. Poonam threatened to slap him that he will start dancing like girl. Priyom says one slap will do this much and plead with her to hit him then. Poonam call him shameless. He replied her that she always tease him and he is innocent. Poonam tauntingly asks if he think he is innocent? She tell him to look at his T-shirts buttons that they are opened like goons and nobody can say he is a Thakur. He proudly praise himself that girls die on his style. Poonam says they are fools and they should beat him. Priyom tease her and she runs behind him to take paper but he doesn’t give her, Poonam ask Guddi to leave from here. After teasing her for a while, Priyom tell Guddi she is his sister, he asks her to come with him else her pocket money will be cut. Guddi says they should not leave her alone but Priyom says nobody will eat her and she can come. Priyom takes his sister Guddi along and leaves Poonam alone. Poonam asks how will she go alone. Priyom calls her a coward. Poonam claims she is not scared of anyone. Priyom says he know whom she is scared of, she ask whom?. He shouts the name of that one man whom he thinks Poonam is most afraid of that she is scared of Lakhan. Poonam’s face gets pale listening to it. Lakhan is shown and he is busy in weight lifting.

Guddi tells Priyom that Poonam can’t speak up infront of anyone but infront of him she becomes lion. Priyom says she is mad, she can’t say her heart thing to anyone and she is scared of everyone. One day, life will destroy her. Guddi says no that he is with Poonam. Priyom and Guddi reach home and are shocked to find water in the entire house. As the workers are trying all means to get water out of the house, Laakhan too is doing his best to help the Thakur’s lifting buckets. Mitlaish, the elder son of Phulan and husband of Jaya comes there and use slangs. He asks his younger brother Piddi how water is coming in the hall? Piddi explain to him that the tank is overflowing. Jaya ask Mitlaish why he is angry that it’s just water and not fire. Mitlaish romance with her that he is fire but she ask him to stop it. He lovely reminds her that she is his wife asks why is she shying away?. She says they are married for 7 years, they have two kids and tell him to now stop this romance thing. He tells her that he have responsibility to
bring the third kid into the world, she pushed him away and leaves. Priyom tries to leave stealthily, Mitliash stops him and ask where he was last night? Priyom and Guddi somehow manage to escape the eyes of Mikhilesh and enter the house. Mitlaish says he is spoiled by everyone in the house.

Later, Poonam reaches Mikhilesh’ home in order to get her newspaper. she talk to herself that Priyom doesn’t even remember that today was her result and he calls himself her friend, she then swear she will finish her friendship with him and while entering she comes across Lakhan. She is scared of him and moves back. Lakhan ask what she is doing here? She is silent, Poonam’s mother calls her so Lakahn leaves.

The workers are pressing money as they got wet in water, Badi Amma (Badi Daadi) says if one note gets burned by iron then she will burn their back with it too. Poonam comes there and Badi Amma ask why she is so late? She then ask Poonam to count the notes as she don’t trust the workers. Jaya comes there saying Thakur has called her and tell her to let her go that she will count the money. Poonam leaves, a worker tries to steal the money and Badi Daadi warns him if a penny is missing then all his underwear will be checked. Badi Amma scold Jaya that she tries to save Poonam from her, she try to make Poonam go against her but she won’t let it happen till she is alive.

Poonam later tries to take the newspaper from Priyom’s room through the window but he notices her while coming out of the washroom in towel. Poonam looks away and tries to grab the newspaper. He ask her to stop, both tries to grab the paper and snatches half of the newspaper away from her hands. Mitlaish comes there and ask what was going on in his room? Poonam is silent, he says whom is he even asking as answer never come out of her mouth taunting her that she is always silent, he takes the newspaper from her and leaves. Poonam gets sad.

Lakhan tell Piddi that the tank should not leak again. Priyom comes there and Lakhan wears shirt. Priyom says he became king from servant. Lakhan says he had to as he have to the work of his ( Priyom ) too. Priyom blunt out that he also do his work. Priyom later comes to Badi Amma, she tell him to atleast show his face once in a day, he ask for money and she ask where was he and then asks if he is with Priya? He says Priya was with him last month and now it’s Jaya, he calls her old lady. She claims she is not old, he joke that his mother is gone to God and asks when she is going? She says she won’t go before their marriage. Badi Amma then suggests him to have lunch together. Priyom says he have to go somewhere, he leaves. Badi Amma calls Lakhan who is going to meet his mother, she ask him to have lunch with him and he nods.

Poonam finally gives up and decides to not bother about her results as she feels that no one cares about her results. She tells Guddi that nobody remembers that today was her result, nobody cares if she fail or pass. Guddi reminds her that nobody cares about studies in this house, she tell Poonam that Mitlaish is a mechanical engineer but he used to go to college to check out girls and that Priyom is 1st degree pass in B.A history but his professor wrote his paper and Lakhan is no less, he is metric pass with help of gun and now asks her how people will think about result in this house. While Piddi is eating, Lakhan ask him how much will he eat, they find some baraat music and comes out to see who is it. Just then, they are all are stunned to sees that it’s Priyom that reaches the place with a huge line of band playing loud music and dancing. Phulan Thakur comes there too. Badi Amma asks if he has brought a bride? Priyom announces that there is one news, till now they have earned marks in exams with the help of guns and weapons but today for first time, one has got 90% with help of pen only and he proudly announces Poonam’s result that she got 52th position in Bihar board and declares that she has passed with flying colours. Poonam smiles at Priyom. Priyom dances and looks at her. Poonam takes Amma’s blessing, then Thakur’s blessing. Thakur ask her to touch her father’s feet, Poonam takes her father Manjeeta’s blessing. Thakur ask him to smile atleast today and Piddi dances too. Priyom comes to Poonam, she ask if he remember today was her result? He says he never forget things related to her and she asks why he didn’t tell her earlier, she got angry on him. He says if he had told her then how would he have seen the lioness in her. She call him a bad man that she was about to break her friendship with him. He replied that he know that and he also know she can’t break it as she is a coward. She angrily tell him not to brag about bringing band to the house. He also tell her not to brag about her result too, she says okay and plead with him not to fight today, he says okay. She thanks him for celebrating her result. He asks just only thanks? He says he had to steal money from Amma to bring this band and he will take it from her now, he leaves. She looks at him and smiles. Lakhan looks at Poonam smiling at Priyom and gets angry.

Priyom comes to a restaurant, he finds celebrations there. Lakhan is there too. Priyom takes drink and ask why celebrating today? Lakhan says he took money from Amma’s wallet. Priyom laughs and they both drink. Priyom notice that he is disturb with something and ask what the matter is? Lakhan looks at Poonam coming there in car, Priyom is shocked and ask what is all this? Lakhan says he called her to celebrate her result. Priyom asks what was the need to call her here? Lakhan says he couldn’t congratulate her due to his band’s noise so he called her here. Priyom scold him that he called a girl of the house at the drinking bar?. He tells Lakhan to let her go back but Lakhan fires in air and ask everyone to close their eyes, all close their eyes as told. Lakhan goes to Poonam but he is being slapped and it’s Mitlaish who slaps him. Lakhan is shocked. Majosi who isctelling the kid story says all Mitlaish’s children that have any government can destroy due to property, land and girls but Phulan is very clever. Phulan divided Begusarai in two equal parts, one is of Phulan and other is of Bhushan, so now there will be no fight in their kids for land and property. The kid ask that what about the girl? On the otherside Lakhan gets angry as he is slapped by Mitlaish.

Mikhilesh reaches the scene where the party is going on and he slaps Laakhan for trying to misbehave with Poonam and asks how dare he bring a girl of the house to a club. Lakhan gets angry as he is slapped by Mitlaish. Just then Priyom intervenes and lies by saying that he had invited Poonam to the party and Mikhilesh’s anger now shifts towards Priyom and asks how dare him. Priyom admit that he did mistake. Mitlaish slaps him and tell him to do something other than mistakes and that if he was not his brother, he would have killed him, he then ask them to come back to the house. Priyom says he will bring Poonam back. Mitlaish decline and says Lakhan will go with her.

Laakhan later walks Poonam to her home, he tells Poonam that he called her there to congratulate her, he comes closer to her and she is in tears. He tell her that he just wanted to celebrate with her and asks if he do wrong? He ask her to speak up but she is silent as she is scared of him. He then congrats her for her result, he ask if she want anything? She says no, he says she can ask anything and on the way, some couple comes there and they are stunned to find Lakhan there with Poonam. Lakhan ask what they are doing there at night and the couple says they will leave. Lakhan stops them and ask from where did she get the earrings, she replied that she got it from her husband. Lakhan snatches it from her ears and she screams out as her ears bleed. Lakhan brings earrings to Poonam and gifts her. Poonam also sees him pulling out a pair of earrings from the lady’s ears leaving her bleeding and looks at the lady crying in pain. Lakhan ask them to leave, he ask Poonam to take the earrings but she refuses to take it. Laakhan wipes the blood from the earrings and later gifts the earrings to Poonam and she tensely takes it and wears it, he smirks.

Poonam comes back to her house with Lakhan, her father, Manjeeta and her mother looks at them and Lakhan leaves. Manjeeta ask Poonam to go in her room. Poonam comes in her room and recalls how Lakhan snatched those earrings and gave it to her, she takes them off and puts it in drawer. Her mother comes there and ask if everything fine? She says yes, her mother then ask her to sleep and leaves.

Next day, Piddi is playing cricket with boys, Piddi fights with the boys to give him batting. Priyom comes in the balcony and tells the boys to let Piddi bat as he is seeing him for the first doing things like a boy, he finds Poonam drying clothes on balcony of her house and he tries to talk to her but she doesn’t answer him. Priyom says he got a tight slap from Mitlaish because of her and she is not talking, adding that he can’t even kiss a girl now because he have strain in his neck, he jumps and comes in her balcony. He ask her to calm down, Poonam says she is not angry on that thing. Priyom ask if Lakhan say anything to her? Poonam says no. Priyom says he is his brother and he is not bad. Poonam says he have work and she is leaving. He ask her to smile. Priyom and Poonam get into a verbal fight as she called him characterless and he warn her not to call him that, adding that he is clear to every girl that he won’t marry them. She says very nice, she throws water on his face and his eyes get hurt. She tell him not to act and starts to leave but he tells her that it’s hurting, she comes closer and starts blowing air at his eyes, he laughs and says she can be fooled easily, she runs behind him to beat him and he ask about her uniform. She tell him that Lakhan said he will bring it. Priyom says afterall he is his brother but Poonam cannot help but admire his faithful behavior towards his loved ones.

Meanwhile, Bhushan’s wife is cursing him and their son for their closeness with Phulan. She says her husband is a mere servant to Phulan and her son Lakhan is also a servant to them. Bhushan tell her that yesterday night, Phulan came in his dream and said that his wife is healthy so she can’t die and they have to arrange two cows to send her to sky so he have to work with him but when she remembers that they have to visit Phulan’s place she immediately changes her mood. Just when he is about to leave, she says the land is already divided and they will not get anything. Bhushan ask her not to have lust, adding that the land is divided but not their hearts and it is proven as she keep remembering all the time, he leaves.

Jaya and Majosi is making lunch, Badi Amma tell them to make good food. Phulan is seen making dish too. Priyom comes there and tastes it, he says the spice is less, he puts the spice in it and Phulan leaves. As Priyom is stirring the dish on stove, Poonam laughs on him. Guddi says if Priyom gets to know that she told Mitlaish about he taking her to restaurant then he will not spear her. Poonam says he didn’t do anything, he didn’t take her there and that infact he took the blame on himself for Lakhan’s deed as Priyom can’t hurt his own people. Guddi tells Poonam that when her school end, she wish she can study like her ( Poonam ) in college. Poonam ask if she is fine as she is talking about studies? Guddi says she want to try new fashion in college, Guddi says tomorrow they are going on shopping to get new clothes for her. Priyom jokes with Piddi and Poonam smiles. Priyom is being called by Mitlaish. Mitlaish brings Priyom out and shows him the guy whose cycle Priyom stole. Priyom jokes about it and recalls that he is same guy who happen to be his girlfriend’s. Mitlaish beats Priyom with stick. Priyom tell his brother that it was just a cycle and Mitlaish continue to beats him. Piddi tell Mitlaish to beat him. Mitlaish then beats Piddi too and the guy tell him to beat Priyom. Mitlaish gets angry on him and ask what did he say? The guy realize is mistake and apologize to him but Mitlaish holds the wooden stick and asks if he forget who they are? He asks the guy how dare he talk infront of them, he ask Piddi to break his cycle and Piddi breaks it. Priyom is stunned while the guy apologize to him. Lakhan comes there with his family. Lakhan’s wife ask Priyom if Mitlaish beat him again? Priyom says he can’t live without his blessing and she ask when will he marry. Priyom claims that he is too young and he praises her jewelry. She tell him that it is very expansive and he jokes with his friends that they will rob Chachi ( aunt ) next time, she laughs and leaves. Priyom sees the cycle guy trying to fix his cycle. The guy says he used to send letters to people with the cycle and asks how will he earn now? Priyom ask if he know how to ride bike?. The guy nods. Priyom then gives him his bike’s keys and leaves. The guy is surprised to see the goodness in him.