Dream Girl Wednesday Update 25th May 2022


Dream Girl Wednesday Update 25th May 2022

Manav calling Aarti, and Aarti answering her. Ayesha talks to Shikha. Karan says you will also become a big star by this movie. Ayesha says Aarti and asks Shikha why did you turn when I said Aarti. Shikha says my real name is Aarti. Shikha says Ayesha. Ayesha stops and says yes. Aarti says I want to thank you. Ayesha says I m not Ayesha, I m her twin sister Aarti. Aarti says oh really, I did not know you, I will go and sign contract.

Ayesha checks audition tape. Raghu asks how many times will you see this. Ayesha says I feel I have seen her somewhere. He asks why did you call her Aarti. Ayesha says not me, Manav jiju called me Aarti, I noticed this girl also turned to answer, its strange she is also Aarti. Raghu laughs and says can’t there be many people with same names, take it easy, relax. She asks did you find out about Ayesha. He says no. She thinks there is something fishy, I have to find out who is Shikha and what is her connection with me.

Aarti thinks Ayesha was shocked today, see what happens next. She gets a message from someone, who writes you did really well. She asks who are you, can we meet. He writes that we will meet later when its right time. She thinks who can it be, is he from navrang, is he Karan. She prays to Kanha ji and asks for strength to not fall weak infront of her enemy and family.

Raghu, Manav and Karan have a talk. Aarti comes there and looks stunning in her costume. She asks Raghu am I looking so stunning that you can’t stop staring me. He says no. She asks don’t I look good then. He says no. Manav laughs and says you are perfect for this character, you dance really well.

Aarti dances as choreographer shows her the steps. She looks around. Raghu looks on. Aarti’s focus is on Raghu. Choreographer says the girl’s focus is on you, you stand here. Aarti dances well seeing Raghu. Manav and Karan compliment Shikha. Manav says this got possible because of Raghu. Raghu says no, I will leave now. Aarti and Karan request Raghu to stay back. Manav asks Shikha to rest in vanity van. Aarti asks Raghu to have lunch with him. Raghu refuses. Manav says its not a bad idea, and sends Raghu with her. Aarti asks the makeup artist to come later. Raghu says I will leave. She says no, you sit. Raghu maintains some distance from her. Aarti gives Raghu the mixed fruit juice and says its your favorite. Raghu looks at her and asks how do you know. She says you are famous industrialist. He asks where is your family. She says you.. I mean you won’t know about it, as I have none in this family. He says sorry. She says its painful to lose loved ones, when they are close to heart.

She asks him about Aarti, she is like Ayesha. He says no, they are different, my Aarti is unique, she is innocent, I see her face every morning, any bad person can turn good being with her, she wants others to be happy, my Aarti is selfless. She asks him to keep saying, I m glad to know to see you love someone so much. He says yes, she is lovely.

Ayesha comes on the set and asks Karan about the item girl. Karan says you just sounded like Ayesha. Ayesha says I was surprising you by acting as Ayesha, I was asking about Shikha. Karan says she is in her makeup room with Raghu. She asks what. Manav says don’t be insecure, Raghu is just yours, Shikha was just seeing Raghu and not giving good shot, then we made Raghu stand near camera, and she gave amazing shots. Karan and Manav go to set up. Ayesha worries seeing Raghu with Shikha.

Manav checking the shot. Karan asks Raghu to sit there, as Shikha is going to give the shot now. Raghu goes there and smiles. Shikha dances on the song Dilbar…. Ayesha looks on and gets angry. Shikha/Aarti dances well. Manav smiles and stops the shot. He talks to choreographer. Ayesha tells Raghu that its time for his meeting. Raghu says I cancelled the meetings, Manav asked me to stay back, film world is not that bad, I m enjoying.

Manav gives 10 mins break. Ayesha goes to Shikha and asks did you like my dance Ayesha ji. Ayesha says I m not Ayesha, I m Aarti. Shikha says you both look same. Ayesha says call me Aarti. Shikha asks her to praise her and the dance. Ayesha scolds her for eyeing her husband. Shikha says oh, Raghu ji is your husband, he is so positive and all nervousness goes. Ayesha says I m seeing this industry since long, struggling girls get after rich men, do anything in your life, stay away from my husband, do you get it.

Shikha taunts on Ayesha Sareen. Ayesha gets angry and asks how dare you. Shikha asks why this anger, world knows what bad she did with you. Ayesha says shut up, she is my sister, I won’t bear any word against Ayesha. Shikha says you have such big heart Ayesha ji. Ayesha says shut up and leaves.

Aarti says whatever you do Ayesha, you can’t take my place. Ayesha thinks I will show you how to get attention. She puts some oil on the floor, and says now Shikha will know what Ayesha used to do, I will make this her last day of the shoot.

Shikha dances in the water and slips. She falls down. Manav, Karan and Raghu run to her. Ayesha smiles. Karan says call doctor. Shikha cries getting hurt. Doctor checks Shikha and says her ankle got twisted, she needs bed rest, she can’t dance now, plaster is needed. Raghu asks how did this happen. Manav says there was oil on the floor, Karan told me, I will check the staff. Ayesha says its bad. Shikha says my career stopped before starting. Raghu says relax, nothing will happen to your career, you will do this song, we will wait till you get fine. Ayesha worries. Shikha says I stay alone in Mumbai, how will we manage. Raghu says we will find some solution. Manav says yes, we are sorry for this. Raghu asks her to take care. They all leave. Shikha stands up and smiles. She gets message that you were fantastic, doctor said what I asked him to say. Shikha messages thanks. Manav reads message and smiles.

Raghu asks Manav what did you think, where will Shikha stay. Manav says we are responsible for her state, I think Sareen house is better place for her, if she gives bad statement in media, it won’t be good. Raghu agrees. Shikha’s fall news come on tv. Ayesha smiles and says the credit goes to me, Shikha was going to get Raghu’s love, lie in hospital now.

She goes out and smiles seeing Raghu. She thinks she does not love Raghu, but she is his wife, she does not share her things, she moved Aarti off her way and now Shikha, and promises she won’t let anyone come in between them. Raghu holds Shikha’s hand. Ayesha gets shocked seeing Raghu bringing Shikha home.

Raghu makes her sit. Ayesha asks whats all this, I mean she should be in hospital. Manav says Shikha will stay here with us for few days till her foot gets fine. Ayesha says oh, did you talk to mum and dad. Manav says yes, I spoke to them, Ayesha’s room is vacant, she can stay there. Ayesha says good to have you here Shikha. Shikha says sorry Manav and Raghu for shouting on you both, I was frustrated. Raghu says we forgot that. Manav says if you need anything, tell Aarti. Raghu says come, I will drop you to your room. He takes Shikha.

Ayesha says why is Raghu doing everything for Shikha. Raghu makes Shikha rest. Shikha holds Raghu’s hand. He stops and she leaves his hand. She thanks him. He says its okay and leaves. She cries.