Fire and Ice Tuesday Update 1 October 2019


Fire and Ice Tuesday Update 1 October 2019

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Kunj sees Yuvi following them from mirror. Yuvi comes beside their car and knocks on their window, Kunj says what he is doing here? what he wants? Twinkle takes off window glass and asks what happened Yuvi? Yuvi says there is bomb in car, Twinkle is shocked, Kunj says what? Yuvi says there is bomb in car, he says to Kunj that my mom has fixed bomb in your car, trust me, dont let car stop and keep driving at fast speed else bomb will explode. Kunj starts driving fast, he says to Twinkle that nothing will happen. Kunj says to Yuvi that i cant leave steering, you have to diffuse bomb Yuvraj. Yuvi jumps from his bike and hangs on Kunj’s car bonnet, Twinkle asks Yuvi to be careful, Twinkle prays to Lord to save them.

Yuvi is hanging with car while Kunj is driving fast. Yuvi sees bomb at side of car, he tries to reach it but it is difficult, cars are passingby him too. Twinkle prays to Lord to protect three of them, she gets worried for Yuvi and asks him to be careful. Yuvi moves down from car’s bonnet and tries to reach bomb, Kunj asks him to be careful. time is running short on bomb, Yuvi gets hold of bomb and throws it away before it explodes, he falls down from car and lies on road, he thanks God for helping. Kunj and Twinkle comes there, Kunj gives his hand to Yuvi, Yuvi smiles and holds his hand, he gets up and says today i enjoyed being hero so much which i never got being villain, dont worry i have held your hand, i will not backstab you, Kunj says it will take time to trust you, Twinkle smiles.

Yuvi, Kunj and Twinkle comes to court. Yuvi gives them divorce papers and says you both are legally husband and wife from today, lawyer check papers and says its fine, Yuvi says i know you both dont trust me but trust me i have done all this without thinking about any gain, there is no planning or plotting, its only happy ending, have a happy married life ahead, Kunj you were right, true love means sacrificing and not gaining, if you love someone then you can leave whole world for them, i have understood this after much time but i lost my Twinkle, i will apply this in next birth and maybe in that life Twinkle will forgive me, then maybe she and i will be together, i can do this for Twinkle, maybe this is true love, good luck to you both, he starts leaving, Twinkle and Kunj looks on confused and tensed, Yuvi smiles and leaves.

Kunj says to Twinkle that you must be happy today, Twinkle smiles and hugs him, Sajna ve plays, Kunj says no one can separate us now, we have only happiness in life, Twinkle says i pray that we remain happy like this, Kunj says God are you listening?
Kunj and Twinkle comes home, Leela says i cant believe that Yuvi gave divorce papers back, thank God Yuvi’s humanity cameback, Twinkle says even i couldnt believe all this, how can Yuvi change so much suddenly? he took such a big step, Kunj says we all know Yuvi, maybe he is planning something again, i have doubt, i cant trust him thats why i am going to challenge him to know this truth, after that we will know if he is changed or not.
Yuvi meets goon and says if you try to hurt Kunj or Twinkle on my mother’s saying then i wont spare you, now leave, goon leaves.
Cherry comes into room, he opens locker and takes out money. Yuvi comes there and says what are you doing in my mother’s room? you took out money from her cupboard? you have duplicate keys too? it means you have stolen money before too? this is my mom’s money, Cherry says its my father’s money, talk with respect, Yuvi says learn to earn money, dont steal it, if you try to do this again then i will tell everyone, leave, he leaves. Anita sees all this and thinks that Yuvi might have got illness of becoming but i have my step son, he will help me against Twinkle and Kunj.

Kunj meets Yuvi and asks what is his plan? how did he save them from bomb blast? why did he gave divorce papers back to them? you dont have humanity so why you are pretending to me nice? Yuvi says i am like person who lied to world and when he said truth then nobody believed him, trust me i am changed person and it is all because of Twinkle, she saved my life and i realized everything, i want to live with peace and love not with hatred, Kunj says i never trust you. Yuvi says just tell me how to make you trust me, just tell me what i have to do, i will do anything to gain your trust. Kunj says good, you gave divorce to Twinkle, its nice but now you have to wash off your sins, i want you to get Twinkle married to me, Yuvi says i cant do this, Kunj says hi knew it, you can do it, Yuvi says i will make you get married to Twinkle with all rituals, i will be with you in all traditions so that you have best wedding, i will be your best man in wedding and i just hope you believe me then that i am changed, Kunj is stunned, he leaves.
Babee says to Kunj that Yuvi said he will make you get married to Twinkle and you agreed to him? Kunj says i am testing Yuvi, he cant see me and Twinkle together thats why i want him to do our marriage, when we will be getting married infront of them then he will try to do some stunt and we will know what is in his heart.
Cherry comes to some place, he calls Anita and says you said i will get money here, man comes to Cherry.
Leela says to Kunj that you are right, if Yuvi is planning something then he will surely ishow his real colors in wedding but how will we prepare for wedding so soon? Yuvi comes there with workers and stuff, he says i thought you might need all these things in wedding so i brought it, he says to family that i know i have hurt you all, i have pained you all, i did many bad things and you people dont like me but trust me just give me one chance, i want to rectify my mistakes, just giveme chance and i wont give you chance to be disappointed with me, he sadly looks at Twinkle. He ask workers to start working, they leave. Babee and Leela doesnt trust him, Yuvi leaves. Twinkle stands there tensed.

Man gives money to Cherry, Cherry thanks him. Anita calls Cherry and says you know what you have to do after getting this money, Cherry says i will do as you say. Anita thinks that Twinkle thought she will brainwash my son and will live happily with her husband but till i am alive, i wont let Twinkle be happy, her dresm of happy married life will remain dream.

Yuvi says to pinni please apologize me for my past mistakes. You will never see that old yuvi in me again. Leela says what is this now. Twinkle says how can he change this much. Leela says strange.
Cherry comes out with sindur box. He says mummy ji asked meto place it here for the mioney. He places in the arti plate.

Kunj checks his sherwani. Yuvi says nice. let me help you select. This one suits you.Kunj says no twinkle likes that one. He says okay then for that. Yuvi says is this your fottwear? I will clean it. Kunj says I will yuvi says it won’t take time. he cleans kunj’s footwear. Kunj calls Twinkle and says hi mrs how are you? I miss you. Come here.Secret romance is fun. I want to kiss you. Come or i will abduct you. Kunj says in heart I know this is all drama. Twinkle comes in and hugs kunj. Yuvi says hello guys there is a thing called privacy. What if someone comes. He leaves. Twinkle says has he changed? Kunj says no he can’t. I dont know what he is upto. Twinkle says he can’t control this much. He says we will know.

Kunj comes downstairs as groom. Babbe says he looks so handsome. Leela brings in twinkle. Yuvi gets a text I will not let twinkle and kunj to be one. I have sent something that will ruin everything. Yuvi says what are you doing mom.What is your new plan. I am sure she has placed something here. He keeps looking but can’t find anything. He says has mom fixed a bomb?
Jerry drops cash yuvi says where you got this money from? Jerry says go ask your mom.Dont annoy me.
Yuvi looks for anita. He sees a bottle with sindur around.
Twinkle and kunj take the rounds around fire.
yuvi says what is this?He checks that there is acid in the bottle.
kunj makes her wear the mangalsutra. Pandit ji asks kunj to fill her hairline. He opens the pot. Yuvi runs toward the hall. He throws away the sindur. Everyone is dazed. Yuvi’s hand gets burned. kunj says you showed your reality again. You couldn’t see me filling her hairline?Yuvi says listen to me. Kunj slaps him and says I have had enough. Yuvi says try to understand. Pandit says there was chemical in sindur that is why fire blew.Your wife could die. He saved her life. Jerry says this is what mummy ji wanted me to do? Yuvi says I had no other option my mom did this and someone helped her. Will confess or should I insult you.He looks at jerry. Babbe says you? Jerry says sorry i didn’t what her intentions were. She asked me to place it here. Kunj says one more drama what you think you can fool us all?Yuvi says why would I burn my own hand?Kunj says you have done more. Yuvi says okay fine. He calls police and complains them about anita. He says arrest her. Yuvi says I really want you to stay happy with twinkle. He brings sindur and says fill her hairline from your home’s sindur.Kunj says I will but not the way you want. Yug cuts him thumb and fills her hairline from blood.He says she is my wife. Mrs. Twinkle Kunj.

Kunj says maa everything is packed. call me when you reach london. She says i don’t wanna go but your papa is asking me. Babbe says go and take care of him. Usha leaves. Twinkle says take care mummy ji.
Babee says go you two and rest and start living with each other. Leela says God bless you.
Yuvi says I am really guilty. I know you don’t trust me Kunj but I have changed. trust me, I want you two to be one. Please forgive me. He leaves.

Kunj says Mrs. Kunj. He caresses her face and hugs her.

Kunj says to Twinkle that i am so happy today, i will not have to see Yuvi’s face, he talks like we dont know him, he talks sweetly then will backstab him, Twinkle says maybe he is changed for real, Kunj says are you mad, he cant change, there is some gameplan, Twiinkle says he sent his mother to jail for us, he cant hurt his mother, Kunj says he can do anything to plot against us, maybe its strategy of his and Anita together, Twinkle says if it is strategy then he wont be doing so much for us, Kunj says if he wanted to change then he could have changed earlier, he tried to kill us earlier, Twinkle says he knows that we hate him but still we saved his life, maybe this thing hit his mind and he changed seeing all this, we can give him chance, Kunj says you are really innocent, leave it, Twinkle says before judging anyone we can give chnace to person for explanation, Kunj says you are taking side of that cheap man? you are trying to give him chance? Twinkle says i am not taking sides but if a person is trying to repent then we can atleast give him a chance, Kunj says lets sleep, he goes on his side of bed and lies to sleep, Twinkle wants to talk to him but Kunj turns away from her and acts like sleeping, Twinkle lies on her side of bed and turns away from Kunj, Kunj turns and looks at her sleeping on her side, he glares her.
Its morning, Leela meets Twinkle and Kunj and says i am nominated for best business women award, i want your help, can you please make presentation for me to show them what i have done in my field, Kunj says i will make such good presentation for you that all will be in awe of your work, Leela thanks him. Anita comes there and says people are fool, Leela you want award? why wait for conference, she offers award to Leela, Leela takes award and is confused, Anita says business women of year award will go to me, you take this fake award, Babee says talk to me, Anita you are cheap women, i told surjeet that you should come in this house but you are so shameless that you keep coming back here, Anita says this is my inlaws house so i keep coming here, i will win over anita in this award ceremony only then my and my son’s revenge will be completed, she leaves.

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