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Family Affairs September Teasers 2020 on Starlife

Riya faces challenges in trying to prove her identity while Shanti Devi and Sarla contest against each other in politics. Read September 2020 Teasers on Family Affairs below.

StarLife September 2020 Teasers on Family Affairs

Tuesday 1st September 2020  

Episode 559

Shanti tries to rescue Pramod from Badri Prasad’s men. Later, Shanti Prasad’s men create a ruckus in Shanti Sadan. Meanwhile, what does Shivam want from Riya?

Episode 560

Kaushalya is shocked when Shanti Prasad decides to get her married to his associate, Tilu. What will she do now?

 Wednesday 2nd September 2020
Episode 561
Shanti Prasad informs Kaushalya and Raghav that Shanti has escaped with his money. Meanwhile, Shanti prevents a stranger from stealing Pari’s bag.
Episode 562
Shivam and Riya enjoy a dance together. Nimmi and Rani adulterate the haldi and apply it to Tilu. Riya learns about Shivam’s contract. How will she react?
Thursday 3rd September 2020
Episode 563
Shanti and Pari fail to free Pramod, while Riya confronts Shivam for signing the bond. Later, they decide to leave Bangkok. Can they escape unnoticed?
Episode 564
Kaushalya fails to escape from Shanti Sadan. Meanwhile, Riya tells Shanti about the bond that Shivam has signed and asks her to rescue them.

Friday 4th September 2020 
Episode 565
Shivam follows Shanti’s plan and manages to escape. Later, the Shrivastavs rescue Pramod but will the goons let them escape easily?
Episode 566
Shivam agrees to fight the tiger in order to save Shanti. Meanwhile, the police reach the spot. Will they all be safe?
Saturday 5th September 2020
Episode 567
The Shrivastavs reach Bangkok on learning about Shivam’s critical condition. Later, Riya tells Kaushalya and the inspector that Shivam had tricked her into signing the contract papers.
Episode 568
Sarla provokes Shanti against Riya. Later, Sarla asks Riya to remove her mangalsutra and break ties with Shivam. Will Riya sacrifice her love?
 Sunday 6th September 2020
Episode 569
The Shrivastavs are shocked when Riya refuses to stay with Shivam. Meanwhile, Pari records her video. Later, Raghav asks Riya to leave from the hospital. Will Shivam learn about Riya?
Episode 570
Shivam threatens to break ties with Riya for insulting his family. However, a shock awaits the Shrivastavs when they reach home.
 Monday 7th September 2020
Episode 571
Shanti Devi fails to convince the police that Riya is alive. They arrest the family on charges of murder. How will the family prove their innocence?
Episode 572
Lallan Singh suspects the Shrivastavs for kidnapping his bride, and registers a complaint. Later, Nimmi lies to the police that she has killed Riya when they torture Shanti.
Tuesday 8th September 2020 
Episode 573
Shivam tells the inspector that Riya is alive and gets the family released on bail. Meanwhile, Shanti asks Shivam to find Riya.
Episode 574
While Shivam searches for Riya, Sarla asks Shanti to sign a document. Later, the inspector tells Shanti that her family will be arrested as Riya is still missing.
 Wednesday 9th September 2020
Episode 575
Shivam fails to find Riya. Later, Shanti asks Shivam to look for Riya and refuses to sign the document.
Episode 576
Shivam tells Riya that his family has been accused of her murder. Later, Riya puts forth a condition to Shanti. Will Shanti agree to it?
Thursday 10th September 2020
Episode 577
Nimmi threatens to kill herself when the police try to arrest her, Kaushalya and Raghav. Meanwhile, Shanti returns home with Riya.
Episode 578
Shanti agrees to make Riya the sole heir of the Shrivastavs’. Sarla confronts Shanti for bringing Riya home.

 Friday 11th September 2020
Episode 579
Lallan Singh slaps Amit for deceiving him. Meanwhile, what is the legal document that Riya asks Shanti to sign?
Episode 580
Riya insists that Shanti sign the legal document. Rani confronts Lallan Singh for forcing Amit for marriage and throws him out of the house.
Saturday 12th September 2020
Episode 581
Shanti tells the lawyer to make her will. Later, Riya agrees to sign the affidavit only if Shanti signs the legal documents.
Episode 582
Rani slaps Amit for cheating on her. Shanti and Riya sign the documents. The miscreants kidnap Riya and push her from a moving vehicle! Will she reach the court in time?
Sunday 13th September 2020
Episode 583
Rani leaves the house as Amit cheats on her. Meanwhile, the Shrivastavs get into trouble as the judge asks them to prove Riya’s identity within 15 days.
Episode 584
Shanti asks Riya to submit her identity proof in the next hearing of the court. Later, Riya is shocked as the documents go missing.
Monday 14th September 2020 
Episode 585
The Shrivastavs fail to find Riya’s documents. Meanwhile, Preeti shows Riya’s stolen documents to Sarla. Will Shanti learn about Preeti’s misdeed?
Episode 586
Sarla tells Amit that she and Preeti have destroyed Riya’s documents. Later, she asks him to spy on Riya and Shivam.
Tuesday 15th September 2020
Episode 587
Amit replaces the school clerk with one of his men who lies to Riya about the documents and keeps an eye on Shivam and her. Later, Riya decides to visit the college for her documents
Episode 588
Riya tries to gather proper identity proofs. Sarla tries to join the Belan party, while the members of the Tawa party ask Shanti to stand for election.

Wednesday 16th September 2020

Episode 589

Shanti agrees to represent the Tawa party in the elections, while the Belan party chooses Sarla as their candidate. Later, Riya is shocked when Bunty refuses to recognise her.

Episode 590

Riya tells Shanti that she failed to find her documents. Shanti decides to go on hunger strike when Sarla refuses to withdraw her nomination.

Thursday 17th September 2020

Episode 591

Shanti asks Nimmi to start her election campaign. Meanwhile, Riya assures Pari that she will prove her identity and make Shanti win the elections.

Episode 592

Shanti tells Amit that she will continue her hunger strike until Sarla withdraws her nomination. Will Shanti succeed in her plan?

Friday 18th September 2020

Episode 593

Kaushalya confronts Sarla for not withdrawing her nomination. Pari conspires against Riya. What does she do?

Episode 594

Shanti succeeds in her plan when Sarla signs a document and withdraws her nomination. Later, Riya informs her that someone has removed her name from the ration card.

Saturday 19th September 2020 

Episode 595

Riya learns about Sarla’s conspiracy against the Shrivastavs. Later, Riya pretends to care for Sarla and advises her to contest the election.

Episode 596

Kaushalya tells Nimmi to sell her ornaments to support Shanti. Meanshile, Shanti breaks all ties with Sarla as she contests against her in the elections.

Sunday 20th September  2020  

Episode 597

Sarla is determined to win the election. Shanti feels depressed on learning that Kaushalya has decided to sell her ornaments. Later, Sarla seeks Riya’s help to win the election.

Episode 598

Nimmi tells Raghav that Shanti is representing the Tawa party in the election. Later, Raghav is shocked to learn about Sarla contesting against Shanti.

Monday 21st September  2020 

Episode 599

Nandu gets terminated from his job when he attacks his colleague for insulting Preeti. Meanwhile, Rani refuses to support Sarla.

Episode 600

Sarla tells a lady inspector about her plan against Shanti. Nimmi tells Shanti about her plan to gain sympathy from people.

Tuesday 22nd September  2020 

Episode 601

Riya tells Sarla that they will have to defame Shanti to defeat her. She also asks Sarla for her identity documents.

Episode 602

Riya reveals to Shivam about Sarla’s wrongdoing. Later, he apologises to Riya and decides to support her.

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Episode 603

Nimmi tells Shanti that Shivam has applied for a job in the railways. Shanti suspects Sarla of conspiring against her to win the election.

Episode 604

Riya tells Shivam about her plan to get her documents back. Later, Riya threatens to expose Sarla.

Thursday 24th September 2020

Episode 605

Preeti destroys Riya’s documents and threatens to expose Sarla. How will Riya prove her identity?

Episode 606

Sarla is delighted when she wins the elections against Shanti who breaks her relationship with her.

Friday 25th September 2020

Episode 607

The judge convicts Shanti, Raghav and Kaushalya for murdering Riya. Later, Nimmi breaks her relationship with Shivam.

Episode 608

Shanti asks Raghav and Kaushalya to appeal in the high court. Meanwhile, Nimmi asks Riya to leave the Shrivastav house.

Saturday 26th September 2020 

Episode 609

Riya informs Sarla that they need to appeal to the High Court to stop the death sentence. Meanwhile, Shanti also has a similar plan.

Episode 610

Preeti hires men to abduct Girish. Raghav learns about Shanti’s appeal in the High Court. Meanwhile, Nimmi gets uncomfortable on noticing Riya and Shivam in the house.

Sunday 27th September  2020  

Episode 611

Preeti is determined to see the Shrivastavs punished for their deeds. Meanwhile, has Nimmi found a way to save her family?

Episode 612

An engineer recovers the data from the marriage CD. Shivam, Nimmi and Sarla rush to the jail with the evidence. Can they save their parents?

Monday 28th September  2020

Episode 613

Shivam requests a lawyer to save his parents while, Nandu reaches the jail. Can he bail the Shrivastavs out?

Episode 614

The Shrivastavs are delighted to learn about Riya’s pregnancy. On Kaushalya’s request, Shanti forgives Sarla.

Tuesday 29th September  2020 

Episode 615

Riya apologises to Shanti, while Amit’s friends ask him to bring Rani back. Later, Shanti saves Riya from a fatal fall.

Episode 616

Amit asks Tinku to deliver his letter to Rani. Meanwhile, Nimmi apologises to Riya.

Wednesday 30th September 2020

Episode 617

The prospective groom, Ajay slaps his ex-wife, Aarti for trying to ruin his proposed marriage. Meanwhile, Rani shows Riya the letter that Amit sent.

Episode 618

Riya conceals about the complication in her pregnancy from Shivam. Meanwhile, Ajay casts Aarti out of the house. Will Shivam learn the truth?


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