Destined by Fate February 2024 Teasers


Destined by Fate February 2024 Teasers

Rashmi gets furious to see Nakul’s effort to spend time with Ammu. Meanwhile, Sayuri and Krishna try to manipulate Chaman and Tingu to create a rift between them. Read Starlife Destined By Fate February 2024 Teasers.

Starlife Destined By Fate February 2024 Teasers 

Thursday 1 February 2024

Episode 305

Chaman chooses to carry out her scheme as the Choudharys get ready to visit the temple. However, Sayuri feels uneasy and forces her to come along.

Friday 2 February 2024

Episode 306

Sayuri remains worried about Chaman’s dubious behaviour. Nakul gets shocked after seeing Chaman’s face and informs Sayuri and Krishna of her scary personality.

Saturday 3 February 2024

Episode 307

The Chaudharys reach home, and they are shocked to see Chaman. Afterwards, she displays the legal documents claiming the entire property and company.

Sunday 4 February 2024

Episode 308

After Chaman orders the Chaudharys to get out, they leave the house in dismay. Rashmi regrets placing her trust in Chaman, who betrays her.

Monday 5 February 2024

Episode 309

Sayuri and the Choudharys arrive at the Sharma house after they are left with no choice. Nakul blames himself for the tragedy his family is facing.

Tuesday 6 February 2024

Episode 310

Chaman threatens Rashmi and refuses to help the latter. However, after being released from jail, Rashmi decides to punish Chaman for her acts.

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Episode 311

Sayuri promises to return home before the Ram Navami festival. Later, Rashmi apologises to the Choudharys and requests them to give her another chance.

Thursday 8 February 2024

Episode 312

Krishna and Sayuri make a plan against Chaman to get back into their house. Later, Chaman gets shocked when Krishna and Sayuri reveal their disguises.

Friday 9 February 2024

Episode 313

Krishna and Sayuri trick Chaman into making the Choudhary family work as her slaves inside the house. Chaman agrees to do so on one condition.

Saturday 10 February 2024

Episode 314

Krishna devises a plan to trap Chaman by using her affection towards him. Later, the Choudharys fume in anger when Chaman intentionally humiliates them.

Sunday 11 February 2024

Episode 315

Chaman uses non-vegetarian food and creates a mess in the kitchen, leaving Saroj infuriated. Meanwhile, Nakul finds himself in danger while going to meet Ammu.

Monday 12 February 2024

Episode 316

The Choudharys praise Sayuri when she succeeds in her plan to protect the familys dignity. Later, Sayuri and Krishna witness Nakul’s shocking move.

Tuesday 13 February 2024

Episode 317

Rashmi approaches Nakul and pleads for a chance to help everyone in the fight against Chaman. Later, Nakul delivers the money to Ammu’s boss.

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Episode 318

Rashmi gets furious to see Nakul’s effort to spend time with Ammu. Meanwhile, Sayuri and Krishna try to manipulate Chaman and Tingu to create a rift between them.

Thursday 15 February 2024

Episode 319

Rashmi confronts Nakul to reclaim his love, but he is firm on calling it quits. Later, Rashmi warns Krishna about Nakul being in trouble.

Friday 16 February 2024

Episode 320

When Krishna encourages Chaman, she begins to dream about being a superstar. However, Tingu gets doubtful and warns Chaman of the situation.

Saturday 17 February 2024

Episode 312

Nakul rebukes Rashmi and orders her to stay out of his way. Furious, Rashmi’s grandmother also warns her to forget about Nakul.

Sunday 18 February 2024

Episode 322

When Chaman realises that Sayuri is coming in the way of her plans, she concocts a devious ploy. Further, she makes a strange request to Sayuri.

Monday 19 February 2024

Episode 323

Chaman misses no opportunity to get closer to Krishna as he tries to fulfil her promise. She eventually carries out her heinous plan against Sayuri.

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Episode 324

Krishna questions Nakul about why he stole the bracelet, and the latter claims that he did it to support the family. Later, Chaman gets envious of Krishna and Sayuri.

Wednesday 21 February 2024

Episode 325

Rashmi argues with Krishna, attempting to persuade him of her claim regarding Nakul. When Krishna refuses to believe, Rashmi takes him to Ammu’s place.

Thursday 22 February 2024

Episode 326

Chaman notices Krishna and Nakul discussing her film and begins dancing joyfully while daydreaming about it. She later becomes envious of Sayuri’s love.

Friday 23 February 2024

Episode 327

Chaman comes up with a evil plan against Sayuri to get close to Krishna. On the other hand, Krishna panics when his car’s brakes stop working.

Saturday 24 February 2024

Episode 328

Tingu foils Chaman’s plot to erase Krishna from his path, resulting in an unexpected twist. Meanwhile, Sayuri learns that Krishna has met with an accident.

Sunday 25 February 2024

Episode 329

Tingu turns Sayuri out of the house and lies to Chaman about her visit. Further, the Choudharys try their best to collect money for Krishna’s operation.

Monday 26 February 2024

Episode 330

Sayuri spirals into madness as Krishna’s health worsens and she still has no money. Later, Chaman offers Sayuri the requested sum but with a condition.

Tuesday 27 February 2024

Episode 331

Chaman begs Sayuri to accept the deal and take the money as the only way to save Krishna’s life. As Sayuri flees with the money, she is attacked by thieves.

Wednesday 28 February 2024

Episode 332

Sayuri frets over the deal as Krishna’s health improves, and Rashmi finds out about it. Meanwhile, Chaman astounds Sayuri by handing her the divorce papers.

Thursday 29 February 2024

Episode 333

Sayuri rushes to meet Krishna and gets emotional seeing him. While Chaman bears Krishna’s medical test costs, Tingu tries to kill him after entering his cabin.

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Kanha Gets Trapped In Chaman’s Evil Plan

Ammu calls back Nakul and thinks why he is not picking her call. Kanha notices a call on Nakul’s phone, thinks Nakul is in bathroom, and disconnects call. Ammu thinks why did Nakul disconnected her call. Sayuri walks to Kanha and asks if everything is okay. Kanha says Nakul saved them from Chaman’s doubt with a fake call. Sayuri says this film production idea is good. Kanha says they will get back their money, business, and house soon. Sayuri asks if production company documents are ready. Kanha says yes, he lied to Chaman to make it look genuine and will give it to her tomorrow. Sayuri prays god to help Kanha succeed in in his plan. Temple lamp blows off. Sayuri tries to light it back but fails repeatedly due to heavy wind. She finally succeeds and prays god to protect her family from any troubles and let her face trouble instead.

Chaman fumes on Sayuri for her closeness with Kanha and determines to evict her out of Kanha’s life permanently. She then jumps happily after getting an idea and thinks she should finish Sayuri outside the house as Tingu said. Kanha walks to Sayuri while she is busy working and asks her to rest for sometime or else she will collapse. Sayuri says she fine and thinks she will collapse due to mental tension. He dances with her on Mai Koi Aisa Geet Gawoon…song and cheers her up. Chaman gets jealous seeing that. Kanha leaves to get documents.

Sayuri feels uneasy and prays god that nothing unusual happens today. Chaman bumps on her. Sayuri apologizes. Chaman asks her to bring special fruits and flowers from market. Sayuri says she will ask Kanha to bring it. Chaman insists that only she should bring it. Sayuri leaves. Kanha bumps on her and asks where is she going. Sayuri informs what Chaman ordered and how she was acting weird. Kanha says he will bring fruits and flowers. Sayuri says Chaman insisted that she bring it. Tingu walks to them and requests Sayuri to get some file for him. Sayuri informs him about Chaman’s order. He says he will manage Chaman. Kanha leaves. They both walk in. Chaman asks how did she return so early. Sayuri says Kanha went instead as Tingu needed some file. Tingu asks how does it matter. Chaman panics and says she shouldn’t have sent Kanh. She gets angry on Tingu. Sayuri hopes Kanha returns home safe.

Tingu Tries To Kill Kanha

Chaman forces Sayuri to pack her bags and leave Chaudhry house. She taunts Sayuri that always daughter is sent off, but for the first time a DIL is being sent out of the house. She warns Sayuri to get out soon as she wants to meet Kanha soon. Doctor checks Kanha and tells Saroj and Dhanraj that they can meet the patient only for 2 minutes. Kanha asks Saroj how is she. Saroj says she is fine and asks him to rest. Kanha asks about Sayuri and asks her to inform Sayuri to come and meet him. Saroj says Sayuri is tired and must be resting somewhere. Chaman drags Sayuri out of the house and tries to shut the door on her face. Sayuri stops her.

Nakul picks his phone to call Ammu when a nurse asks him to get some medicines. His phone drops on a chair. Rashmi notices his phone ringing and messages Ammu to stop calling him repeatedly. Ammu thinks why is he saying this, she has to talk to him at any cost and alert him against her boss Ravindra. Rashmi notices Nakul returning and runs away throwing it on floor. Nakul finds his phone broken on floor and thinks how will he call Ammu now as he doesn’t have her phone number. Rashmi thinks at least for some time he cannot call Ammu.

Sayuri pleads Chaman to let her stay back until Kanha gets well. Chaman says she will stop Kanha’s treatment and warns her to get out and not bother about Kanha. Sayuri prays god to protect Kanha. Bhanu takes food for Saroj and family at the hospital. Saroj thanks her. Bhanu says dear ones help each other during tough times. Dhanraj ask if children are troubling her. Bhanu says not at all. Dhanraj asks about Sayuri. Chaman enters and says Sayuri will never come again. Family looks at her confused. Chaman says she means she must be somewhere resting and insists to meet Kanha. Nakul stops her. Chaman says she will take care of Kanha from hereon. Family looks at her again. Chaman insists to meet Kanha. Saroj permits her. Chaman enters Kanha’s room and murmurs in her ears that they belong to each other now. Kanha murmurs Sayuri subconsciously. Chaman gets jealous and determines to kill Sayuri. Tingu hearing their conversation thinks he will kill Kanha instead.

Bhanu with Rashmi returns home and notices Sayuri sitting outside her house. She questions what is she doing here. Doctor informs family that Kanha can be discharged tomorrow. Tingu disguises himself as a wardboy and enters Kanha’s room to kill him. Sayuri reaches hospital and hopes Kanha is fine. Tingu switches off Kanha’s oxygen machine. Kanha gasps for air.