Fire and Ice Friday Update 13 September 2019


Fire and Ice Friday Update 13 September 2019

Kunj is in car, he gets message from Twinkle that i promised you and it will be fulfilled tonight, he says how did she change her mind? he messages her that you changed your mind but how? Twinkle replies that some moments are special and they should be celebrated specially, i wanted to make our moment special, Kunj messages that i coming back home rightnow, she says no, come at night, Kunj smiles seeing it.

Mahi comes in restaurant and finds it decorated, Yuvi comes there and kisses her hand, she gets uncomfortable, Yuvi says i have done all this arrangement for you, he makes her sit and says i have ordered all your favourite dishes, he makes her eat it, he says i lied to you that i love you but yesterday when you said that you want to go out of my life then i realized how much i love you, i have fallen in love with you, the truth of my life is that i madly love you and you love me too, he gives her rose,

Mahi stares him, Yuvi says i know to make your mind, he starts closely dancing with her, she in uncomfortable and pushes him away, she claps and says wow, what an actor you are but i wont get trapped in your fake words, Yuvi says what are you saying? you think my feelings are fake? i love you, Mahi says enough, how much cheating you will do? why did you make me see dreams? i was happy alone, why did you break my heart, Yuvi says i did mistakes but i have started loving you now, Mahi says stop it, i have come here on RT’s and stop using my father for your selfish motives, we cant be one, its over,

Yuvi pulls her forcefully and says whats your problem? did you not like that your husband was close with someone else and never came closer to you? i will finish this reason too today, he tries to come closer to her, Mahi slaps her hard, Mahi says finally your truth came out, i thought you are cheater and liar but i never thought you have such cheap thoughts, what you did rightnow proved that you cant love anyone, you have no idea what girl thinks, you dont deserve to be loved, its over between us, one more thing, try to accept your reality infront of my family as soon as possible as i am not going to stay silent for much time, she leaves, Yuvi shouts and says how dare she slap me? i will take revenge for this, just see what i do with you Mahi now.

Its nights, Twinkle is decorating her room with candles and rose petals. Yuvi sees it and thinks what Twinkle is doing? Twinkle says finally room is set, its perfect, i promised Kunj that i will make this night special, tonight our relation i going to go on next level, i am so excited, Yuvi listens all this and thinks does that mean that Kunj and Twinkle will.. this cant happen. Twinkle says i am so excited, come fast Kunj. Yuvi says i did so much for you Twinkle, i did kidnapping, i became criminal, is got slap from your sister but still you are in my heart and i cant take you out of my mind, till i dont see you once in a day, my day is not completed, he comes in room and says Kunj cant touch Twinkle till i am alive, i will destroy their special, he imagines Twinkle coming there in white saree, he tries to come close to her but Kunj comes there and holds Twinkle’s hand, they closely dances with each other, Kunj pulls Twinkle towards him, Baaton ki teri plays, Yuvi stares them angrily, Twinkle pushes Kunj on bed and lies on him, they roll on bed and share eyelock, Yuvi is in tears seeing all this, Kunj kisses Twinkle’s neck, Twinkle sits in his lap, they both romance each other, Kunj takes Twinkle in his arms, Twinkle hugs him tightly.. this all turns out to be Yuvi’s dream, Yuvi sees Twinkle coming there and hides. Twinkle comes in room and says Kunj you have? did you like the room? Yuvi comes from behind and put hands on her belly, he sings Tumhe apna banane ki kasam, Twinkle says how dare you come here? leave me, she tries to free herself, Yuvi throws her, Twinkle’s hand strikes with table and she gets injured, Yuvi leaves from there, Twinkle cries, Babee, Cherry and Kunj comes there, Kunj asks how did she get hurt? Twinkle says Yuvi came here, he did it, Kunj says i wont spare Yuvi, he asks Cherry to go and look out for Yuvi.
Cherry comes out of house and finds yuvi there, Yuvi puts blanket on Cherry’s face and runs from there, Cherry takes it off and sees Yuvi gone.
Babee says to Kunj that Yuvi have crossed all limits, he can take lives too, Kunj says this wont happen, its enough, i have to give Yuvi in police now, he calls commissioner.
Anita comes to Sarna house, Babee says you know what Yuvi have done, Anita says Yuvi has changed, i am warning you all, if you want peace then Kunj has to take back is FIR against Yuvi, if anything happens to my Yuvi then storm will come in this house and everyone will be destroyed,
Yuvi is hiding at some isolated place. Anita comes there with food, Yuvi eats it, Anita says this is safe place for you, dont try to go out from here, Kunj is trying to open all old cases against you and Mahi is against you too, you should have focused on Mahi but you just keep focus on Twinkle, what was the need to go to her room? Yuvi says i had to go in her room, Kunj and Twinkle are coming close these and tonight they were going to.. he recalls how he used to be possessive of Twinkle when they were in relationship, he says Twinkle is mine and only mine, when Kunj touches her then i cant bear it, Twinkle is just mine, Anita says i cant see you like this, till when i will keep you safe from police, you have to control yourself, Yuvi asks whats happening there? Anita says they all are going to farmhouse to celebrate Manohar’s anniversary.

Kunj is finding ointment, he is tensed, he says Twinkle dont worry, this time Yuvi wont be able to be saved from police, i will make sure he remains in jail for 10years, how dare he touch my sister? Mahi comes there, Kunj says you? Mahi says i have brought ointment for Twinkle, can i apply it on her wound? Kunj says why not, she is your sister, you dont need to ask me and also i was not able to find ointment, Mahi thanks him. Mahi sits beside Twinkle and says it will burn little, Mahi applies ointment on her wound, Twinkle winces in pain, Mahi says sorry and applies it on her wound, Twinkle is elated and in tears, Ab na tumhe janedengy plays, Twinkle holds Mahi’s hand, Mahi gets emotional and looks at Twinkle, Mahi says dont pour water on your wound, she asks Kunj to keep this ointment, she leaves, Twinkle smiles and says did you see Mahi came here and applied ointment on my wound, Kunj says i told you one day Mahi will come to you, see she came, she will soon realize how much you love her and all misunderstandings will be cleared, she cant stay away from her elder sister for much time.
Leela makes Mahi eat food, Mahi asks can i ask you something, Leela says why not, Mahi says when kids do mistake then parents forgive them? Leela says yes kids do mistakes but its parents responsibility to make then understand and forgive them, Mahi says if mistake is bigger and is not forgivable even then? Leela says even then, kids learn after doing mistakes only, we cant keep holding kids hands, they will fall and will rise again, they will become independent after learning, parents duty is to make them learn and let them follow their path, why you are asking all this? you want to tell me something? Mahi says no, make me eat, Leela feeds her food.
Kunj comes to Twinkle and sees her wound, he asks if its hurting her? she says no its small wound, Kunj says i wont leave Yuvi, police is finding him, Twinkle says dont worry, i planned everything for that night and Yuvi soiled everything, if he had not come then.. Kunj says then? Twinkle says i would have fulfilled my promise then, Yuvi destroyed everything, Kunj says why not fulfill your promise now? they look at each other, Kunj caresses her hair, Sajna ve plays, Kunj says you are here, i am here, we both are alone and door is closed too, he comes closer to her and caresses her lips, they share eyelock, Twinkle puts hand on his shoulder, they are about to kiss but Twinkle pushes him away, he falls on bed, Twinkle says i am not in mood now, she leaves, Kunj says one day she will agree.
Yuvi is standing on terrace, he looks at doll and says Mahi why you had to warn me? everything was fine, i wont leave you and your sister, Twinkle have started loving Kunj but its only my right to touch you and love, Twinkle doesnt understand this, i will teach lesson to both of them and you know Mahi what will be your punishment? she throws doll from terrace, it falls on floor and breakdowns, Yuvi says you will have to die Mahi.

All ladies are applying mehndi on hands, Babee says its Usha’s marriage anniversary and all are applying mehndi, Usha says we will go to mandir before party, Babee says this is good idea, we all will go, Twinkle asks Mahi why you are standing, come and get mehndi on your hands, Mahi says i dont feel like applying it, she comes to Twinkle and says if you dont mind, can i apply mehndi on your hands? Twinkle says why not, Mahi sits to apply mehndin on her hands, Pinni says if Leela was here then she would have loved this sight, babee says thank God their misunderstanding is getting cleared, Usha says where is Leela? she should have come till now. Kunj comes there and points to Twinkle, Twinkle thinks that Kunj is trying to talk to me, let me tease him, she ignores Kunj, Mahi sees Kunj trying to talk to Twinkle,

Mahi tells Twinkle that Kunj is trying to talk to you, Twinkle says i know, i am deliberately ignoring him, she looks at Kunj who tries to ask her to come to him, Twinkle says Kunj you want to say something? i am not able to understand, all look at Kunj, Kunj whispers that she is behaving so innocent that she doesnt know anything, Babee asks Kunj why he is standing there? Kunj say i was saying Twinkle’s mehdni is nice, Pinni says compliment for wife only? we have applied mehndi too, Babee you wont understand their talks with eyes, Babee says i know everything as i am babee, right Kunj? Kunj is embarrassed and leaves from there, Mahi smiles at Twinkle, Twinkle leaves too, Anita sees all this.
Anita comes in corner, she calls Yuvi and says Twinkle is at home, its time to deploy our plan.

Kunj is in kitchen, he says what does she think of herself, she made fun of me infront of all, let her come. Twinkle comes in kitchen, Kunj says you must have come to say sorry, you made fun of me, you acted so innocent, i dont need your sorry now, Twinkle says who told you that i came to say sorry? i couldnt understand what you were trying to say there, Kunj says you want me to say everything, i wont tell you anything, Twinkle says i havent come here to ask you anything, i have come to drink water, Kunj says drink then, Twinkle tries to open water bottle but her hands are filled with mehndi,

Kunj smirks seeing her struggle to drink water, bottle is about to fall but kunj holds it in time, they both look at each other and gets lost in each others eyes, Kunj opens bottle and says you keep blabbering, he makes her drink water, he wipes her chin, Sajna ve plays, Kunj says you keep blabbering but you know that you want to fulfill my promise, Twinkle says i dont care but you are behind me, Kunj says then why did you decorate room and those messages which you sent to me? you can make me wait but i know you will fulfill my promise so whats say? he kisses her hand, he comes closer, they are about to kiss but Twinkle pushes him away, she smiles and leaves.

Mahi is looking at her mehndi, Twinkle comes there, Mahi says i am sorry di, i am sorry, you were right about Yuvi, he cant be trusted, he is cheated, he cheated on me, she cries and says i misunderstood everyone, i thought you as my enemy, i dont know how to ask forgiveness from you, please forgive me, she folds her hands, Twinkle says no, i cant see tears in your eyes, i have done mistakes too, i was lucky and got Kunj and see how much happy i am, Kunj is so nice, he takes care of me, sameway everything will be fine in your life too, i thank God for having you and Kunj in my life, i have applied mehndi on Kunj’s name, i am lucky to get younger sister like you, Mahi cries and hugs her.

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