Friday Update Mehek 30th August 2019


Friday Update Mehek 30th August 2019

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Shaurya says to Archie that our relation is finished, he leaves. Archie gets angry and says this cant happen. She cuts her hand with glass. Arvind rushes to her and stops her, Archie says Shaurya is mine only.

Shaurya comes to Kanta and hugs her, he thanks her. Kanta says Neev told me everything about Archie, how she tried to help Julie so Mahek wouldnt come to you. Shaurya sys now Mahek has to come to me, I will win her over. They leave. Archie’s spy hears them and calls Archie, he tells her everything. Archie says Mahek will keep my life as hell, its time to finish her life.

Shaurya comes to restaurant, chefs are working. Shaurya says to Vicky that she didnt come? Vicky says not till now. One chef says she looks like Mahek, other says but she is not Mahek, first one says why would shaurya bring her here then? Shaurya looks at them and thinks that I made this restaurant but Shaurya gave it love and brought it to life, please comeback.

Shaurya looks at Mahek’s mother’s photo and says I am praying for Mahek to come here again, please help me and bless me today. Shaurya hears heels sound and feels her presence, Shaurya smiles and says Mahek you came. He turns to see Mahek entering restaurant. He looks away, Tu mohabbat.. tu aashiqui hai plays. Mahek is scared and says Mister? I came. Shaurya looks at watch and says you have no work ethics, you are late on first day, be on time from next time, she nods. Shaurya gives her contract. She is confused. Shaurya says its written in contract that you will work here for one month, you will listen to my orders, next month is annual food gala and once you sign this, you cant leave restaurant for one month. Mahek says you are trusting me too much, I dont know how to cook much mister. Shaurya says I know what I am doing, you just sign it and call me is sir not mister.. she says okay mister.. I mean sir. Shaurya says to Vicky that cut her salary if she is late again, she may have joined on different conditions but she is an employee, show her kitchen and stuff. Vicky takes Mahek away. Shaurya smiles. Mahek comes to kitchen and prays, she looks around. She wears apron. Shaurya smiles looking at her and thinks everything failed when I tried to make you remember memories, this kitchen is last hope where you might remember your memories.
Archie writes Shaurya’s name on board and smears it with her blood, she says you cant separate me from Shaurya, first I threw Mahek in lake now I can hit her with car and will do thousand pieces of her Neev.

Neev comes to mansi and says my Maa works so I want to help too. Mansi smiles and says you welcome guests with your smile. Neev says yes I will do it.He starts welcoming guests. Jeevan asks Kanta why you have made Neev worker here? is this your and Shaurya’s plan for Vandana? Kanta says Neev is not a worker, he is our happiness package here and Vandana is working in white chilies so Neev can stay at food truck, she will take him with her when leaving, should I send him back if you dont like? Jeevan says no no.. let him be.

Archie is writing on board with blood. Arvind asks what is this craziness? Archie says this not craziness but love.

Mahek is working in kitchen and looks at butcher’s knife, she asks whats this for? Vicky says its for cutting meat. Mahek says but I am vegetarian, Vicky says you dont have to work on meat. Shaurya smiles at her. Shaurya gets Archie’s call but he disconnects it.
Archie is angry and says I will kill Mahek with my bare hands, I want my Shaurya, Arvind asks her to calm down, she says dont tell me that, shaurya is mine, I want him.

Mahek is working in kitchen, she strives with one chef and plates falld down. Mahek panics. Shaurya comes there. Mahek tries to set flour can but it falls down on Shaurya.. she says I am sorry.. she slips on flour covered floor but Shaurya catches her, they share eyelock.. manga ye duan plays.. Mahek moves away from him. Shaurya leaves.
Archie calls helpline of white chilies, waiter says Shaurya is busy. Archie says you idiot, I will destroy your life. He ends call. Arvind tries to stop her but she locks him room and leaves.

One chef asks Mahek to check consistency of sauce, Mahek says I dont know what it is, she tastes it and tries to use beater, Shaurya comes there. Mahek tries to beat sauce but it sprinkles on shaurya, he glares at her. Mahek tries to wipe it from his coat.. he holds her hand. Mahek is stunned and moves it away, she says I am sorry mister.. I mean boss. Shaury stares at her and leaves without saying anything. Vicky whispers to Shaurya that I hope your experiment works before restaurant is destroyed, she looks like Mahek but she doesnt have that quality. Head chef comes to Shaurya and says you said she will handle everything but she is working so slow and she doesnt know anything. Shaurya says to Vicky that Mahek works best under pressure, earlier too she gave her best under pressure, he recalls cooking competition they had earlier and smirks.

Archie is driving recklessly and says he will go away from me? needs Mahek? now I will show him.

Kanta and Shaurya talks to Neev, Shaurya says you understand what you have to do? Neev says I will pull it off. Kanta says will you be able to act? Neev says yes but I would need gol gappas, Shaurya says I will buy a lot for you, he hugs him and smiles.

Mahek is working in kitchen and tries to fold handkerchief as per standards, she says its just towel, there is no need to make designs with it. She tries to fold it nicely but fails, she looks around embarrassed.

Kanta asks Neev to starts acting. Neev screams I want to meet Maa.. please. Mahek hears him from restaurant.Kanta says Shaurya cant you let him meet her for minutes? Shaurya says I have rules in restaurant, he cant meet her in working hours. Mahek comes there, Shaurya asks her to go back, Mahek says cant you see he is a kid and crying, let me see him for minutes. Shaurya says I should send all back to home. Shaurya says to Mahek that you cant meet Neev during working hours, rules are same for everyone. Mahek says if I cant see Neev then I dont want to do this job. Shaurya says I should have known that you middle class people can only work in house’s kitchens. Mahek feels like she had heard that taunt before, Shaurya says according to contract you signed,you cant leave this job, you have to serve one month otherwise Mandhar will rot in jail forever.

Mahek says big money doesn’t make you a person with a big heart. He is keeping me away from my son. Shaurya says all of you work fast or leave my kitchen. He says we have to serve this pasta in lunch. She is so slow. Shaurya says she will do it i am sure.
Mahek sees flash backs of past and starts cooking fast. Shaurya says thanks mahek for keeping my hope alive.

Neev says will ma win? Kanta says yes how can she lose. Don’t tell anyone this secret. Jevan says what secret? Kanta says neev customer are here. Make them smile.
Mahek cooks the pasta and serves it. She says where is neev? Shaurya tastes both dishes. Mahek is looking at the door. Shaurya says taste is fine but presentation is missing. Vandana are you listening? She saays yes.

Mahek sees Neev out. She goes to him. Archie is coming in the car. She says today you will die for sure Mahek. She drives her car towards mahek. The car hits neev instead. Mahek screams his name. Shaurya comes out as well. Neev’s head is bleading. mahek says neev open my eyes. Kanta and Jevan come there as well. Shaurya says neev please open your eyes.
Jeva calls ambulance. Shaurya says let me see. mahek says what will you do. Because of you this happened to my son. If something happens I will never forgive you. Shaurya says nothing would happen to him. He puts neev in his car and rushed to the hospital.
Archie is on her way. She is scared. She calls her dad. She says I did a mistake.
Mahek says neev I am sorry. Shaurya says nothing would happen to him. The reach hospital. Mahek is crying. Kanta says please don’t cry he will be fine. He is very brave. Don’t worry. mahek is crying and sobbing. Julie comes there. Mahek says ma.. My Neev. Julie shoves her and says you are responsible for this. Because of you all this happened. Mahek says how is it my mistake. I would have saved my son and given my life. Julie says but you didn’t do it. You are responsible for this. Jevan says at this moment you should only think about Neev. Kanta says don’t worry. God will help neev. Shaurya asks Vicky to get cctv footage.

Archie’s dad comes to her. She is crying in a corner. Archie says I made a mistake. I hit neev. Her dad says don’t worry. Stay here. I will remove all proofs. Dont’ open your phone. I hope no one saw the number. Archie says I didn’t want to kill a child. He says you haave to control yourself. Go and freshen up. I will handle all this.

Kanta says drink water. Mahek says no I want to see neev once. Jevan says can’t we go in?Mandhar comes there with police. Julie says Mandhar neev.. Mandhar says what were you doing on roads with my son? were you busy with that Shaurya? Because of you this happened to my son.

Doctor says mother’s blood group doesn’t match. Julie says take Mandhar’s as well. He says we can’t take his blood. It is infected from blood and alcohol. We want B negative its not available. Mahek says it would be available somewhere. Shaurya says my blood group is O positive universal donor. Doctor says great. Mandhar says stop. Mandhar says my enemy’s blood wont run in Neev’s vains. Shaurya says are you mad. His life is in danger. Mandhar says no his blood wont be give to my son. Shaurya says I am going. Take this mad man from here. Doctor says he is crazy but we need his signature on the papers. Mandhar says I wont sign even if Neev does. Mahek says enough. Our neev is dying and you care about your animosity. I will sign the papers. Mandhar says I will break your hands if you sign. Shaurya stands in front of her. He says Mahek sign.. I will see what he can do.

Mahek comes to temple and prays for Neev’s life.
Shaurya comes to Vicky. They both look at the video and see the number of the car. Shaurya says find out whose car is this. I won’t leave them.

Shaaurya comes to Archie’s house with police. She says what happened. Shaurya says inspector this is Archie and thats her dad. That car belongs to these people. Arrest them. Her dad says please listen Shaurya. Police arrests them both.. Archie says Shaurya says that was an accident. Please listen to me. Shaurya says don’t try to hide your mistake. She almost killed a child for her jealousy. You were trying ti make sure that Mahek stays aaway from me. Her dady says what proof you have that Archie did this? Shaurya throws pictures on his face. He says look at these

pictures. He says please listen Shaurya. Archie says if he thinks I am responsible then I am ready. I loved him. Shaurya says your games wont work in front of me. I have seen your real face now.
Mahek says Neev please open your eyes. He opens his eyes. Mahek says see your favorite toys. He says thank you ma. Neev caresses her face and says don’t cry or I won’t be okay. Neev says I am really brave. Kanta says yes you are. God brought your neev back. the one who hit neev is behind mars. Mahek saays who is that person? Do we know him?

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