Dream Girl Saturday Update 7th May 2022


Dream Girl Saturday Update 7th May 2022

Raghu getting angry recalling how the actress Surbhi insulted his brother Krishna on the shoot set. She treated him like a servant and called him useless. Raghu fumes. Aarti goes downstairs and thanks the staff. Hasmukh says I will get coffee for you.

Aarti stays calm and sits reading the magazine. The staff guesses she is Aarti, but they should not tell anyone. Raghu comes there and keeps his feet over the table. He asks Ayesha to get his shoes. Aarti gets tensed. He shouts dream girl…. Get It from my cabin. She goes. Raghu takes coffee from Hasmukh.

Aarti gets his shoes. Raghu stares at her. Raghu asks her to come and make him wear the shoes. Raghu troubles her and insults her infront of everyone. He steps on her hand and hurts her. Kushal tells Raghu that he stepped on madam’s hand. The staff stares at them being worried for Aarti.

Raghu says oh, I did not see. He shouts on Aarti, asking Ayesha to make her wear shoes fast. He insults her and goes. He asks Hasmukh to get coffee and send Ayesha. He asks Aarti to bring a stool and makes her stand on the stool. Aarti gets tensed and stands on the stool.

Raghu then makes her stand on one foot, saying all the people stand on one foot to obey the dream girl. He troubles her and asks her not to get down the stool till he says. He sits to start his work and Aarti stands on one foot. She stumbles and then balances. He asks her is she fine, does she have any problem. He says what will people say seeing this, your fan following will increase more. She gets tired and looks at him.

Raghu asking Aarti to quit the challenge if she wants to end this game. Aarti thinks I promised Ayesha and says no, I can do anything for navrang, I m fine. He looks at her and says I m impressed, I respect women. Ayesha is at her shoot and throws star tantrums. Aditya says Ayesha’s charm is not coming. She says I m here for a shoot, this is enough for a poster. Aditya sees the pics. She says pack up, sorry I won’t do this, you will explain me whats my charm, I know you, you learnt all this from Manav, you will explain me how to shoot. Aditya says I was saying its not like before. She asks him to replace the photographer, she does not have entire day to waste here. She leaves.

Karan thinks it was really Manav. Richa asks why are you so serious and asks him to forget this. He asks whats your problem. She says I was just joking. He says I wanted to see its true or not. He likes the location. She says afterall I chose the location. He asks her to stop the car. She asks what happened. He runs inside the jungle. She asks where is he going, stop.

Aarti stands on one feet. Raghu says not bad, its one hour and you are not complaining. He gets a call. Aarti thinks she can’t lose, she has to do this for Ayesha and navrang. She stumbles. He holds her while she falls from the stool. She says sorry, I will do it again. He says I told you its nightmare for you, you lost the chance. He makes her leave. Kaka comes and sees her leaving. He says clients would come, I will inform you. Raghu says I know you want to tell me something Kaka, say it. Kaka says I just want to say, are you doing injustice with this girl, you are hurting her, maybe this girl is not like you think. He leaves. Raghu thinks.

Karan turns and sees someone. He calls out Manav and runs after him. Richa asks Karan where is he going and tries to stop him. Manav quickly walks. Karan asks him to stop. Manav falls down. Karan comes there. Richa too reaches there. Karan sees Manav. Richa stops Karan and says maybe he is someone else, whats this madness. Manav leaves. Karan asks why is Manav doing this. Richa says its not Manav. Karan says its Manav, I don’t know why is he doing this. Richa thinks till when will this go on.

Mithi meets Raghu at navrang and says I have come to meet Ayesha. Raghu says I took her cabin, maybe she is in another cabin. Mithi says I will find her and kisses him. He smiles and says such a lovely girl, and her mum who angers me. He recalls Kaka’s words and says maybe Kaka was saying right. I should go and see whether Ayesha is fine. Mithi goes to Aarti. She asks did you also get same wound. Aarti thinks Mithi recognized me, it will be problem if she calls me Aarti infront of Raghu. Raghu walks upstairs and stops hearing Aditya telling Sona about Ayesha’s bad behavior, she did not change, she is still the same. Sona says it happens, relax. Raghu recalls her brother’s GF Surbhi. He gets angry and recalls the past.

Aarti explains Mithi and asks her not to tell anyone that she is Aarti, Ayesha and she had a bet to see whose life is challenging, don’t spoil our game. Mithi agrees. Raghu comes there and sees Aarti. He holds her hand and apologizes to her. He asks her to relax.