Fire and Ice Monday Update 16 September 2019


Fire and Ice Monday Update 16 September 2019

Leela sees garland on Mahi’s picture, she tries to light diya near it, Kunj comes there and recalls how Twinkle asked him to take care of Maa, he said that she is his mother too, dont worry about her, he comes to Leela and lights diya, Leela says i am so unlucky, i lost my two daughters in one day, i cant believe that i wont see Mahi again, she cries, she asks about Twinkle and asks if she ate anything? how is police behaving with them?

Yuvi comes in jail, he gives money to policeman and comes to Twinkle’s jail, she sees Yuvi and says get lost, she tries to call inspector, Yuvi acts psycho and says you think i am afraid of inspector? Twinkle asks why did you come here? Yuvi says you ask question to me with so much right, i was missing you, you know my day cant be completed without seeing you, i love you baby, Twinkle says soon you will be in jail too, Yuvi says i am waiting for day when we will be in jail together, we will eat, drink and also sleep together, Twinkle says shut up, if you say anything more then i will be bad, Yuvi says i can go to hell too for you smilingly for you, Twinkle says you hell only, i havent seen person like you, i hate you, Yuvi grabs her by neck and strangles her.

Leela says to Kunj that i tried to go to jail to meet Twinkle but couldnt muster courage, i dont want her to weaken seeing me, Kunj consoles Leela.

Yuvi says to Twinkle that why you love Kunj so much? i love you so much, no one can love you like me, i told you to not love and marry Kunj but you did and today you are family planning with him? you have no idea how much pain i feel when i see Kunj holding you in his arms, i am doing all this with for you, after you come out of jail, Kunj would have forgotten you, he would have married someone else but i will wait for you, i will marry you as you are my love, Twinkle asks him to leave her, she bites his hand, Yuvi laughs and says atleast your lips touched me, Twinkle hits his head with cell bars.
Kunj says to Leela that Twinkle is strong, i met her, she is lioness, nothing will happen to her, Leela says i trust you, only you can bring her out of jail.
Twinkle says to Yuvi that you will feel this pain, you will remain in this jail soon, Yuvi says this is like my Twinkle, you are lioness, you are still same thats why i love you, Twinkle says i am changed, i love Kunj and i hate you Yuvi, she goes back, Yuvi gets angry.
Leela says RT thinks that Twinkle did everything but Twinkle and Mahi were getting along well, Mahi told me that Twinkle booked room in resort, Kunj says how didnt i remember it? Twinkle told me that she was called by resort manager only first, i have to meet Twinkle rightnow and ask for resort details.
Yuvi leaves rats in Twinkle’s cell, Twinkle screams and calls for help but no policeman comes there, Yuvi leaves. Kunj comes there and sees rats in her jail, he says dont worry, Twinkle cries, Kunj calls out for someone, policeman comes there, Kunj opens her cell, Twinkle hugs him, Kunj makes her drink water, inspector comes there, he asks what Twinkle is doing outside cell? how did so many rats go in her cell? Twinkle says Yuvi must have done it, he came here, inspector asks policeman on duty where was he? he says i went out for sometime, Kunj says Twinkle wont go in her cell till its cleand, inspector agrees, i am sorry for all this, he says we will take her to magistrate tomorrow, her case will be submitted then she will be transferred to central jail, Kunj says this wont happen, he asks Twinkle about resort’s name? Twinkle looks on.

Its morning, Twinkle is taken to magistrate office. Kunj comes to resort, he asks manager that Twinkle came here that day? he says yes, Kunj someone called her on landline? manager says yes, Kunj says can you give me CCTV footage of that day?
Twinkle is taken from police station, Yuvi sees her going and says finally baby have fun there, goodbye.
Manager is trying to get CCTV footage, its blur. Twinkle is police’s jeep, she recalls how Kunj said that he cant see her in jail, how he made her eat food, how Kunj promised her that he will make Yuvi get punished, how he asked her to remain strong, Kunj comes infront of Police’s jeep, inspector comes out and says what is this way to stop? Kunj says i have to show you some clip, he plays clip and says this is video of resort, Twinkle was called there, she got call from Yuvi there, he shows her how Twinkle said yuvi on call, inspector says but this doesnt prove that Yuvi killed Mahi, Kunj says atleast she can get bail on behalf of this evidence, even my lawyer said she can get bail, inspector gets silent, Kunj comes to Twinkle and holds her hand, he says i told you will bring you out of jail, you will be bailed soon, Twinkle gets happy listening it.
Babee says to Leela that i am so happy Twinkle is coming back, Leela says truth can be hidden for somtime but not for life, they see Yuvi there, Leela says to Yuvi that start counting your days, your end is coming. Kunj brings Twinkle in house, all are happy to see her, Yuvi gets stunned, Leela hugs Twinkle, Babee and Usha hugs Twinkle, Usha is happy to see her, Yuvi gets angry seeing her, he tries to come near her but Kunj comes inbetween and says dont even try, if you are seen near my wife then i will answer you in your language, the stare each other, Kunj gets lawyer’s call, lawyer says i have to discuss about Twinkle’s bail, Kunj goes from there. Usha asks Twinkle to come in house, Anita comes there, she stares Twinkle, she throws blue color on Twinkle’s face, all are shocked, Usha shouts Anita.. Anita says when a criminal comes back home, her face should be blackened, Leela says how dare you do this with my daughter? Anita says she is criminal and she should be treated like this, her black face should be shown to all, Usha says to Twinkle that lets go from here, Anita says criminal’s place is not in this house but outside this house, what police couldnt do, public will do it, she will be thrown out of house and public will deal with her, Yuvi smirks listening this.

Anita shouts on twinkle and drags her out of sarna mansion . Bebe, Usha and Leela requests anita not to create any scene. Neighbours assemble near sarna mansion. Anita shouts that Twinkle killed he bahu and so she needs to be punished. Neighbours surround twinkle and start beating her with broom and chappal. Bebe,Leela and usha try to stop them but they get pushed by the women. Anita and Yuvi smirks on seeing Twinkle getting beaten up.

Kunj watches twinkle getting beaten by mob from upstairs , he rushes to save twinkle.He hugs twinkle and he too gets beaten up. Leela and Bebe tries stopping the mob.Finally Kunj shouts to stop and he starts scolding them an warns them not to raise hands on his wife.If she is fault,then court will punish her and not them. He shouts them to leave.. Leela also asks crowd to leave. Twinkle gets beaten up very badly and unable to move or open eyes. Twinkle is taken inside.

Doctor checks twinkle and asks leela and bebe to let her sleep well.Kunj stays with twinkle.He holds Twinkle hand and promises that anitha and Yuvi will pay for shaming her.


Downstairs, Leela, Bebe and Usha are sad, Leela cries.Meanwhile Anita comes and starts her drama. She tells them that what twinkle faced now is just a very little, She says that twinkle will pay for her deeds.She says Twinkle has no shame to be after her jiju(yuvi) and killed sister for yuvi.

She starts ranting that everyone knows how she was after yuvi before marriage and even now she is after yuvi after marraige. She tells that yuvi is handsome and any girl will fall for him. She tells maybe kunj doesnt keep twinkle happy and so she is after other guy.

Leela loses her cool and she storms off the sofa and slaps anita hard. She shouts at anita,how dare she is (Anita trembles on leela’s shout-must watch) to talk bad about twinkle.Leela says anita that i accepted i lost ,u won. You want to hear this right. I folded hands before you and even begged you, but you are hell bent on destroying my daughter. Leela slaps anita again ,telling that its for her mahi. Anita is shell shocked. Bebe and Usha too.

Leela again slaps anita harshly and tells her that its for insulting Twinkle publicly.
Leela tries to slap anita again but bebe holds her hand and usha too requests Leela to calm down. Leela moves her hand and tells she wont calm down today and slaps anita again.
She tells anita that a mother will accept all tortures for their child, but once their child gets hurt the wrath of mother will burn anything.

Anita tries slapping leela telling how dare she is to slap anitha luthra(she got married to sarna family,but still she says luthra-dont know). Leela and bebe stops and bebe asks anita to stop it.Anita again says how dare she raised hand and bebe tells she deserved slap,and we all know ur true face ,so get lost and she drags anita to her room.

Twinkle gets up and shouts for yuvi and rsearch for him at room.Anita tells yuvi is not there.
Twinkle shouts for yuvraj,Downstairs Leela,usha and bebe asks twinkle to take rest and not shout.Kunj looks on.Twinkle says she wont leave him today and shouts yuvraj.She hears bike sound and goes out.

Yuvi like hero(zero) walks towards home.Twinkle come out and stares at him. (Durga mantra plays)Leela,Bebe,Usha,Cherry,Kunj and Anita watch them. Yuvi says why are u calling, but twinkle gives a heavy tight slap across yuvi’s face.He falls down on ground on this single slap ,his face is covered with mud(yipee, such a slap, he felt down in a single slap). All are shell shocked seeing twinkle’s anger. Bebe is happy.LEela too.

Anita is shocked(haha, slap saga continues to her son now). Twinkle calls yuvraj luthra and asks him ,if he thought she will get fear of him and sit at house.She is not such type girl and will get him punished for his sins.All these days she was tolerating his sins and badtameezi, and not again.She warns him that she will punish him for killing mahi.

Yuvi is in rage(he is still lying in mud- hehehe). Kunj comes and hugs twinkle (Tashan e ishq plays) and takes her inside.Twinkle gives an angry stare at anita, she runs to yuvi. Yuvi asusual says he will punish her.

Anita tries cleaning mud of yuvi’s face.
In room Kunj says Twinkle that we have to be careful with yuvraj. Twinkle says they want to teach yuvi a lesson in his own way and she is ready to go any extent to punish him.
There Yuvi tells anita that, let me see how far twinkle will goto punish me,later they will know how far i will goto save myself.

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