Dream Girl Friday Update 20th May 2022


Dream Girl Friday Update 20th May 2022

Raghu calling Ayesha. Aarti thinks Ayesha can’t talk in this state and answers call. He asks Aarti how is she. She says Ayesha is not well, please come here. He asks what happened. She says you should be with her, she felt you don’t love her, and we has cut her wrist. He says she is saying right, I love you. She asks what… doctor comes and says Ayesha is fine, if cut was deep, it would have been tough to save her, don’t put stress on her. Aarti thanks him. He goes. She asks Raghu to come, Ayesha needs her. He says I will come, as you stay in that house. She thanks him.

He says Ayesha loves herself and tried to commit suicide, strange thing, she knows which nerve to cut. Aarti talks to Ayesha. Ayesha says I m loser. Aarti says no, don’t say this, I will go away from Raghu, I promise. Ayesha thinks that’s why I want. Ayesha says no, he will break this engagement. Aarti says then tell me how to help you. Ayesha says you become Ayesha and I will become Aarti for few days, Raghu will be sure you are Ayesha and will make you away from his life, he will marry me thinking I m Aarti, then I will fulfill Manav’s dream, you can do this. Aarti gets shocked.

Raghu makes a call. Kaka asks why are you doing this. Raghu says to bring Ayesha on line, don’t worry, I will inform you on phone. He leaves. Kaka wishes it happens as Raghu is thinking. Aarti thinks of Ayesha’s words and wonders what to do, if I agree to Ayesha, it will be wrong with Raghu, if I don’t agree to Ayesha, it will be wrong with navrang.

Raghu is on the way and thinks Aarti knows I m saying truth, once Ayesha’s truth comes out, Aarti will believe me. Ayesha thinks what Aarti decided. Aarti comes to Ayesha. Ayesha asks what did she decide. They see the news, that Raghu is big fraud, he has become bankrupt, he has big loans on him. They get shocked.

The reporter says Raghu is quiet and running away from media, we have to see is this new true. Ayesha says what…. Aarti says don’t know what Raghu is going through. Ayesha asks what Raghu ji, can’t you think about me, you just care for Raghu. Aarti says I think you should talk to Raghu once, it may be wrong news. Ayesha says no, its leading channel, maybe Raghu is after my money, he is bankrupt. Aarti wishes Raghu is fine.

Manav sees this news and says Raghu is bankrupt. He laughs. Raghu comes and tells Ayesha that he did not know this would happen, I will bounce back, don’t worry, come with me, media is waiting, I will get courage, if big star talks in my favor, my name will be saved, you know to handle media, will you come with me, I m waiting for you. Manav tells Karan to go in press conference kept by Raghu and take care of Aarti.

Raghu says this meeting is about my and Ayesha’s marriage. He thinks this will bring Ayesha’s real face out, this media will show her real status. Ayesha comes there and smiles. Reporters ask her to say something. Ayesha says we are going to marry, I m his to be wife, whatever happens, I trust him, he is a very honest man, we are together, business does not impact us, love will always be there. Raghu thinks whats this, Ayesha is giving this statement, strange, I think my plan failed.

Raghu thinking his plan failed, as Ayesha is giving statements in his favor. Ayesha recalls how she got info that this news is fake. She smiles and tells media that she loves Raghu, I want a simple marriage, we will marry tomorrow. Raghu looks at her. A car comes there in Sareen house. Ayesha, Raghu and media get shocked seeing Manav. Ayesha gets tensed. Karan comes there and looks on. The media runs to Manav, and why did he fake death drama, was this any publicity stunt for his next film. Manav says I will answer you all, not now, won’t you let me talk to my wife Ayesha.

The reporter says life takes a turn like films. Manav Sareen has come back as any film’s climax. Manav removes garlands from his photo. Sona hugs him happily. Ayesha comes and asks Manav who is he, how can they believe he is Manav Sareen. I m sure he is not Manav, I can’t believe this, he is conman. She asks Raghu not to believe him. Aarti comes and smiles, saying Manav ji. Ayesha says I m prove he is fraud. Raghu asks how. Manav says it seems Ayesha is not happy seeing me. Ayesha says I can’t get happy seeing anyone, I won’t become fool. Raghu says Ayesha’s plans failed, how will she be happy, sorry to say about your wife.

Manav says I know her well, its fine, she knows I m Manav, so she is worried. Ayesha says stop it. Manav says she said she will marry Raghu, and now she can’t, as a woman can’t do two marriages, Manav Sareen is alive, Ayesha you are caught, I told you to give me divorce, you loved me so much and did not give me divorce, what will you do now, your plan backfired. Ayesha says Raghu…. Raghu says you knew this bankruptcy plan was fake. Ayesha says what, I did not know. Sona asks Raghu why did he take risk with his reputation. Ayesha asks him why did he do this. Raghu sees Aarti and says when its about heart, I don’t care for anything. Ayesha says right, I love you, that’s why I supported you. Raghu opens her wrist bandage and asks how did her wound disappear.

Ayesha asks why do everyone want to prove, that I m liar, where was Manav till now, that movie flopped and navrang was sinking, that time Manav did not come, when I have put navrang on my own, Manav showed up, whats my mistake. Raghu says shut up, and asks Aarti to speak up, till when will you lie to cover up Ayesha, tell the truth, are we all wrong.

Aarti says sorry Ayesha, today I will not support you, you always used everyone for your profit, me, Manav, Karan and Raghu, I m sorry I can’t support your lies, when you knew Raghu was bankrupt, he was loser for you, when you knew this news is fake, you loved him again, how many games will you play, stop it now, you are wrong, change for good. Ayesha says shut up, how dare you and raises hand on Aarti. Raghu stops her holding her hand and says I know raising hand too. Sona slaps Ayesha. Sona tells Manav that I told you this girl can’t be trusted, you were blind in her love, Samar died because of her, kick her out of this house.

Ayesha panics and asks what happened to everyone. She says if you are really Manav, you won’t say this for me, I did this for navrang and our family, I loved you. Manav says shut up, you did not do anything for navrang, you don’t love and my dreams, you would have not asked for dividing navrang, go away and don’t come back in this house.

Aarti tells Manav that I know Ayesha did much wrong, that she can’t be forgiven, but can we forgive her one more time, you came back home, this family got completed, give one chance to Ayesha, please. Manav agrees. Karan stops Ayesha. She hugs Karan and asks them to see how they are talking to her, we will not stay here, come we will leave. Karan says yes, they are useless, come. He removes the ring and asks where will you take this ring, and asks her to leave now. Ayesha pushes him and leaves.

Karan stops Aarti and asks where are you going. He asks Raghu to complete his work, and gives the ring. Raghu says thanks, sorry, I did not propose anyone, so.. I m boring man, but I promise I will always keep you happy, will you marry me. Manav says she won’t, is this any way to propose, become romantic. Raghu says I never did this before. Manav says as if we do this daily, go down on your knees, simple. Aarti stops Raghu and agrees to marry him. Manav says make her wear the ring. Raghu makes Aarti wear the ring. Everyone smile and clap for them. Raghu says so tomorrow we are marrying.