Dream Girl Thursday Update 31st March 2022


Dream Girl Thursday Update 31st March 2022

Laxmi’s dad being glad seeing Laxmi and hugging her. He says he is very happy. She controls her emotions. He asks is she fine, why is this stick in her hand. Bua says we will go back to Jodhpur. Ayesha asks Abhimanyu to say who is mad, she told him that Laxmi Mathur is alive, she is here standing alive. She asks Karan to say what will he say now, Ayesha Sareen is innocent. They look at Laxmi. Ayesha says its just Samar who believed Laxmi is alive and did not die, see she has come. Laxmi gets tensed and holds her feelings seeing Samar.

Samar comes to her and she acts to be blind. He says Laxmi I knew nothing can happen to you, my Laxmi can’t die, I knew you will come back, that’s why I m alive, you felt my career will suffer because of you, I have been waiting for you long. He holds her and she slaps Samar. Laxmi’s dad asks what happened to her, he is Samar. Laxmi says stop it, I m not Laxmi, my name is Naina, I don’t know who is this Laxmi, but I m Naina. She says Ayesha ji I told you before not to misbehave with me, else I will not bear it, you called me for this. Samar gets sad and cries.

Ayesha says no use to do drama, everyone knows you here, and throws her stick. Ayesha says she is innocent, now she has no blame on her, she is a free bird, you do your work Abhimanyu, ask her why did she do this, why did she frame me in her murder case, ask Karan also, he is with her.

Abhimanyu asks her what is she doing here, she is not Naina. Ayesha says Laxmi’s dad, Bua and Samar knows she is Laxmi, I called her here. Abhimanyu says she is not Laxmi. Ayesha says then you are not Abhimanyu. He says she is Naina. Ayesha says we heard this story, no use to repeat, and scolds him. He says she is my sister. Ayesha starts laughing and jokes on him, asking him to become her writer.

He shows his and Laxmi’s pic. Ayesha says I would have known your sister. Prem asks do you know him. Ayesha says he would have told us. Abhimanyu says I did not know you will call Naina to prove she is Laxmi. He asks why did she not say she is working for Ayesha. Laxmi says I did not wish Ayesha to work on my script, its not a big thing to tell you. Ayesha says brilliant, they did not have any story and came up as brother and sister, you may have dead mum, helpless brother, all separated in kumbh mela and laughs. She asks Samar to say, he can’t be wrong, he loves Laxmi.

Samar says this is not my Laxmi, Laxmi can hide her love, not hide her concern for loved ones. Karan asks Ayesha is everyone with him. Abhimanyu says three persons have same face in this world, and asks Najna to come. Ayesha says wait, same marks on body is not possible, she is Laxmi, her left hand will have stitches mark as she has cut her wrist. They all see that there are no marks. Abhimanyu says he won’t bear this, his sister is blind, it does not mean they will use her. Ayesha asks Laxmi’s dad to say this is Laxmi, does he not feel to hug his daughter. Laxmi’s dad says what can I say, if this was Laxmi, she would have not seen me crying and hugged me. Ayesha asks Prem to see its Laxmi. Prem says why would Laxmi come back if she left Samar by her wish.

Prem apologizes to everyone. Ayesha says you can’t fool me Laxmi, I m framed, they all are together. Laxmi asks Abhimanyu to take her to Laxmi’s dad. She says she does not know how did Laxmi look, if her face matches Laxmi, then he can regard her as his daughter. He blesses her and leaves. Laxmi asks Ayesha to prove her innocence soon, this is fate, we will start work soon, as its said the show must go on. She leaves. Ayesha fumes.

Samar recalling Laxmi’s slap. He says this can’t be my Laxmi. Laxmi cries and hurts her hand recalling how she is slapped Samar and hurt her dad’s emotions. Karan comes and asks her to leave the cactus. He asks is she mad, why is she hurting herself. She says she has hurt her loved ones. Karan says you went to take revenge from Ayesha, nothing else. Laxmi says Ayesha did this with me, I m hurting everyone. He cares for her hand and asks her not to get weak. Karan pacifies her and says you are doing right. They hear a sound and Karan asks who is there. Abhimanyu says I was just taking water, sorry to disturb.

Karan says you always make a shocking entry. FB shows Abhimanyu meeting Karan and Laxmi, and saying this is my home. They laugh. Abhimanyu says Ayesha messaged him, and asks their plan. The current scene shows Abhimanyu praising Laxmi for her performance. Ayesha laughs in her room. She says those three will be laughing on me right now and I m laughing on them, how funny is that.

Abhimanyu says Karan you did good to involve me in this game, Ayesha was confident about you both, I was her past, a weak link, she did mistake that Naina can’t be my sister, she is alert and won’t do much mistake, she knows I know her well. FB shows Karan sees Ayesha packing few items in a box. She says its old memories, and she wants to shut those old memories as it can affect her present, she is marrying Manav, his mum does not like me, if he gets these things, it will be problem, I can’t burn this, as media will make it news, and she asks him to keep all these things with him, she trusts him a lot.

Karan says I broke her trust, I know Laxmi and I won’t be enough for this plan, I wanted someone who knows Ayesha, and called Abhimanyu. FB shows Karan seeing the old pics of Ayesha and her BF. Abhimanyu says Ayesha’s influence on him was strong. He says he got a sister now in Laxmi, he will always support her. She smiles. She says maybe Ayesha knows Karan and I are together, not Abhimanyu. Karan says she would know it now. Ayesha says I know those three are together. Ayesha gets more confident to deal with them. Karan says we have to be more careful now, and hugs Abhimanyu and Karan. Ayesha smiles and says three partners are bad.

Samar talks to Ayesha. She asks does he feel its not Laxmi. Samar says I felt she is Laxmi, but no, she is not Laxmi, Laxmi can’t slap me. Ayesha says maybe she slapped you to make you feel she is not Laxmi to fulfill her motive. Samar says what motive, she went away from me to make me succeed, she can’t hurt anyone. She asks did he not see love in her eyes. Samar recalls and says I can just say Laxmi will not change her identity, she will come with her name, I m sorry but that was Naina, not Laxmi. He leaves. She says its not difficult to prove Naina is Laxmi, then this problem will be solved. She writes this on mirror.

Laxmi sits sad. Karan asks her to forget all old memories, you have to meet Ayesha, she will try to make you accept you are Laxmi and bring Samar infront of you, what will you do. Samar comes there. Laxmi says I feel I m selfish. The door bell rings. Laxmi says I will see. She goes to see and gets shocked seeing Samar. Samar calls out Abhimanyu. Karan and Laxmi get tensed.