Final Episode! Dream Girl Wednesday Update 8th June 2022


Final Episode! Dream Girl Wednesday Update 8th June 2022

Ayesha hearing inspector talking to family. Inspector says Ayesha is criminal, we will take her to jail hospital, we can’t make her rest at home, we will take care of her there. Ayesha gets shocked and asks what, you want to keep me in jail hospital, this is so unfair, I don’t want to go, tell him Manav. She says I m with my sister here, we take care of each other, will you separate me with my sister, doctor you know all the reports, you know me and my family, I can’t stay there. Doctor says sorry, I can’t do anything. Ayesha says my husband Manav will say, I have a family here. Manav says this is court orders, we can’t do anything, we will find some way. Ayesha says Aarti got a baby, I love the baby, if you allow, I want to stay till baby’s naming ceremony, then take me from here. Raghu says we can appeal in court. Lawyer says fine, I will try and inform you.

Ayesha thinks they want to send me to jail, they failed again, did they think I will stay in jail. She goes to her room and worries. She says I will not go to jail hospital, Ayesha Sareen never loses. Aarti says I feel Ayesha should go jail, but my heart does not agree, Ayesha took care of me all this year. Manav says you are thinking as sister, she did crimes and she needs punishment, I know she took care of you. Raghu says we will wait for court orders.

Its morning, Ayesha waits for lawyer. Lawyer comes and says court granted permission for you to stay here till naming ceremony. She thanks him and gets glad. She thinks she will do something till then.

Later, Ayesha thinks what to do. She hears maid crying and talking on phone, saying I will return your money. Ayesha gives her money and asks her to smile now. She asks her to do something for her. She tells her plan. The maid says but… Ayesha says fine, if you can’t, I was thinking to give you more money. She goes.

Its morning, Ayesha and Manav are doing naam karan puja arrangements. He says puja will have just family and guests will come in evening. Ayesha takes Sasha from Aarti. Manav says pandit would be coming any moment now. Pandit comes and does the puja. Pandit says havan smoke can trouble baby, give baby to someone else. The maid takes the baby and goes outside.

Raghu and Aarti do the puja. Maid tells guard that Manav is calling him inside. He goes. Maid sees police there and stops. The guard tells Manav that maid said you called me. Manav says call her. The guard goes out and calls out maid Sushma. He tells Manav that Sushma is not here, she was with baby. Raghu scolds guard. Manav says she will be inside, don’t worry. Aarti panics and asks where is Sasha. Servants say Sasha is not anywhere. Raghu gets angry on Ayesha and shouts you did all this, I will not leave you. Ayesha says find Sasha first, don’t blame me. Manav says she won’t go far, come with me. Manav and Raghu leave to find Sasha, and take police help. Raghu asks Manav did he find out anything. Manav says no. Raghu says I went to Sushma’s house, its locked. Sushma walks somewhere. Raghu sees her and asks her to stop. Sushma runs and Raghu catches her. He slaps her and asks where is my daughter. Sushma says Ayesha… Raghu gets shocked.

Inspector asks staff to check at every post. Ayesha runs with Sasha. She stops at checkpost and says they should not see me with baby. She hides and goes inside the woods. Police gets her car. Inspector informs Manav that they got the car, but not Ayesha. He asks him to reach there. Raghu and Manav reach there and ask inspector where is Sasha. Inspector says Ayesha just left from here and look for her. Raghu shouts Sasha and cries. Manav says be strong, we will get Sasha.

Its night, Aarti cries. Inspector says I know you are going through difficult phase, we are trying, but I can’t give false hope, we did not get any clue about Ayesha, we will tell you when we get any info. Raghu asks Aarti not to cry, we will get Sasha. Aarti hugs him. Ayesha sees Sasha’s locket with Raghu and Aarti’s pics and says my revenge got completed today, I have snatched your everything, you love each other a lot, I have taken your love sign. She talks to Sasha and says I will raise you now, you will become like me, like Ayesha Sareen, you will become your Dream girl, I will make you a dream girl. She hugs Sasha.