Fire and Ice Sunday Update 8 September 2019


Fire and Ice Sunday Update 8 September 2019

Babee says to Kunj that Twinkle has taken contract of neighbor Nisar chaudary’s daughter, you know they are dangerous, Kunj says they are goons, he says to Twinkle that you like to put yourself in danger one after another, its enough, Twinkle gets call from Nisar Chaudary, he says to Twinkle that you know you have to come to my house, i hate people who lie, if you dont come then i wont spare you, he ends call, Twinkle is tensed, she looks at Kunj, he leaves angrily, Twinkle is tensed.

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At night, Twinkle is taking care of Manohar, she says to Manohar that i know i have taken big challenge, if any mistake happens this time then i will be stuck big time but i wont move back, i will fulfill this challenge, if i do any mistake then it will be your insult too which i wont let happen, Kunj listens all this and thinks that Manohar never trusted me regarding business but Twinkle is really innocent thats why she gets into trouble so i wont let be alone, i will be with her as this is about my father’s respect, he leaves, Twinkle says i was trying to set things right but dont know how i got stuck between goons, i just hope Chaudary’s daughter’s marriage happens nicely.
Its morning, Twinkle wakes up and says i have work, she sees note, its from Kunj.. it reads that I am going to meet client, dont be late, come on time.. Twinkle says i know Kunj wont leave me alone, he will be with me, i should get ready and see if he is gone or waiting for me.
Twinkle comes out of house and says Kunj is gone? she sees Yuvi talking to some man, man says to Yuvi that i did as you said, i faked accident with RD’s car then i destroyed food in Vikram’s function, give me money, Yuvi says you will get money, spy on Twinkle, now go, man leaves, Twinkle listens all this and says so it was Yuvi behind all this? i will not leave him this time, he is spying on me? this time Babee is with me too, i wont spare you.
Twinkle is with Babee, she sees Yuvi passing-by, she says loudly to Babee that i am going to hagvare, i have event there, she thinks that i and Kunj will go to Hisar and Yuvi will go to Hagvare, Twinkle leaves, Yuvi says i have to go to hagvare too, Babee comes to Yuvi, Mahi comes to him and says i have kept fast for us today, can you come to pooja with me? Yuvi says no.. Babee says this is very wrong, you have to go in pooja, thats final, Yuvi angrily looks at Mahi and says okay.
Twinkle sits in car and sees Kunj’s wrist watch on dashboard, she recalls time spent with Kunj, she says i remembered all memories seeing this watch, we were so happy, every moment was special, we were getting so close, we were about to confess our love but because of my one mistake, we are separated, i promise i will return those moments, i will bring happiness back to us, soon i will listen i love you from you too, be ready.
Twinkle comes to some place, she gets down from car to ask address from a man, she imagines Kunj in him, Agar tum saath ho plays, she sees it was her imagination and gets sad.

Kunj is riding bike, he sees Twinkle waiting on road to take life, he goes to her and realizes it was his imagination.
Twinkle tries to open her car’s bonnet, Kunj comes and helps her opening it, Twinkle smiles at him and keep looking at him, she realizes it was someone else. Kunj is riding bike, he sees Twinkle sitting behind him, he looks back to see it was his imagination, he is distraught and recalls their moments, how Twinkle touched his feet, how they had dinner date as dhabba, a dupatta falls on Kunj’s head, he takes it off and sees a girl standing near well, he says girl is going to do suicide? he asks her to stop, girl turns and looks at him, Kunj says what are you doing? girl stands on well’s wall, Kunj runs to save girl, girl jumps in well and screams, Kunj comes there and holds her hand in time, girl looks at him in tears.

The girl is about to fall. Kunj holds her hand and says give me the other hand. He pulls her up. she says let me die. Kunj says what happened? Is it something related to love? She nods. He says you are one of those people who think they can love and then when problems pop up they choose the easy. She says you wont understand. let me die. He says don’t be stupid. Your soul will roam around here and annoy the villagers. Now tell me what happened? She says no. Let me die or babu will kill me. He wants me to get married to someone else. And i wanna marry someone, he didn’t come. His phone is off as well. If i now go home, he will kill me. Kunj says parents can’t kill their children. he says come with me I will talk to him. She says you don’t know my dad, he will kill you with me as well. For him name is everything.
Babu says how could she run. He shots some bullets. He says people who used to bow down to me will make fun of me now/. We are defamed. they will say we can’t handle our own daughter. Go and find her or I will kill you. The girl comes in with Kunj. He points the gun at her. He asks where did you go? And who is this guy? Tell me or I will kill you. She says I didn’t do anything wrong babu. I didn’t want to leave the house that is why I came back. He says don’t be so pious now. Who is he and what is he doing with you? Kunj says my name is kunj.. your daughter was.. She says babu he is the guy I love. Kunj is dazed. Twinkle is looking for Kunj. She says babu is of our caste. We really love each other and wanna marry each other.
Twinkle comes near that house. She says baby I wanted to tell you but I was scared of you. I wanted to run from house but he said we will take your blessings and then get married. He says in heart if I say something now, he will kill her.
Twinkle says i was stuck in jam. The guard asks where is you husband?
Babu says you brought her home?

Twinkle says I am calling him, he left before me. Twinkle goes in.
Babu says you love her? Kunj says I and Rajjo.. His phone rings. Its twinkle. She comes in with the guy. He says the girl who arranges weddings is here. She says sorry I am late. She sees Kunj and is dazed. Babu says you know him? Twinkle is confused. Kunj says in heart oh no. This is the same chaudhary. Kunj nods negative. Twinkle says yes.. I know he is my p.. Kunj says we must have met somewhere in the city. Babu says give me your phone. Kunj says in heart what if he checks the call list. He will kill us all together. The phone goes off. Babu says take it back. Now how willwe know if she is lying or not. He says do you love my daughter? Will you marry her? Kunj says yes. He says heer and rajha type of love. we love each other. I will marry her. He points the gun at kunj. Rajjo says babu don’t kill him its not his mistake. Please listen to me. He says back off. Babu laughs and hugs him. He says well done. You have won my heart. If all guys were like you no dad had to get worried. you brought her home. I love people who say truth. He says to twinkle get preps ready for wedding. Get things ready everyone. Its chadhary’s daughter’s wedding. Twinkle says to kunj what?

Yuvi is on his way with Mahi. He says what were you saying? She says you were driving and calling its not safe. He says you should drive and should sit and rest there. She says I can’t drive properly. He says nevermind. Try it now. She sits on the driving seat. Mahi says I can’t do this. He says got it now? Then don’t teach me what should I do and what I shouldn’t. Get out now and sit on your seat.

Rajjo is in her room. Twinkle and Kunj are there as well. Kunj says I had to lie to save her life. I said that I am marrying her. Rajjo says I am sorry. I didn’t want him to get stuck. I hope I get to call raja. Kunj says I saved you fro suicide and then I saved your from your dad and then I saved myself from my dad. And now you think you will call raja and he will come with baraat. And what if he doesn’t? he will get us married? Twinkle says kunj quite. Do you know if he loves you? she says yes he really loves me and smiles. Twinkle says why are you smiling like this? she says on cinema’s back seat, he held my hand and said that he will bring me moon. Then I don’t know what happened. He didn’t come. I know him so well. He can’t see tears in my eyes. He must be in trouble but I am sure he will come. I will marry him, we have to pretend this unless he doesn’t come. Kunj says we have to save him. She says what will happen when babu knows. Her brother comes in and says what truth are you people talking about?

Mahi and Yuvi are sitting with agni. He stands up and says enough. The pooja is done. She says no its left. He says I have to go I dont have time for all this. She says at least tie this thread. It will protect you. He throws it away and says I dont need this. Let me breathe. Don’t drag me in all this. She says I did this pooja for us. Don’t be mad. He says let me go I said.

Kunj says I was telling twinkle how much we love each other. Borther says rajjo tau is calling you. He says jeja ji come her. Twinkle says they are not married yet. He says whats your problem. Do your work. Where is your husband? She says he is stuck in another wedding. He will come here. Brother says now go and work. Kunj says talk politely. He says I have to get your measurements. we have to get your suit ready by evening. Kunj says will it be ready so early? He says we will kill the tailor if he doesn’t. Suddenly they hear fires. Twinkle shouts. He says its just a tone. He says madam ji take his measurements, I am leaving. She take his measurements. The song agar tum saath ho plays.

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