Forbidden Love August 2019 Teasers #forbiddenlove


Forbidden Love August 2019 Teasers #forbiddenlove

This month Shyam manipulates Anjali, Meanwhile Arnav plans to get a restraining order against Shyam, Will Anjali ask Arnav to bring Shyam back? Read Forbidden Love August 2019 Teasers on Starlife below.

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Starlife Forbidden Love August 2019 Teasers.

Thursday 1 August 2019

Episode 332
Anjali goes to her room to meet Shyam and steps on the broken glass. Shyam sets a trap with live electrical wires on the staircase rail. Anjali comes in contact with the wires and falls down. She is rushed to the hospital. But will the fall harm her baby?

Episode 333

A distraught Anjali refuses to believe that her baby is dead. Later, when the news about her miscarriage sinks in, Anjali breaks down and cries bitterly. A devastated Arnav shares his grief with Khushi, who comforts him.

Friday  2 August 2019

Episode 334
At Khushi’s behest, a hesitant Arnav meets and comforts Anjali. Shyam pretends to be devastated by the miscarriage. Arnav beats him and tries to throw him out, but Daadi intervenes. Shyam plans to use Anjali’s miscarriage to return to Shantivan. Arnav warns everyone not to allow Shyam back.

Shyam Plans His Return on Forbidden Love Teasers August 2019

Shyam Plans His Return

Episode 335

Daadi fights for Shyam’s return, but Arnav refuses. He tells her that Shyam had tried to kill him, which she refuses to believe.

Monday  5 August 2019

Episode 336
Anjali gives in to Shyam’s manipulation and pleads with Arnav to bring him back, but he refuses. Enraged, Daadi blames Khushi. She further compares Khushi to the woman responsible for the death of Arnav’s parents and prevents her from tending to Anjali. Will these tactics affect Arnav?

Episode 337

Shyam sneaks into Shantivan to meet Anjali, who displays a sudden burst of happiness. Khushi sees Shyam sneaking out of Anjali’s room and realizes that he made Anjali happy. She decides to talk to Arnav about it. Meanwhile, Madhumati plans to visit Anjali but Garima hesitates to go to Shantivan.

Tuesday 6 August 2019

Episode 338
Pining for Shyam, Anjali accuses her family of only pretending to care for her. With Anjali’s refusal to eat and deteriorating health, Khushi brings Shyam back against Arnav’s decision. Anjali is pleased to see Shyam. How will Arnav react?

Episode 339

Arnav feels that Khushi has broken his trust by bringing Shyam back. In a fit of rage, he asks Khushi to leave. Shyam apologizes to the Raizadas and says what happened was a misunderstanding. Arnav warns him that he will be thrown out once Anjali recovers. Later, Arnav calls Khushi. Will she answer?

Wednesday 7 August 2019

Episode 340
Khushi feels guilty for disconnecting Arnav’s call. She calls him back but he doesn’t pick up. Anjali and Naani persuade Arnav to forgive Khushi. Manorama and Nandkishore also try to bring them together. Anjali performs Khushi’s second mehendi ritual. Arnav apologizes to Khushi. Will they reconcile?

Episode 341

Arnav thanks Khushi for doing what was needed for Anjali’s happiness. Daadi and Shyam conspire to stop the wedding. The Raizadas surprise the Guptas by performing the haldi rasam in the Gupats’ house. Will the ritual go on without any hitches?

Thursday 8 August 2019

Episode 342
Shashi is displeased to see Shyam in his house, but Garima tells him that he has reformed himself. Shyam, who is shooting the ritual on his camera, secretly admires Khushi’s beauty. Garima panics when Madhumati asks her to apply haldi on Daadi. Shyam notices Garima’s anxiety.

Episode 343 Forbidden Love August 2019 Teasers

Daadi doesn’t recognize Garima due to the haldi on her face. Shyam, who has been observing Garima, sees her hiding a box in her cupboard. Daadi tells him that a woman named Garima Gupta is responsible for Arnav’s parents’ suicide. Shyam then plans to reveal Garima’s secret.

Friday  9 August 2019

Episode 344
Shyam manages to bring Garima and Daadi before each other. Daadi accuses Garima of breaking up her family by having an extramarital affair with Arnav’s father. She decides to use this as a reason to stop the wedding. Garima begs her not to punish Khushi for her mistake.

Episode 345

Garima tells Daadi that she was unaware that Arnav’s father was married during their affair. Daadi refuses to believe her and threatens to reveal her secret to Arnav. Later, surprisingly, she gifts Khushi a pair of bangles which is a family heirloom. What are Daadi’s plans?

Monday  12 August 2019

Episode 346
At the sangeet ceremony, Daadi acts friendly with Garima. Shyam finds the box that Garima was hiding and sees a photo of her with Arnav’s father. Daadi says that she will punish Khushi for this. Shyam makes a copy of the photo and decides to wait for an opportunity.

Episode 347

An overjoyed Arnav dances in the sangeet ceremony and formally proposes to Khushi. Khushi asks Nandkishore to organize a bachelor’s party for Arnav. Shyam misplaces the photo of Garima and Arnav’s father, but somebody finds it. Who has the photo?

Tuesday 13 August 2019

Episode 348
Payal scolds Khushi and explains that a bachelor’s party involves liquor and other women. Arnav reveals that the party was a setup to fool her. He then surprises Khushi with a planetary show in the farm house. They spend romantic time together and profess their love for each other.

Forbidden Love August Teasers 2019 Arnavs Bachelors Party

Arnav’s Bachelor’s Party

Episode 349

While getting ready for the wedding, Khushi breaks the bangles gifted by Arnav. Garima reminisces of the time when Khushi accepted her as her mother. While going to the hall, Daadi tells Arnav that Garima is responsible for breaking up their family and shows him the photo of Garima and his father.

Wednesday 14 August 2019

Episode 350
Arnav doesn’t come to the wedding hall. Daadi reveals Garima’s secret to the two families in front of the guests. Garima tries to explain that she was unaware of Arnav’s father’s marital status, but Daadi insults her. Khushi and Payal defend Garima.

Episode 351

Daadi breaks Arnav and Khushi’s alliance and takes back the bangles that she had given to Khushi. Payal refuses to be with the Raizadas after Garima’s humiliation. Anjali worries about Arnav. While Khushi is still hopeful that Arnav will return, Arnav remembers the past and cries.

Thursday 15 August 2019

Episode 352
Arnav Singh Raizada recalls his late mother’s advice about not hurting the people he loves for a crime they did not commit. He meets with an accident on his way to the wedding hall. Garima Gupta apologises to Khushi Kumari Gupta for ruining her wedding day.

Episode 353 Forbidden Love August 2019 Teasers

Arnav decides to marry Khushi. When Daadi reminds him about Garima, Arnav tells her that his father is to be blamed for deceiving two innocent women and committing suicide due to the shame. Arnav and Khushi prepare to get married. Will everything work out this time?

Friday  16 August 2019

Episode 354
On their wedding night, Arnav and Khushi find out the spy camera that Shyam had installed in Arnav’s room. Both Arnav and Khushi learn from Anjali that Shyam has been working on his laptop the entire night. What will they do next?

Episode 355

When the family assembles to unwrap Khushi and Arnav’s wedding gifts, they sneak into Shyam’s room to check his laptop. Will they find the videos captured by the spy camera?


Monday  19 August 2019

Episode 356
Looking at the videos in Shyam’s laptop, Khushi and Arnav are convinced he is responsible for Anjali’s miscarriage. What will Khusi do to bring the truth to light?

Episode 357

When Arnav decides to hand Shyam over to the police for causing Anjali’s miscarriage, Khushi asks him to first gather proof against Shyam. Later, Khushi and Nandkishore scheme against Shyam to acquire proof. Will Shyam learn about their tricks?

Tuesday 20 August 2019

Episode 358
Khushi replaces the medicine given by Anjali to Shyam with a bottle of abortion pills. Shyam accuses Anjali of giving him the wrong medicine. When will Khushi expose unveil Shyam’s reality in front of Anjali?

Episode 359

Shyam gets electrocuted after touching the fairy lights hidden in the rangoli done by Anjali to surprise him on their wedding anniversary. Anjali apologises to him. Later, Arnav requests Anjali to tie a rakhi on his hand. Why?

Wednesday 21 August 2019

Episode 360
Nandkishore and Khushi expose Shyam in front of the family by revealing the videos, which show him doctoring Anjali’s medicines, placing pieces of glass in her room and fiddling with electrical wires and planning Anjali’s miscarriage. Will Shyam confess to his crimes?

Episode 361

Shyam confesses his crimes in front of the Raizadas. A devastated Anjali slaps him. Arnav throws him out of the house. Meanwhile, Nandkishore calls up the police. Will Anjali let Shyam get arrested?

Thursday 22 August 2019

Episode 362
While Arnav decides to take Khushi for horse racing, she persuades him to watch a movie instead. The rest of the family members also join them for the movie. But Arnav and Khushi are made to sit apart in the theatre!

Episode 363

To please Arnav, Khushi plans to wear a modern dress and watch an English movie with him. She even organises a fashion show in his office. For Arnav’s birthday, she decides to throw a party. Will Arnav appreciate her efforts?

August 2019 Teasers on Forbidden Love Arnavs birthday plan

Arnav’s birthday plan

Monday  26 August 2019

Episode 364
Arnav is saddened when none of his family members wish him on his birthday. Khushi serves him the usual home food. Even when a client sends a birthday cake to Shantivan, Khushi sends it back.

Episode 365

When Arnav gets upset with Khushi for not wishing him on his birthday, she explains she was forced to do so as he doesn’t appreciate celebrating his birthday. Now, Khushi is upset with Arnav. As an apology, Arnav prepares jalebis for her.

Tuesday 27 August 2019

Episode 366
Khushi informs Arnav about a kid she met at the designer shop. Later, when Khushi visits the vegetable market with Nandkishore, she meets the same kid. When some kidnappers try to abduct him, Khushi tries to save him. Who is the kid?

Episode 367

Arnav comes across his college friend Sheetal and her son, Aarav. When he finds out Aarav is the same kid who Khushi saved from the kidnappers, he rebukes her for risking her life. Will Khushi be able to justify her actions?

Wednesday 28 August 2019

Episode 368
Khushi wonders how similar Aarav and Arnav are. She serves pancakes in bed to Arnav, which he appreciates. Meanwhile, Arnav interviews Sheetal for a job she applied for at his office. Later, Aarav faints in a toy shop. Khushi finds him and takes him to Shantivan.

Episode 369

Arnav introduces Sheetal to his family. But when the family members find similarities between Arnav and Aarav, Khushi is dismayed. Will Arnav tell Khushi about Sheetal?

Thursday 29 August 2019

Episode 370
Khushi is restless on learning that Sheetal is Arnav’s ex-girlfriend. Later, Sheetal visits Shantivan to collect Aarav’s prescription. The doctor informs Sheetal and Khushi that Aarav is diabetic.

Episode 371

Khushi suspects that Aarav is Arnav’s son when the doctor tells her that the boy is diabetic. Khushi even invites Sheetal and Aarav to come and stay with them. What is Khushi trying to achieve?

Friday  30 August 2019

Aarav refuses to reveal his father’s name. Khushi tries to find out from his admission form kept in the Principal’s office, but she is unsuccessful. What will Khushi’s next step be?


Khushi manages to stick chewing-gum secretly on Aarav’s head to get a fews strands of his hair for DNA testing. But Arnav discovers the DNA test report. How is Arnav going to react?

The basketball match Forbidden Love August 2019 Teasers

The basketball match


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