Fire and Ice Saturday Update 28 September 2019


Fire and Ice Saturday Update 28 September 2019

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Twinkle and Kunj comes back home, Yuvi strikes with Twinkle, Anita says he must have banged with you mistakenly, Babee asks Kunj and Twinkle to go to their room, Anita says Twinkle is married to Yuvi and they should stay in one room, Twinkle says you have cheap thinking, marriage means to you that husband wife should stay in room, they should have physical relation and thats it, Yuvi is planning to have marriage night with me but marriage is much more than that, marriage is about having trust in each other, having emotional support for each other and be with each other all the time, Yuvi might have married me by cheating but its women’s right whoever she wants to stay with and i wont share room with Yuvi, Kunj says Twinkle will stay in my room only, you both might not have noticed that i am sleeping guest room from the time this fake marriage has happened, i will sleep outside my wife’s room as there are many wild animals roaming around, they leave.

Its morning, Twinkle is putting clothes on rope, Kunj comes from behind and hugs her, she says i knew its you, she says to Kunj that Yuvi might have married me but i am yours, we have to wait for sometime for our relation as Yuvi keep planning some and other,i promise you that i wont let Yuvi come near me, Kunj says we will handle everything together, dont worry. Yuvi comes there and says Twinkle wrong deed, you are romancing other guy infront of your husband? he says to Kunj that soon Twinkle will be pacified and then we will spend night together, Kunj tries to hit Yuvi but Twinkle stops him and says he is provoking you, Yuvi throws ball at Twinkle but Kunj holds it, Yuvi says so you know man’s game cricket too except girly house games? are you afraid that Twinkle might get upset if you have bet with me for cricket? she get upset over everything, i loved she got upset, i married her she got upset and now she is upset that i want to spend marriage night with her, you know Twinkle had set bed for our marriage night so lovingly, she was waiting for me with roses, Kunj gets angry and holds his collar, he asks what he wants? a bet? lets have bet, if Yuvi loses then he will have to say sorry to Twinkle for his deeds, Yuvi says if i win then.. he says i will tell my condition after winning bet only, i will tell you what i want after winning only, Kunj says lets have bet, he leaves with Twinkle.

All family members come on ground, Twinkle says yuvi is very good player, he has won many tournaments, Kunj says he will lose this time, Cherry says we are in his team but will play from your side Kunj. Yuvi comes there and Raman will be umpire, Pinni will commentator. Toss happens and Yuvi wins toss, Yuvi asks Twinkle to get ready to fulfill his wishes, Twinkle thinks dont know what is in his mind, what he is planning to do. Match starts, Pinni does commentary that there should be leg breaking ceremony of Anita too. Yuvi is batting, Kunj bowls, he gives two dots, yuvi hits ball and takes two runs, Anita is on otherside of pitch. Twinkle cheers for Kunj while fielding, Babee is wicket keeper. Kunj bowls, Yuvi hits 6, all are disappointed. Kunj bowls again, Yuvi hits 4. Yuvi hits sixes and fours on kunj’s bowling. Leela comes to bowl, she bold-out Anita, Anita is out. Yuvi comes to bat again, he hits in air, Babee is about to take catch but Yuvi calls her name and says Babee save me, save me, she gets distracted and looks at him instead of catching ball, she falls down as yuvi has confused her calling out her name. Yuvi’s team has don batting and they have scored 159 runs. kunj’s team comes to bat. Kunj is on opening batting while Twinkle comes to otherside of pitch. Yuvi comes to bowl. Yuvi bowls, Kunj hits 6, all cheer for him, cherry is wicket keeper. Kunj hit sixes and fours on Yuvi’s bowling, he takes run and gives batting to Twinkle. Twinkle is ready to bat, Yuvi bowls but she couldnt hit it and it is given as dot ball. Yuvi bowls again, Twinkle hits 6, Babee says she is Jhansi ki Rani. Twinkle takes run on next ball and gives batting to Kunj. Pinni says Yuvi is looking mentally disturbed after this over. Anita comes to bowl, Kunj hits ixes on her ball. After over, Yuvi comes to bowl, he bowls, Kunj hits ball and runs on pitch to take run, Twinkle is about to run from otherside of pitch but Yuvi puts his shoe on Twinkle’s shoe-lace, she is unable to move while Kunj has come on middle of pitch and sees Twinkle being stopped by Yuvi, he is stunned, Pinni sys Kunj can be runout now, Twinkle tries to run, she takes off her shoe and runs without shoe but Yuvi gets ball and runouts her, Pinni says Twinkle made 78 and is runout now. Kunj’s team now wants 2 runs from one ball to win. Leela comes to bat, Kunj says to Leela that we need only 2runs from 1ball, i will hit ball, you just run from other end and take runs. Anita stealthily throws small crystal balls on pitch. Yuvi bowls, Kunj hits ball, Leela and Kunj runs from respective ends to take run, they put foot on crystal balls in middle of pitch, slip and fall down on pitch, all are shocked.

Yuvi says twinkle will go on a date with me. Its husband and wife’s date so I want no disturbance. Kunj how can you even think I will send her with you. Yuvi says be a sportsman. You are a loser. And who the hell are you to stop a husband from taking his wife out. Now see twinkle how I take out in front of all of them. In one hour, come back dressed. you should look hot like you used to. This is our first date after marriage, should be romantic get ready.
Twinkle says maa he has won this match with cheating. He got me with cheating. I won’t go with him. Leela says I am more angry. How dare he. But I trust kunj he will take out a way. He wont let you go out with yuvi alone. Kunj texts twinkle. She says he asked me to come near car. Twinkle leaves.

Twinkle comes near car.She asks why have you called me here? She sits in the car.Its yuvi on driving seat. he grasps her hand. Twinkle is dazed. Kunj comes out of house. he collides with leela. Leela says you asked twinkle to come near car. Kunj says I? I never texted her.
Yuvi says hi wifey, your husband. Your kunj leaves his phone anywhere. He can’t take care of phone how will he take care of you? Twinkle says leave my hand.He says lets go on a romantic date. Kunj says where can he take her? He follows Yuvi’s car. Twinkle says why are you taking me forcefully. Yuvi says you two lost the bet. Now running form me? You can’t. Twinkle sees Kunj’s car following them. Twinkle says look back. He is coming. You can’t date me but will get hit.
Yuvi speeds up his car. Twinkle says kunj won’t give up. Twinkle says when he had our first date I and Kunj it was so special. Yuvi sees the kunj’s car is not coming anymore. He says saw wifey? He has gone. I can’t even see him. you look shocked? Drink water. She says no thanks. He says in heart I knew she won’t drink water from my bottle. Twinkle takes the bottle from the back of the car. She says in heart it looks okay but I can’t trust yuvi. He might have mixed something. This is kunj’s car but yuvi can do anything. She drinks the water. Yuvi says in heart who will save you from me now twinkle? After a while twinkle faints. He says superb now I will do something you never even imagined. He says will celebrate our wedding night today.
Yuvi takes twinkle out and takes her inside the house. he takes off his shirt. Yuvi says finally today we will be one. Some thugs come in and grasp yuvi. They say oh we never thought item like this would come to ourselves.

Yuvi says don’t dare it. I won’t leave you. They hit yuvi. yuvi says don’t touch her. The thug goes near Twinkle. Kunj breaks in. He starts beating the thug. Yuvi beats the other thug. One of them is about to hit Kunj but kunj stops him. They run out. Kunj picks up twinkle and says nothing will happen to you. I am here for you. Kunj looks in anger at yuvi. Yuvi says you are responsible for this. You did this to her so you can use her. If you try something like this again I will kill you. You thought you would keep doing this and I won’t do anything? This is one last warning for you.

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