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Monday 10 December

Episode 01

Payal’s wedding preparations are under way. She is worried about the dowry her fiance’s parents are demanding. Arnav buys a family home. Khushi tumbles into his arms, while walking the ramp. How will they handle the demand for dowry?

Episode 02

Arnav accuses Khushi of deliberately disrupting the show. Khushi pleads innocence. Meanwhile, Payal’s wedding is stopped. Khushi comes home to find everybody angry. She tries to sort out the misunderstandings, but blames herself for Payal’s wedding disaster.

Tuesday 11 December

Episode 03

Khushi tries to deal with her guilt by preparing sweets. Their friends comfort them. Khushi and her family decide to visit a holy shrine. Arnav is on his way there as well. How does the meeting between Khushi and Arnav go?

Episode 04

Garima and Khushi have an emotional connect. Madhumati is shocked to see the footage on TV where Khushi is seen in Arnav’s arms. Khushi breaks down when the media channels broadcast the footage.

Wednesday 12 December

Episode 05

Khushi is deeply disturbed and embarrassed. Garima leads her away from such attention. Khushi is bullied by a rowdy gang. She is rescued in time by Shyam. Desperate to know the truth, Khushi and Payal go to Arnav’s office.

Episode 06

Khushi, Payal and Buaji reach Delhi and are thrilled by the pace of the city. In a hurry to get Buaji’s medicines, Khushi hits Arnav’s car by accident. Arnav is shocked to see Khushi in Delhi. Khushi and Payal are happy to find Shyam in the city.

Thursday 13 December

Episode 07

Arnav is not happy to do a puja, despite Anjali asking him to do it. Khushi cannot believe that Arnav is making her pay for the damage to his car. Khushi and Payal run into Shyam at the marketplace.

Episode 08

Anjali is delighted with the designer saris that Khushi shows her. Khushi, mistakenly, leaves the saris in Arnav’s room. He is puzzled. Nani is irritated with Manorama.

Friday 14 December

Episode 09

Anjali places an order for 200 saris to Khushi. But Manorama threatens to cancel the order. Manorama is not happy that Naniji has ordered her to attend a function. Khushi is still seething from being humiliated by Arnav. She dreams of taking revenge. She asks Shyam to help her get a job.

Episode 10

Khushi without informing Madhumita meets Shyam and by coincidence Madhumita reaches the same market. Manorama is excited after Arnav gifts her jewellery.

Monday 17 December

Episode  11

Buaji refuses to let Khushi work for a living. Khushi informs her father about the job offer and manages to get his permission to work. Anjali and Arnav talk about a mysterious Lavanya Kashyap. Naniji overhears their conversation and is very curious.

Episode 12

Khushi feels completely out of place when she goes to meet Lavanya Kashyap at office. She is surprised at the Western clothes everybody is wearing there. Lavanya fires her new assistant, Sonia. Will Khushi do well in this office?

Tuesday 18 December

Episode 13

Khushi is appointed as Lavanya’s new assistant. Her colleagues make fun of her for her Indian attire. Anjali tells Arnav that Lavanya has sent him a bouquet. Naniji behaves rather suspiciously. She searches for something in Arnav’s room. Manorama reports this suspicious behaviour to Anjali.

Episode 14

Khushi creates ruckus in office when she lights God’s lamp and it starts off the fire alarm and sprinklers. Arnav is furious to see Khushi in the parking lot and they end up arguing with each other. Later, Khushi feels humiliated when Arnav tears her dupatta.

Wednesday 19 December

Episode 15

Lavanya scolds Khushi for not taking her work seriously. Arnav and Khushi are stunned to see each other in the office. Khushi realises that Arnav is her boss and she is working in his company.

Episode 16

Arnav is surprised to know that Khushi has got a job in his company. Khushi is stunned when Lavanya fires her. Arnav and Lavanya are furious when Khushi barges into their meeting. All are shocked when Khushi declares that she will not leave the job as she knows she is right.

Thursday 20 December

Episode 17

Khushi signs Arnav’s contract, but she is unhappy about her job. Payal is worried about this, too. Akash buys a dupatta that Payal was eyeing in the market. Is he falling for her? How long will Khushi survive in the office?

Episode 18

Khushi gets the job of measuring male models. Arnav is sarcastic when she refuses to do it. She then finds a way of doing the task. Manorama and Anjali catch Akash holding a dupatta.Buaji announces that Shyam is moving in with them. How will Shyam fit in?

Friday 21 December

Episode 19

Manorama discusses with Anjali about Arnav’s wedding. Arnav sees the footage of Khushi setting off the fire alarms with her lamp lighting ritual. The whole office seems to be keeping track of the events that take place between Arnav and Khushi.

Episode 20

Khushi completes all the tasks assigned to her. Arnav and Lavanya are amazed. All of them are shocked about Shyam living in the house. Khushi wants to leave office early. She wants to plan her sister Payal’s birthday party. But Arnav wants to spoil this plan.

Monday 24 December

Episode 21

Arnav overloads Khushi with work. It does not seem like she will make it to Payal’s birthday party. Akash praises Anjali. This makes Manorama jealous. Nani is also irate that Manorama is a slacker when it comes to housework.

Episode 22

Arnav asks Khushi to take part in a fashion shoot when the original model storms out. Khushi baulks at wearing revealing clothes and chooses to turn up in a sari instead. Even as Lavanya ridicules Khushi for doing so, Akash supports her.

Tuesday 25 December

Episode 23

Akash consoles Khushi. Arnav is heartless towards her. He orders Khushi to park a client’s car. Nani is touched to see Manorama consoling Anjali, because she is upset about her husband’s delay. Arnav sees Khushi working in the rain.

Episode 24

Arnav leaps to rescue Khushi from a speeding car. He is confused about his feelings for her. Akash drops Khushi at home. He realises that Payal is Khushi’s sister. He gifts the dupatta toPayal.

Wednesday 26 December

Episode 25

Payal knows that the dupatta is Akash’s gift. Arnav burdens Khushi with work he wants her to finish at home. She completes it and submits the reports on time. Why is Arnav being so hard on Khushi?

Episode 26

Arnav is enraged as he gets to know that Khushi spoke about his relationship with Lavanya to Nani and sends her to work at his guest house. Khushi reaches the guest house while Mr.Sinha decides that the building is in a bad condition and may collapse any moment.

Thursday 27 December

Episode 27

Arnav rushes to the guesthouse when he is told that Khushi has not reached home. He is horrified when he realises that Khushi is trapped in the building. He rescues her, but Khushi accuses him of trying to kill her. Will she quit the job?

Episode 28

Arnav feels bad as he knows he has hurt Khushi unknowingly. As Khushi faints, Arnav decides to drop her home. Payal and Buaji are stunned to see Arnav getting an unconscious Khushi home. They hold Arnav responsible for Khushi’s condition. Arnav feels guilty seeing Khushi unconscious.

Friday 28 December 2018

Episode 29

Payal is anxious when Khushi remains unconscious for long. Anjali is alarmed when she sees Arnav’s injured hand. Arnav refuses to discuss about Lavanya with Naniji. Khushi regains her consciousness and wonders how she came home.

Episode 30

Anjali asks Arnav to be honest with himself. She asks him to stop bothering Khushi. Nani is keen on getting Arnav married and brings him a marriage proposal. Payal thinks that Khushi should go back to Lucknow. Will she go back?

Monday 31 December 2018

Episode 31

Buaji decides to intervene. He promises to stop Khushi from working for Arnav. Manorama is intent on getting a rich daughter-in-law. Akash is trying to come to terms with his mother’s expectations. He keeps thinking of Payal.

Episode 32

Khushi decides to resign. A lot of people are happy about her decision. Payal is happy as she and Khushi can go back to Lucknow. Arnav is irked to see Lavanya, Sim and Pam making fun of Khushi. Arnav rushes home when Manorama informs him of Anjali not keeping well. Read next on Teasers  January  2019 on Forbidden Love 

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