Dream Girl Friday Update 3rd June 2022


Dream Girl Friday Update 3rd June 2022

Manav apologizing to Raghu and Shikha for taking this matter light. He says I really admire Raghu, who saved Shikha. Karan says its good that Rakesh was responsible for this, else you both would have blamed Aarti. Shikha stops Raghu from saying, and thanks Karan and Manav. Manav says no need to thank us, I cancelled the shoot today, we will work tomorrow. She says I will shoot today. He says you are not in right frame of mind, it will reflect on face. She says I m ready, you only say not to mix personal and professional lives. Manav says fine, go and rest.

Karan asks Manav why is he concerned for Shikha. Manav says she will go in 2 days, don’t worry. Karan says I worry for Aarti, I want her to be happy, I don’t think Shikha will go from here. Manav says don’t worry, Aarti will always be happy.

Ayesha is on the way and gets Karan’s call. Ayesha says I m going on shoot. Karan says no need, come home, and tells everything. She gets shocked. She says fine, I will come home. She says fantastic, its good, else Shikha would have trapped me.

Raghu meets Shikha. She asks what is he thinking. He says nothing, you get ready. She stops him and says tell me. He says I m scared of all this, I felt this bad dream will end, but if anything happened to you yesterday then.. She says no, I did not get hurt by so many tries by the goons, its because your love was with me, its your love is the reason why I m alive, the weak and coward Aarti became confident to fight for her right, your love is my strength, it reminds me that I have to come back to me. She says we have to spend all our long life together, share happiness and sorrows, seeing our children grow up, when we get old, we will thank Lord that we met, how can anything happen to us. He says its big day Aarti, we don’t need to take support of lie, don’t worry, be focused, I m always with you. She says Raghu ji, when you are with me, how can anyone happen to me. Sochun ke…………..plays……………. He says tomorrow’s sunrise will bring our new life and happiness. They say I love you and hug.

Manav and Raghu are on the way. Manav says its action sequence today, you will have fun watching it. Raghu says I also want to see it. Manav says you used to run away from films and today you are investing it, this film will be superhit. Raghu says I m not interested in this movie, my life had ups and downs. Manav says I know what you went through, but once shoot ends, you will ask me to start shoot again. Raghu says I hope this is last day of shoot. Manav says once you see this movie business and profit, you will invest again. Raghu says no, for me business is my art. Manav says well said. They reach the set location. Karan greets Manav and says Shikha and Aarti are getting ready. Raghu asks Manav did they take all precautions. Manav says don’t worry. Raghu says I can’t take risk as Ayesha is here. Karan says that’s Aarti. Raghu says just for you, till I get proof, I will not call her Ayesha. Manav goes to check the setup.

Ayesha gets her makeup done. She says I have seen Kushal explain scene to juniors, I feel you are an amazing storyteller, tell me the scene. Kushal says but… Ayesha says its okay, I was thinking if you are dedicated assistant, I should talk to Manav and Karan, maybe its not your time, keep script here, I will read. Kushal says no, I will tell you. He says there will be dance competition between you and Shikha, then both heroines will have catfight for the hero, Shikha is the vamp, she will enter with a sickle, she will attack on you. She says your narration is wonderful, good Kushal, I will make things better for you, go, I will recommend you to Karan and Manav, you are amazing. He thanks her. She asks is your film concept ready. He says yes, its ready. She fools him and he goes. She calls someone.

Shikha does her makeup. She recalls what Ayesha did with her, and feels that she is not that Aarti whom Raghu loved. Raghu comes to her and says no, see by my eyes, you are still the same, we are together because of your soul, not by your face. He kisses her forehead and says I love you. She says I love you too. He says you have to reply for my kiss. She gets shy and smiles. She says I won’t kiss you. He asks sure, fine then, I will tell Ayesha, she will happily kiss me. She says just I have right on you, don’t think to go to anyone. He says fine, then prove it. She gets tensed.

He asks her to atleast kiss on his cheek. She says fine, close your eyes first. He closes his eyes. She laughs and scares him of lizard. He asks where and jumps. He catches her and tickles her. They laugh. He holds her face and says always laugh like this. She asks him not to worry, she did all rehearsals well, and is prepared. She says the moment has come for what we were waiting, now I m sure that this time we will win. They hold hands. He wishes her all the best and hugs her. Someone comes there with some box and goes to Shikha’s vanity.

Kushal bringing a box. He asks Ayesha to recommended him to Manav and Karan. He praises her acting skills. She says ofcourse and sends him. she swaps the sickle and says Shikha was saying about climax, I will show how to do climax, infact I will end this, this movie and my sorrows will end. Karan gives the sickle to Shikha saying they will use this prop. She says we decided to use firetorch. Manav says I thought it will be risky, so I got this. Raghu checks the sickle and says but Shikha rehearsed with firetorch. Manav says I did not want to take risk, as I have to see her safety. Shikha tells about some changes in the scene. Manav asks her to get ready for dance sequence.

Ayesha looks on and thinks Shikha always suggests others, see how her suggestions will cost her. Ayesha goes to change. She gets dressed in the costume. She sees Shikha and smiles. She asks Shikha is she ready for her last role. Shikah says if this was in your hand, I would have not been alive after your many attempts. Ayesha says come on, don’t blame me for all this. Shikha says I m not blaming, I know well, you have sent Rakesh to me, I know you stole documents from my room, you called Rakesh and told the story about me. Ayesha asks why don’t you say police then. Shikha taunts her and says I have to think better, you burnt my face, I will burn your image. Ayesha smiles and wishes her all the best.

Ayesha and Shikha dance on hasta hua noorani chehra…………..plays…………Manav, Karan and Raghu look on. Ayesha and Shikha go to Raghu and dance around him. They go back and continue the scene dance. Manav gets glad for the perfect shot. Everyone clap. He says good work Shikha. Raghu signs to Shikha.

Karan asks Ayesha why is she sitting far. She says I m away concentrating as I can’t act well. Karan explains the scene to her. She sees Kushal seeing them, and asks about action sequence. She says I m nervous, if anything wrong happens with Shikha, blame will be on me. Karan says don’t worry, till I m here, nothing will happen. Kushal looks on. Ayesha goes for the shoot. She says I was talking to Karan about you, I praised you as you are a very hardworking boy, do you know climax scene, its fight sequence at night, lights will be off some time, we want someone we trust, efficient person who will turn off lights on time, I think you should do this, Manav and Karan will promote you. He says but lights… She says its fine if you are confused, I will tell someone else. He says sorry, I will get it done. She says I will sign you and you off all the lights. He asks are you sure. She says yes, you can clear this with Manav, I m explaining you so much.

Manav asks Kushal about Karan. Kushal says he was here, Manav tells about fight sequence and asks him to ask about any doubt, can I trust you on that, its dangerous fight, just be careful, any issue, you can ask me. Kushal says I had to confirm one thing that… Ayesha says its fine, Kushal can ask Manav, its imp sequence. Manav says ask me. Kushal says no, there is no problem. He leaves. Manav asks Shikha and Aarti to rest as sequence will be shot at night. Ayesha thinks luck is on my side. Shikha thinks Ayesha will be fooled by her fate today. Raghu gets thinking.

Raghu goes to Kushal and asks all okay, what happened Kushal says yes. Raghu asks why is he nervous. Kushal says nothing, I was thinking about the film’s shot. Raghu asks sure? Kushal says yes, I will see the settings.

Its night, Manav asks them to start the scene. Ayesha scolds Shikha in the scene and says just I have right on Shankar. They both argue and take Raghu’s name. Karan says its too much. Manav says let it happen, whatever it is, its fine.

Ayesha asks Manav to see, Shikha took Raghu’s name in between the take. She scolds Shikha. Shikha says I m so sorry Manav ji, I did mistake. Manav says no need to worry, try to say Shankar, if not then fine, I m getting right expression, I will do editing and manage it in dubbing, lets take one more take. Shikha and Ayesha argue over Raghu in the scene and start the catfight.

Shikha pushes Ayesha and says I will not leave you. Shikha takes the sickle and they both fight. Ayesha looks on worried.