Dream Girl Saturday Update 19th March 2022


Dream Girl Saturday Update 19th March 2022

Bua ji and Laxmi’s dad pacifying her. Ayesha says Laxmi’s career ended, how can anyone do this for publicity. Manav says I think someone framed her, Laxmi can’t do this. Ayesha asks Samar is he annoyed with Laxmi. Samar says I know my Laxmi, she is the most true and respectable girl, I can’t be annoyed, I m thinking about her, it was big day for her, it was her movie’s first look launch and she knew I m going to propose her, I won’t believe if Lord says she did it. Manav says someone framed Laxmi, I will find that person, there is someone behind this. Ayesha says I know who did this.

Manav asks what…. Samar asks what do you know, who is it. Ayesha says I don’t know to get angry or embarrassed, my brother Karan has one this. Samar and Manav are shocked. She says I knew this, he traps girls and likes doing this, every girl knew him as Ayesha’s brother and Navrang’s director, but Laxmi refused him, he could not bear it and ruined her and her movie career. She says such scandal will ruin the heroine’s career and the movie. He lied that he wants to unite Samar and Laxmi, so that we don’t doubt on him. Samar recalls Karan and Laxmi. Ayesha cries saying I m ashamed.

Karan comes there and asks why is Ayesha ashamed. Karan says you should be proud to target two people by one shot, you did this, you ruined Laxmi’s life and career, and now you have blamed me, and cleared me off the way. He says I know all her crimes, and if I open my mouth, you won’t be able to show your face to the world. She says she will not take his mistake’s responsibility, you loved Laxmi even after knowing Samar loves him. She says we know how you tried to trap Laxmi.

She says when Laxmi refused to your love, you showed you are her friend, to know whats going on between her and Samar, you showed you are her support, we noticed it. Karan smiles and says how would I not notice, as I have done all this on Ayesha’s saying. Ayesha says he is blaming me. Karan asks Samar not to believe Ayesha, she wanted to ruin Laxmi’s career, I supported her before, but not this time. She says she kept Laxmi to groom her. Karan says stop it, and tells Manav that when he asked me about Samar and Laxmi, I did not tell about Ayesha, as he did not wish to break their relation. Ayesha says there was nothing to say.

She asks about him in the video. He says magazine people called me for interview. Karan says I called Manav and sent message too. Ayesha asks Manav. Manav says there was no call and message. Ayesha says why will media interview you and Laxmi. Karan says this is not any story. Ayesha says you did all this, I m ashamed that you are my brother. Karan asks her to stop this drama. Samar holds Karan’s collar and says he will not forgive him. Karan says Ayesha did this, she knew she will put blame on me, and gave me 3 crores that I don’t say this to anyone.

Ayesha says I gave it as a gift. Karan says stop this nonsense, its big amount and asks Manav never trust Ayesha. Manav says shut up Karan, just get out. Karan says listen to me. Manav says just get out, Ayesha is my wife, I will not leave anyone who speaks against her, you are fired from Navrang studios. Karan is shocked and leaves. Ayesha sits crying. Manav consoles her. She says if a blame is affecting me so much, Laxmi would have shattered. Samar says I think Laxmi needs me and asks Manav to be with Ayesha. He leaves. Manav asks Ayesha not to cry. She says I don’t care what Karan said, but do you doubt me. He says why will I doubt you. He gets a call and leaves. Ayesha thinks so exhausting, sorry Karan you should have been on my side. She smiles.

Laxmi cries recalling the video. Bua ji asks her to have food. Samar comes to meet her. He holds her and says he is with her, and asks her not to cry, he knows her well. He says someone is trying to defame her, she can’t cry and let that person win, just face the person. She says I can’t. He says he wants this, as a girl breaks when it comes to her respect, he has tried to ruin me through you. She asks does he know who did this. He says just one men lost by our union, he has done acting to sacrifice his love, he did all this. Laxmi says I can’t believe Karan will do this, what will he get doing this.

Samar says no, Ayesha has told us. She says no, Karan can’t do this, I will ask him. Laxmi’s dad asks her not to talk to anyone, its enough. Laxmi says let me call Karan once. Her dad stops her and says I always told you to decide right and wrong, but here everyone is wrong, let me decide for your life now. He says I know Samar is our well wisher, but leave us alone now, we need time to think and get calm, don’t remind us what happened, please leave.

Manav telling Ayesha that he is thinking to inform police and find out the culprit. She gets tensed and asks him not to involve police, everyone will know the story and Karan is my brother, you fired him from Navrang, you can decide about him. He says that’s why I did not inform police till now. He gets distributors association chairman’s call and talks to him. He tells Ayesha that they want to meet me tomorrow, don’t know why.

Its morning, Laxmi’s dad gets the newspaper and sits to read. He sees Laxmi and Karan’s pic and throws the paper. Bua ji gives him tea. He drinks it hot and it falls. He asks what do they do, he got hurt. They hear someone banging the door. He goes to check and Laxmi looks on. The guard says the water timings, and asks about Laxmi. Her dad asks Laxmi to go inside, and sends the guard. The guard says he has come to see after such a big thing, and taunts him. He says he has everything in his phone, its good video.

Samar comes and slaps the guard. Laxmi’s dad says he is watchman of the building, he is such a creep, they don’t have any work. Samar pacifies him and asks him to think about Laxmi. Samar explains him that Laxmi should just face her family, not anyone else. He says he will take Laxmi out. Bua ji explains him that Samar is right, and asks Laxmi to get ready. Samar asks Laxmi why can’t she perform when she performed knowing her dad is in ICU, and now this is just fake news, and encourages her.

Samar brings Laxmi with him and says he is with her. He holds her hand and brings her to Navrang. The servants see her and pass some taunts. Samar gets angry and stops Laxmi. He asks her not to care. They men pass dirty taunts. Samar gets angry and goes to beat them. She stops him. They get hit by stones and sit down. They get shocked seeing the ladies protesting against Laxmi.

Manav meets the investors and distributors. They refuse to take the project. Manav clears the matter. Ayesha looks on. They still refuse to launch Laxmi’s movie. Ayesha worries and asks Manav to calm own, they will find some way. Samar and Laxmi get hurt by the stones. Laxmi’s dad comes home and Bua ji gets shocked to see his face blackened. He cries and says people are disrespecting him and Laxmi. Samar and Laxmi get wounded and he hugs her.