Every Girl’s Dream Thursday Update 16 March 2023


Every Girl’s Dream Thursday Update 16 March 2023

Krisha is trying to call Aarav when Vamika comes to her and says I want to talk to Dev alone. Krisha throws water at her. Vamika says you are so middle-class that’s why Dev feels embarrassed with you. Krisha says you are so wrong. Vamika says I am going to my city for some days so take care of my would-be husband. Krisha throws things around in anger.

Dev comes to Jaya and finds her packing her bags. He asks what are you doing? Jaya says I started feeling this is my family but Kach made me realize today that I was a servant and would always be the same. I am just taking my memories with me, I won’t take anything valuable. Dev is hurt hearing all that and says you are my only family after losing my parents. Jaya says I couldn’t make you a king which was

your father’s dream. I should leave as I can’t see you losing this palace. Dev says I promise you that no one will insult you in this house, please don’t go anywhere. Jaya hugs him and smirks.


Vamika tells Krisha that you can try as much as you want but I will snatch Dev from you at any cost. Krisha says you think you can make Dev yours like he is a commodity? Vamika says Dev has already noticed you are cheap and I have a high standard. Krisha says you are wrong, if you try to separate us then you will lose everything you own. I will break you ego.

Virandar is locked in a den and asks his goon if he has kids? He says yes. Virandar says then you want to teach this to your kids? You get insulted every day but you still act like Jaya’s slave? Please make me meet my kids again. The goon says I will try again.

Jaya tells Dev that we have 48 hours, if we can’t find Aarav then we will lose this status of a royal family and we won’t own this house anymore. We will be on the roads. Dev says I know you have always helped me so I am sure you must have a solution. Jaya says I have a solution, if you want to save this family and this palace then you have to leave Krisha. You should have married a princess instead of Krisha. Dev says how can I leave her? She is my lifeline, my happiness and my everything.

Rati asks Krisha if everything is fine between her and Dev? Krisha says no but I will make it fine, I just need to find Aarav, I am sure he is in trouble. Rati says you might be right, who would do it? Krisha says only Vamika would benefit from this. How do I find him? Someone throws a letter in the room. Krisha reads the letter and is shocked.

Jaya tells Dev that marriages in royal families are cooperative deals. We have to protect our honor first, we are ready to lose our lives for our honor. Dev says Krisha is my duty and love so I can’t do it. He asks her to the royal thread off his arm as he can’t do it. Jaya says then who would take this responsibility? Krisha comes there and says I got a letter. It’s a poster of the lawyer that Jaya met. Krisha says he is not a lawyer, he is an actor so he might be fooling you? Jaya thinks who is helping Krisha? Jaya says you are blaming me also? Do you think I am getting fooled by someone? That I don’t care about the rules and regulations of this family? Dev asks Krisha to stop it. Jaya asks Dev to think about what she said. She leaves. Krisha asks Dev what did Jaya ask you to do? Dev doesn’t answer her. Krisha says we are one so we should talk to each other. Dev says the only way to save this family and palace is that I leave you and marry a princess. Krisha is stunned to hear that.

Dev tells Krisha that the only way to save my family’s honor is that I leave you and marry a princess. Krisha is shocked and hurt. Dev says I remember our promise, I can leave everything but not you. Krisha says Jaya has already said everything, I thought I could be a part of this family but I can’t be heartless. Jaya is thinking practically but I can’t fight against that. Dev says I can never leave you, we can have conflicts but I can never break your heart. Krisha says we don’t have to be emotional about it, she asks him to leave her alone.

Raghav is eyeing Vamika when she is changing in her room and says I won’t let her be alone. Rati comes there and asks him to have some shame. Raghav is drunk and says you can’t stop me from doing


what I want. Rati throws powder at his face and he screams in pain. Vamika comes there and asks what happened? Rati says he just slipped. Vamika leaves. Rati tells Raghav that Krisha has given me strength to fight, I won’t spare you for taking my baby away.

Vamika calls Dev to her room and says I want to give back your gift. Dev says it’s my gift for you so you keep it. Vamika says I wish I could save this house but I have to leave now. She touches his feet and says I am going back to my house. I take you as a close person to me but I know Krisha doesn’t like me so I have no reason to stay here. Dev says it was my promise to your father to always take care of you so you have to come back to this house. This is your house too.

Krisha is crying and comes to the porch. Jaya comes there and brings a lawyer’s degree and says he likes to act in his free time but he is a genuine lawyer. You can doubt me but I am trying to save this family’s honor. We will be on the road soon. Krisha says I won’t let that happen. Jaya says anyone can love but only some people can sacrifice in love, I am proud of choosing family over love. She leaves.

Krisha talks to Dev and says I would always love you but if you can save this family by marrying a princess then do it. It’s your duty to save this family, you have no obligations towards me from now on, you can take any decision and I would accept it. She sadly leaves from there. Dev looks on.

Krisha comes to the mandir and tells God that I trust you so I am leaving everything in your hands. Rati comes there and asks her to have strength like always. Krisha says Dev has to bear so much because of me. She promises that Dev is a king and if he has to keep his family and duties above my love then I would accept it.

Dev prays to God and says I am a king and can take decisions as I want but today I am stuck. Please show me a way. Jaya comes there and says I am sad to see you like this. Dev says you know what I did with Krisha but she always stood by me. Jaya says I am helpless as I promised your father to always protect this royal house. I know you can’t leave Krisha so I am ready to put this house on auction. Dev looks on.

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