Dream Girl Tuesday Update 17th May 2022


Dream Girl Tuesday Update 17th May 2022

Raghu asking Aarti to accept that it was she who made him fall in love, and change himself. Aarti recalls him and says yes, I was not that, Ayesha is the one who revived love in your heart, we did not meet before, I m Ayesha’s twin sister Aarti. I was nowhere, I m seeing you for the first time. She starts leaving and he holds her hand. He says there is just one person in your life, that is close to heart and absence makes you realize what that person means, I know you are lying, my feelings are just with you. Aarti cries and leaves.

Ayesha tells Raghu that Aarti does not know you, I m your Ayesha, I have beat your torture and tells what all he did. He asks her to keep quiet and leaves. She says listen to me, and falls down. He does not care and leaves. She shouts Raghu. Aarti looks from the window. He stops and looks at the window. She hides. He leaves in his car. Aarti says I m sorry Raghu ji, I have hurt your trust again. Ayesha fumes and runs to Aarti.

Raghu comes home and recalls Aarti’s words. He sits drinking. Aarti tells Ayesha that she did not do this intentionally. Ayesha says you did this for Raghu, don’t do this drama, I know you can’t bear me with Raghu, are you happy now, Raghu knows truth now, is there any new plan. Aarti cries and says I m saying truth, trust me, there was someone in my room and that person had knife, I was afraid for you and came to look for you.

Ayesha asks her not to cook stories. Karan comes and says Aarti is right, that man has come here in Aarti’s room, he switched off power in the house, when he heard Aarti’s scream, he has run away, I tried following him, and that man ran away. Security guards have gone after him. Ayesha says fine, but why did Aarti come to me.

Aarti says I thought you are alone, I did not know Karan is also at home, I m sorry. Ayesha scolds her for spoiling everything. She says Raghu proposed me today and this happened. She leaves. Karan asks Aarti why is she worried, because she did not tell truth to Raghu. Aarti asks what are you saying. He says you can’t lie, come on, its true that Raghu loves you a lot, I can’t be wrong, don’t you have feelings for him. Aarti says no, I can’t even think so. He says you are everything for Raghu, love happens just once, when love goes away, then you start valuing love, then you don’t get it again, think over it. He leaves.

Raghu drinks a lot. Kaka stops him and asks him not to drink again. Raghu tells him that Aarti does not love her, he loves Aarti, she is Ayesha’s twin sister. Kaka says maybe Ayesha is saying right. Raghu says no, she is a liar and plans, but Aarti is quiet, she is not saying anything. He asks Kaka did you love anyone, I have loved Aarti, I got peace with her, how will I not identify her, you remember I told you Ayesha is behaving strange, I have tortured Aarti.

He holds his head and says I was thinking why is Ayesha not complaining, it was Aarti bearing everything. Kaka says maybe Ayesha is right and you are confused. Raghu says no, I don’t know how will I prove, but I won’t let history repeat, I won’t let anyone play with my heart. He drinks and leaves. Kaka worries.

Karan tells everything to Manav and Richa. Richa says maybe Aarti did not realize she loves Raghu. Manav says I can’t come infront of them, else Ayesha will fool Raghu again, I m worried for Aarti. Karan says yes, Aarti have seen happiness now, and Ayesha is snatching it, we have to help Aarti. Manav asks him to trust Lord’s justice. Aarti recalls Karan and Raghu’s words and cries.

Aarti recalling Raghu’s words. She thinks few things should be hidden for other’s happiness. Ayesha worried thinking whats going on in Raghu’s mind. Its morning, Raghu works out and recalls Aarti. Ayesha calls him. He asks how are you Ayesha ji. She says actually, I called to say whatever happened last night, I m really sorry. He says no, I m sorry, it was my mistake, I decided we should get engaged before anything else happens. She asks what did you say and gets shocked.

She smiles and says I m a widow, so…. He says so sorry, I did not wish to hurt you, its okay. She says no, I was saying, ofcourse…. Raghu says now I m sure it was Aarti, see Ayesha, how I use you and reach my love. He asks her to come to the same jewelry shop and select a ring, if he gets late. She says I will manage. She dances happily as she is getting engaged. She says this engagement will turn everything round, it will be like Ayesha wants. Raghu thinks Ayesha will fail by her plan, now it will be like I want.

Ayesha gets juice for Aarti and acts sweet. She says Raghu and I are getting engaged, thanks to you. She says I love you Di and leaves. Aarti cries and smiles. Karan talks to Aditya about the shoot. Ayesha says sorry, shoot can’t happen now, I don’t have time. Aditya says we have spend lots of money on shoot. Ayesha says I m leaving. Karan says you have to do shoot, why are you behaving unprofessional. She says I know well to manage career and media. She leaves. He says don’t know why is Raghu going engagement with her.

Aarti cries in her room. She thinks she should be happy for Ayesha. Ayesha goes to the jewelry shop and chooses a ring. She thinks I m Dream girl and can’t lose to any bahenji, don’t know where is Raghu.

Raghu comes to meet Aarti. She gets shocked seeing him. He holds her and says you can’t deny you love me, I can feel your pain, just say once you changed me. She says no, you are mistaken, I told you before. He says you are lying, tell me, I know Aarti, did Ayesha put pressure on you… she asks how can you think this, you are getting engaged to Ayesha, she loves you, she trusts you and you are doubting on her. He asks are you happy. She says yes, if my sister gets love, I will be glad. He says Ayesha loves just money, she will buy the costliest ring. She says Ayesha is good, you need psychiatric help. He says I will prove Ayesha’s truth and your lie in 7 days. He leaves. She feels sorry to do wrong with him, but she is doing this for navrang.

Ayesha chooses a diamond ring worth 1.5 crores. She wears it and smiles. Raghu comes there. She asks the man to get the ring packed. She says Raghu will come and do the payment. She shows the ring to Raghu. He says nice. The man says its most expensive. He says price does not matter. Ayesha smiles and thinks she wanted this, that she gets his everything.

Raghu looks at Ayesha and recalls Aarti. He asks Ayesha to choose ring for him too. She says ofcourse, I did. The man says you did not choose ring for him. She says I did, show him. Raghu says let it be, I like simple things. Ayesha gets shocked seeing Manav outside the store.