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Eternal Love March Teasers 2021

Its the Finale episodes and Sonakshi’s life is in peril during a heated argument with Rohit. Devastated, she puts forth a condition when he demands a divorce. Below are Eternal Love March 2021 Teasers:

Starlife Eternal Love March 2021 Teasers Season Finale

Monday 1 March 2021

Episode 151

An unknown man blackmails Sonakshi about revealing Naren’s secret to Veena. While Rohit rushes to the hospital, the blackmailer sends Veena a parcel.

Episode 152

The blackmailer decides to teach Sonakshi a lesson for double-crossing him. While Rohit is thankful to Sonakshi for her help, Suman notices an alarming fact.

Tuesday 2 March 2021

Episode 153

Rohan panics after finding a hidden camera. While Rohit learns about Sonakshi’s secret from Suman, Sonakshi is left speechless upon catching the blackmailer

Episode 154

An intoxicated Ajit unintentionally reveals Naren’s secret to Suman. Elsewhere, Veena and Sonakshi are shocked to learn about Rohan and Pari’s affair.

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Episode 155

Rohit vents his frustration on Sonakshi while a furious Veena slaps Pari. During the party at the Sippys’, Suman discloses a scandalous truth.

Episode 156

A heartbroken Veena falls unconscious upon learning about Naren’s affair. While Suman refuses to let Sonakshi enter the house, Rohit slaps Veena!

Thursday 4 March 2021

Episode 157

Sonakshi takes the blame on herself to protect Ajit. While Rohit vents his anger out on Sonakshi for deceiving him, Nishi vows to destroy her.

Episode 158

Tanya gets Pari arrested. While Naren makes a surprising announcement, Rohan’s decision to divorce Tanya stuns the Sippys.

Friday 5 March 2021

Episode 159

While Sonakshi requests Naren to reconsider his decision, Tanya threatens Rohan. Later, Nishi attempts to kill Naren to acquire his property.

Episode 160

Sonakshi feels helpless when Nishi tries to frame Naren’s suicide attempt on her. Later, a distressed Veena asks the police to interrogate Sonakshi.

Saturday 6 March 2021

Episode 161

Nishi gets irked when Rohit supports Sonakshi. Later, Veena falls prey to Nishi’s manipulation when she provokes her against Sonakshi.

Episode 162

Rohit vents his anger out on Sonakshi after learning about the prenup. While Nishi relishes the success of her plan, Sonakshi receives an alarming news.

Sunday 7 March 2021 

Episode 163

Sonakshi’s life is in peril during a heated argument with Rohit. Devastated, she puts forth a condition when he demands a divorce.

Episode 164

Rohit surprises Sonakshi by attending a party in her honour. She is stunned when the police show her a shocking video regarding Naren’s murder.

Monday 8 March 2021

Episode 165

During the event in Sonakshi’s honour, an intoxicated Rohit calls her fake on the stage. While Pari learns that she is pregnant, the police give Sonakshi shocking news.

Episode 166

Sonakshi gets a vital clue and searches Nishi’s room. While Rohit tries to get in touch with Sonakshi, YK catches her leaving his room.

Tuesday 9 March 2021

Episode 167

Sonakshi confronts Nishi for trying to kill Naren. While Nishi tries to turn the tables on Sonakshi, the latter discloses Nishi’s evil deeds to Veena.

Episode 168

The Sippys lose their cool with Sonakshi while she gets shocking news about the inspector. After creating a huge drama, Nishi decides to commit suicide.

Wednesday 10 March 2021

Episode 169

While Ajit reveals a shocking truth to Rohit, Nishi challenges to oust Sonakshi from the house. Later, Nishi tries to prevent Rohit from learning about her misdeeds.

Episode 170

Nishi controls Naren’s pacemaker via her phone and makes a shocking threat to Rohit. Later, Veena demands that Rohit divorce Sonakshi.

Thursday 11 March 2021

Episode 171

After facing unthinkable charges, a heartbroken Sonakshi slaps Rohit and leaves the Sippy Mansion. Later, she meets with a terrible accident.

Episode 172

While Mahesh informs Nishi regarding Sonakshi’s accident, a drunk Rohit hallucinates about the latter. Later, Suman brings cops to the Sippy Mansion and slaps Rohit.

Friday 12 March 2021

Episode 173

While Rohit arrives at the OT completely intoxicated, Pari spikes Tanya’s food. Later, Sonakshi challenges to surpass Rohit in terms of money and respect.

Episode 174

Four months later, financial reasons stop Sonakshi from getting Suman released on bail. While Rohit notices a disturbing sight, Pari struggles to hide her secret.

Saturday 13 March 2021

Episode 175

Rohit is infuriated to spot Sonakshi dancing at his friend’s bachelor party. While she feels helpless, he gives a shocking verdict against Suman in the court.

Episode 176

On Valentine’s day, Rohit sends a balloon to Sonakshi. While the Sippys celebrate Tanya’s baby shower, he is shocked to learn about Pari’s pregnancy.

Sunday 14 March 2021 

Episode 177

Rohan plans to abort Pari’s unborn child while a producer spikes Sonakshi’s drink. Later, Rohit attempts to stop Sonakshi from embarrassing herself.

Episode 178

Suman asks Sumit to propose to Sonakshi while Rohan drugs Pari. Later, Sonakshi is stunned by Rohit’s confession.

Monday 15 March 2021

Episode 179

Sonakshi confronts Rohit. Later, as the Sippys learn about Pari’s pregnancy, Tanya meets with a deadly mishap.

Episode 180

Sonakshi is shocked by Suman’s decision regarding Pari’s baby. Later, Rohit heroically steps in when a frantic Tanya attacks Sonakshi.

Tuesday 16 March 2021

Episode 181

Sumit is surprised by Sonakshi’s interest in starting a relationship with him. While Rohit tries to contain an airborne disease, Sonakshi does the unthinkable.

Episode 182

A jealous Rohit grabs Sumit’s collar at a bar. While Sonakshi’s health suddenly deteriorates, Rohit learns that she might be infected with a deadly virus.

Wednesday 17 March 2021

Episode 183

Sonakshi threatens to commit suicide when Rohit tries to help her. While Tanya is diagnosed with PTSD, Nishi gets a shocking piece of information about Naren.

Episode 184

Rohit is shattered when Sonakshi’s reports state that she has the super virus. While Nishi threatens Naren, Sumit and Rohit are unable to find Sonakshi.

Thursday 18 March 2021

Episode 185

Rohit learns the truth about Sonakshi after searching Nishi’s office. While Rohan visits Pari, Rohit threatens to kill Nishi if anything happens to Sonakshi.

Episode 186

Suman apologises to Rohit for misunderstanding him. While Rohit suspects Nishi, Sonakshi struggles to escape from Veena’s trap.

Friday 19 March 2021

Episode 187

Rohit is stunned to discover that Sonakshi’s blood may potentially be the cure for the supervirus. Later, Nishi learns a shocking truth about Sonakshi’s abduction.

Episode 188

Sonakshi agrees to undergo a dangerous procedure for the supervirus antidote on one condition. Later, she makes an odd request as a nurse informs her of the risks.

Saturday 20 March 2021 

Episode 189

Sonakshi’s health begins to rapidly deteriorate after the supervirus is artificially injected into her body. Elsewhere, Tanya learns a shocking truth about her pregnancy.

Episode 190

A dejected Rohit recalls the romantic moments spent with Sonakshi. While Rohan makes an unethical request to Pari, Sonakshi learns a shocking truth about Rohit.

Sunday 21 March 2021

Episode 191

Pari agrees to give her child to Tanya under one shocking condition. While Nishi rejoices Rohit’s waning health, Sonakshi comes up with an idea to meet him.

Episode 192

Sonakshi approaches Rohit in disguise but he recognises her immediately. While he drops into a comatose state, Sonakshi learns a shocking fact.

Monday 22 March 2021

Episode 193

A disguised Sumit helps Sonakshi execute her plan but Nishi suspects foul play. While Sonakshi is stuck inside the lift, Rohit is declared dead by the doctors.

Episode 194

Nishi is stunned to learn that Rohit is out of danger. Later, Rohit spills some shocking beans to Sonakshi, and they join hands against Nishi.

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Episode 195

Rohit and Sonakshi share a special moment after he brings her back to the Sippy mansion. On the other hand, Pooja makes a startling discovery.

Episode 196

Rohan scolds Tanya for berating Pari while Nishi suspects foul play about Parvati’s identity. Later, Sonakshi reveals Nishi’s misdeeds in front of the family.

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Episode 197

While Sonakshi leaves the house, an infuriated Veena throws Rohan out of the Sippy mansion. Later, Nishi is irritated over Pooja’s horrifying blunder.

Season Finale!

Veena unleashes her rage onto Nishi after the latter’s misdeeds are exposed. As peace is restored, all ends well for RoNakshi.

Strange Love replaces Eternal love on the 25th of March. Read Strange Love Full Story

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Eternal Love revolves around the lives of Dr. Rohit Sippy and Sonakshi Rastogi, two completely different individuals belonging to completely different worlds unaware of the fact that their worlds, though poles apart, are meant to collide. It is an Indian romantic drama television series that aired from 17 June 2019 to 14 March 2020 on Star Plus. Produced by Sandiip Sikcand under SOL Productions, it starred Karan Grover and Dipika Kakar as lead actors.

Rohit Sippy is a successful cardiologist; calm and practical, he swears by logic and science. Sonakshi Rastogi is a popular television actress; chirpy and vivacious, she lives in the world of fiction and magic. Dedicated in their own fields, the two are broken souls with troubled pasts. They meet and start off on a conflicting note, unable to understand each others’ worlds which are poles apart. Slowly, they start seeing each other in a new light, forming a bond of support and friendship.

With time, Sonakshi falls in love with Rohit. Guilt-laden and unable to move on from Raima’s memories, Rohit refuses to accept having fallen for Sonakshi but eventually realises and accepts his feelings. Meanwhile, Raima wakes up from coma after four years. Stubborn and accusive at first, she later understands Rohit and Sonakshi’s love and accepts being his past. Free from his guilt, Rohit reunites with Sonakshi.

In between plotting, blames and misunderstandings; Rohit and Sonakshi get married. It is revealed that Pooja is Naren’s illegitimate daughter from his affair after marriage. Tanya exposes Rohan and Pari’s affair. Rohan cuts all ties with Pari.

When Naren announces his plan to transfer ownership of all his property to Veena and Pooja, Nishi tries to kill him and sets Sonakshi up for it. Pari tries to move on from Rohan but is left shocked when she realises that she is pregnant with his child. When Rohit finds out about Nishi, she blackmails him to divorce Sonakshi. Helpless, he agrees. Sonakshi burns her pictures with Rohit, having lost her faith in love. Rohit is drunk and heartbroken.

4 months later
Sonakshi is searching for work while Rohit has separated himself from his family. Nishi has taken over the entire property. Naren has been discharged from the hospital and is on a wheelchair. He shows improvement after meeting Sonakshi. Pari plots to get Rohan back into her life to secure her child’s future but gets reprimanded by Sonakshi.

Rohit gets affected by super virus, and in her attempts to save him, Sonakshi finds out the truth. The two reunite and expose Nishi, getting her arrested. Veena throws Rohan out of the house. Aakash and Deepa marry while Rohit and Sonakshi re-marry.

A Quick Review on Eternal Love

The episode starts with an emotional conversation between a mother and her son who wants to go in the Indian army. Here, we are introduced to Sonakshi Rastogi who gives a message of patriotism thereafter a sound of ‘cut’ is heard and it is revealed that the popular actress is shooting for a public service advertisement, for which she doesn’t charge a penny. Further, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya is seen in a cameo role. The story moves on to Sonakshi introducing herself as an actress of a popular show on the television, and her reel name being Parvati.

Meanwhile, a group of boys are playing a football match and here we are introduced to Dr Rohit Sippy a famous surgeon. It is also revealed that he is a bachelor and girls drool over him. Further in the story, Rohit’s family is seen celebrating his achievement, whereas he is seen missing his parents, Veena and Naren. They are planning an inauguration function at their hospital and they decide to invite Sonakshi for the same. Meanwhile, Sonakshi’s family is introduced and her mother is seen as someone who likes money as much as she loves her children. Sonakshi’s sister Pranita is a spoilt child whereas her brother Pulkit looked sorted. Rohit, as well as Sonakshi, are punctual for their work. Sonakshi is seen tired yet has a smiling face on the shoot. While, the entire narrative is progressing it is seen that both, Sonakshi and Rohit carry a hidden truth.


What we liked:

Dipika has maintained her graph as an actor, and her much-awaited comeback was on the point. She is promising as Sonakshi and is looking balanced overall, right from her makeup to her performance as Parvati and Sonakshi. While Karan too has an intense emotional side hidden behind his charming smile, he is fitting perfectly in the role of Dr Rohit. Apart from the leads, actress Anahita Jahabaksh playing Sonakshi’s mother has carried out the role of a star mom really well. Her bargaining skills with the organizers was natural, whereas her aura had a strong effect on the narrative of the first episode. Others, too have carried their roles really well.

The Narrative:

Both, Sonakshi as well as Rohit’s characters have an equal screen time and their characters have progressed really well. The makers have taken special care for introducing every pivotal character with detailing. The entire narrative of the show has moved carefully and everything that’s happening in the show has a logical reasoning. The life of both the characters have several layers to their personalities and that’s intriguing.


The special care has been taken with respect to the costume. Sonakshi as an individual has simple clothes which makes the feel of the show realistic. Karan too has a balanced costume. No point in the show, he looks over or under-dressed. Overall, the makers have tried keeping a balanced and realistic dressing for all the characters. Paras Zutshi’s contemporary style of dressing was eye candy though.


Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is a light hearted romantic drama between an actress and a doctor. Amidst the supernatural shows trending on television, this show is something different and awestrucking to watch. If you’re looking for something new and contemporary, you must give a try for this one.

Eternal Love Final Epi

The Episode starts with Nishi looking for Rohit. She sees Rohit with someone. Some time back, Sonakshi saying Nishi didn’t give the antidote to Rohit, she wanted to kill him like she tried to kill Naren. Veena gets shocked. Nishi says you think everyone will believe you. Sonakshi asks Naren to sign and tell them. Nishi comes in between and says he can’t even talk, will he sign, how much will you torture him. She asks Veena to tell that she had kidnapped Sonakshi from the hospital. Rohit is shocked. He asks Veena did she do this. Nishi says sorry, what could she do, she also thinks that Sonakshi is unlucky for us. Veena says yes, I kidnapped her, I regretted but now I think I was right. He asks how can you justify. She says I wanted to make her out of your life. Nishi says he won’t understand, explain Sonakshi, she told us that she doesn’t care if Rohit lives or dies, she became great by getting that experiment done, this woman is selfish, Pari and she want to ruin us, Pari made Tanya out of the house. Veena says trust me Rohit, I did this to save you, look at her, she came back in disguise, she isn’t leaving us.

Pooja asks why did Sonakshi come to hospital to take care of Rohit, why are you blaming her. Nishi says we don’t know her plans. Rohit recalls Sonakshi’s words. Sonakshi signs. He says acting doesn’t end, you are cheating us, if I knew you are cheating like this, I would have not let you touch me, I wish to… He raises hand… Nishi says what’s this new drama now. Rohit throws out Sonakshi and says sorry. Nishi says what’s going on between them. Sonakshi leaves. Rohit goes to his room. Nishi says I don’t trust him. Pari stops Sonakshi and taunts. Sonakshi says I have come for my husband Rohit, you are selfish. Pari says I came here for Rohan, I know he will marry me. Sonakshi says think about me, Rohan cheated Tanya and what’s the guarantee that he won’t cheat you, you want to bring this child in the world by trusting Rohan, what if he leaves you, they are right about us, wake up before the way gets closed, think for yourself and your innocent child. She goes. Pari cries.

Nishi says Rohit and Sonakshi are fooling me, I know he did the drama, I don’t leave any game incomplete, Naren has to die today. Rohit says I can’t believe that mum can hate you so much. Sonakshi says she did it for your sake. He says you are the best. She says we have to expose Nishi, don’t know what she does now. He says I told Pooja to keep an eye on Nishi. Nishi goes to Sukhmani and asks for Manchandani’s number. Pooja recalls Sonakshi’s words. She says is the pacemaker app on Sukhmani’s phone. Sonakshi says no one will believe us without evidence. She sees the idol and gets an idea. Pooja sees Nishi and says you are also here. She asks Sukhmani to have water. She pours water on the phone and then drops it in the jug. Nishi shouts and raises hand. Sukhmani stops her. Nishi scolds Pooja. Sukhmani asks why are you getting so much angry for an old phone. Nishi goes.

Pari gets Tanya home. Veena hugs Tanya. Tanya says I couldn’t tolerate more, Rohan was neglecting and insulting me. Pari says so sorry, I should have not come between you two, I have made many mistakes, I want to listen to Sonakshi and rectify my mistake, I came here with wrong intentions and I regret it, I promise I will give this child to you. She unites Rohan and Tanya’s hands. Tanya gets away and says he never wanted to hold my hand, I don’t need such a man in my life. Rohan says listen to me once. Veena says I m proud of you, Rohan cheated you, I didn’t give such upbringing to Rohan, he ruined lives of many girls, you have no place in this house, I disown you from my life, you have to leave. Rohan says I m sorry. She makes him out of the house. She asks Akash to get it printed in the newspaper that Sippys have disowned Rohan. She consoles Tanya. Tanya hugs her and thanks. Pari apologizes.


Veena says no Pari, Rohan cheated you, when you realized your mistake, I have no complains with you. She hugs Pari and Tanya. Nishi says you will stay here until this phone gets repaired. Yash asks what happened, we will get new phone for mum. Nishi asks did I ask for your advice. The man says it will take three hours. Nishi says hurry up. Yash goes. Pooja asks Rohit to hurry, they have 3 hours. Rohit says we are ready, come. He shows Naren dressed as a lady. Pooja asks what’s the plan. Rohit says the truth will come out today, when holi troupe comes. Sonakshi comes home with the people. Nishi shouts on security to throw the people out. Sonakshi signs Rohit. Pooja says relax, its holi today. Ajit comes and applies colours, wishing Nishi and Veena. He says I just wanted to give a surprise. Everyone plays holi. Veena asks Akash to get Naren, he will also enjoy. Ajit says stop, don’t leave Deepa here, if anyone makes her drink bhaang. Akash says you go and get Naren. Rohit says we have to make Sonakshi’s plan work. Nishi says where is Rohit. She sees Rohit coming down with some lady.\

Nishi saying its over, I have pressed the app button, Naren is dead. Sonakshi is shocked. Some time back, Nishi sees Rohit taking someone. Pooja gets thandai for her. Nishi says get lost. She looks around and says if Rohit is trying to defeat me, then I won’t let this happen. Rohit takes Naren on skates, and calls Sonakshi. He says I m taking dad to hospital, and I will start his pacemaker replacement surgery, stay here, don’t let Nishi go to his room. Sonakshi says okay. Nishi asks the man did the phone get repaired. The man says it will take two hours more. She asks him to hurry up. Yash and Pooja come and ask her to have thandai. Nishi refuses and asks them to stop it. He catches Nishi. Pooja feeds thandai to Nishi. She thinks she has drunk bhaang. Nishi asks what’s this kiddishness. She gets dizzy. Yash asks are you enjoying, are you seeing the stars, where are you going. Nishi says washroom.

Yash laughs and goes. Pooja says I hope mom is affected by this bhaang until Rohit’s work is done. Rohit asks Naren not to worry, until he gets conscious, everything will be fine. He gives anesthesia to Naren. Naren falls asleep. Rohit operates him. Veena asks Ajit to go and get Naren. Ajit says dad is sleeping. Veena asks is he fine, let me see. He says let him sleep. She sees the pillows. She asks where is Naren. Nishi comes to Rohit’s room and shouts. She throws things. Yash and Pooja come. Yash asks what happened, Rohit would be with everyone. She pushes Pooja. She says why am I see everything dual. Yash says its bhaang after effects. Nishi says do something, my head is spinning. Pooja asks Yash to get medicines. Yash goes. Pooja whistles. Sonakshi comes. Nishi asks what are you doing here, Pooja what is she doing here. Pooja says she isn’t here, what happened. Nishi says she is here. Sonakshi says your game is over today, you will be in jail. Nishi says shut up, what are you doing here. Pooja says relax, she isn’t here. Nishi says she is here, I will show you who ends the game. She goes.

Sonakshi signs Pooja to go. Nishi goes to her room, stumbling. The man says your phone got fine, now you can use it. Nishi kisses the phone. Pooja goes to take it. Nishi says I won’t give it to anyone. She catches Sonakshi and says you think I m affected by bhaang, you are my way’s biggest thorn, today I will throw this thorn away. She shows the app. Sonakshi shouts no, stop. Nishi switches off the pacemaker in app. She says its over, I have pressed the app button, Naren is dead. She says now everything is in my control, you thought you will get all the truth out. Sonakshi says truth will come out, your truth will also come out, you just see. Nishi catches her neck. She asks who will say, the one who knew everything is dead, and now I will send you to him, see how I have become the owner of Sippy property, I can do everything, you know how you went to Naren and asked him to divide property equally, he agreed, see how I snatched my right, I didn’t let it happen and threw him down, you are oversmart and caught me, I proved you wrong, in front of everyone, I made fake prenup and then you had to leave from here, Rohit got the proof from inspector, I blackmailed him, he called you characterless and threw you out, none can do anything, I killed Naren and I will kill you also, good bye Sonakshi. Veena comes and stops Nishi. She slaps Nishi. Nishi sees entire family staring at her.

Sukhmani asks what did you do Nishi, I m ashamed to call you my daughter. Yash asks di you kill Naren. Nishi says yes, he didn’t die after falling down from much height so I ended his story today. Sonakshi and Veena slap her. Veena scolds Nishi. She says you could have asked Naren, he would have given you everything happily, why did you kill him. Everyone cries. Rohit comes and holds Veena’s hand. He says Papa is fine. Veena asks what, where is he. He says he is in hospital, I took him for the surgery, I changed his pacemaker, Nishi can’t harm him now, he is in post-op care. He asks Inspector to arrest her. He says Sona got to know your truth first and saved this house from you. Nishi says I will kill her. Veena says touch my daughter and see, I will break your hand. Suman comes. She makes Nishi fall down. She says you were flying a lot, see how we can make you fall over your face. Nishi gets angry. She is taken away. Pooja consoles Yash. Veena apologizes to Sonakshi. Sonakshi says mum doesn’t apologize to children and shows rights, its not your mistake, Nishi filled hatred and disbelief in everyone’s mind for me, forget the bad times. Veena says just you can say this, I made a big mistake, I should have stood by now and respected you, what did I do, I separated you from my son, will you give me a chance, please. Pari asks Suman is she crying. Suman says I m crying happily.

Rohit gets holi colours and tell each other I love you. Veena and Sonakshi say I love you and apply holi colours to Rohit. He says I love you both, happy holi. After few days, Veena welcomes Rohit, Sonakshi, Akash and Deepa. Naren says welcome home as our daughter this time. Rohit and Sonakshi sign on the papers. They get married again. The man says I will get your marriage registered in the court. Sumit and Netra come. Sumit asks Netra to take Rohit in lead role. Netra says our new show is approved, main lead actress is Sonakshi, my Tulsi, channel wants you, I m sorry, I had become selfish, I had to save the show, now everything got fine, say yes please. Naren says you aren’t agreeing because of me, I m sorry, you changed my thinking, I have no problem with your profession, I m with you. Veena says I will watch this serial being proud, Sonakshi will be your Tulsi. Rohit says wait, Parvati and Tulsi can’t come between Ronakshi, we are one now, its just Jahaan Tum Wahan Hum now. They smile. He lifts her in arms. Everyone smiles and bids bye.

The show gets a happy ending.