Dream Girl Tuesday Update 3rd May 2022


Dream Girl Tuesday Update 3rd May 2022

Ayesha swimming and staring Raghu. Raghu likes the drink Aarti ordered and sends a note for her, asking waiter to serve the drink to that lady. Sona brings Mithi and worries as Mithi thinks Raghu is her dad. The waiter apologizes to Aarti, and says that Sir ordered a new drink for you, and gave this thank you note. She reads the note. He writes her choice is really nice, and he hopes she likes his choice… Raghu… She gets glad seeing him there and stops herself from meeting her, seeing Ayesha with him. She covers her face.

Raghu says I have work and would like to leave. Ayesha says I understand, I did not see Mithi so happy before. He thanks them and says kids deserve all happiness. She requests him to stay for more time for Mithi’s sake. Raghu takes Mithi’s permission to leave and gifts her chocolates. He leaves. Ayesha asks Mithi to do something special to become more imp than Papa’s work. Mithi agrees. Ayesha tells something to Mithi. Raghu is leaving and passes by Aarti.

He turns to see her and hears Mithi calling him. Mithi stands on diving board to jump in pool. Sona and Raghu ask her to come down. Mithi says she will dive for her dad. Ayesha asks Mithi to come down, else she will come there. Mithi refuses. Sona scolds Ayesha. Aarti talks to Mithi and makes her busy in talk, till Raghu goes to Mithi. Aarti asks Mithi not to jump, else flood will come and trouble others. Mithi asks Raghu can this happen. He says yes, it can create problem. Mithi says she will help everyone and hugs him. Sona gets relieved.

Ayesha calls Raghu a hero. He says I m not, that girl is the hero, she was angel to help Mithi, but who was she. Its night, Karan and Aarti hear Ayesha and Mithi talking. Ayesha says she told Mithi to go on diving board, and Papa stopped. Ayesha asks Mithi to do as she says, then Papa will not leave her. She asks Mithi to sleep now.

Karan and Aarti scold Ayesha for using Mithi. She asks how will we feel when she knows this, Raghu can’t be Manav. Mithi’s hope will break and she will be hurt. Ayesha says Mithi will understand, I m her mum. Karan corrects her saying Mithi is Manav’s daughter, you used her to trap Manav and not Raghu. Its morning, Ayesha calls Raghu and makes Mithi talk.

Mithi asks him to come. Ayesha tells him that Mithi was insisting, can he come for some time. He says he has work. She requests him. He says I can’t promise, I will try. She asks him to decide. She thinks Raghu will come for Mithi, she have to think a reason that you stay here so that I can impress you.

Aarti’s sleeve tears because of wall nail. She tells Karan that she will change and come for mahurat function. Ayesha says I will go close to Raghu by using Mithi. Sona reads Ramayan and tells about Kaikeyi sending Ram for vanvaas. Ayesha says Kaikeyi did not do wrong to think for his son’s good. Aarti says her way was not right, Ram would have given throne to Bharat if she asked by love. Ayesha says Ram said Kaikeyi is right. Aarti says because he is Ram. Ayesha and Aarti argue about rights and Kaikeyi’s matter. Aarti says people did not forgive Kaikeyi, even when Ram has forgiven her. Ayesha taunts her for lying to Raghu that she is Ayesha. Sona looks on. Aarti says that time I… Ayesha says you did for Navrang’s good, so that Raghu invests in Navrang, call Raghu on mahurat, maybe he will come and open Navrang’s fate. Ayesha thinks to get Raghu.

Aarti explaining Mithi that Raghu is not her dad. Mithi says Raghu told Ayesha, he wanted to surprise her. Aarti says maybe it was wrong message. She gives her reasoning that Manav would have showed his face if Raghu was him. She asks Mithi to call him and apologize. Mithi calls Raghu and says sorry, I understood you are not my dad, uncle I promise I won’t call you Papa infront of everyone. He says Mithi you can call me Papa. Mithi thanks him and goes. Karan asks Aarti why is Mithi so happy. Aarti says she got her santa claus. He says fine, why are you lost.

She says she has to invite someone and does not know how. He says a letter is the best. Aarti runs to write a letter. He asks who is he, tell me. She writes an invitation. Mithi gives idea to make a smiley on it. Aarti makes the smiley.

Aarti goes to give invitation to Raghu. She gives it to guard and says its from Navrang. He asks what to say Raghu, Ayesha Sareen ji? She says yes. Raghu gets the card and asks why did Ayesha Sareen sent this, she has habit to force. He throws it and sees smiley. He picks the letter and reads Aarti’s letter. He recalls Ayesha. She writes a sweet letter, and clears Ayesha’s name too. She thanks him for giving time to Mithi, and says what all she has observed about him. He recalls Aarti.

She invites him for film mahurat, if he comes, she will be glad, else no complains. He says Ayesha Sareen is so caring and innocent, don’t know. He gets to know Ayesha has come to give the letter. Aarti waits there and says she did wrong, Raghu can stop meeting Mithi. She asks guard to return card. He says Raghu might have read it. She says fine, and leaves. Raghu comes there and asks guard about the lady. The guard says she left, see her car. Raghu thinks Ayesha came here, strange.

At the film mahurat place, Aarti looks for Raghu. Ayesha thinks did Aarti convince Raghu to come or not. Aarti wishes Raghu comes. Ayesha gets glad seeing Raghu. Aarti smiles. The media runs to Raghu and asks him about the movie. A girl pushes Raghu and Ayesha. Ayesha falls and he holds her in arms. Sona, Karan, Aarti and media look on. The media clicks their pics.

Ayesha sees he stepped on her saree and goes ahead to make her saree malfunction. Everyone get shocked seeing this. Raghu helps her and says sorry. Aarti runs from there and her earring falls. Karan scolds the media asking them to respect their privacy. Ayesha runs inside. Raghu gets the earring. Raghu apologizes to Ayesha. He asks her can he talk to her for a minute.

Ayesha covers herself and cries. He says sorry, it was just an accident, it was wardrobe malfunction, so…. She says yes, this will be high in media, I don’t believe this. She cries and says she kept puja and mahurat for navrang’s new start, I m sure everyone will think I did this intentionally. I can’t show my face to anyone. She drinks water. Raghu says I know what you are saying, media makes news. She says everything was recorded, it will be everyone on internet. Raghu asks can I do something for you.