Friday 22nd March Update on Gangaa

Ammaji says  that she cant stay here, as keeping her here, is like keeping a snake, that might bite anytime. prabha hears this and is shocked. all are apalled. his mother asks her to hush as prabha is here. ammaji eyes her tensedly and then leaves. his mother comes to prabha, apologising for ammaji, but prabha gets into self guilt mode, saying that she has only borne evil, and hence its better that she goes, and she will. ganga comes and tries to make her understand, that ammaji might be hurt, but she doesnt mean ill, and that since she has never understood ammaji wrongly, then why today. she says that ammaji would eventually get to grow to like her, just like she did with ganga herself. surpriya too tries to assure prabvha that she shall win over ammaji’s trust one day. prabha is determined to do whatever it takes to win her trust, and then leaves inside.

Sagar meanwhile hollers from outside, to ask her to come. she says that she is coming. when she comes out, he finds her tensed. he asks whats the matter. she talks about prabha and her loneliness, unusual of what she normally was. they both are worried, of the restrictions that have been put on her. she says that she finds it weird seeing her like this. he teases her that she could never do it, as she always liked to eat and gorge on food. they start pointing out acusations at each other. he continues to tease her, but she takes the challenge. he dares her if she can do anything. she complies. he asks her to drive the car today then. she is flabbergasted, while he says that it isnt difficult. when she is reluctant, he says that he shall teach her. they then drive off.

On the road
Ganga and sagar are in the car, driving on the road, when he has his eyes only on her, while teaching her driving right from the basics and she tells him, that he needs to go and look in front so that there isnt any accident. he looks ahead and almost collides into a little girl, crossing the road. ganga and sagar are apalled. they pick up the girl. the girl is extremely scared,

 while ganga tries to assure her, as sagar lashes at her for being reckless. the onlookers lash at him for being reckless, while he says that he wasnt at fault. ganga asks him to calm down as the girl is extremely scared. they all ask her who is she here with and where is her family. finally, she screams out, asking them all to be quiet, behaving as a mentally insane person. ganga gathers her belongings, and finds a pic of her, with a guy, and ganga herself. she is overwhelmed to see her. sagar meanwhile starts getting frustrated. she then shows him the pic too, and he is overwhelmed as he recognises her too. he then gets behind her, and then clutches tightly on the girl’s eyes, and speaks what they used to play in childhood, solving riddles. the girl calms down finally, as she remembers sagar and her friendship with him. he has a teary reunion with her. the onlookers disperse away. ganga stands amused. ganga asks if she didnt recognise her. ragini immediately does, and asks if she is ganga. ganga says that she wouldnt have recognised her, had she not seen the pic. ragini continues to clutch at sagar, while he finds it totally disbelieving. he again looks at the pic, just to be able to believe that this is actually happening. he again reminds her of the game of childhood, De Taali. Ragini speaks up that sagar and ragini are best friends. she doesnt let sagar and ganga play, feeling jealous and wanting sagar all to herself, behaving mentally imbalanced. Ganga happily gives in. he then asks whats she doing here and where is her brother. she gets tensed. he wonders why isnt she speaking. He asks ganga how can her brother let her come alone. ganga asks her that she cant be alone in benaras, and who is she here with. she says that he doesnt even know. ganga asks what she means, and asks if she escaped away. ragini accepts that she did. ganga and sagar are shocked. they decide to take her home, and then decide whats to be done. they take her from there.

Sagar’s residence
Ammaji talks to a money lender over the phone, expressing her inability to pay the money, and then getting furious when he asks for an exorbitant interest rate for the extra days time.

Sagar’s residence
Prabha eyes ganga and sagar coming in with ragini, and gets tensed and frustrated and goes inside the room. sagar introduces them all to ragini, who are eager and happy to see her, as she seeks everyone’s blessings. ammaji retires saying that she wishes to rest. sagar is tensed. ganga understands whats the matter, and decides to go after her and complies. sagar is asked by his mother, about rudra, and he tells her that she seems to have escaped, and rudra doesnt know about it. she asks him to find out the number, maybe from his father’s study. he rushes to seek it.

Later, Prabha dials the number of the jailor, where yash is locked up and expresses the desire to talk to her son. the jailor agrees after much conviction from her side. yash finally receives the call. he isnt interested while she goes on a rant as to how he is, and when shall he come. she says that her life is similar to his, and they are both tormented for 14 years. she talks to her son, Yash, that they both are in jail, he is in an actual one, while she is captive in the Chaturvedi Mansion. she says that this time she has come with a very big motive and thats to ruin this family, and wont spare them at all, after having won their trust over, as she has to seek revenge for him and his father. while talking she realises, that someone is calling out to her from behind. she hastily cancels the call. Prabha gives an excuse when sagar asks who was she talking to. then she hastily leaves, while he is tensed. he gets to searching for rudra’s number in the diary, and wonders how is this possible.

In her room, ammaji is gathering money, wondering how she shall manage to pay up the entire money. sagar and ganga come in and discuss this problem with her. they present in their contribution, but even after collecting everything, they still fall short of the entire amount. sagar asks her not to refuse, as they can do this much for her atleast. he says that he cant help her anymore, as yash took away all the money from his account. they are tensed to find that prabha stands in the doorway with a bag in her hand. ganga says that they still have almost 20000 to go. Just then, prabha comes from behind, with her bag of money, saying that only she shall penance for the son’s crimes, and if these fall short, then she shall pay anyhow, since she neednt be attarcted to these jewellery anymore, being a widow. ganga asks prabha not to think like that, as she didnt mean wrongly. prabha says that she shall give all her jewellery and then they can get rid of the loan. but ganga says that even if they take it, which they cant, they still would fall short of the complete payment. ammaji says that ganga is right, and that they cant accept money from her, as they havent stooped so low, that they have to ask for financial help from their bahu’s sister in law. she asks her to keep her jewellery to herself. ganga too asks her not to take it otheriwse, but these are hers and she should keep them. Prabhu says that she is always with them, and even after dying, she shall come to her use, if thats possible. she says that she is merely trying to help them, and that if they dont wish to take it, its fine, but she shall keep them with her now as their precious treasure, and whenever they need these, they merely ask for it, and she shall give them to her. After she leaves, ammaji says that she doesnt trust her one bit, still. they try to make her realise that prabha has changed and that now she wouldnt harbour anything against them, but ammaji is clearly unconvinced, and says that she wont ever be able to trust this lady, who changes her colour like a chameleon. all are tensed.

In the wee hours of the night, prabhu wakes up, and then finding ammaji asleep, she takes out the keys from under her pillow, and gets a scare as she turns around just then. she successfully retrives it, and then smiles evilly.READ NEXT/SAT 23 MAR ON GANGAA