Destined by Fate Wednesday 10th Update 2024

Rashmi’s Web Of Lies

Sayuri pushes Rashmi from stairs. Rashmi slips and extends her hand. Sayuri holds her hand and asks if she shall also leave her hand and let her die. She recalls Rashmi pulling her from cliff and says she remembers everything and doesn’t trust anymore after her heinous act; she was pleading her to save her, but Rashmi didn’t spare her. Rashmi says she is mistaken and imagining things. Sayuri pulls her back, warns her to stop lying as she had to live with monster for a year because of Rashmi’s betrayal. Rashmi lies that she is also burning in the fire of repention after that incident and was hoping Sayuri returns back. She apologizes Sayuri for her mistake. Sayuri says mistakes can be forgiven but not sins. Nakul walks to them and asks what kind of sin.

Kanha makes arrangments for Sayuri’s surprise birthday party. Saroj walks to her and asks if he is spying on them. Nakul says he came to inform her that Kanha has a surprise for her. Sayuri sends him away and warns Rasmhi she will expose her at the right time and is sparing her for the family’s sake. Rashmi panics thinking Sayuri will not spare her. Saroj insists Kanha to question Sayuri how she saved herself from Vikrant. Kanha asks her not to even think of it as he trusts Sayuri and she is someone’s daughter, sister and mother . Saroj says Sayuri is also Chaudhry family’s DIL, so she wants to know. Kanha refuses. Saroj tries her best to convince him. Kanha notices Sayuri listening to their conversation.

Nakul asks Rashmi which sin Sayuri was talking about. Sayuri says Sayuri was talking about Vikrant’s sin. Nakul asks why was she apologizing Sayuri then. Rashmi says she was feeling guilty that she couldn’t help Sayuri while Yash helped Kanha get back Sayuri. Nakul says she did so much and even Sayuri’s baby could reach home because of Rashmi. Rashmi manipulates

him saying Sayuri is in deep fear and thought she was trying to push Sayuri from stairs, Sayuri told staying with Vikrant she doesn’t trust even the close ones anymore and fears for her life. Nakul believes her.

Sayuri asks Kanha if they are talking something important, she will come later. Kanha says nothing important and asks her to join them. Saroj leaves. Sayuri asks why he looks upset. He denies. She insists and asks if he wants to know if she was safe in Vikrant’s house. Kanha says he doesn’t want to. Sayuri says Saroj wants to know though, she has answer for that, she loves Kanha both phsycailly and mentally and didn’t let Vikrant touch her inappropriately . Kanha says let us forget the past and start afresh.