Deception Wednesday update 25 March 2020


Deception Wednesday update 25 March 2020

Satish breaks other gifts and asks Rachel to return other gifts, says he will tell them that they can’t give her gift. Harish also comes to temple. Rakesh says good bye Pooja. Hare ram hare Krishna plays….Rakesh throws blanket and comes near Pooja while aiming gun at her.

Harish comes to Pooja before Rakesh could and hears her saying she shall get Supriya’s troubles on herself. Harish asks what you are doing and asks her to come home. Pooja says God shall hear me now. Harish thinks how to stop her and thinks to call Naren. Rakesh wonders why did Harish come there and hides. Surbhi asks him to kill pooja. He says he have to wait till he goes. Harish goes to call Naren.

Harish calls Mayank and asks him to take Naren to temple. Mayank says they will come and are on the way. Harish’s foot get hurt. Rakesh thinks who will save Pooja now. Mayank asks Naren to drive fast. Rakesh aims gun at Pooja and smiles.

Rakesh is about to shoot Pooja. Pooja recalls Naren’s love and gets emotional. Supriya throws stone on his hand and asks him to leave Pooja. Pooja sees her and says Maa. She pushes Rakesh and he falls near Supriya. He fires in air and bullet hits the big bell in the temple and it falls on Pooja. Supriya shouts. Surbhi gets happy hearing pooja’s scream. Supriya holds Rakesh’s collar.

Rakesh pushes her and she falls down. Rakesh is about to shoot at injured and unconscious Pooja, when Naren comes and hits on his hand. Mayank holds Rakesh. Rakesh asks him to leave him. Mayank says he won’t leave him. Supriya gets her memory back and asks what happened to Pooja. Harish says she needs medical attention. Supriya gets worried and asks why did we come here, and says here we

have celebrated Naren’s first birth. A secret enemy of Pooja/Satish calls the latter and asks if he is Pooja’s Mama. He says yes. She laughs and ends the call. She says Pooja’s enemy is coming. Doctor tells Harish that Supriya is fine now and got her memory back. Naren hugs Supriya and cries.
Rahul thinks nobody is willing to let Pooja die. Some men come there and hit Rahul. Rahul talks to someone and calls him bade babu, who says nothing shall happen to Pooja. Doctor informs Naren and others that Pooja got 20 stitches on her head, but she is fine. Naren runs inside and hugs her. Pooja is silent. Naren asks why she is not talking to him. Doctor says may be due to trauma and heavy dose of medicine. Naren says he wants to take her home.

Rachel tells Satish that she wants to come with him. Satish says if you come with me then Anuj and your saas will get angry with you. Kusum taunts them. Mysterious woman calls him again and says she wants to come, but he don’t invite her to coffee. Doctor tells Harish that 24 hours are critical for Pooja and asks if he finds any changes in Pooja then let him know. Harish recalls Pooja taking Supriya’s troubles on her.

Naren brings Pooja home. A song plays for pooja welcoming her. Naren gives her rose. Supriya says she is very happy and asks Neelima to get kaju badaam sweets in all hrishikesh. Harish asks Naren to take Pooja to room. Pooja is about to faint, but Naren holds her. Harish gets tensed. Supriya calls Satish and tells that she is happy to see Pooja and Naren’s wedding and says they will come to take her baraat from his house. Kusum asks who will bear the expenses.. Satish says he will do for pooja.

Harish hopes Pooja get fine and 24 hours passes without any trouble. Harsha apologizes to Naren for Rakesh’s doings. Naren asks her not to apologize. Pooja feels pain in her head.

Supriya asking Pooja to wear the clothes and jewellery which she brought for her. She says since you came, I couldn’t talk to you. We will talk once the marriage happens. Pooja nods and looks on. Satish reads the letter from the mysterious woman who threatens in the letter. Harish tells Supriya that Pooja might get tired. Supriya says she will not get tired and says she haven’t called any outsiders. They make the arrangements for sangeet. Mayank comes and says they shall dance for Bhai’s sangeet. He dances. Surbhi thinks nothing happened to Pooja. Rahul comes to her and holds her, saying he is having pain killers because of her, and says bade babu don’t want even a scratch on Pooja’s body. Satish thinks happiness came in Pooja’s life after long time and thinks

to end her enemy. He sees cactus under his scooter as it stops. Woman calls Satish and asks him to meet her.
Satish thinks who is she? Rahul asks Surbhi to use her mind to break Pooja’s marriage. Doctor calls Rahul and asks for Naren. Rahul asks him to tell her and says he is Pooja’s loving brother in law. Doctor tells him something. Rahul is shocked.

Satish comes to meet Naina. She says she is Naina, Pooja’s sister from his half side. She asks him to have laddoo and tells him that one of the laddoo is poisonous. Satish moves back. Naina says she brought that laddoo for her sister as a wedding gift. Pooja is scared in her room. Rahul comes to hall and says even he wants to play dhol. He recalls Doctor asking him to keep Pooja away from noise. Naina tells that she came to Pooja’s wedding. Satish asks why she is after Pooja. Naina says she is Pooja’s half sister. Pooja feels pain in her head.

Supriya asks Naren to bring Pooja downstairs. Naren goes to his room and finds her standing near window. He takes out the clothes from the cupboard. Pooja hides and then comes running and jumps on the bed. She asks him where is the damru and threatens to cut his nose. Naren is shocked. Satish asks what nonsense? Naina says she will settle the scores from Pooja as her mum got all the rights which my mum would have gotten. Neelima comes to room and asks Pooja what is she doing? Pooja asks did you steal my damru and asks her to tell. Neelima runs to hall asking for help. Pooja says I will cut your hairs and asks her to tell. She sees dhol and asks Rahul to play else she will cut his nose. Rahul is surprised and happy and beats the drum. Pooja dances like child. Naren, Harish and Supriya are shocked and worried. Pooja plays around like a child. Harish tells Naren that he was afraid about this thing and says she took all Supriya’s troubles on her. Naren is teary eyes.

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