Friday Update 23rd August on King of hearts


Friday Update 23rd August on King of hearts

DD recalling Shiv’s audio message and thinks Shiv might have been talking about mad girl Misha. She goes to the photographer and asks for the photos. The person says that the flash drive is missing and he couldn’t get the photos. DD bashes the person with her words and thinks how can it be missing?

At Sid’s house, Sid tries to get closer to Roshni. She blushes and goes. Sid shouts for Roshni. Roshni gets tensed and looks for him calling his name. She comes to room, Sid holds her and gets closer. Aaj Phir Tumpe Pyaar Aaya Hai plays……….They romance and kiss, but with a mirror as a hurdle between them. Roshni lies on bed and Sid holds her hand sensually, pulling her closer to him. They get engaged in bedroom romance. Beeji, Simran and Raj are happy about Sid and Roshni union.

DD comes there hurriedly calling for Misha. Sid and Roshni hear her voice and come running out. DD tells them that Misha has killed my Shiv. She is a wicked mind and shows some papers proving her psychological illness. She says she is crazy and is in love with you madly. She has been acting all the way long. Misha acts why you are doing this? Did you know what I have lost? DD says the fact remains that I got the papers. Misha says yes I am sick, but I got my treatment and this is truth. She tells that she was schizophrenic, but now she is absolutely fine. She says she went into depression, when someone dumped him. She says Neil has also left her. She says you think I killed your son to be with Sid. If I was in love with Sid, I would never have gone to London leaving him here. DD asks are you done? She says I can clearly see that you are his murderer. Roshni says you can’t accuse Misha. The Inspector comes and says he has arrest warrant against her. DD asks what did I do?

The Inspector says you along with Dr. Arora have tried to get someone personal information and hacked the laptop. DD says she didn’t do any hacking and says Misha is the one who is criminal. She says she might have filed complaint against her as she knows that she will get her caught. She asks Roshni to take care and goes with the Police. Roshni cries for DD. Misha thinks I turned the game against you and take it as a compliment. Just see, how I break your waist.

DD is seen in the police lock up and tells Roshni that Misha is the killer. Roshni says it is not right to accuse someone in desperation. Sid asks the Inspector when she will get bail. DD tells Sid that Misha is very dangerous and asks him to trust her. Sam tells Sid that don’t know why she is behaving this way. The kids throw paper plate on Sam. Yash scolds them. Sam asks them to go out and play.
Sid tells Roshni that he don’t know when will Sasumom get bail and asks her to go home. Roshni says she will stay with him. Sid asks Nani to go home and assures his support. Nani says she is not worried when he is there. Beeji tells Simran that DD accused Krutika first and then Misha. Simran says we can’t figure out what is going on in her mind, after all she lost her husband. Beeji says she might have lost her mental balance. Misha thinks this is a good plan to prove DD mad infront of guest.

Roshni waking up in the morning and finding herself resting on Sid’s shoulder. Later she tells Sid about whatever has happened. Misha comes to the Police station lockup indisguise of a helper/sweeper. DD looks at her and is shocked. She holds her hand and asks if anyone is here. Misha injects her drugs and smirks. DD shouts for help. Sid and Roshni hear her and rush inside. DD falls down. Sid asks what happened? DD tells him that Misha came indisguise of a sweeper and gave her injection. The constable stops other sweeper and finds another woman. Sid asks Police to call the doctor. Roshni calls Mom. Misha leaves the Police station and throws the sweeper’s saree.

Roshni tells Nani that DD got a attack. Nani gets tensed. Sid brings DD home. Misha comes there shocking everyone. She pretends to be concerned for DD and asks about her health. DD asks what is she doing here? Misha gives some papers to Roshni and says she has taken case back against DD. DD asks them to throw Misha out. Roshni tells Misha that she don’t know how to thank her. Misha says it is my duty to help you. She tells that DD is very strong and will come out of this. DD tells that Misha wants to take her life and asks to kick her out. Misha acts innocent and leaves. Roshni tells Sid that she don’t know whom to trust? Sid looks on tensedly.

He comes to DD’s room and looks at her. He thinks something is missing and Shiv’s photo frame falls down as he mistakenly touches it. Sid gets some papers and reads it. He touches DD’s feet and promises that it is your Jamai’s promise to put my sasur’s murderer behind bars.

Misha talks to the goons about going out from Mumbai. Sid hears her and asks what is going on? Misha asks him to sit. Sid tells her that many things are going on in his mind, and says don’t think that I am doubting you. Misha says you are doubting me surely. How could I prove my innocence to you? I don’t trust we can trust each other. She says once you gets married, I will go back to London. She tells she don’t want to interfere in his life and it would be good if she leaves from his life. Sid hears her silently.

The Inspector comes and says he has summon against Misha. Sid tells that it is cleared that Misha’s report has been stolen from hospital. Misha says everybody know about DD’s mental state. The Inspector tells that Roshni has filed the case. Sid says Roshni is doing wrong and asks to get bail for Misha.

He comes to Roshni and shows the papers. He asks if she don’t trust him, then why she is acting to marry him and asks to stop the arrangements. Roshni looks on. Sid tells your mum is unwell, but it seems your mind is unwell. He asks what did you sent? Raj asks him to calm down. Sid tells Roshni sent summon against Misha. Roshni asks him to stop it and tells she is concerned about her mum. Sid says you and your mum are blinded by false thing. Nani asks Sid to calm down.

Sid says everytime you people blames me for wrong reasons and I won’t tolerate anything against my best friend. Roshni warns him and says she will support her mum this time. Sid says okay, you can support your mum. DD says Misha has been influencing Sid. Roshni says she will talk to Sid. Sid says your mum is sharp and thinks I am part of the conspiracy. Roshni says may be you are part of conspiracy with Misha. Sid asks her to stop this marriage drama and says we shall end it right here. We will not marry each other. Everyone looks on shockingly. Roshni gives surprise look.

Sid fumes on Roshni for thinking low of him. He tears off the notice and says if this is the case, why are they getting married. How will they fulfill this marriage. Better cancel this. Roshni agrees with him. She says there will be no wedding. All are shocked. Roshni says DD is right who knows you may be on Mishas side. You may be really in love with Misha and so played this game. Sid laughs sarcastically and says what a thought. This kind of low thoughts can be from this family only. After spending time with me, you think this low of me. He tells Misha that she was left by the man she loved before marriage and he is left by the woman he loved after marriage. He tells Misha if she will share her life with him.

He tells Misha that they only share a bond of friendship but he asks her if she will marry him. Misha is speechless. Sid keeps insisting and makes Misha take his oath. Raj is shocked and asks Sid to reconsider. Misha resists. She says cant refuse you. Sid says thats it. Simran tells Roshni this..

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