Friday Update on Begusarai August 31

Friday Update on Begusarai

August 31 Episode

Lakhan unpin Poonam’s hairs, he moves his fingers in her hairs, she looks at him tensed, he ask what happened? why these tears? he wipes her tears and ask if i am scolding you? she says no, he cups her face in his hands and says only my eyes can see this Poonam because only i have right on you, you can wear what you want, buy whatever you want, jeans, T-shirt, skirt anything but only in this room for me, Poonam is surprised, they share eyelock, Lakhan comes close to her, he is about to kiss her but Poonam runs away, she stand in corners, eyes closed.
Priyom says to Bindya that i am asking something, Bindya says i dont wanna answer anything, if you are worried about broken things of this room then i will bring money from locker and will get everything repaired, Priyom says i am not worried about furniture or money but i care for you, Bindya looks at him, he offers her water and says you will feel better by drinking cold water, she takes water from him and is about to drink it, she says even then i wont tell you why i was angry, he says i dont wanna know either, she drinks water, he says i will not ask reason for your anger but tell me where did you get hurt? you have broken so many things so let me check where it hurt you, he checks her hand, she screams, Priyom says seems like you have sprain, i will do bandage, he makes her sit and does her bandage, he says if i had asked you this in anger then you wouldnt have told me, why? Bindya says because no one asked about my pain in life, she in tears looks at him, Priyom looks down and says is it life’s fault or yours fault? whatever we thinki about life, life bring that kind of people infront us only,k Bindya says again lecture? i dont want any bandage, he says ok i will not say anything, let me do bandage, she sits down, he starts doing bandage again, she says if i ask you when you see me, what you think about me? he says i feel you are small kid, whose toy is being snatched, she wanted to play with it but now when its snatched, she is angry and want to take it back, he leaves, Bindya cries listening all that.
Poonam is covering herself with dupatta when Lakhan holds it and doesnt let her wear it, he takes it from her, she is shy and is about to run, he says stop, Lakhan puts her hairs on one side, he is about to kiss on her neck, she moves away, Lakhan holds her hand, comes closer to her, holds her face and says i want to capture this moment for life, both feel each other.

Dolt brings guddi to some isolated place, he says when you are with me then everyday is Diwali and every moment is Holi for me, he has arranged snacks for her, she lights fire, she ask from which movie did you get these lines? he says its my original, he comes closer to her.
Lakhan brings his phone and is taking Poonam’s picture in skirt, she is shy and says no, she says not in these clothes, he ask if you dont trust me? she smiles and let him take her picture, Lakhan brings dupatta and puts it on Poonam’s head, Lal ishq plays, Poonam lovingly look at him, Lakhan kisses her forehead, he kisses her on lips (shown as shadow), tears rolls down Poonam’s cheeks, Lakhan says you are cry baby, he wipes her tears, Poonam wipes Lakhan’s tears, she caresses his face and hugs him tightly, both are in peace hugging each other.
Dolt opens Guddi’s dress’s dori, he tries to come closer to her, she says leave me, he doesnt listen, she slaps him, he is shocked, she says i am sorry, Dolt ask whats wrong in it? do you love me or again faking it? Guddi says nothing like that, Dolt says i love you like crazy but you think i can take advantage of you? you dont trust me, i love you but i cant act like your dog, he leaves, Guddi is tensed.
Rekha says Badi Amma destroyed her plan and else was compensated by my son by insulting Bindya, what if Bindya gets angry, Bindya comes there, Rekha ask why this bandage on your hand? Bindya says leave it, tell me if Lakha punished Poonam or not? Rekha says i will bring Haldi milk for you, Bindya ask Lakhan punished Poonam or not? Rekha says he must have punished her, didnt you see Lakhan dragged Poonam from ounge. Poonam comes out of here wearing saree, Maya comes to her and ask did Lakhan scold you? Poonam smiles and says he didnt say anything to me, Bindya and Rekha are seeing them from far, Maya says to Poonam that i think Bindya has done that jeans conspiracy against you, Poonam says maybe you are right but i felt bad that Rekha is taking her side, Maya says because Bhushan doesnt say anything to her and.. Poonam says if other men of this house gets to know about it then problem will become severe, Maya says yes men of this house fires bullet first then ask question and most angry man is your Lakhan, Badi Amma comes there and this anger will work in favor of this house one day, we have to stop Bindya and Rekha to doing bad to this house, they are miffed with Poonam so they will keep trying to stop Poonam, Choti amma says i am tensed, Poonam says dont be tensed, if women can break house then only women can join it, i will show right way to Bindya’s every wrong deed, its my promise.

Poonam and Maya leaves from there, Choti amma says to Badi Amma that our both daughter in laws are gold, Badi Amma says but our other daughter in laws(Rekha and Bindya) are bronze, Poonam and Maya have to learn how to deal with them.
Someone comes in room and takes pills from there. Bindya is shouting on servants to bring food, Rekha comes to her with water and ask her to clam down, Bindya ask her to ask Poonam to serve food, i have to go somewhere, Rekha leaves, Bindya calls her mother and says yes i am coming.
Maya brings pills bottle in kitchen, she ask Poonam if we are doing right? Poonam says not stoping evil is also evil, we are right, Rekha comes there and ask what is happening here? Bindya is hungry, make food for her, Poonam says you are right, we should not anger Bindya else she will shout, today i have to make good food, she leaves with Maya, Rekha is confused with her behavior.
Poonam and Maya are making food, Maya ask her to mix medicine in food. Bindya is waiting for food, she says to Rekha that you have control over Poonam, you asked her to bring food but she didnt, Rekha says i will go and check. Poonam is crushing medicines, Rekha comes there and ask what is happening here? you are taking so much time in bringing food, Poonam hides medicine powder and gives to Maya, Maya mixes medicine in pulse, Rekha says food is ready then why you didnt bring it? i will take it, Poonam says no i will bring it, Rekha says let me take it, Maya points Poonam that she has mixed medicine, Rekha brings pulse for Bindya, Bindya says i have to go somewhere, i dont feel like eating now, Poonam comes and says sorry i will not be late again, Rekha says to Bindya that i have scolded her thats why she is saying sorry to you, Rekha ask Bindya to sit and have food, Rekha gives pulse to Bindya, she serves herself too, Poonam says no you cant eat it, Rekha ask why? Maya says you eat after Bhushan eats, Rekha says dont teach me what i have to do, leave from here, Poonam and Maya tensely leaves, Bindya and Rekha eats pulse which has medicine in it.

Guddi comes to Dolt and ask him to listen her, Dolt says we have nothing to talk about, leave my hand, if your guards see us then they will allege me again, Guddi says i should be miffed you, you left me in that isolated place but i am pacifying you instead, i dont like when you talk angrily with me, i am sorry for that mistake, Dolt says if you are really sorry then prove it, Guddi says tell me what i have to do, Dolt says kiss me right here infront of everyone, Guddi think, she is about to kiss Dolt when she finds Manjeeta coming there, she leaves from there, Dolt is confused, Manjeeta comes to him and ask what is happening here? Dolt says nothing, Manjeeta says its good if there is nothing, if you try to eye Guddi then i will take off your eyes. READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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