Fire and Ice Sunday Update 15 September 2019


Fire and Ice Sunday Update 15 September 2019

Kunj reads Mahi’s diary, it says that Twinkle can cross any limit to separate me from Yuvi. Yuvi and Anita sees it, Anita recalls how she wrote all this in Mahi’s diary, she says after police will get this diary, they will have full doubt on Twinkle then, flashback ends. Kunj says this cant be written by Mahi, Yuvi comes there and says you think that i have done this to frame Twinkle? Kunj says you have done this as you want to put blame on Twinkle, inspector says this diary is proof against Twinkle, case is more stronger against her now, Kunj says this is lie, Twinkle is innocent, inspector says we will find truth.
Female inspector questions Twinkle, Twinkle breakdowns and says i havent killed Mahi, why will i kill her? she cries.
inspector takes diary from Kunj and leaves, Kunj stares Yuvi angrily and leaves.
Twinkle says to inspector that let me talk to my husband once, i request you, inspector says why did you kill her? Twinkle says its done by Yuvi, i feel nothing happened to Mahi, she is alive, inspector says from where you have thrown her, after that nobody can be alive after that, we will soon recover her body and you will be behind bars permanently.
Leela looks at sacred locket and says to Pinni that i should have made Mahi wear it, she would have been saved, i got Mahi after so many years, i was so happy but now i wont be able to see her again, i wont be able to hug her again, Raman asks her to control herself, think what Twinkle must be going through, Leela says RT doesnt believe Twinkle, he is under Anita and Yuvi’s talks, if Twinkle gets to know this then she will be so hurt.

Anita says to Babee that Twinkle will be jailed for 14years, she is gone, Babee says dont say bitter words, i dont want to listen you, Anita says why i should be silent? Twinkle have killed my daughter in law and Kunj is putting blame on my son? why?
Raman says Rt cant see any problem in Yuvi, RT comes there and says whatever you want to say, say it infront of me else keep your mouth shut, i have seen everything with my eyes, Pinni says excuse me, you are under Yuvi’s influence, you cant see anything. Leela says to RT that when you will know truth which is that Twinkle is innocent then you will regret all this.
Anita says to Babee that you always take Twinkle’s side, Babee says enough, we all know you never liked Mahi and after her death, she is your daughter in law? why you are behind Twinkle? Anita says i am behind Twinkle? Kunj comes there and says enough, he says to Anita that you are elder and i respect you, i am warning you to stay away from my family else i will… Anita says what will you do? like Twinkle pushed Mahi from cliff and killed her, you will kill me sameway? what will you do? she pushes him away, Kunj shouts enough and says its enough not anymore, Yuvi comes there and says keep your tone low otherwise i can send you to jail too, keep your ego to yourself, your Twinkle have killed Mahi and she has to go to jail, Kunj says you will send her to jail? i have proofs against your deeds, you will go to jail and i will save Twinkle for sure then i will see you, Yuvi says you cant do anything about me and forget about your wife, she will remain in jail, Kunj says all the time you keep thinking how to separate me and Twinkle but let me tell you, our trust is stronger then your cheap thinking, we have love between us, you kept trying to separate us but you kept losing, you will lose this time too, Yuvi says you are challenging me? now Twinkle cant be saved by anyone, Kunj says you are challenging? i accept it, i will save my wife at any cost and this is a husband’s promise.
Someone comes in jail, he is covered in blanket, he sees police officers sleeping, he takes key and comes to Twinkle’s cell, he opens her cell.
Yuvi is with a girl, he says it happened what i wanted, i set up everything for Mahi’s death and framed Twinkle for it, someone knocks his door, he opens it and finds Anita there, he gets tensed and says you her at night? Anita finds girl in his room, she comes in room and throws drink on girl’s face, he asks her to get lost, girl leaves, Yuvi asks why you did it? Anita says you are enjoying with cheap girls, you know whats happening outside? you know Kunj has gone to police station with food for Twinkle, i saw Usha and Babee talking, flashback shows Babee telling Usha that Kunj took food for Twinkle, he was worried for her, Usha says but police said that till investigation is on, no one cant meet Twinkle, Babee says thats what i am worried about, how he will meet Twinkle? fb ends, Anita says dont know what love birds must be planning.
Twinkle wakes up and finds Kunj in her cell, she gets elated and hugs him tightly, she says Kunj.. he asks if she is fine? she says yes, why did you come here? if anyone sees you then it will be problem for you, just leave, Kunj says i dont care, how would i sit at home calmly when you are suffering here so much? Twinkle asks about Mahi, Kunj says police is finding her deadbody, Twinkle says i feel Mahi is not dead, she is alive, Kunj says control yourself, she fell off cliff infront of your eyes, how can she be alive? Kunj says i wish she was alive, i wish i could have taken you from here, i cant see you in this state, you dont know what i am going through, just comeback home, he touches his forehead with hers.
Anita says to Yuvi that our mistake can destroy our plan, Yuvi says no this is my plan and it will succeed, Kunj thinks he is smart? now see what i do, he calls inspector.

Kunj makes Twinkle eat dinner, she asks did you eat anything? he nods, she says now you will lie to me? she makes him eat, Twinkle says i dont understand how this happened, when i reached cliff, i could see Mahi but i am sure, Yuvi was there and pushed Mahi, i dont understand where he was hiding, Kunj says i will find put how he did it, i will go to that cliff, Twinkle says but search operation is going on there, Kunj says if i have to find truth then i need to take risk. Twinkle shows her anklet to Kunj and says its Mahi’s and she made me wear it with her hands, my younger sister first time shared her thing with me but i couldnt give her anything, she cries, Kunj wipes her tears and offers to eat more, inspector comes there and shouts Mr. Kunj, you know you have done crime by coming inside, he is on call with Yuvi.

Inspector scolds Kunj and says you were trying to take Twinkle from here? Kunj says no i just came to make Twinkle eat dinner, i dont go against law, inspector says and what about coming jail stealthily? he is about to arrest Kunj but Twinkle says he came to make eat dinner only, he didnt do anything wrong, please dont arrest him, inspector is taking Kunj from there, Twinkle falls down, Kunj gets worried and says nothing will happen to you, Twinkle says to inspector that i promise you Kunj wont come to meet again, Kunj is stunned, inspector leaves Kunj, Kunj leaves from there, Yuvi listens all this on call and laughs on Twinkle and Kunj, Anita asks him to be careful, Kunj will fight back.
Yuvi and RT comes to site where Mahi died, inspector says we are finding Mahi’s body but we didnt find it, Yuvi says i couldnt see my Mahi last time. Yuvi says to RT that its only you and me who are here, nobody cares about Mahi, all they care about is Twinkle even Leela also, i feel bad, Rt wipes his tears listening this, Kunj comes near site, he finds Yuvi talking to RT, she hides from Yuvi and inspector and says i have to find some proof against Yuvi. Kunj comes near cliff and thinks what Yuvi would have done to make Mahi fall from here? he sees another mountain infront of cliff. Kunj comes to otherside of cliff and says this must be the place where Yuvi was hiding, he would have pulled Mahi down from here, i should find proof here, he starts searching there.
Inspector gets call that Mahi’s body is found. Inspector brings RT and Yuvi near body, face is covered with sheet, inspector says you have to recognize her, RT tries to see her face but its fully smeared, he gets shocked and scared, Yuvi says this cant be our Mahi.
Anita says to Leela and Babee that i cant believe Mahi’s body was in such bad condition, Babee asks her to not say like this, Anita says i am telling what Yuvi told me, Mahi’s body was completely destroyed, she have got such bad death, Leela stares Anita.
Kunj comes to Yuvi and says stop your drama, its enough, Kunj looks at deadbody, he says you have done all this and i have proof of that, inspector asks what? Kunj shows Yuvi’s ring and says this is Yuvi’s ring, i found it in bushes, i am sure when Twinkle and Mahi were on cliff, he was hiding in bushes, he had tied rope on Mahi’s foot, he pulled rope when Twinkle came near her, all thought that it was Twinkle who pushed her, he says to Yuvi that your game is over, i was waiting for one proof against you.
Leela says to Anita that you wanted me to breadown, you wanted me to lose to you? i have lost, she sits on her knees and says see i am bowing infront of you, you wanted to destroy me and see you have done it, my whole family is destroyed, my one daughter is dead and other daughter is in jail and my husband is not believing, i am alone, you are happy or you want something more to do?
Yuvi says to Kunj that you can bring any ring and will say that its mine and i killed mahi? Kunj says why are you tensed then? Yuvi says i havent done anything, Kunj says then wear this ring and prove me wrong, Yuvi says why should i wear it? Kunj says why you are reluctant, Yuvi says you can do anything but you wont be able to save Twinkle, she will bear punishment for sure, Kunj asks him to wear ring.
Anita says to Leela that you can blame us for everything but you can change truth and truth is that your one daughter has killed your other daughter, you wont get anything by making me look bad infront of all, Pinni takes Leela from here, Babee stares Anita and leaves. Anita says Leela was right, today i fulfilled my revenge, i have fulfilled my promise, i have destroyed and broken you like you broke me years back, i have won, she laughs.
Inspector asks Yuvi to wear ring, Yuvi says but you have got culprit, she is in jail then why i should do it? inspector says investigation is still on, we have doubt on everyone, wear ring, Yuvi takes ring from Kunj, Kunj asks Yuvi to wear it in ring finger, Yuvi wears it but it doesnt fit his finger and says this is smaller than my size, Kunj says this cant be true, he tries to make him wear it, RT says enough, this ring is smaller, your blame is rubbish, inspector says to Kunj that you are div3erting our attention, leave from here, he goes to take body for postmortem, Yuvi asks Kunj what happened? see its Mahi’s body, what will you do now? you said game over? its game over for Twinkle, save her if you can.
Yuvi comes to Anita, Anita asks ring didnt fit your finger? Yuvi shows how he had fake skin on his finger, he says i was not finding my ring and i thought if police finds my ring then i will be gone so i ordered this skin mask, Kunj was so shocked to be failed, Anita says you are genius like your mother, what will we do now? Yuvi says we will enjoy, i am thinking to go and meet my baby.
Kunj comes in jail and tells Twinkle about finding Mahi’s body, Twinkle says to Kunj that it cant be Mahi’s deadbody which is found, she cant die, its not her body, Kunj asks her to calm down and says Mahi is dead, she has left us, dont be weak for me, for yourself and for Mahi, he says i promise you i will make Yuvi get punishment for his deeds, you have to be with me, promise me that you will be with me? Twinkle holds his hand, she cries, they recall their moments spent together.

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