Faltu Starlife Full Story, Plot Summary, Cast, Teasers


Faltu Starlife Full Story, Plot Summary, Cast, Teasers

Faltu Starlife revolves around an unwanted girl, Faltu, named useless after her parents’ frustration at the birth of a third girl and a stillborn twin son.


Faltu grew up in a feudal family in rural Rajasthan, being ill-treated and disregarded by everyone except her father and cousin Pratap for her gender, birth order, and passions. Rejecting the traditional role of a meek and homemaking woman, Faltu harbors a love for cricket, playing with various improvised bats like sticks and brooms, further drawing the mockery of the village while she fights against the stigma trying to make her family proud.

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5 months later

After 5 months,things change when she crosses paths with Ayaan Mittal, who is the son of a wealthy CEO and a proficient cricketer despite swearing off the sport. He is visiting her village with his cousin Suhana for business. He notices her talent despite bad first impressions, and his offer of coaching her begins a new journey in her unacknowledged life.

Complications in their budding relationship loom as Ayaan is engaged to Tanisha in an arranged marriage among family friends back in Mumbai. Faltu must also resist an arranged marriage with an older man and many other social ills along the way. Ayaan comes and takes Faltu with him to Mumbai and takes her to his Paternal Aunt Rijwala. Pappi (Faltu’s fianće) comes behind Faltu till Mumbai. Soon Ayaan’s family invites Rijwala and her husband to Ayaan’s wedding and Faltu also comes with them. Ayaan helps Faltu achieve her Dreams in Mumbai and sends her to Mumbai Women’s National Cricket Academy. But unfortunately, one day when Faltu visits the doctor is informed that she has an illness that can cause blindness and she has only three months to see. She doesn’t want Ayaan to know the truth and increase his troubles. Suddenly one day everybody learns the truth that Ayaan eloped Faltu from her wedding and that he had gone mia from his pre-wedding rituals multiple times trying to help Faltu. They disapprove of Faltu staying with them. Faltu leaves the house and starts living on the streets and faces many harsh circumstances. On Ayaan’s wedding day with Tanisha, Pappi discovers Faltu’s whereabouts and kidnaps her. Pappi tries to forcefully marry Faltu but Ayaan learns that Faltu has been kidnapped and comes to save Faltu, but only after taking permission from Tanisha this time. Ayaan gets injured, accidentally fills Faltu’s hairline with vermillion, and falls unconscious. Soon Faltu also gets blind and cannot see anything. The police arrive and take Ayaan with them but Faltu runs away and hides in a jungle. Ayaan still asks the police for Faltu but they do not tell him anything. Ayaan arrives home and starts the rituals for marrying Tanisha. Tanisha also chooses to trust him and asks the police to locate Faltu seeing Ayaan worried, making him happy. Faltu meanwhile escapes the police as she wants to go away from Ayaan’s life to not make his life difficult, but starts wearing vermillion and wedding chain of Ayaan’s name.

Tanisha soon learns about the truth with the help of Siddharth, Ayaan’s brother, who is insanely in love with the former. Suspecting and eventually growing envious, Tanisha begins plotting against Faltu, including creating distances and misunderstandings between her and Ayaan. During this, she gets framed for using unfair means to achieve her dreams and Ayaan learns of his marriage with Faltu. He then secretly tries to locate Faltu, who is missing. Faltu then enters the Mittal mansion as Rocky to learn who framed her. However, the truths are soon revealed and Tanisha is exposed in front of the family.

Ayaan too soon realizes he is not happy with his marriage with Tanisha, and that he is in love with Faltu. Once the family learns of this, they disapprove of it. However, a series of events then lead to Tanisha and Ayaan divorcing.

On an event, Janardhan, Ayaan’s father brutally humiliated Faltu for her status. Upon seeing the same, Ayaan takes a big decision and marries Faltu publicly with all rituals and legality. Facing unacceptance from the family, Ayaan stands by Faltu at all odds and begins her cricket training.

To take revenge, Tanisha then marries Siddharth thus re-entering the Mittal Mansion as Faltu’s sister-in-law. Bringing a shocker to Ayaan, Faltu, and the family, Tanisha vows to ruin their lives for the insult she has faced.

Brief Information and Details on Faltu Starlife Series

  • Genre: Drama
  • First Episode: 7 August 2023
  • Total number of episodes: 277 and still counting
  • Total numbers of Season: One
  • Channel: Starlife Africa
  • Original name: Faltu
  • Last Episode: Nil

Main Cast and Real Names

  • Niharika Chouksey as Faltu Ayaan Mittal (née Singh) – Charan and Jamuna’s youngest daughter; Lajwanti and Antima’s sister; Pratap and Som’s cousin; Ayaan’s wife (2022–present)

Faltu Ayaan Mittal cast on Faltu Starlife

  • Aakash Ahuja as Ayaan Mittal – Savita’s son; Janardhan’s adoptive son; Kinshuk’s adoptive brother; Siddharth and Suhana’s adoptive cousin; Faltu’s husband and Tanisha’s ex-husband (2022–present)

Ayaan Mittal cast on Faltu Starlife

  • Drishti Thakur as Tanisha Mittal – Kanika’s daughter; Ayaan’s ex wife; Siddharth’s wife (2022–present)
  • Thakur Rajveer Singh as Pappi Ji – Faltu’s ex-fiancé who is twice Faltu’s age (2022-2023)
  • Farida Venkat as Mayawati Thakur – Janardhan, Govardhan , Harshvardhan and Rijula’s mother Kinshuk, Siddharth and Suhana’s grandmother; Ayaan’s adoptive grandmother (2022–present)
  • Mahesh Thakur as Janardhan Mittal – Mayawati’s eldest son; Savita’s husband; Kinshuk’s father; Ayaan’s adoptive father (2022–present)
  • Vibhavari Pradhan as Savita Mittal – Janardhan’s wife; Ayaan and Kinshuk’s mother (2022–present)
  • Azhar J Malik as Kinshuk Mittal – Janardhan and Savita’s son; Ayaan’s adoptive brother; Siddharth and Suhana’s cousin; Ayesha’s husband (2022–present)
  • Esha Pathak as Ayesha Mittal – Kinshuk’s wife (2022–present)
  • Jiten Mukhi as Govardhan Mittal – Mayawati’s second son; Janardhan , rijula and Harshvardhan’s brother; Sumitra’s husband; Siddharth’s father (2022–present)
  • Rakhee Tandon as Sumitra Mittal – Govardhan’s wife; Siddharth’s mother (2022–present)
  • Rajat Verma as Siddharth Mittal – Govardhan and Sumitra’s son; Kinshuk and Suhana’s cousin;Tanisha’s second husband; Ayaan’s adoptive cousin (2022–present)
  • Rajeev Bhardwaj as Harshvardhan Mittal – Mayawati’s youngest son; Janardhan and Govardhan’s brother; Kumkum’s husband; Suhana’s father (2022–present)
  • Akshaya Bhingarde as Kumkum Mittal; Harshvardhan’s wife; Suhana’s mother (2022–present)
  • Myra Singh as Suhana Mittal – Harshvardhan and Kumkum’s daughter; Kinshuk and Siddharth’s cousin; Ayaan’s adoptive cousin (2022–present)