Forever Yours April 2020 Teasers


Forever Yours April 2020 Teasers

Rebroadcast of Forever Yours this April, Read Teasers below

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Starlife Forever Yours April 2020 Teasers

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Episode 1

Businessman Anshuman Rathore faces a tricky challenge when the press questions him about his first marriage. His search for answers takes him to a small village in Rajasthan, where he comes across a tourist guide named Paakhi, who holds the key to his past.

Episode 2

Anshuman finds out that Paakhi is his first wife and reaches her house. But her family mistakes him for a potential groom. Meanwhile, Lavanya comforts Rana, who is upset about Anshuman’s trip.

Episode 3

Furious after learning the truth, Paakhi’s family asks Anshuman to leave. But Paakhi’s brother later asks him to spend the night. Anshuman now has a second chance to approach Paakhi and ask her to sign the papers to legally end their marriage.

Episode 4

Anshuman tells Paakhi about his second marriage and his son, hoping that it would convince her to end their marriage. However, Paakhi’s family has something completely different in mind.

Episode 5

Anshuman is shocked when Paakhi’s family asks him to remarry their daughter. They apologise for their earlier behaviour and ask him to take Paakhi back with him. But Paakhi still doesn’t know the real purpose of Anshuman’s visit.

Thursday 2 April 2020

Episode 6

Lavanya is upset to learn about Anshuman’s re-marriage with Paakhi. The couple is surrounded by media at the airport and Anshuman is forced to take Paakhi to an award ceremony.

Episode 7

Paakhi takes everyone by surprise by defending Anshuman during the party and joining him on stage to receive the award. While Lavanya tries to convince her brother to divorce Paakhi, Anshuman prepares for the awkward first night with his new wife.

Episode 8

Nervous during his first night with Paakhi, Anshuman is reluctant to sleep in the same bed with her. While a small fire in his bedroom causes panic the next morning, Lavanya insults Paakhi for preparing breakfast for Anshuman.

Episode 9

Lavanya is angry when Anshuman decides to hand over the household responsibilities to Paakhi. But he tells his sister that the pressure will make Paakhi nervous and she would be humiliated. Will Paakhi pass the test?

Episode 10

Mahaji invites designers to get Paakhi some classy clothes. She plans to steal the master key while Paakhi is busy trying out the saris. Losing the key at this point will make it impossible for Paakhi to manage the budget for the week. Will Mahaji’s plan work?

Friday 3 April 2020

Episode 11

Lavanya is furious when her husband Girish defends Paakhi. She gets more upset when Girish’s Bua comes to their house. But Bua brings a young guest, who ends up making Lavanya happy. Meanwhile, Paakhi continues to struggle with the house budget.

Episode 12

While Paakhi tries to tighten the household budget, Lavanya remains upset with Bua’s presence in her house. But more trouble comes Paakhi’s way when she and Anshuman get stuck in an elevator at a construction site. Will they get out safely?

Episode 13

While Paakhi gets injured on the construction site, Lavanya gets upset when she finds out that she is spending more time with Anshuman. Buaji annoys her further by praising Paakhi and asking Anshuman to take care of his wife.

Episode 14

Naina’s presence keeps reminding Lavanya that she cannot have a child of her own. Back in Anshuman’s house, Paakhi confronts the servants about the missing items in the kitchen. She is later surprised when Anshuman asks her out for lunch.

Episode 15

Anshuman asks Paakhi to organise a business party at his house. But Girish soon finds out that this is Anshuman’s new plan to humiliate Paakhi and asks him to tell her the truth. Can Paakhi manage to fit the party’s expenses into the week’s budget?

Saturday 4 April 2020

Episode 16

As the cooks in the house go on leave, Paakhi decides to cook food for Anshuman’s party herself. Meanwhile, Lavanya suspects that Girish is having an affair. Back in the house, Mahaji comes up with an evil plan to spoil Paakhi’s cooking.

Episode 17

Lavanya’s suspicion grows when she finds a picture of a girl in Girish’s phone. Meanwhile, Mahaji manages to ruin the expensive crockery inside the dishwasher. Will Paakhi’s party planning turn into a disaster?

Episode 18

Anshuman is surprised to learn that Paakhi actually managed to save money despite making the party a success. Meanwhile, as Lavanya accuses Girish of cheating on her, Anshuman tries to come up with a new plan to get Paakhi out of his life.

Episode 19

Paakhi threatens to fire the servants when she finds out that they lied to her on the day of the party. Meanwhile, Anshuman includes Lavanya in his plan and asks her to invite Paakhi for a get-together. What does Anshuman have in mind?

Episode 20

Anshuman asks Rana to be patient when he accuses him of betraying him. He then asks Paakhi to participate in a tennis competition with him. Is this part of a new scheme to embarrass Paakhi?

Sunday 5 April 2020

Episode 21

Even as Girish helps Paakhi improve her tennis skills, Anshuman decides to make things difficult by hiding the rules and regulations page of the application form. But Paakhi’s real challenge comes along when she learns about the dress code for the competition.

Episode 22

Anshuman is forced to withdraw from the tournament when Paakhi refuses to wear a mini-skirt. Mrs. Jaisingh insults Paakhi and Anshuman when she learns about this. Meanwhile, Paakhi’s brother and sister-in-law’s arrival causes confusion in Anshuman’s house.

Episode 23

When Paakhi refuses to drink wine, Lavanya insults her in front of her relatives. Paakhi’s brother loses his patience when Lavanya compares his sister with servants. Although Girish yells at Lavanya for her behaviour, Paakhi’s brother vows to get his sister back with him.

Episode 24

Anshuman advises Paakhi to go back to Chittor and return to her old life. Paakhi’s brother is also keen to leave after being insulted by Lavanya. Meanwhile, Rana invites Anshuman to a party and asks him to humiliate Paakhi in front of everyone.

Episode 25

While Lavanya is forced to take care of Naina in the absence of Girish and Buaji, Anshuman is relieved when Paakhi leaves with her brother. However, he has no idea that Paakhi is not going to give up so easily. What is Paakhi’s next move?

Monday 6 April 2020

Episode 26

Paakhi’s western outfit takes everyone at the party by surprise. Paakhi’s brother takes this opportunity to humiliate Lavanya at the party. The incident leaves Rana fuming with rage. How will Anshuman react to Paakhi’s return?

Episode 27

Lavanya starts to enjoy taking care of Naina, but Girish remains nervous about approaching her with the topic of adoption. Meanwhile, Paakhi gets hold of Anshuman’s divorce papers and asks him for a gift if he wants them back.

Episode 28

While Anshuman tries to figure out what Paakhi wants, Lavanya is convinced that she is going to ask him for a child. However, Paakhi soon gives Anshuman the final clue to her request.

Episode 29

Anshuman is reluctant to let Paakhi meet his son Ayaan, who is about to return home. Lavanya also feels that Paakhi can’t be a real mother to Ayaan. However, Paakhi decides to pay a surprise visit to Ayaan at his school.

Episode 30

Lavanya is upset to find Naina’s adoption papers in Girish’s cupboard. Meanwhile, Anshuman loses his temper when Ayaan attempts to drive his car. While he decides to send his son back to boarding school, Paakhi asks him to be patient.

Tuesday 7 April 2020

Episode 31

Lavanya blames Paakhi for Anshuman’s decision to send Ayaan to boarding school. Paakhi asks Anshuman to give her more time to change Ayaan. But while she remains confident that she can connect with her stepson, Ayaan has already planned a new prank.

Episode 32

Ayaan lies about Paakhi to his History tutor and even seeks the servants’ help to annoy her. Paakhi, on the other hand, asks Anshuman about Ayaan’s likes and dislikes in order to connect with him.

Episode 33

Paakhi asks Anshuman for tips to impress Ayaan and soon comes up with a mischievous plan to connect with him. However, she later finds him crying in his room, missing his birth mother.

Episode 34

Anshuman follows Paakhi to the market to find out why Ayaan asked her to get a nylon rope. But while he looks for clues, Paakhi finds herself surrounded by a bunch of goons. Will Anshuman come to her rescue?

Episode 35

Ayaan tells his History tutor that Paakhi beats him and doesn’t feed him properly. Meanwhile, Lavanya invites Anshuman’s family for a party. Ayaan tells Paakhi that he would come to the party later with the driver.

Wednesday 8 April 2020

Episode 36

While Ayaan tells his teacher that Paakhi locked him up inside a cupboard, Lavanya informs the guests about her decision to adopt Naina. On returning from the party, Paakhi is surprised to find the History teacher’s purse in her bedroom.

Episode 37

Ayaan asks Anshuman to take Paakhi out for ice-cream and then calls up his teacher to complain about Paakhi. However, he accidentally calls Anshuman and Paakhi ends up hearing the whole conversation.

Episode 38

Paakhi finds out that Ayaan exchanged the teacher’s and Anshuman’s numbers in her phone. She decides to confront the teacher about the purse. When Anshuman finds out about Ayaan’s plan, he decides to stop Paakhi from meeting her.

Episode 39

Ayaan’s teacher gets Paakhi arrested for child abuse. Paakhi is shocked and sad to learn about Ayaan’s hatred towards her. While Girish yells at Anshuman and Lavanya for not stopping Ayaan, Paakhi’s immediate challenge is to prove her innocence.

Episode 40

Even as Paakhi’s bail application gets rejected, Ayaan refuses to admit that he was behind her arrest. Meanwhile, Rana is pleased to learn this and advises Anshuman to let her stay in jail.

Thursday 9 April 2020

Episode 41

Reluctant to accept Rana’s proposal, Paakhi’s immediate wish is to see Ayaan. Meanwhile, Ayaan’s teacher takes back her complaint as soon as she learns about Paakhi’s innocence. Ayaan and Mahaji start to worry about Paakhi’s release.

Episode 42

Paakhi confronts Mahaji about her lies and demands an apology. Ayaan is equally scared after Paakhi’s return and decides to ask Anshuman for help. But Anshuman decides to punish him for his misdeeds.

Episode 43

Ayaan’s disappearance puts everyone in a state of panic. But they are soon relieved when Paakhi finds him and brings him back. Anshuman gets mad when he learns that Ayaan had left the house out of guilt.

Episode 44

Ayaan is confused when Paakhi asks Anshuman to be gentle with him. Meanwhile, Girish feels guilty about hiding the truth about Naina’s parents from Lavanya. Anshuman, on the other hand, feels uncomfortable when Paakhi asks him to plan a secret picnic.

Episode 45

After having fun at the picnic, Ayaan receives another surprise gift from Paakhi. Meanwhile, Lavanya is shocked to learn that Girish is Naina’s real father. Paakhi feels she is finally going to find happiness with her new family, but Anshuman is out to spoil her fun.

Friday 10 April 2020

Episode 46

Anshuman makes Ayaan think that Paakhi wants to send him to boarding school. Meanwhile, Lavanya is furious at Girish for hiding the truth about Naina from her. Paakhi must now find a new way to tackle Ayaan’s hatred.

Episode 47

Paakhi tries to get Anshuman and Ayaan in the same room. But Ayaan turns her plan around with a trick of his own. Anshuman, on the other hand, faces a new problem when he learns that Tanya is arriving.

Episode 48

Tanya’s arrival creates tension in the Rathore household. Despite Anshuman’s best efforts, she eventually finds out about his marriage to Paakhi. Meanwhile, Paakhi is still trying her best to win Ayaan’s love. Will she find out about Tanya’s history with Anshuman?

Episode 49

Tanya tells Paakhi that she needs to spend more time with Anshuman for her book. Paakhi has no idea about her true intentions since she’s too busy with her efforts to impress Ayaan.

Episode 50

Lavanya refuses to forgive Girish for his lies and demands a divorce. Meanwhile, Paakhi decides to change Ayaan’s mind about going to boarding school. On the other hand, Tanya presents Anshuman with a tricky challenge involving Paakhi.

Saturday 11 April 2020

Episode 51

Anshuman plans to ask Paakhi out on a vacation as per Tanya’s challenge. Meanwhile, Girish is reluctant to sign the divorce papers. Will Tanya’s plan work on Paakhi, who is busy making sweets and flying kites to impress Ayaan?

Episode 52

Ayaan is upset when Anshuman asks Paakhi about the vacation. He plans a prank to get back at the two. Meanwhile, Tanya criticises Paakhi in front of Anshuman for asking him to plan a trip to Hong Kong.

Episode 53

After Girish’s refusal to sign the divorce papers, Lavanya decides to make him realise she doesn’t love him anymore. Meanwhile, Paakhi tries to convince Ayaan against going to the boarding school.

Episode 54

Even as Ayaan gets angry at Paakhi for her strict treatment, he starts to doubt his decision to go to boarding school. Unaware of Paakhi’s secret plan, Anshuman thinks she is ill-treating Ayaan.

Episode 55

Anshuman plans to get secretly engaged to Tanya, who asks him to be patient. Meanwhile, Lavanya decides to take revenge on Girish. Although Anshuman decides to go ahead with his plan, Paakhi ends up arriving at the venue before the engagement.

Sunday 12 April 2020

Episode 56

Suspecting that Ayaan is faking an injury to deceive Anshuman, Tanya decides to send him to boarding school and separate him from his father. She asks Anshuman and Paakhi to go to a charity event in order to get time alone with Ayaan.

Episode 57

Anshuman is livid when he learns about Ayaan’s fake injury. But his anger is short-lived as Ayaan soon suffers a real head injury. Meanwhile, Tania’s effort to send Ayaan away are interrupted by Paakhi.

Episode 58

Anshuman continues to make up stories to hide the truth about the engagement from Paakhi. Meanwhile, Girish continues his efforts to avoid a divorce. On the other hand, Paakhi has only a day left to make Ayaan accept her as a mother.

Monday 13 April 2020

Episode 59

Paakhi decides to leave Anshuman’s house when Ayaan refuses to accept her as a mother. But before she can leave, she has to rush to Ayaan’s school, where his principal is planning to rusticate him.

Episode 60

Paakhi proves Ayaan’s innocence and saves him from being rusticated. Meanwhile, Anshuman is certain that Paakhi is leaving after failing to complete the challenge. Tanya even starts preparing for their engagement.

Episode 61

Threatening to reveal the truth to Paakhi, Rana asks Anshuman to exchange rings with Tanya. Anshuman can’t make up his mind when he finds Paakhi’s name engraved on the ring. However, Tanya has a new plan in mind to get rid of Paakhi.

Tuesday 14 April 2020

Episode 62

On Tanya’s request, Rana gives Anshuman another week to get rid of Paakhi. Meanwhile, Ayaan’s relationship with Paakhi continues to improve. However, Paakhi faces a new problem when she learns about Tanya’s feelings towards Anshuman.

Episode 63

Paakhi asks Anshuman to quit smoking when she finds out that Ayaan wants to imitate him. Meanwhile, Lavanya pushes Girish a bit more about the divorce papers. On the other hand, Anshuman plans to go on a secret trip with Tanya.

Episode 64

Paakhi becomes worried about Anshuman after hearing about a plane crash. She fails to get in touch with him and learns that he lied about his business trip. Lavanya acquires a new business project. Will Paakhi find Anshuman and Tanya?

Episode 65

Even after finding Anshuman and Tanya in the same hotel room, Paakhi decides to keep her feelings to herself. Meanwhile, Lavanya’s relationship with Girish becomes tense. Will Paakhi finally find out the truth about Anshuman and Tanya?

Episode 66

Paakhi is shocked to learn about Tanya and Anshuman’s feelings towards each other. She shares her sorrow with Girish, who tries to console her. Meanwhile, Anshuman starts to feel guilty about lying to Paakhi.

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Episode 67

Paakhi hides the truth from her family despite learning about Anshuman’s love for Tanya. Girish is surprised to find a few books on pregnancy in Lavanya’s room. Will Paakhi’s decision to leave change Anshuman’s feelings towards her?

Episode 68

Paakhi finds it difficult to part ways with Ayaan and is unable to tell him the truth. Girish finds out, Lavanya is not pregnant. Anshuman makes a major business announcement, Paakhi is busy planning a secret deal with her lawyer.

Episode 69

Anshuman is shocked to learn that Paakhi is after his property. Even after being insulted for her betrayal, Paakhi demands a divorce in front of the press. Anshuman cannot figure out the reason behind Paakhi’s change of attitude.

Episode 70

Paakhi is upset when Tanya calls Anshuman selfish despite knowing his truth. Although she still misses Ayaan, she gathers the courage to leave Anshuman’s house. Anshuman feels guilty. Girish decides to track Paakhi down at the station.

Episode 71

Girish tries to convince Paakhi to return. While Paakhi refuses to accept it, her love for Ayaan makes it difficult for her to cut all ties with Anshuman. Girish then decides to use a familiar trick to show Paakhi that Anshuman loves her.

Thursday 16 April 2020

Episode 72

Anshuman is desperate to apologise to Paakhi, who decides to meet him for Girish. When she arrives at his house, she is confronted by Tanya who asks her to leave. However, Paakhi doesn’t hold back and comes up with a challenge of her own.

Episode 73

Anshuman convinces Tanya to accept Paakhi’s challenge. Tanya’s first task is to manage the household budget for a week. But she’s furious when Paakhi asks her to sleep in the guest room.

Episode 74

Even after Tanya’s insults and Anshuman’s honest requests, Paakhi is determined to stay on. While Anshuman is shocked by Tanya’s lack of respect for money, Paakhi prepares to hand Tanya her next task.

Episode 75

Paakhi continues to taunt Tanya as she takes up the task of managing the house. Tanya is further demoralised when Anshuman praises Paakhi in front of her. Meanwhile, Lavanya warns Girish about his behaviour towards Vikram.

Episode 76

Lavanya changes Tanya’s mind about giving up the challenge. But Tanya gets even more upset when she sees Paakhi bonding with Ayaan. Anshuman is about to attempt a dangerous stunt to show off his karate skills to Paakhi and Ayaan.

Friday 17 April 2020

Episode 77

Lavanya asks Girish to help her fake pregnancy. Meanwhile, Tanya struggles to manage the household expenses within the budget. She gets into more trouble when Anshuman yells at her for forgetting to prepare lunch.

Episode 78

While Tanya seeks Anshuman’s attention, Paakhi argues with him for making Ayaan nervous about sports day. Under the pressure of competition, Ayaan, decides to forge his dad’s signature on his report card. Will he be able to hide it?

Episode 79

Tanya is upset to see Ayaan’s problems bring Paakhi closer to Anshuman. Ayaan, on the other hand, still hasn’t told anyone the truth about the report card. Tanya then decides to make Ayaan nervous and convince him to skip sports day.

Episode 80

While Tanya convinces Ayaan to go to the amusement park, Paakhi finds his report card with the forged signature. Meanwhile, Lavanya continues to lie to Vikram about her pregnancy. Will Paakhi tell Anshuman about Ayaan’s lie?

Episode 81

Paakhi can’t gather the courage to tell Anshuman about Ayaan’s report card. However, Anshuman soon finds out that Ayaan was absent on sports day. How will Anshuman react when he learns about Ayaan’s trip to the amusement park?

Saturday 18 April 2020

Episode 82

Tanya denies Ayaan’s allegations and Anshuman blames Paakhi for spoiling his son. Paakhi continues to support Ayaan and requests Anshuman to put less pressure on him. But she still needs to find a way of proving Tanya’s lies to Anshuman.

Episode 83

Anshuman refuses to forgive Ayaan, who then reluctantly apologises to Tanya. Meanwhile, Lavanya plans to punish Girish with Vikram’s help. Ayaan, on the other hand, vows to take revenge on Tanya.

Episode 84

Disturbed after finding the divorce papers, Ayaan asks Paakhi not to leave him. Lavanya executes her plan against Girish who is busy advising Paakhi on her marriage. Tanya, on the other hand, decides to play a new game to beat Paakhi.

Episode 85

Ayaan is upset when Anshuman tells him he doesn’t love Paakhi and plans to divorce her. He calms down when Girish promises to help him in getting rid of Tanya. Tanya is about to make it difficult for them by using a new trick on Anshuman.

Episode 86

While Lavanya continues to make Girish jealous about Vikram, Ayaan convinces Anshuman to hide his wish from Tanya, who gets increasingly angry with Paakhi. She decides to force Paakhi to leave Anshuman’s house.

Sunday 19 April 2020

Episode 87

While Vikram’s presence creates tension between Lavanya and Girish, Ayaan convinces Anshuman and Paakhi to go out on a romantic dinner. However, Tanya already has a surprise planned to win back Anshuman’s heart.

Episode 88

Ayaan continues his tricks to help Anshuman and Paakhi spend more time together. As he prepares to spoil Tanya’s surprise plans, Anshuman and Paakhi get stuck in a remote spot. Will this change Anshuman’s feelings towards Paakhi?

Episode 89

Vikram’s frequent visits prompt a major argument between Lavanya and Girish. Meanwhile, Paakhi is sad after hearing the truth from Anshuman. But she must first focus on Tanya, who is doing her best to get Anshuman’s attention at home.

Eppisode 90

As the family prepares to celebrate Holi, Paakhi faces a new challenge from Tanya on the badminton court. Girish and Ayaan plan to help her win, but Paakhi’s bigger problem is wearing an outfit that she feels horribly uncomfortable in.

Episode 91

While Paakhi and Tanya try to outplay each other, Lavanya upsets Girish by playing badminton with Vikram. Meanwhile, Tanya has an argument with Anshuman for taking Paakhi’s side. Who will prevail in the big challenge?

Monday 20 April 2020

Episode 92

While Paakhi seeks advice from Girish, Lavanya gives Tanya tips to win Anshuman’s love. Meanwhile, Vikram asks Lavanya to divorce Girish. Tanya, on the other hand, uses Paakhi’s tricks against her.

Episode 93

Lavanya refuses to forgive Girish and tells him that she likes Vikram. Meanwhile, Tanya’s concern grows after seeing Anshuman and Paakhi together. But things take a wilder turn when the couple goes high on bhang during Holi celebrations.

Episode 94

Anshuman and Paakhi aren’t the only ones going wild on Holi as Vikram takes Lavanya by surprise by proposing to her. Lavanya tries to figure out an answer, Rana feels humiliated by Anshuman’s behaviour and decides to confront him.

Episode 95

Furious after Anshuman’s behaviour during Holi, Tanya asks him to break all ties with Paakhi at once. But while Anshuman prepares to break his promise, Ayaan vows to bring him and Paakhi together.

Episode 96

Girish is depressed when Vikram tells him that he loves Lavanya, who soon asks him for a divorce. Anshuman is about to find out the real culprit behind mixing bhang in the drinks during Holi.

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Episode 97

Even as Tanya denies mixing bhang in the drinks, Paakhi decides to find out the truth. Girish prepares to sign the divorce papers, Lavanya is about to receive some shocking news from Vikram.

Episode 98

Ayaan plans to play a prank on Tanya, who herself is planning to humiliate Paakhi. Lavanya is shocked by the change in Vikram’s attitude. Will Tanya be able to convince Anshuman to send Paakhi away?

Episode 99

Paakhi becomes a target of Anshuman’s anger and frustration when Ayaan insults Tanya. While Paakhi tries to defend herself, Tanya plans to separate Anshuman from Ayaan and Paakhi to win his love.

Episode 100

Tanya decides to destroy Paakhi for exposing her lies regarding the house expenses. Meanwhile, as Vikram continues to torment Lavanya, Tanya pretends to apologise to Paakhi.

Episode 101

When Ayaan finds out that Tanya is going to cheat to win the challenge, he decides to trap her using Paakhi’s help. When he finalises his plan, Paakhi learns a shocking secret about Vikram and Lavanya.

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Episode 102

While Girish tries to stop Lavanya from meeting Vikram, Paakhi plans to steal Vikram’s contract documents. However, Vikram omes up with a scheme of his own to counter Paakhi’s plan.

Episode 103

While Lavanya has a change of heart about Paakhi, Tanya gets irritated of Ayaan’s tricks. But as she tries to turn the father against his own son, Anshuman is busy planning a surprise for Paakhi.

Episode 104

Although furious after seeing Anshuman and Paakhi celebrate Gangaur together, Tanya’s immediate concern is preparing food. She finds herself in big trouble when the chef of the house asks for a leave.

Episode 105

Tanya smuggles some extra money into the house to win Paakhi’s challenge. She struggles to keep it a secret from Ayaan’s watchful eye. Anshuman tells Girish his decision about Paakhi’s future.

Episode 106

Tanya is happy after winning the challenge but Paakhi and Girish condemn her for stealing Ayaan’s money. Pakhi is shocked to see Ayaan showing affection to Tanya. Is Ayaan doing that deliberately?

Thursday 23 April 2020

Episode 107

Ayaan disowns Paakhi and wants Tanya to stay with him, which angers Anshuman. When Ayaan refuses to talk to Anshuman, Paakhi decides to intervene and comes to know that he is disturbed about something.

Episode 108

Paakhi talks to Ayaan and gets to know that Anshuman had killed his mother. She also learns that Tanya misled Ayaan about Anshuman. Paakhi decides to reveal Tanya’s real face.

Episode 109

Paakhi records Tanya and Ayaan’s conversation. Tanya tries to choke her with carbon monoxide. Anshuman finds Paakhi unconscious, when he leaves to call a doctor, Tanya pushes her off the balcony.

Episode 110

Anshuman saves Paakhi from falling off the balcony and in anger orders Tanya and Rana to leave his house. Anshuman asks Paakhi not to leave him. Girish and Ayaan advise Anshuman to propose to Paakhi.

Episode 111

Tanya tells Rana she is unable to forget Anshuman. Girish tells Ayaan and Anshuman about Paakhi not being in the house. The two start looking for her and find her in a western outfit.

Friday 24 April 2020

Episode 112

Anshuman helps Paakhi to unpack and they spend time together. Paakhi thanks Lavanya and learns that Anshuman has reappointed Ashok and has also apologised to him. Paakhi wants Anshuman to propose to her.

Episode 113

Paakhi feels Anshuman is boring and proposes a challenge, which he eventually accepts. He prepares an ice gola for Paakhi. When Ayaan notices both of them together, he decides to bring them closer.

Episode 114

Lavanya decides to launch a music album, Girish praises her singing skills. Paakhi lies to Anshuman that she had a boyfriend. Paakhi teases Anshuman and he tells her he has no secrets.

Episode 115

Paakhi challenges Anshuman to steal a lozenge from a shop and he does that. He finds her accepting a rose from a stranger. He shares his childhood memories with her. He persuades her not to leave him.

Episode 116

Lavanya informs her friend regarding the launch of a music album but she advises her not to sing. Girish strives to reveal the truth to Lavanya. When Anshuman teaches Paakhi to skate, she thanks him.

Saturday 25 April 2020

Episode 117

Ayaan finds that Anshuman is slowly falling in love with Paakhi. Meanwhile, Tanya instigates Anshuman against Paakhi and plans to hurt both of them. Anshuman finds Paakhi talking to a stranger.

Episode 118

Paakhi is surprised to know that Anshuman remembers the date of their first meeting. Paakhi suffers from severe stomach ache but hides it from Anshuman. Will he come to know about Paakhi’s suffering?

Episode 119

Lavanya realises she cannot sing well, and drops her plans of launching a music album. Anshuman takes Paakhi to a hospital. Lavanya tells Paakhi to ignore Anshuman till he proposes to her.

Episode 120

Paakhi tells Lavanya that Anshuman had become upset about his mother. Anshuman realises that he loves Paakhi and after he finds her medical reports, he realises that she is pregnant.

Episode 121

Tanya tells Rana about her plan to separate Anshuman and Paakhi. Anshuman gets angry with Paakhi and thinks that she is cheating on him.

Sunday 26 April 2020

Episode 122

Anshuman confronts Paakhi and accuses her to have cheated on him. He also shows her the pregnancy report. Paakhi is shocked to see Anshuman’s behaviour and also the report.

Episode 123

Anshuman talks to Lavanya and tells her about Paakhi’s deeds but she refuses to believe him. Even Girish makes him realise about Paakhi’s nature.

Episode 124

Anshuman tries to find Paakhi in the house but is not able to and gets to know that she has left the house. He vows to get her back and thus visits Bhilwada, where he finds her.

Episode 125

Lavanya becomes furious on finding Girish and Ayaan untidy and wishes Anshuman and Paakhi to return soon. Anshuman asks for forgiveness from Paakhi but she refuses to talk.

Episode 126

Lavanya’s friend suspects her to be pregnant and asks her to get tested. Paakhi’s brother learns that Anshuman has rashes on his body and asks Paakhi to take care of him.

Monday 27 April 2020

Episode 127

Girish is happy on learning Lavanya is pregnant. Anshuman tries hard to please Paakhi. He decides not to take Ayaan’s help in bringing Paakhi back home.

Episode 128

Lavanya informs Anshuman about her pregnancy and he vows to get Paakhi back home. Paakhi finds Anshuman preparing jalebis in a shop but does not eat them.

Episode 129

Paakhi’s team defeats Anshuman’s in the game and as a punishment Anshuman must dance, during which he tells Paakhi he loves her.

Episode 130

Anshuman apologises to Paakhi and tells the truth to her family. Paakhi’s family gets angry with him and ill-treats him.

Episode 131

While Anshuman informs Ayaan that he is returning home with Paakhi, her brother tells him that she has decided to leave him. Anshuman tries to find Paakhi at the bus terminal.

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Episode 132

Anshuman is able to find Paakhi on a bus to Delhi and requests her to return home for Ayaan’s sake but she refuses. Later, Anshuman assures Ayaan that he will bring her back home.

Episode 133

Lavanya shares her memories of her mother with Anshuman and he decides to find his mother. Paakhi meets her friend Anuja who shares her views about relationships.

Episode 134

Anshuman learns from his uncle Devdas that his mother is alive. He promises Devdas that he will find his mother. Girish gives Anshuman and Lavanya an idea to find their mother.

Episode 135

Anshuman and Lavanya publish a newspaper advertisement to find their mother. In Delhi, Paakhi misses Ayaan and decides to talk to him. Will Paakhi talk to Ayaan.

Episode 136

Paakhi takes up a job of a tourist guide. She introduces her friends to Ayaan. Dipika decides to complete her project using Paakhi’s photos. Ayaan misleads Anshuman.

Wednesday 29 April 2020

Episode 137

Anshuman recognises Paakhi in Deepika’s photographs and decides to visit Delhi. Deepika persuades Paakhi to volunteer for her photo shoot.

Episode 138

Anuja helps Paakhi in completing her fast and misleads her when she asks about her children. Paakhi agrees to be a model and finds Anshuman at the venue.

Episode 139

The press asks Anshuman about his first marriage. His search for answers takes him to a village in Rajasthan, where he comes across a guide, Paakhi, who holds the key to his past.