Final Episode on The Vow “How it end”


Final Episode on The Vow “How it end”

Final episode on The Vow 2 Zee Tv

The Last episode Update on The Vow Zee World

STILL TO COME ON THE VOW ( Finally Coming To An End This Month ).

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Amar at first refuses to love the baby, but later realised the baby had nothing to do with their relationship he now started caring for the baby. Bharat shows Sindoora affection, being oblivious to the possibility of her deceiving him. But, Aniket refuses to fall for Sindoora’s act. Aditi realized the truth of Sindoora, she confronts Sindoora about her act and joins Aniket in his fight against Sindoora. Sindoora keeps trying to bring Gauri and Amar together and the situation in the Singh house works in her favour. At first, she succeed in convincing Gauri that it’s her duty to make Amar accept her as his second wife. Later, Intoxicated, Amar mistakes Gauri for Divya and embraces her. Aniket tries to help Aditi and Gauri overcome their differences, but Sindoora gets in the way. Amar also attends a business event with Gauri and this moment soon turns sour when Gauri’s life is put at stake but Gauri later realized her mistake and prays to devima for speedy recovery of Divya. Her prayers are answered as her efforts to help Divya heal show results and Divya recover. Divya finally gets reunited with her family and comes face to face with Sindoora for the first time after coming out of the coma. Aditi and Aniket know about Sindoora’s real character and they have a plan to send Sindoora to jail and the plan is unknown to everyone else. This time Sindoora’s evil scheme is to break up Amar and Divya, that is as the drama progressed as Divya however behaves abnormally, we see that Divya is finally out of coma but can’t remember anything for more than 10 minutes. For example in one of the episode, she puts baby Dia in the bath tub and completely forgot about her, Amar came and saved the baby and rushed her to the hospital.

Amar is really worried about Divya because she gets scared once he is not around. Amar and Divya head home because of Divya is slowly losing her memory, and when they went to the doctor and Amar receives undesirable news about Divya’s condition as the doctor said that there are 80% chance of Divya losing her memory completely. The next day, Amar wakes up and can’t find Divya, he’s scared, searching for her in each and every corner of the house, until he sees Divya’s feet behind the curtain, he opens it and Divya gets scared and tells Amar to go away, saying “she don’t know him”, asking who is he, what did he want?” and this is the part when she completely loose all her memory. Amar and Aditi has a plan that might bring Divya’s memory back, they put baby Dia on the bed to let her cry and Divya comes and plays with her, so Amar thought she got her memory back, but no, she looks at them and says to baby Dia that look, her mummy and father are here. Amar gets a bigger shock as she can’t remember anything, because of this Divya is getting distracted and packs her stuff to leave, and Sindoora comes and asks Divya where is she going, and she looks at Amar and she decides to trust her worst enemy without knowing that she is bad and then asks Sindoora, if she can stay in her room? This comes as a big shock to Amar and realises that the extent of Divya’s condition is worse than he had thought.

Amar decides that he can be a good friend to her. He goes to Sindora’s room and puts flower saying to his friend, and both of them become good friends. Bharat receives a business of the year award but not the recognition he had expected. Bharat threatens to leave home but Sindoora keeps instigating Bharat against Amar. Sindoora uses Divya’s condition to her advantage in order to turns her against Amar and tries to make Divya think that before she lost her memory, Divya was Amar’s enemy, and he is the reason she lost her memory! She manages to create hate for Amar in Divya’s heart as Divya falls for Sindoora’s trick, and now hates Amar! Divya says if Amar is not hers then nobody will be his. Influenced by Sindoora, Divya invites Amar to the cliff and attempts to kill him pushes him off. However she didn’t not really push him off, she was thinking about it and we could see her thoughts instead she did not have the courage to push Amar off. That night she decides to leave the house and her condition gets worse and faints in the middle of the road and the only way to reverse the effects of her condition is by a surgery from a well know neurosurgeon. Some guy see her and takes her to his house. Amar finds out that Divya has left and so he looks for her all night. Divya gets up and see the guy in front of her and they have a chat. The guy then tells her that he will do a brain surgery on her to help her regain her memory. However if the surgery goes wrong she might end up in a coma again but Divya still agrees. The police asks Amar to look for Divya at the hospital and so Amar goes there. The guy who rescued Divya meets Amar in the hospital and sees that he has a picture of Divya. Amar questions him if he has seen Divya and the guy takes Amar to Divya’s room. In the room Amar sees Divya and is very happy. Soon, the operation on Divya works is a well-deserved success and she gets back her memories. She reveals to the family what Sindoora did to her and however, Bharat immediately opposes her but Bharat’s mother leaves before any of that happens. Bharat, who doesn’t believe it so he and Aditi leave the house and gets a new home of theirs. Divya pleads Amar to get Bharat back and Amar promises he will.

Amar resumes office but gets to know that his company has been taken over by B-ventures . He decides to meet them and goes to their office and sees Sindoora’s portrait in the office and is stunned as he finds out about Bharat’s deceptive ways. He tries to warn Bharat about Sindoora but he does not believe any word that comes out of his mouth. Amar shares the news with his family that Bharat has forged their family business and lose their property to Sindoora. The family supports Amar and advises him to start afresh by taking loan but to Amar’s surprise there is a huge loan amount already taken in his name by Bharat and what surprises him even the most is when the bank manager says that Amar himself has sanctioned the loan to Bharat and now Amar has to return the loan in a weeks time or else his property will be auctioned and his business will be sealed. Divya meets Bharat and tries explaining him that whatever he is doing is not right but Bharat is not move and asks Divya to stay out of this. The auction begins and the family spends the last moments in their house. The house is finally sold and Bharat takes charge of the house. Bharat names this house as Sindoora niwas. Amar and Divya along with Dia leave home but not Aniket and Uma. Amar and Divya walking on the road on a look out for shelter. Uma tells Aniket that they should not have left Amar and Divya alone . Bharat now behaves like the owner of the house. Divya, Amar and Dia are together as a family and Bharat is all alone sitting in the house with nobody around him. Because he is getting so mean, Aditi has started hating him. Bharat makes progress in his business ventures even as Amar plunges deep into poverty. While Bharat starts getting international projects for his company, Amar has to take up the job of a truck driver to support Divya and Dia.

Days pass by and one day Divya finds Dia really ill and takes her to the hospital and then realizing that she has no money for her treatment. Amar frantically goes around for help but gets totally frustrated as it seems like his bad days have come…he goes to Bharat and holds him responsible for Dia’s state. Amar comes face to face with Sindoora who is in front of him standing. Amar is shell shocked. He follows Sindoora and there is a hand to mouth confrontation as Amar is agitated to see Sindoora. Sindoora falls on the ground and blood starts oozing out of her head. At the same time, Amar gets a call from Divya that Dia is critical. Amar leaves Sindoora and runs to the hospital and this leads to Amar being arrested and being accused of worse crimes for murdering Sindoora. Amar keeps pleading to the police that he is innocent but all proofs stand against him as the police officer tells him that they have found a body which is Sindoora’s . Divya gets to know about Amar’s arrest and reaches the police station. Bharat also gets to know of Sindoora’s death. He gets angry and decides to avenge the supposed death of Sindoora. He runs to meet Amar and pours out all his anger on him and promises him that he will assure that Amar is hanged to death. Divya is shocked to hear this.

The family is in a state of shock after Amar is in jail. Bharat performs the last rites of Sindoora. Doctor Shashank comes as a saviour for Divya. Divya and Bharat come face to face and Bharat tells her that now for him there is even a bigger task to see that Amar is hanged to death and he takes his mothers revenge and Divya freaks out and tells Bharat that she will also fight the battle till the last. Divya and doctor Shashank go and meet various lawyers in town but all of them refuse Amar’s case. Bhargav manupulates and takes the power of attorney in his name and hands it over to Sindoora (she is still alive!!!). The judgement day for Amar arrives and everybody is present at the courtroom. Divya manages to find Amar a lawyer who is actually working for Sindoora, they are not able to prove Amar innocent and Amars sentenced to death. Later the lawyer tells Amar that he has to say he killed Sindoora to lower the punishment, Amar didn’t now that if he did say that he won’t be able to prove he’s innocent on the he is suppose to come to the court and the last day of the court, however it was too late and Amar had admit he killed Sndoora. Divya later comes face to face with her enemy, Sindoora and tries to reveal to Bharat but he remains oblivious to it as he won’t believe that Sindoora is still alive. On that day he got news that he has lost a huge amount of money, can’t remember how much, on that same day Sindoora’s phone bill came, Aniket and Aditi see it and show Bharat that his mother is still using her phone till date. They show Bharat but he says it has been stolen, Aditi and Aniket try the phone that Sindoora had been calling with and it lead to Bhargav. They try to tell Bharat but he didn’t want to believe without a proof. Mean while Dr. Shashank and Divya come up with a plan to look for Sindoora, they send a photo of her on the news that she is dead and that gets her mad because she had planned to leave the city and if anyone sees her she will be reported. She hires goons to go after Dr. Shashank for messing with her. He gets beat up bad and won’t be able to help Divya for a week, so now she is alone, besides Aniket and Aditi. At the Office Bharat is still wondering who had taken the money and he then starts suspecting Bhargav, he changes the account password, Bhargav shows up and tells Bharat he was in a car crash causing him to get late for work. Bharat tells him that he has to leave and asked Bhargav to look after things. When he leaves Bhargav tries to go in Bharat’s bank account, Bharat came back in and sees Bhargav and asked who told him to do this. Bhargav doesn’t answer and Bharat asked if it was his mother. Bhargav still doesn’t answer and this does not go on for long as he is faced with the undesirable truth that he has merely been a pawn as he and Bhargav gets a phone call from Sindoora and Bharat answers it, he finds out Sindoora is still alive and goes to meet Divya, He begs Divya for forgiveness, Divya at first was mad but forgives Bharat after he says he will help her search for Sindoora and free Amar, however they only have a few days. Divya and Bharat search Sindoora, Bharat sets a trap for Sindoora with the help of Bhargav and they find out that Sindoora has booked a ticket out of Delhi, so they hurry to find her. There are police srrounding the airport. Sindoora however, seems to be one step ahead of everyone. In the train Sindoora is smiling because she thinks she had won again, but then suddenly the person who is sitting in front of Sindoora lower the newspaper and it is Divya! Divya tries to get Sindoora to go with her, but sindoora pushes her and run away. Sindoora sneak inside the Singh house, to kidnap Dia. Aniket tries to stop her, but gets injured. In the end Sindoora is trying to blackmail Bharat and Divya saying she will kill Dia if they try to save Amar. Then Amar is 30 minutes away from being hanged, time passed by and Amar has the rope around his neck. The man tells the guy to pull the stick to hang Amar. Meanwhile, Divya and Bharat are powerless to stop Sindoora and then the police arrive. They phone the man to stop Amar death and Amar is safed. Sindoora gets arrested and goes mental. The final scenes are Divya and Amar’s wedding whereby Aditi bring Divya down, Amar takes his bride from her, they exchange garland, complete the necessary marriage ritual and everyone is happy again. They show Sindoora in jail, who are looking insane and “playing” with two dolls. The last thing shown is a family picture of the Singh family, with the text “Love can never die”. Sindoora has finally come to an end after than more than 25 years and Divya/Vidya and Amar/Sagar can finally be happy. Also the theme song of banoo main teri dulhan is playing in the background.

The End….

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