Dream Girl March Teasers 2022


Dream Girl March Teasers 2022

Ayesha find out that Samar has feelings for Laxmi. Read Starlife Dream Girl March 2022 Teasers.

Starlife Dream Girl March Teasers 2022

Tuesday 1 March 2022

Episode 60

Ayesha feels insecure about losing the Dream Girl position to Laxmi. Meanwhile, Laxmi celebrates her win with Samar. Karan plans to propose to Laxmi, the next day. Samar makes Laxmi jealous by spending time with Sania.

Episode 61

Karan plans to propose to Laxmi, but Manav calls him to the office. Meanwhile, Samar learns that Laxmi has feelings for him. Ayesha visits Laxmi’s house, and is in for a shock seeing Samar with her. Later, Ayesha feels insecure of Laxmi, and dreams about Samar getting married to Laxmi.

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Episode 62

Ayesha meets Samar, and informs him that she is aware of his feelings for Laxmi. Meanwhile, Laxmi is shocked when Karan proposes to her. Ayesha learns that Laxmi is unaware of Samar’s identity. Later, Ayesha misleads Karan into thinking that Samar is trying to take Laxmi away from him.

Episode 63

Ayesha succeeds in misleading Karan about Sameer. She vows to help him win Laxmi over. The next day, Ayesha arranges a magazine interview for Karan. Meanwhile, Laxmi tells Samar about Karan’s proposal. Ayesha advises Karan to impress Laxmi with money.

Thursday 3 March 2022

Episode 64

Karan manages to mislead Laxmi about Samar, and convinces her to wear the dress presented by him. Ayesha tells Karan to take Laxmi to K Jo’s party. However, Laxmi rejects his offer as Samar wants to meet her. Later, Laxmi apologises to Samar and accepts his gift.

Episode 65

Ayesha is surprised learning that Laxmi did not attend K Jo’s party. The next day, Ayesha and Karan manage to mislead Laxmi about Samar. Samar is upset seeing a photograph of Laxmi, wearing the dress gifted by Karan. Later, Laxmi is confused about her feelings for Samar.

Friday 4 March 2022

Episode 66

Laxmi is in a dilemma over whether to love Samar back or accept Karan’s proposal. Later, Ayesha insists that Samar visit Navrang Studio for Laxmi’s audiovisual round. Samar’s friends get into a fight at Navrang Studio, and spoil Laxmi’s AV. Laxmi misunderstands Samar!

Episode 67

Samar blames himself for spoiling Laxmi’s AV round. The next day, Ayesha pretends that she wants Karan to win Laxmi over. Meanwhile, Laxmi is impressed seeing the AV, Samar has made for her. Later, Karan demotivates Laxmi about the AV and executes Ayesha’s plan.

Saturday 5 March 2022

Episode 68

Manav informs Samar that he will be launching him after the Dream Girl contest. Meanwhile, Karan takes Laxmi to his new home, and wants her to attend the house warming party. Ayesha tells Samar that Laxmi does not love him. Samar is heartbroken on hearing Laxmi’s answers to his questions.

Episode 69

Samar tells Laxmi that he will wait for her answer. Meanwhile, Ayesha misleads Manav and plots against Laxmi. Karan is elated seeing Laxmi at his house-warming party. Later, Ayesha pretends to care for Laxmi and misleads her. Laxmi is in a dilemma about her decisions.

Sunday 6 March 2022

Episode 70

Karan wants Laxmi to work in three movies, that he will be directing. Ayesha lies to Samar about Laxmi accepting Karan’s proposal. Later, Laxmi returns home on time, but refuses to profess her love to Samar. Samar leaves Laxmi’s house as she refuses to answer him.

Episode 71

Laxmi realises that she loves Samar and regrets not telling him about it. Meanwhile, Samar returns to the Sareen House. Laxmi plans to disclose her feeling to Samar in the final round of the contest. Later, Manav motivates Samar and tells him to get ready for his big launch.

Monday 7 March 2022

Episode 72

Manav tells Samar to get ready for his launch after the contest. Laxmi’s father forgives her for misleading him about the contest. Later, Karan is heartbroken as Laxmi tells him that she loves Samar! Ayesha worries seeing Laxmi’s confidence for the final round of the contest.

Episode 73

Ayesha learns that Laxmi has written a love letter to Samar and manages to get hold of it. Laxmi gives a spectacular performance and defeats Ayesha in the final round. Ayesha congratulates Laxmi as she wins the Dream Girl title. Ayesha butts in, when Laxmi tries to talk about Samar in her speech.

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Episode 74

Laxmi is surprised learning the identity of Samar. Manav reveals that Samar pretended to be Raj Samosawala, the character in his next film. Samar refuses to speak to Laxmi, and ignores her. Later, Ayesha tells Laxmi that she is aware of her feelings for Samar.

Episode 75

Ayesha humiliates Laxmi and demotivates her about being the ‘Dream Girl’. Karan apologises to Laxmi for not revealing the identity of Samar. Meanwhile, Ayesha misleads Samar about Laxmi’s feelings for him. Later, Karan misleads Samar and makes him meet Laxmi at Navrang Studio.

Wednesday 9 March 2022

Episode 76

Laxmi strives to speak to Samar, but he misunderstands her! Karan vows to Ayesha that he will mend Samar and Laxmi’s relationship. Later, Laxmi decides to give up the Dream Girl title, but Karan motivates her not to. The next day, Laxmi and Samar prepare for their first day of shooting.

Episode 77

Samar humiliates Karan when he tries to narrate a scene to him. Laxmi strives to reconcile with Samar, but he snubs her. Later, Ayesha demotivates Laxmi before her shoot. Manav worries as Laxmi and Samar fail to complete a romantic scene. Ayesha find out that Samar has feelings for Laxmi.

Thursday 10 March 2022

Episode 78

Manav decides to pack up as Laxmi and Samar fail to complete a romantic scene. Ayesha worries as Manav plans to have a workshop for Laxmi and Samar. She convinces Manav to handle the workshop. Later, Laxmi tries to win over Samar but fails.

Episode 79

On seeing Laxmi and Karan together, Ayesha instigates Samar against them. Laxmi strives to reconcile with Samar. Samar refuses to believe that Laxmi loves him. He threatens Laxmi when she tells him that she wants to quit acting. Ayesha worries seeing Samar and Laxmi’s chemistry during the workshop.

Friday 11 March 2022

Episode 80

Karan tries to reveal about Laxmi’s feelings to Samar. Laxmi stops Samar from confronting Karan. Later, Laxmi meets her father and tells him the truth about Samar. Ayesha misleads Laxmi’s father saying that Samar will meet him. Laxmi is elated learning that Samar will be meeting her father.

Episode 81

Ayesha visits Laxmi’s house and humiliates her father. Samar learns that Ayesha had visited Laxmi’s house. Meanwhile, Laxmi fumes at Ayesha for badmouthing her father. Samar misunderstands Laxmi and confronts her. However, she retaliates and decides to forget him.

Saturday 12 March 2022

Episode 82

Laxmi wants to forget Samar, so she returns his gifts. Later at night, Samar and Laxmi burn the gifts presented by each other and end their relationship. The next day, Laxmi is shocked finding her father unconscious. Karan agrees to help Laxmi learning about her father’s health condition.

Episode 83

Samar fumes as Laxmi is late for the rehearsal. Meanwhile, Ayesha takes advantage of the situation and spoils the dress set aside for Laxmi’s shoot. On seeing Laxmi with Karan, Samar confronts them for being late. Later, Samar is upset after learning about Laxmi’s father’s health condition.

Sunday 13 March 2022

Episode 84

Ayesha grabs an opportunity and agrees to play a role in Samar and Laxmi’s film. Meanwhile, Samar plans to meet Laxmi’s father, but hesitates seeing Karan with her. Next day, Ayesha worries seeing Laxmi and Samar’s rehearsal. Later, she steals a copy of the film’s script, given to Laxmi.

Episode 85

Manav is furious seeing his movie script out in public. Laxmi worries as she fails to find her script. Samar is surprised as Laxmi accuses him of stealing her script. Later, Ayesha manages to get hold of Samar’s script. Manav fumes at Samar after seeing his script in the dustbin.

Monday 14 March 2022

Episode 86

Samar misunderstands Karan and Laxmi. He gets into an argument with Karan. Karan later tells Manav about Samar and Laxmi’s relationship. Samar tries to explain it to Manav, however Manav refuses to talk to Ayesha.

Episode 87

Ayesha worries about her relationship with Manav. The next day, Samar strives to convince Manav about Ayesha. Ayesha confesses the truth to Karan, mistaking him to be Manav. Karan makes Ayesha realise her mistake and she decides to help Samar and Laxmi clear their differences.

Tuesday 15 March 2022

Episode 88

Ayesha misleads Karan into thinking that she has changed, and pretends to care for Laxmi. Meanwhile, Manav finds Samar and Laxmi having an argument. Later, Laxmi and Samar rehearse a scene from their film. Samar, Karan and Manav are shocked seeing Laxmi lying on the ground with her wrist slit!

Episode 89

Samar rushes Laxmi to the hospital finding her wrist slit. Meanwhile, Ayesha plans her next move against Laxmi. Samar realises his mistake and wants to reconcile with Laxmi. Later, Karan and Samar clear their misunderstandings. Laxmi is critical!

Wednesday 16 March 2022

Episode 90

The police interrogate Samar about Lakshmi’s accident. Samar blames himself for Lakshmi’s condition. The media creates a ruckus at the hospital. Lakshmi regains consciousness. Ayesha plans to destroy Lakshmi.

Episode 91

Laxmi is glad to be home after getting discharged from the hospital. Samar tends to Laxmi and spends some quality time with her and her family. Laxmi feels grateful to Samar for taking care of her and professes her love to him. Ayesha pays her associates to trouble Laxmi.

Thursday 17 March 2022

Episode 92

Laxmi is sad with Samar for not expressing his feelings. However, Karan tries to make her realise that Samar is still in love with her. Manav is happy that Samar is going to propose Laxmi for marriage. Ayesha secretly organises an interview for Karan and Laxmi, to trouble them.

Episode 93

Ayesha succeeds in conspiring against Karan and Laxmi. Laxmi faces several problems while doing a magazine interview. Samar is eager to present a wedding ring to Laxmi. Manav suggests Samar to marry Laxmi after her film releases. Karan is busy organising the press conference.

Friday 18 March 2022

Episode 94

Karan sets out to launch Samar and Laxmi’s film. However, Ayesha plays a fake MMS of Karan and Laxmi during the press conference. As a result, the media gets violent. Manav and Karan fail to bring the situation under control. Laxmi is shocked on learning about the incident.

Episode 95

Laxmi is upset about the incident that happened during the press conference. Ayesha pretends to be innocent in front of Manav and Samar. Karan confronts Ayesha for accusing him of misguiding Laxmi. Samar misunderstands Karan of deceiving Laxmi. He tries to console her.

Saturday 19 March 2022

Episode 96

Samar consoles a frustrated Laxmi while Manav is sad for not being able to release their film. Laxmi’s father is dejected after her fake MMS gets circulated. The women community launch a protest against Laxmi. Samar and Laxmi are sad to witness the same.

Episode 97

Laxmi’s family is harassed by the protestors. Samar and Manav raise their voice against the Mahila Mukti Morcha for tarnishing Laxmi’s reputation. Manav vows to make Laxmi’s film successful, but Mr Mathur forbids Laxmi from acting in the film.

Sunday 20 March 2022

Episode 98

Mathur is distressed due to Laxmi’s image in public. On Mathur’s insistence, Laxmi decides to leave Mumbai. However, Samar urges Laxmi to continue acting. Laxmi condemns Ayesha for her misdeed against her. Samar declares that he will marry Laxmi.

Episode 99

Samar vows to fulfill Laxmi’s dream and decides to marry her. Manav motivates Samar to support Laxmi. Samar stops Laxmi from leaving Mumbai and proposes marriage to her. Ayesha is furious with Samar’s decision. Laxmi and Samar’s families prepare for their wedding.

Monday 21 March 2022

Episode 100

Samar professes his love to Laxmi and is eager to know about her feelings for him. Elsewhere, Samar and Laxmi’s families make arrangements for their wedding. Ayesha is worried about Samar’s career and intends to foil his marriage with Laxmi.

Episode 101

On Ayesha’s insistence, Laxmi cancels her marriage with Samar for the sake of his career. Samar learns about Laxmi’s decision and is disappointed about her disappearance. Manav stops Samar from searching for Laxmi while Ayesha celebrates for ruining Laxmi and Samar’s marriage plans.

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Episode 102

Ayesha is overwhelmed with joy for ruining Laxmi’s career. Elsewhere, Kartik and Mathur are worried about Laxmi’s whereabouts. Manav tries to console them. Karan is desperate to contact Laxmi. Manav wishes Ayesha on her birthday. However, Ayesha hallucinates about Laxmi and panics!

Episode 103

Manav reminds Samar of Ayesha’s birthday while Samar is worried about Laxmi’s whereabouts. Ayesha is shocked to see her birthday being celebrated at Navrang Studio. She panics on hearing Laxmi’s voice and receives a few anonymous texts.

Wednesday 23 March 2022

Episode 104

Ayesha is in search of a stalker who is sending her anonymous messages. Elsewhere, Manav is worried about Ayesha’s whereabouts and Samar is sad for being unable to find Laxmi. Geeta is sad about Laxmi’s disappearance. An investigating officer, Abhimanyu informs Manav about Laxmi’s tragedy.

Episode 105

Abhimanyu informs Manav that he has found a dead body and suspects it to be of Laxmi’s. However, Samar gets furious at Abhimanyu and believes Laxmi to be alive. Abhimanyu is suspicious of Ayesha and enquires with her about Laxmi. Ayesha panics seeing Laxmi’s videos and images.

Thursday 24 March 2022

Episode 106

Abhimanyu, who is investigating Laxmi’s case, comes to the conclusion that Ayesha is the culprit. Elsewhere, Ayesha strives to hide her crime and pretends to be innocent in front of Manav. Eventually, Karan shows a video in which Ayesha is trying to kill Laxmi.

Episode 107

Manav and Samar protest against Karan for accusing Ayesha of killing Laxmi while Ayesha tries to prove herself innocent. Geeta and Mathur curse Ayesha. Later, Karan gets Ayesha arrested. Manav strives to get Ayesha released on bail.

Friday 25 March 2022

Episode 108

Manav endeavours to get Ayesha released from jail and urges Abhimanyu to take care of her. Abhimanyu vents his frustration on Ayesha for deceiving him. The police take Ayesha into their custody. A few inmates harrass Ayesha. Elsewhere, Samar recalls Laxmi.

Episode 109

A frustrated Ayesha vents her anger on Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu tries to make her realise her misdeed. Manav regrets being unable to get Ayesha released. Samar accuses Karan of framing Ayesha while Karan tries to prove to him that Ayesha is responsible for Laxmi’s adversity.

Saturday 26 March 2022

Episode 110

Ayesha is dejected to lead a convict’s life while Abhimanyu interrogates her about Laxmi. He holds Ayesha responsible for ruining Laxmi’s life and is assured of her involvement in the MMS scandal. However, Ayesha tries to prove herself innocent. Manav gets Ayesha released on bail.

Episode 111

The media and Ayesha’s fans are happy to interact with Ayesha, who is out on bail. However, Ayesha is worried about her reputation and career. Manav consoles Ayesha while Sona expresses her hatred for her. Mathur is sad to learn about Ayesha’s release. Karan sympathises with him.

Sunday 27 March 2022

Episode 112

Ayesha’s problems leave Samar and Manav sad. Her career and personal life get affected after she is released from jail. In order to impress her fans, Ayesha wants to play a strong character in her next movie. She interacts with a few filmmakers and plans to meet a scriptwriter.

Episode 113

Ayesha strives to meet a scriptwriter. She manages to fix an appointment with the writer and goes out to meet her. Abhimanyu warns Ayesha to not leave India as she is out on bail for a short period of time. Ayesha is shocked to see Laxmi.

Monday 28 March 2022

Episode 114

Ayesha tries to make Abhimanyu realise that Laxmi is alive. Ayesha fails to meet the scriptwriter. However, she is glad to know from Prem that the writer has agreed to give the script to her. Ayesha suspects Karan of misguiding her about Laxmi.

Episode 115

Abhimanyu asks Karan about his past relationship with Laxmi. Ayesha accuses Karan of framing her and claims Laxmi to be alive. Prem and Manav motivate Ayesha for the new film ‘Shakti The Woman’. They organise a press conference for Ayesha to promote the film.

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Episode 116

Manav and Samar get furious at Karan for accusing Ayesha of killing Laxmi. The media drag Karan out of the press conference. Ayesha is praised for delivering her first shot of the new film, ‘Shakti The Woman’. Atul, the film director, wants to introduce a scriptwriter, Naina, to Ayesha.

Episode 117

Ayesha is awestruck meeting Naina, a blind scriptwriter and Laxmi’s lookalike. The film director, Atul, is upset with Ayesha for insulting him and Naina. Ayesha claims Laxmi to be alive and vents her anger on Naina. Abhimanyu refuses to believe that Laxmi is alive.

Wednesday 30 March 2022

Episode 118

Ayesha shows her fake concern for Naina. She invites her over to her house, with an intention to expose her identity. Under Karan’s guidance, Naina Laxmi sets out to take revenge on Ayesha for her misdeeds. She pretends to be a blind scriptwriter to win Ayesha’s confidence.

Episode 119

Ayesha tries to expose Naina’s Laxmi identity in front of Samar, Prem, Abhimanyu, Karan, Mathur and Geeta, but fails. Abhimanyu claims to be Naina’s Laxmi brother while Ayesha refuses to believe. Naina Laxmi brings the situation under control and agrees to give the film script to Ayesha.

Thursday 31 March 2022

Episode 120

Naina Laxmi regrets hurting Samar and Mathur’s sentiments. Karan motivates her to take revenge on Ayesha. Abhimanyu supports Karan and Naina Laxmi as he too wants to avenge Ayesha for deceiving him, in the past. Samar is sad to recall Laxmi while Ayesha is sure that Laxmi is alive.

Episode 121

Samar talks to Naina Laxmi and shares his feelings with her, while Karan hides from them. Ayesha is furious at a lawyer for not freeing her from the police case. She tries to prove that Naina Laxmi is not Abhimanyu’s sister. Kartik gets emotional on meeting Naina Laxmi.

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