Faltu Tuesday Update 5 March 2024

Kinshuk calling Ayaan and asking him to come home. Everyone talks at home. Ayaan and Faltu come home. Govind says we have to arrange money, doctor said operations have to happen today. Faltu consoles Savita. Harsh asks Faltu did she arrange money. Ayaan says we are trying. Tanu says I have made food for you all, please have food. She asks Ayaan to give her a chance to prove herself. Savita says stop this drama, we have no strength to tolerate these games, get out of here. Tanu says this is my house, I won’t go, I will prove myself as a good bahu. She apologizes to Faltu and says I have no interest in Ayaan, ask them to forgive me, please.

Ayaan asks Faltu to come with him. He shouts on Tanu and pushes her away. She falls over the food tray. She sees the food fallen on the floor and cries. Sid asks Tanu are you fine. Ayaan asks Tanu to get lost. Sid says you can’t talk to my wife like this. Ayaan says I request you, take your wife and leave, stay away from me and my family. Sid says its okay, Tanu, you had tried. Shanaya wears the cricket gear. Ruhaan smiles. He clicks her pic and gets happy. Ayaan is angry.

He asks Faltu what is she hiding, what did Ruhaan say. She says nothing. He says you are hiding something, why did you cry. She doesn’t tell him and lies about Shanaya. Shanaya says I will go and stay with Faltu, it’s a matter of few days, don’t worry, you can come and meet me there. Faltu says Ruhaan wants me to help Shanaya, she really needs help, she is a nice girl, you told me about some friends, who invest in business, we can return the money to them later. Ayaan says I have contacted them, I have no hope from them. He hugs her. Faltu thinks don’t know I m doing right or not by rejecting Ruhaan’s offer. Ruhaan says I m worried for Shanaya, why didn’t Faltu answer me this now, she has to say yes, I won’t leave any other option for her.

Faltu says I got a call, he said he has seen my tournament videos, he will pay me money if I play the match, he wants me to play for someone else’s name, he was ready to give us money for dad and Dadi’s treatment. Ayaan asks who was that man, tell me, I will talk to him. She says his number got deleted, don’t worry, I have refused to him. He says don’t think of doing this, you are innocent, don’t know who was he and why did he call you, you will make me talk to him if he calls again, don’t worry, you have come here to become Anmol, you will never sell your dreams, don’t say this again, you can’t play with everyone’s emotions. He goes. Faltu says I can’t tell you that Ruhaan wants me to do this. Its morning, Ayaan gets ready. Faltu wakes up. She asks where are you going, we will go to the hospital together. He says no, I m going to arrange money. She asks who are you going to meet, tell me, swear on me and say the truth.