Dream Girl Monday Update 14th March 2022


Dream Girl Monday Update 14th March 2022

Ayesha telling Samar that she will talk to Manav. Samar leaves. Ayesha looks at Nidhi and smiles. Karan sees the and thinks why did he not understand this before, that Ayesha can be behind all this. He stops Laxmi. Laxmi says this did not happen right with Samar, I know its not his mistake. Karan says you got your script, Samar will feel you did all this, don’t go to him, I know who did this, I will talk to Manav. She thanks him. He says he can do anything for her happiness. Samar taunts him and asks what can he do, you framed me and made me fall in Manav’s eyes. Laxmi says he is mistaken.

Samar says they both did this, blamed me of spoiling dress and stealing script, and then my script got stolen and her script appeared, I know Karan did this, and asks him to hate him. Ayesha smiles seeing them and says she wanted this. Laxmi says I was talking to Karan. Samar stops her and says this will be costly for Karan. Karan says I don’t need to prove my loyalty to anyone. Samar says you proved everyone, what now. Ayesha sees Manav coming and gets tensed as everything will come out. Laxmi stops Samar and Karan from arguing.

Ayesha stops Manav and asks him not to take stress, lets go and eat something. Manav says no, I m not hungry and walks upstairs. Manav hears Laxmi asking Samar and Karan to sit and talk. Samar says he won’t come in her words. Karan says talk to me, you think I did all this, Laxmi is imp for me, I will do anything, I m not afraid, I will support her in wrong too, you did not forgive her for the mistake she did not do. Samar says you snatched my love Karan, you came between us, you made her blind by your money. Manav thinks what….. Laxmi and Samar and gets stunned. Laxmi asks what are you saying Raj… and they all stop seeing Manav and Ayesha.

Samar says I…. Manav walks by past them and goes to his cabin. Ayesha says you guys are impossible, whats wrong with you all. Karan gets Manav’s call and says okay. He says Manav called me in room. He stops Ayesha and says he just called me. He goes to the cabin. Ayesha thinks this did not happen right. Karan comes to Manav. Manav asks whats going on, what the hell is happening. Karan says Samar and Laxmi, Samar knows her well and tells everything to him. Manav recalls Laxmi was about to take Raj’s name on stage and Ayesha stopped her.

Manav asks does everyone know about this. Ayesha comes to her cabin and says Manav heard everything and called Karan to talk, why did he not call me to talk, Karan will tell him everything. She drinks water and panics, that Manav will know the whole story. She worries that Karan will say I stopped Laxmi’s career, and I separated Samar and Laxmi, Manav will not talk to me, but what should I say. She panics and shivers. She rushes out of her cabin.

Samar is in his room and says it did not happen right. Manav will be angry, I will talk to him and convince him. He says he will be with Karan now, I will talk later, I have broken Manav’s trust. Laxmi waits outside Manav’s room and says I hope he is not scolding Karan, its not Karan’s mistake. She worries and prays to Lord.

Ayesha comes to Samar and says she did big mistake, she could have told Manav about him and Laxmi, don’t know what will he think. Samar says relax, you did not know everything, its my mistake. She says yes, but.. what do you think Manav will forgive me. He says I will talk to him and say the truth that you have hidden this on my saying. She says I will need you. He says I m here, come with me.

Karan comes out and tells Laxmi that he told the truth. Samar says I will talk to him. Karan says Manav asked to leave him alone for sometime. Samar says I don’t trust Karan and leaves. Laxmi asks Karan why did he tell everything, what will Manav think. Karan says Manav is mature and will take right decision, I can’t hide anything, he had heard everything, sorry. Ayesha and Samar come home and she worries that Manav did not talk to me. Samar says he will talk to Manav. Manav comes home and looks at her angrily. She says she is trying to talk to him.

He gives her an angry stare and says he does not have to talk to her. He goes. Samar says he is mistaken, I will talk to him and goes after Manav. Samar says whatever Karan told you, I will tell you the truth, you knew the girl I loved refused me, I thought whats the use to tell you if there is no relation, I did not wish to make you worry, I admit my mistake, whats Ayesha’s fault, she loves you a lot, please talk to her. Manav says he does not want to talk about Ayesha, its his right to know everything related to film, she did not care that I m her husband, how dare she hides these things from me, now I will do what I feel right. He sees Ayesha at the door.

He scolds Ayesha. Ayesha asks Manav not to go from the room. He says he can’t be with her in same room and leaves. She cries. Samar pacifies her. He says everything will be fine tomorrow, cheer up, I will talk to him, we will close guest room. He leaves. She closes the door and says I knew it, Karan told everything to Manav, all this because of Laxmi, she has made Manav away from me. She says if I scold her on phone, she will cry and come to Manav, I don’t know what to do. She cries.

Laxmi worried about things happening at Sareen house. She calls and stops, saying Samar hates me, he will be more angry now. She still calls him to ask whats happening there. Samar gets angry and says she is the one who has created problems between Ayesha and Manav, if this does not sort, he will make her life a living hell. Ayesha thinks to talk to Manav, but what will she say. She thinks to wait till his anger cools. She says if Manav makes me leave from his life like Nandini, then… She sits in the window and relaxes.

Karan comes and asks why did she call him. She asks what did he tell Manav. He says relax, the one who ruin other’s peace, their sleep also gets ruined. She asks him not to play game with her, she wants to know what he said Manav. Karan says it does not matter now. She holds his collar and scolds him. She says she will ruin him. He says someone else will be ruined, what do I have to lose, just 3 movie contract, I will get any work, think what you can lose, Sareen family, Manav, dream girl tag. She cries and acts sweet, she knows he has not said anything against her. He laughs and says she should be just actor, chameleon will shy seeing her. He says he won’t say what he said Manav. He leaves.

Its morning, Ayesha makes Manav’s fav food and Manav asks servant to send fruits to his room. Manav asks Samar to say her he won’t talk to her, does he know what she did. Samar says she has hidden this on my saying, can’t he forgive her for one mistake, she loves you and could not sleep all night, you love her, you can give her one chance. Manav asks why did he one chance to Laxmi.

Ayesha comes to room and says she has to save her relation and talk to Manav. She will apologize to Manav. Karan comes to her. Ayesha thinks its Manav, and says whatever Karan told you is right, you did not think I could do this, I did big mistake, I earned all this by hardwork, I did not wish to give anyone my place, not in this industry and not in this house, that Laxmi became Dream girl and wanted to come in this house by Samar, so she tried to stop her, now she understood that nothing matters in her life than Manav, forgive me. She sits crying.

Its Karan, he comes infront of her, and says Lord also forgives if repentance is right, its good Manav did not hear it, he has hidden the truth from Manav to save her relation. He asks what. He reminds that he has done all rituals of her marriage being younger brother, how could he tell Manav about her, he did not tell Manav about her. She cries and smiles. He says Manav still loves you. She says why is he not talking. He says its his plan to unite Samar and Laxmi, he knows that Samar won’t understand, so he is explaining by showing same situation by them. He says I feel Lord is strange to link good and bad person, its for balancing. He says Manav is really a good man, you know him, he wants to unite Samar and Laxmi, and she is separating them, think if Manav knows your truth, what will happen, she will lose everything.

He says love teaches to join, not break. She says she lost her everything and got it back, not she won’t lose it again. I will help Manav, as I understood I m incomplete without his love. She hugs Karan and cries. Samar comes to office and thinks Manav is not doing right with Ayesha, I need to talk to him. Ayesha comes to him and says she wants to talk, and asks him not to cheat himself, she knows he loves Laxmi a lot. Manav looks on. Ayesha asks him to forget all misunderstandings. Samar says you know Laxmi, she did not do anything right.

She says maybe Laxmi’s situation was such, she has apologized and want you back, I don’t have chance to convince Manav. Samar disagrees and stops Manav, asking him not to be angry on Ayesha. Laxmi walks to them. Manav says he does not wish to talk. Karan looks at them. Samar asks him why is he not taking to Ayesha, why is he punishing her, this is office and till when will he be annoyed.

Manav says we have to keep personal and professional life separate, see yourself and Laxmi working together and not talking. Samar says there is much difference in Ayesha and Laxmi. Manav says there is no difference, what you feel for Laxmi, I feel for Ayesha. Manav says forgiving is not so easy. Laxmi defends Ayesha. Manav asks them to come in rehearsal room and goes.

Laxmi says she was worried for this. Karan says Manav and Ayesha will unite both of you. She says how can she change like this, maybe she changed by fear of losing Manav.