Dream Girl Monday Update 28th March 2022


Dream Girl Monday Update 28th March 2022

Ayesha saying she did not come to meet me. Samar calls Atul and says writer did not come to meet us. Atul says maybe she came to know I did not come there. He tells Ayesha that she chooses whom to work with, I will find another script. Ayesha says maybe she really has some problem, try again, talk to her. Atul says I will try to fix another meeting. Ayesha tells Samar that she needs this script.

Its night, Ayesha drinks water and thinks Abhimanyu was breaking me, and this writer thinks I need her, every role needs me. She praises herself and then reacts angrily. She says she needs the script. She gets a call and the lady/Laxmi says I m sorry, I could not come to meet you. Ayesha smiles and says its okay, it happens with creative people, maybe you were busy so could not come.

The lady says she won’t give this story to her, she is not fit for this role, she looks desperate. Ayesha is shocked and says I m not desperate and she does such roles, take me once in this role, you will thank me for this role. Ayesha tries convincing her. Laxmi is shown and asks about her murder blame. Ayesha says it’s a lie, I earned a name and I would not kill anyone to lose all that. Laxmi says its hard to trust, as you lied to meet me. Ayesha says it was Atul’s idea. Laxmi says I hope you don’t lie, I can give you a chance, can you meet tomorrow. Ayesha says yes, come office. Laxmi says 11am morning. Ayesha says alright, it suits me. She ends call and smiles. She says I knew she will need me.

Its morning, Ayesha chooses a dress for the meeting. Abhimanyu thanks his staff and says he has to tap Ayesha’s phone, as she did a big thing. Ayesha is on the way. Abhimanyu calls her and reminds about not shooting film abroad. He asks her to finish shooting in a month, as her bail is valid for a month, he knows she is signing a new movie. She asks who told you. He says he has his eyes on her, she has to come back to him in jail. She asks him to mind his language, she won’t come. He says there is not witness to support her, and warns her. He does some shayari and wishes her a good day. She gets annoyed as he spoiled her mood.

Ayesha’s car stops at the signal and she sees Laxmi in the other car. She gets stunned and rushes to see her. Laxmi’s car leaves. Ayesha asks her driver to follow that car. The driver asks whom did she see. She says I have seen Laxmi. He asks is she fine. She asks where is that car. He says there is no black car. She asks him to see well. She says Laxmi is doing this against me. She says maybe it was not Laxmi, and asks him to stop at any florist shop. She sees Laxmi there again and gets shocked.

Ayesha follows Laxmi and the crowd gets after Ayesha. Ayesha leaves from there. Ayesha gets Laxmi’s message asking her not to follow her, she can’t catch her.

Ayesha trying to call Manav and Samar. She calls Abhimanyu. Laxmi arrives at Navrang. Atul says shall we, and holds her hand. Abhimanyu meets Ayesha at the cliff. He says its our same romantic place, nothing changed. She says Laxmi is alive, I have seen her. Laxmi covers half of her face by scarf. Ayesha says she has seen Laxmi, she would have got her, and asks him to find Laxmi and prove all blames on her wrong. He says she is dead, I have seen her body. She confronts him. He says he got the forensic reports, its Laxmi. She says what nonsense, I have seen her.

He asks what is she saying. She says I have seen her. She gets a call that Atul and writer have come. Ayesha says let them sit, maybe I won’t need this script, tell them I m coming. Laxmi waits in Ayesha’s cabin and smiles. Ayesha shows Laxmi’s message. He reads the message and smiles. He calls on that number and says its out of service. He says some fan is sending the messages, else she is doing this to fool police. She says why will any fan trap me, Laxmi is doing this, find out, its your job. He says its not my job, Laxmi is dead.

She says someone is trapping me, if its not Laxmi, then its Karan, Laxmi can’t record when I was with her in temple. He says it means you agreed that its not Laxmi. Ayesha says it was Laxmi, I m sure. He asks what happened to her, Karan is her brother, you love Karan and he also loved you, he could not hear a word against you. She says Karan has changed now. He says its not Karan, we are keeping an eye on him. She says then its Laxmi. He says she is dead, we proved its Laxmi’s body, no use as police has proof that she killed Laxmi.

He asks her to consult a doctor and rest her mind, else she can go to mental hospital before going to jail. He asks her not to call him again and leaves. She gets the message that the writer is getting restless. She leaves for Navrang.

She comes to her cabin and sees there is no one. She sees her chair turned and asks who is there. There is no one and she gets relieved. Prem comes and holds her, and she gets scared. She says she came late. He says writer left after waiting, why did you get late. She thinks she should not tell about Laxmi, and says she was stuck in traffic. He says he spoke to distributor, and that writer gave the script. She gets glad. He says writer will get the scenes, talk to her and thank her, invite her for dinner. She thinks I should concentrate on my film, and messages the writer, thanking her.

Laxmi gets the message and hears it. She sends reply. Hasmukh brings flowers for Ayesha and says he does not know the sender. She gets the chit and recalls Laxmi buying the flowers. Ayesha calls Abhimanyu and says you felt I lied, Laxmi has sent me that flowers and messages. She asks him to catch Laxmi. He says I did not see her, how can we decide if she was Laxmi. She says call Karan, he is helping Laxmi. He says I won’t support you. She says this is your work, you have to question Karan. He says fine. She says call him infront of me, I will know where he is lying, if I hear him, I will know. He asks do you think he will answer me infront of me. She says I mean call him where I can hear him, its imp for me, you have a name, if this case is successful, it will be another feather in your cap. He says he can do anything for her, he will fix meeting with Karan and tell her. She says hurry up and ends call. She says Laxmi and Karan are doing this. Abhimanyu meets Karan and Ayesha looks at them and is connected on the phone.