Dream Girl Saturday Update 26th March 2022


Dream Girl Saturday Update 26th March 2022

Ayesha having tough time in the jail. Abhimanyu asks the staff not to give her water, as she drinks just imported water. Manav is worried for Ayesha. Abhimanyu talks to Ayesha and says how she was before, she used to dream with her roommates, drink in same glass, sleep on the floor, how did she change so much? Ayesha argues with him. He says Manav won’t be restless seeing you here, when he knows your truth. Ayesha asks can she do a call. The lady constable refuses and asks her to talk in morning. Ayesha cries.

Ayesha gets the jail food, and does not eat it. Abhimanyu taunts her and goes. Ayesha gets a chit in the food and hides it. She evaluates who is doing this, as if someone captured when she spoke to Laxmi, it means Abhimanyu has framed her. He gets overthinking and sleeps.

Its morning, Abhimanyu reads the news to Ayesha. Manav says I read the paper, I think someone is framing Ayesha. Samar says Karan is framing her, as she has exposed Karan for that MMS, Karan is bad to use Laxmi and then using this matter to frame Ayesha, if he does not keep relations, we will also end ties and not stop now. Samar goes to meet Karan and gets angry. Karan asks why did he call him. Samar asks where is Laxmi.

Karan says you were marrying her, how would I know. Samar argues with him. Karan says Ayesha has done this, she is selfish. Samar says you did not be loyal to your sister, what can we expect. Karan tells against Ayesha and says you will realize your mistake soon. Samar says I will drag you to jail when I get any proof. Karan says I will be waiting.

Abhimanyu does not give mineral water to Ayesha. The lady says she can get unwell. He says I know, she can faint, but Manav will free her tomorrow, so I have to make her accept the truth today.

Ayesha brought for interrogation. Abhimanyu says she can get mineral water if she gives right answers. He asks her to tell the truth. She sees water and sits. The lady asks her did she meet Laxmi last, before her disappearance. Ayesha says she won’t answer, unless her lawyers are here. He says this is not Hollywood movie to wait for lawyer, this is real life, she is blamed. She says yes, I met her and takes the water. He makes the glass away and asks why did she meet Laxmi.

She says she met Laxmi to tell her about focusing on her career, as she is Samar’s Bhabhi. Abhimanyu says you did not wish Laxmi to come in your house and become Laxmi Sareen. She says I m competitive but I m not a murderer. Abhimanyu says you had problem with Laxmi, Laxmi’s Bua has said this, you used to torture Laxmi. She says I m a very strict boss, everyone knows I mentored Laxmi and made her dream girl, Manav and Samar will agree to this.

He says it means Laxmi was talented, so you chose her, if Samar wanted to marry her, what problem you had. She says I did not have any problem, Samar was leaving his film. He says problem was that MMS scandal, and Laxmi was defamed, you did not wish Samar to marry her, was it true? She says it was. He says why did Manav say it was fake. She says no. He says it means MMS was fake, I feel you are connected to that MMS scandal. She says you are putting me under pressure, her image was spoiled and she was staining Samar’s image. He says so you did not wish Laxmi to marry Samar. She says yes. He looks at her. She says no, you are pressurizing me, I did not wish Laxmi and Samar not to marry, I wanted them to marry.

He asks why did she not wish them to marry, you had problem with Laxmi. Laxmi became dream girl and was marrying Laxmi, you felt everything will be snatched from you, so you pushed her, you accepted it. She says I pushed her slightly, I did not push her to kill her. He says you pushed her and she went missing. He says you have killed Laxmi, you accepted this. She says this is torture, I did not kill her. She screams and faints. The lady asks her to wake up, and says she really fainted, she did not eat anything. He says she is acting.

She says we will come in problem if anything happens to Ayesha. He asks them to put Ayesha back in lockup. Ayesha says she is feeling weak. The lady says she is her big fan, and asks her to have water. Ayesha refuses. Abhimanyu comes there and says he knows she did this acting to get save from his questions, everyone will doubt her if she does this. He says once he files chargesheet, he can’t change it and asks her to think. He gives her mineral water and she drinks it. She coughs and spits it.

He says maybe salt was much in it. Manav comes to meet Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says Ayesha just slept, you can meet her. Manav says she has bear a lot, if she slept, I won’t disturb her. He asks is she fine. Abhimanyu says she is fine. Manav says I will take her tomorrow, when the court opens, give this bag to her, its her clothes. Abhimanyu says fine. Manav thanks him and leaves.

The lady constables discuss about Ayesha, she is real heroine, she did not have water and food since 2 nights, she is very stubborn, see her state. Ayesha sleeps.

Its morning, Manav talks to inspector. The lawyer gives the bail papers and says Ayesha would be proved innocent. Abhimanyu greets Manav and talks to them. The lady constables apologizes to Ayesha and asks for her autograph. Ayesha comes there and Manav apologizes to her. Ayesha hugs him. He asks is she fine, sorry you had to be here for 2 days, she got the bail, they will go home now. The inspector asks Ayesha to sign. He asks her not to go out of country. Ayesha looks at Abhimanyu.