Dream Girl Saturday Update 30th April 2022


Dream Girl Saturday Update 30th April 2022

Ayesha going to meet the billionaire’s tailor. She finds the place very down market. She goes to tailor shop and meets the tailor. He recognizes her and is glad. She asks about Raghu. He asks who Raghu. She says I understood, he would have told you not to tell anyone, but he is my good friend, he told me about you, I have to gift him and came here. He says but you came late, party is tonight. She thinks its good chance to get close to Raghu, media will know this. He says I will try this for Raghu, he has managed this locality, many families manage because of him, his fav color is black. She asks him to make black suit, and gives him much money.

She leaves from there and calls someone. The lady says Ayesha can’t go without any invitation, there is one way, she has similar invite and Ayesha can get inside that party. Ayesha thanks her. She thinks she got a chance to meet Raghu. Karan talks to Prem and says he will manage. Karan talks to staff and says this movie won’t be made now, it was written for Laxmi and Samar, we will not discuss this again, we want a big movie to get back in market, on which investors can put money.

Aarti tells Karan that she read in book, about Manav’s fav assistant Aditya. Karan says yes, Aditya Sen, now he has become big director, he has his own banner, I don’t think he will do our movie. Aarti says its written Aditya idolizes Manav, of Navrang needs him, I think he will help us. Karan says he has become big director, he will not do our movie. Aarti says we can give it a try, maybe he will agree. Karan says fine.

Ayesha goes to Raghu’s house. She sends her driver to talk to guard. The driver bribes the guard and asks about Raghu. The guard praises Raghu and says I joined yesterday, I have seen on tv how Raghu took blame on himself to save the driver, he is always on time. Raghu leaves and Ayesha follows him. She thinks where is he going. Raghu comes to a small tea stall and have tea there. Ayesha gets a call that her invitation card is ready. She says Raghu is exactly like Manav, he is humble, good hearted and down to earth, but Raghu is much more richer than Manav, it won’t be less to make a place in his heart.

Ayesha comes in the party, and media questions her about her public appearance after Manav’s death. She dresses in a red gown and looks stunning. The man stops her to check invite. Ayesha shows the invitation card. She checks her name in the guest list and tells her name is not in the list. She asks him to check again. He checks again and says sorry, your name is not there in list. She asks does he feel she came uninvited, shall we go back. He says it maybe printing mistake, welcome.

Karan tells Aarti that Aditya has become big director, he is not responding to our call. His manager told me. Aarti says maybe manager did not tell Aditya, I think we should try again. He says you talk and it looks half problem is solved, fine I will try. Ayesha likes the party and meets people. She thinks she does what she thinks.

Aditya comes to meet Karan and Aarti. He says Ayesha ji, I did not expect you to be here in office after Manav’s death. Karan says we have duties on us, Navrang needs us and we need you. Aditya says I m because of Manav, Navrang is like my home, I can’t leave my ongoing project, Ayesha I m helpless and sorry Karan, I can’t help Navrang, even if I want to.

Aarti tells Aditya about saving Manav’s dreams, which he has seen in Navrang. She says when he has taught you to fulfill your dreams, when he needs you, won’t you help, we can just request you, you can decide it.

Ayesha meeting Raghu. She gives him a bouquet and tries impressing him. Aditya gets ready to help Navrang. He says he has a script ready and its perfect for this time. Aarti and Karan thank him. Aditya says I have a condition, that Ayesha has to do this film. Aarti thinks. Ayesha thinks Navrang is sinking, Raghu and this place are my future. A man introduces his niece and Raghu gets shocked. Ayesha takes the mic and talks to the guests. She says I know everyone loves me, tonight Raghu is the talk of the town.

The manager says I felt you knew it Raghu, she is a filmstar. Raghu asks for guestlist. Ayesha thanks them for inviting her in her way. She sings Kaise pehli zindagani……..Raghu drinks. Ayesha smiles seeing him. People take selfies with Ayesha. Raghu walks away. Ayesha goes to him and tries using his charm. She asks how did he like her performance. He says I heard you are a filmstar. She laughs and says I heard the same. He asks how did she come here. She asks what. He says I mean I make guest list myself, when I don’t know you, I won’t invite you.

She says I just know I got invitation, so I m here, you feel Ayesha Sareen will go in any party uninvited, I decide whose party I attend, people die to make me part of their party. He says fine, but I did not invite you. She says its embarrassing, does he ask people after inviting them. He says I did not invite you. She says my husband died recently, I was in depression, I did not talk to anyone, I had few journalists friends, maybe they had got this invitation for me to cheer me up,

He asks her to come and gives his hand. She smiles and holds his hand. He brings her outside and holds her hand to drag her infront of everyone. Ayesha asks him to stop it. The guests look on. Raghu takes Ayesha towards entrance and asks her name. He asks guards to check her invitation. He shows the card and asks did she get this. She says you are insulting me doing this, this is that card. He says its fake. The guests gossip that Ayesha came without invitation.

Ayesha asks what, how. He shows the real card and paper work. He asks security to show her exit way. She asks how dare you. He says how dare you come here with fake card, you are from fake filmi world, you came here with an ugly face and fake beauty, get out right now. He tears the card and throws it. She gets angered.

Karan gives coffee to Aarti. Aarti says Sona and Prem would be glad knowing you convinced Aditya. Karan says you convinced him. She says Navrang will be back on top, Ayesha is with us. He says Ayesha will not work for us. She tells a story about a king meeting sadhu, king asked his future, sadhu wrote a note and asked him to check in any tough time, when king Rajya was attacked, he checked the note, it was written that this time will pass too, its said that good and bad time pass on. Karan smiles and says yes. Ayesha is on the way and recalls Raghu’s words. She hits the car and comes out. She burns the car in anger.